69 Best Sex Tips for Men

By Edie / January 22, 2023

Everything you need to know to be a catch, make her happy and rock her world in bed.

The 69 best sex tips for men aren’t just for men. On the contrary, these tips can help anyone become desirable, sexy and loved by their partner.

Plus, these tips were gathered from real people, most born female, who have a great deal of real-life relationship experience. So, hopefully a few (or many) of these 69 sex tips for men will help you become the partner you always wanted to be!

3 Levels of Having the Best Sex

How to Make Yourself a Catch

Sex begins long before you climb into bed. You see, you must be attractive to the person you are with or the one you desire.

Therefore, here is the first level of the 69 best sex tips for men so you can be the catch she’s always been looking for!

1. Consent is the Number 1 Sex Tip for Men

Consent is the number 1 sex tip for men, as well as all people in relationships. That’s because consent is the highest level of respect you can give your partner.

So, remember; no means no – not maybe, not later, NO. In addition, talking someone into sex, or trying to make them feel guilty for not consenting, is still disrespectful and another way of forcing yourself on your partner.

Best sex tips for men: Take care of your body

2. Take Better Care of Your Body

The next sex tip for men (and other people) is to take better care of your body. It’s especially true if you’re young and taking your youth for granted.

Thus, exercise, see a doctor regularly, and try to eat better. After all, will a darn apple, every so often, kill you?

Of course not!

Plus, many veggies and fruits change the taste of your semen, making it less bitter and more palatable to your partner. So, get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated and feel and look better than you ever have.

Because when you look and feel better, you project a positive vibe to those around you. And positivity is sexy.

Man doing housework

3. Do Some Things Around the House: An Important Sex Tip for Men

If you’re already partnered or spending time at her place, this sex tip for men is huge. And don’t just take my word for it, go to Tik Tok and look up videos of men folding laundry, doing dishes and running a vacuum.

Now, read the comments.

See, an overwhelming majority of women find that a man helping around the house is extremely sexy. That is, doing household chores some of you don’t ordinarily do.

As a result, you’ve taken some of her work burden, shared in important household tasks and earned her respect and appreciation.

In turn, it may reflect very well on you in the bedroom. Plus, showing her that you see household tasks as a shared responsibility, really racks up those sexy points.

4. Smell Good: Another Best Sex Tip for Men

Another great sex tip for men is simple; smell good. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean to bathe in cologne.

On the contrary, most females I know love the smell of a freshly showered man, myself included. And with all of the convenient products on the market today, there’s no excuse for not smelling good.

For instance, Dude Wipes are perfect for a quick clean-up. And there are deodorant products that go in more places that your pits, keeping that musky, post-workout swamp-ass at bay.

But save the cologne for special occasions and nights on the town. It shows you’re taking that extra step to look and smell nice for her.

5. Change Your Routine for Her

In a new relationship? Here is one of the best sex tips for men, and it comes from my personal experience.

That is, changing up your household routine for her. For instance, adding scent beads or using a higher-quality laundry detergent will catch her attention.

Or, if she has a favorite drink or snack, keep it stocked at your place – especially if it’s something you don’t usually buy.

Yes, these are small things, but they will have a huge impact on how she feels about you.

That’s because you are going out of your way to make her feel comfortable and at home. And that is extremely desirable.

Cell phone call

5. Call Her: A Simple Sex Tip for Men

In this day and age of texting all the time, actually calling her is another great sex tip for guys. So, brush up your phone skills and give her a call.

Better yet, call her randomly and tell her you just wanted to hear her voice before work, before bed – you get the picture.

In the end, you’ll get to hear her voice and who knows, a long conversation may help you learn more about one another.

7. Spoil Her

Another great sex tip for men is to spoil your partner. And no, this doesn’t mean diamonds and designer handbags.

Rather, it’s the little things that make most women feel special, appreciated and cherished. For instance:

  • Got kids? Get their baths and tuck them in.
  • Give her flowers for no reason. Better yet, send them to her workplace.
  • Pick up her favorite dessert on the way home.
  • Rub her feet, without being asked.
  • Make her dinner or breakfast in bed.
  • Leave her a love note.
  • Wash her car, vacuum the interior.
  • Bring her a blanket if she’s chilled or falls asleep.
  • Any small act that will make her smile.

8. Get Yourself Together: A Real Sex Tip for Guys

Not all women are searching for a sugar daddy. However, we all do want a man who has his sh*t together.

For instance, being gainfully employed, having a vehicle, a 401K and a place of your own all shows us you are a grown, responsible man.

You see, if we realize you can take care of yourself and are planning for a future, we know you’re not simply searching for a mommy or a sugar mama.

Men who have their lives together are highly desirable and very sexy.

Sex tips for men: Know what you want

9. Try This Sex Tip for Guys: Know What You Want

Knowing what you want from a relationship is another of the best sex tips for men. Sure, when you’re young and dating, the future doesn’t matter as much.

However, if your intention is to get married, have 2.5 kids, a Labrador Retriever and white picket fence, you can date with a purpose.

In addition, that includes sex. Specifically, knowing what you want on the intimate side of things.

Just be sure your expectations are realistic. I mean, what man doesn’t want sex 365 days a year, blowjobs on demand and the occasional threesome?

But realistically, is it fair to expect that from a partner? So, know what you want, what you can bend on and take into account what your partner wants as well.

10. Improve Your Personal Hygiene: A Top Sex Tip for Men

Adding to smelling good, improving your overall hygiene is another top sex tip for men. That is, if you aren’t doing so already.

What this means is taking care of yourself and your appearance. Some examples of this include regular haircuts, shaving or caring for your facial hair, brushing and flossing those pearly whites and manscaping, if that’s your thing.

Overall, you will feel better about yourself and you’ll outwardly project that self-confidence. And confidence (not cockiness) is attractive.

11. Period Pampering: How is THAT a Sex Tip for Men?

Period pampering is an often-overlooked sex tip for men. And if you have no idea what period pampering is, just got take another look at Tik Tok videos.

Yes, there are videos galore of manly men shopping for tampons, chocolate and chips, drawing warm baths, getting out the heating pad and picking up Taco Bell on the way home from work.

That’s because the menstrual cycle can be brutal for many of us – zapping our energy, causing pain and creating gnarly cravings for sweet and salty treats.

Therefore, if you show compassion and aren’t afraid of the feminine health aisle, you have just won the award of the best husband or boyfriend ever!

Bonus points if you keep track of her cycle!

Be proud of her

12. Show You’re Proud of Her

Did your significant other get a promotion at work? Or did she just spearhead a community fundraiser for a new playground?

In that case, show her that you’re proud of her accomplishments. What this does is shows her you are vested in everything that she does, even if it doesn’t center around you.

In addition, your pride in her boosts her self-esteem, makes her more confident in your relationship and will result in a better intimate relationship.

13. Be Playful: Another Top Sex Tip for Guys

The next tip on our list of the best sex tips for men is to be playful. More specifically, if you’re a goof ball, show it!

You see, hiding the real you from a potential mate is like a bait and switch – she’s not getting the man she signed up for. So, always be yourself, even if you enjoy cracking jokes and being a bit silly every now and then.

Besides, most women love a man with a great sense of humor.

Show your soft side

14. Got a Soft Side, Show It?

 You don’t have to be a manly-man 24-7! That’s why showing your soft side is on our list of 69 best sex tips for men.

So, if you have a soft spot for cats, puppies or helping the elderly, show it! I mean, we may be picturing you as a father, down the road, and need to see that you can be sweet, loving and gentle.

Now, we’re not saying to kiss random babies at the mall. But the occasional, “What a cute baby!” will suffice.

15. Tough Guys Can Have Soft Skin Too

Think about how good it feels to touch your partner’s silky soft skin. Now, imagine the same with the situation reversed.

That is why having soft, healthy skin is part of our best sex tips for men. Plus, there are all sorts of moisturizers made specifically for your skin that hydrate, heal and smell masculine.

Besides, as sexy as those big, rough hands are, they feel scratchy on our sensitive body parts.

Sex tips for men: Listen don't fix

16. Listen Don’t Fix: An Essential Sex Tip for Men

Learning how to actively listen to your partner is #16 on the best sex tips for men. Why?

Because many are hard-wired to want to fix a problem, rather than to simply listen, respond and support.

And unless we specifically ask for your advice, we just want someone to hear us vent. Therefore, learn to actively listen by doing the following:

  • Look at your partner while they are speaking.
  • React by nodding or saying things like “okay”, “oh no” and “you’re kidding”.
  • Don’t offer advice unless she asks what you would do.
  • If your partner is upset, offer a hug.

17. Ask If There’s Anything You Can Do and Mean It

If your significant other is having a rough time, offer your help and then follow through.

For example, she has to go out of town for a business meeting and has no one to feed her cat. You can offer to help, but only if you mean it and can follow through.

Another great example is if she’s feeling under the weather. Ask if there is anything she needs and if she gives you a list of things to pick up, do it.

As a result, she sees that you’re caring, compassionate and are someone she can count on. And that, my friend, is sexy!

18. Be a Gentleman

In this day and age of feminism, not all women are into chivalry. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be a gentleman.

For instance, not breaking wind and belching in public are a given. However, opening the car door for her, walking closest to the street, or guiding her through a crowd are simple, little things that are polite and yes, a bit chivalrous.

19. Don’t Be Intimidated by a Self-Sufficient Women

Another great sex tip for men is to not be intimidated by a self-sufficient woman. And here is why.

Many women work hard to fulfill dreams and ambitions that are important to her. Therefore, if you love her, those things should be important to you as well.

Additionally, if she happens to make more money than you, owns her own home, or can rebuild a car engine, that doesn’t reflect badly on you, unless you allow it to.

Therefore, be proud that you are with a strong, accomplished woman. And know that she is with you because she wants to be, and not out of necessity.

Eye contact is sexy

20. Eye Contact is Sexy, Use It

Catching someone’s glance, from across the room and holding it, can send shivers down your spine. That’s because eye contact is sexy.

Therefore, whether you’re meeting a potential partner for the first time, or are in a long-term relationship, using eye contact is important.

For instance, eye contact conveys that you’re listening, interested or completely captivated by them. Most importantly, eye contact during kissing, foreplay and making out boosts the intensity and passion enormously.

21. Increase Your Sexual Stamina 

 Another great sex tip for men is to increase your sexual stamina. That way, you can last longer in bed and make sex better for the both of you.

So, what are the best ways to increase your stamina in the bedroom? Try these tips:

  • Try the stop/start technique during sex and masturbation. Every time you are close to orgasm, stop, take some deep breaths and start again.
  • Use a stamina building sex toy like the Stamina Training Unit.
  • Focus on foreplay to draw things out.
  • Follow the health tips above, improving your diet, exercising and getting ample sleep.
  • Do Kegel exercises.

Best Sex Tips Level 2: Make Her Want You!

Now that you have laid the groundwork, it’s time to talk about the next level of the best sex tips for men. These are the tips that will bring you closer to your partner, build their arousal and prepare you for the best sex ever.

Learn how to sext

22. Learn How to Sext

Foreplay starts long before you take off your clothes! Therefore, another great sex tip is to learn how to sext.

Now, we don’t mean to type out a triple X-rated fantasy. On the contrary, type out suggestive thoughts to let her know you are thinking about her and cannot wait to see her again.

For instance, try sending a text like this:

  • “Last night was incredible and I can’t stop thinking about how amazing you felt.”
  • “Tonight can’t get here fast enough. I miss kissing your lips and holding you.”
  • “You were so incredibly hot last night!”
  • “I miss you already. Your smile, your laughter and that body!”
  • “Tonight, I am going to give you the best orgasm of your life.”
  • “My pillows smell like you and I don’t want to go to work!”
  • “Can’t wait to kiss you in all your naughty places.”

23. Write a Love Letter

Not everyone is the best with words, but if you are, writing a love letter is another of our best sex tips for men.

You see, a hand-written love letter, or even a little note, gives her something she can read over and over. Plus, it allows you to express your deepest feelings without having to stumble or stammer over your words.

So, grab a pen and paper and tell her exactly how you feel about her. Trust me, she will treasure it forever.

Or, if you’re not the best at words, go to a card shop and find a “just because” or “I love you card” that expresses exactly how you feel.

24. Tell Her How Beautiful Her Body Is

Confidence comes oozing out of us during sex. So, if she feels sexy, she will act sexy.

Because of that, it’s important to build her sexual self-esteem by telling her how beautiful her body is. And it doesn’t have to be an in-your-face compliment.

You can simply tell her that those jeans hug her ass perfectly, or that dress makes her curves even sexier. Or, you can be completely direct and tell her she’s hot.

However, don’t hand out empty compliments simply because you want to get laid. Trust me, she will see right through that!

So, if you believe your partner has an amazing body, be sure and tell her regularly.

25. Refrain from Porn

This is going to be a particularly difficult tip for some of you. But you have got to refrain from watching so much porn.

That is because porn gives you unrealistic expectations. For instance, people born female do not squirt all the way across the room when they orgasm.

Nor do we have sex with a random pizza delivery guy, our neighbor and best friend at the same time.

Furthermore, consuming large amounts of porn dulls you to real sex and arousal. For instance, if you’re watching porn every single day, it becomes more difficult for you to get turned on.

So, you watch twice a day and so on. Then, when it comes time for sex with your partner, it will be difficult, if not impossible to become aroused and perform.

However, if you want to share porn with her, that’s an entirely different thing!

Read on…..

Watch girl porn together

26. Watch Girl Porn: A Real Sex Tip for Men

The next best sex tip for men is to consider watching porn with her. That is, porn made specifically for the female mind.

To explain, people born female are capable of arousing themselves simply by fantasizing. Which is why smutty romance novels are so popular.

So, this type of porn lays out a story and a fantasy that leads to steamy and realistic sex. Or, in some cases, the films go a step further and cover BDSM and other kinky fantasies.

It all depends on what she likes.

Therefore, if you like porn, make the transition into something you both can watch and enjoy. I highly recommend buying her a subscription to Sssh.com for an incredible selection of movies, stories and so much more.

27.Go on a Vacation: A Fun Sex Tip

Getting away from it all is definitely a way to destress and relax. And do you know what destressing and relaxing does?

It sets the mood for better sex!

Therefore, plan a little getaway with your partner or surprise her with one. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate 7-day cruise.

On the contrary, you can book a night in a nice hotel in the city, a little cabin in the woods or a secluded, beachside condo.

28. Learn How to Give Her a Sensual Massage

Ah, yes. Nothing feels better to us than having your big, masculine, warm hands all over our body. And if you’re massaging us from head to toe, it feels even better.

You see, an erotic massage does a couple of things. First, massages help to work out tired, sore muscles, thus, relieving stress.

And when our stress is relieved, we are more in the mood for playtime.

Second, with a sensual massage, the mood is set, you’re rubbing us with warm oil and paying attention to our erogenous zones.

So, we are relaxed and becoming aroused at the same time.

Therefore, a nice, sensual massage may get you more than oily hands…. She may be inclined to return the favor.

29. Send Sexy Snaps

Before you get the wrong idea, I do not mean to send dick pics.

Now that that’s out of the way, sending sexy snaps is definitely on the list of best sex tips for men. And yes, you can send pics that aren’t necessarily nudes.

For instance, if she loves seeing your chest, pop open a few buttons and take a selfie in the sun. Or spring for a photo session with a photographer.

That way, she has a photo of you she can frame and put on her nightstand.

Best sex tips for men: PDA

30. PDA

Public displays of affection, or PDA, is a wonderful way to show her how crazy you are about her.

For instance, holding hands at the mall, wrapping an arm around her waist while walking in the park, or giving her a smooch on the cheek, just because she’s so damn cute are all PDAs that are girlfriend approved.

Plus, this type of physical contact shows that you are proud to have her on your arm!

31. Talk About Sex with Your Partner

One of the most important sex tips for men is to be open and talk about sex with your partner. This allows you to know your partner on an intimate level, and to share your desires and expectations.

Best of all, talking about sex staves off any awkward moments in the bedroom. You know, when you walk in wearing a dog collar and nothing else and she drops her jaw and screams, WTF?!

Yeah, had you discussed sex beforehand, you’d know she wanted you to wear a police uniform instead!

32. Slow Down Those Kisses: A Simple Sex Tip for Guys

You may not realize that kissing is one of the things that will turn her on. However, it’s a certain type of kissing that makes her tingle in all the right places.

Unlike those quick little pecks on the lips, slow, sensual kisses will make her weak in the knees. So, take your time when kissing her, and try these quick kissing tips:

  • Place your hand on the side of her face.
  • Run your fingers through her hair.
  • Look her dead in the eyes, pause, then kiss her deeply.
  • Nibble on her bottom lip with your lips.
  • Don’t always use tongue. Sometimes the light, lingering kisses are the hottest.
  • Always kiss before, during and after sex!

33. Do Healthy, Fun Things Together

Another way to get both your motors running is to do healthy, fun things together. So, the 33rd best sex tip for men is to get out and do some exciting things together.

For example, go for a long hike in the forest and camp in a secluded area. Or, if you enjoy running, run together in a scenic area.

Finally, if you are both gym rats, why not work out together?! Not only will you get healthy, you have pheromones within your sweat that have a huge, arousing effect on her.

34. Stay Flexible for Great Sex

Okay, so you’re not one to hit the gym on a daily basis. And that’s okay.

However, staying flexible will not only keep your joints healthy, it makes sex far more exciting.

So, try some stretching exercises daily. That way, when it’s time to get crazy in bed, you’ll be able to get into positions that will make her orgasm like mad.

Plus, you won’t be sore and achy the next day!

35. Touch Her Throughout the Day, Every Day

The human touch is an important aspect of life from the day we are born. It bonds us to other humans and releases feel-good chemicals.

Therefore, be sure and touch your partner throughout the day, every single day. Now, this can be the PDAs we were talking about earlier.

And it can also be a pat on the bottom as you walk by, or wrapping your arms around her from behind while she’s cooking dinner.

Then, at bedtime, be sure and cuddle up close until you fall asleep.

Not only will daily touch keep you close and bonded, it reassures her that you enjoy being with her and are still in love with her in every way.

36. Make Out Like Teenagers!: A Hot Sex Tip

Do you recall being a teenager and making out every chance you got? Yeah, it usually didn’t go much further than second base, but it was exciting nonetheless.

Well, don’t forget to inject some of that old school excitement into your relationship by making out like you’re teenagers again.

You see, making out is a great prelude to sexual foreplay. So, enjoy the kissing, groping and rolling around before tearing one another’s clothes off.

Plus, you can use the kissing tips you learned earlier.

Be romantic

37. Be Romantic

Contrary to what you may believe, being romantic doesn’t have to cost a cent! That’s because romance doesn’t consist of things, it about time and effort.

Some great examples of being romantic include:

  • Watching movies while cuddling under a blanket. Bonus points if it’s Hallmark Christmas movies.
  • Viewing a meteor shower on a blanket out in the country.
  • Eating dinner by candlelight.
  • Remembering a special day like your first kiss, first date or the first time you made love.
  • Walking along the beach at sunset.
  • Putting on some music and slow dancing in the living room.

So, discover the things that make her swoon and you’ll become the romantic guy that makes her weak in the knees.

38. Make Your Bedroom Welcoming

This is one of the best sex tips for men who are in a budding new relationship – making your bedroom a welcoming space for her.

Yes, that means you need to clean up, put your dirty clothes in the hamper and take the dishes to the kitchen. But moreover, it’s time to go shopping for a few new things.

So, get some new sheets and other bedding and replace those pillows that you need to fold in half. Then, wash everything up with some scent beads and make that bed luxurious!

No, it doesn’t have to be a floral comforter with matching toss pillows. Actually, it can be a masculine quilt in colors you like.

That’s because it’s not the design that matters. Rather, it’s about showing her that you’re a grown man who cares about what she thinks, as well as her comfort when she decides to stay over.

The Best Sex Tips for Men: Keep Her Happy!

Okay, so now we are at third base, so to speak. And it’s time to go over the steamiest, sexiest best sex tips for men! So, pay close attention and take a few notes, as we are about to wrap this up!

39. Be More Vocal During Sex

How much do you enjoy hearing her moan, groan and purr like a kitten when you’re having sex? A lot?

Well, sir, we like to hear you guys make some noise too. It’s true!

Just hearing you moan as we touch you is a huge turn-on! But if you add a little bit of “OMG”, “Sh*t, baby.” and “That feels so good”, we are going to go on you harder and faster!

That’s because we too want to follow your sexual response cues. That way, we know what feels oh-so-good to you, and we can keep you sexually fulfilled.

40. Longer Foreplay, Better Foreplay: An Important Sex Tip for Men

Earlier I mentioned foreplay as a means of strengthening your stamina. However, foreplay is important in many other ways!

You see, people born female need a slow arousal, starting with your kiss in the morning. That’s because it takes that arousal for us to get excited and ready to be intimate.

Therefore, prolonging that foreplay does a few key things. For instance, her body responds by her V getting slippery wet.

Then, the hotter she gets, the easier it is for you to make her cum. And the more she cums, the better your chances are that she’ll have multiple Os.

Thus, the longer and more erotic sex will be for the both of you.

So, discover the best ways to make her wet, learn how to finger her p*ssy, and you’ll have the skills you need for better, longer foreplay.

Sex tips for men: No sex after a big meal

41. Don’t Have Sex After a Big Meal

Okay, so I sound like your mom, warning you not to go swimming after eating lunch. However, having sex with an overly full stomach can have negative ramifications.

Some of those include, bloating, gas, belching, farting, stomach cramps, having to stop and take a toilet break, and just being slow and well, not so sexy.

And it may surprise you to know that we feel the exact same way! No, we don’t feel a bit sexy or desirable with a dinner baby and gas bubbling in our guts!

So, if you go out for a great big meal, save sexy time for several hours later or another night entirely. That way you have the energy and stamina for fantastic sex.

And no worries of ripping a loud one and completely ruining the mood.

42. Take a Pee Before Sex

 We all know that a full bladder can put a damper on sex, for both people with penises and vaginas. But for guys, it can actually lead to losing your erection.

Now, unless you are intentionally taking breaks to stretch that stamina, it’s a good idea to take a leak before you start getting down and dirty. That way, you can maintain that rock-hard boner all the way till the end.

43. Talk Dirty to Her

We have already discussed being a bit more vocal in bed. However, trying a little dirty talk during sex, can add a whole lot of spice.

Now, you can modify the things you say, depending on just how naughty your girl is. For instance, if she’s more modest about sex, you can say things like, “I can’t wait to taste you.”

However, if she’s a wild one between the sheets, go ahead and tell her you love licking her pussy. Just don’t overthink things and simply share what you feel.

As a result, it will turn up the temperature and make her feel like the erotic, sexy Goddess she is.

44. Tease Her: Yet Another Great Sex Tip

Part of really good foreplay is teasing. And as much as you want to dive right in and get her off, teasing her will definitely pay off in the end.

You see, people born female have erogenous zones all over their bodies. And each and every spot causes her body to react in different ways.

For instance, my knees go weak if my partner kisses a certain spot on my neck.

So, if you find her hot spots and use them to your advantage, you can drive her absolutely insane before you even touch her down there.

Plus, since she can have an orgasm from nipple play and her clitoris, you can get her off long before you enter her V. And once you get those O’s started, she can literally get off over and over again.

Shopping for sex toys

45. Shopping for Sex Toys

Adding sex toys to your bedroom routine will not only spice things up, but can add a whole new dimension to your sex lives.

Not only that, but walking into a sex shop together will spur all sorts of erotic fantasies – some you never realized you both had!

So, talk to her about adding something that buzzes, rumbles or thrusts and she will be screaming your name and not the toy’s.

Here are a few sex toys to consider and why:

  • A bullet vibrator: These powerful little toys can be used to massage and stimulate all over both of your bodies.
  • Vibrating cock ring: Want a thicker, longer-lasting hard-on? Slide on a vibrating c-ring and you’ll thrill her clit with every stroke and last longer than ever before.
  • Prostate stimulator: Want to experience the deepest, most full-body orgasm you’ve ever felt? Then try out a p-spot stimulator and open up a whole new world of pleasure for yourself.
  • Nipple stimulators: If she has super sensitive nipples, increase her chances of blended O’s by combining nipple play with oral sex and intercourse.
  • Butt plugs: Butt plugs are amazing sex toys for all bodies! For her, she gets double penetration. For you, a p-spot O and a penis climax at the same time. Remember though, everyone gets their own butt toy as it’s not safe to share.
  • BDSM starter kits: Trying your hand at a little kink can be thrilling! Start with some tie downs, a blindfold and a leather flogger. If it seems to be your thing, there are a plethora of fun BDSM toys you can try! Or, start by making a DIY spanking paddle!

46. Sex in the Kitchen

Having sex in rooms of the house, other than the bedroom, can add some excitement to an otherwise snoozefest of a sex life. Plus is adds some sizzing spontaneity!

Besides, have you ever seen a movie sex scene where the couple sweeps everything off a desk or table before getting it on? That’s fantasy level stuff for a lot of us.

So, clear off the dining table, or pick her up and put her on the washing machine! Because sex all over the house can be extremely exciting!

47. Get Kinky

Think outside the box and try a little kink. No, you don’t have to dress in rubber briefs while she throws oranges at you – unless that’s your fantasy.

However, trying sensory deprivation with a blindfold, or tying her down to the bed can add a whole new element to your sex life. And if you aren’t ready to go that far, simply start with lickable lubes.

Hopefully, the two of you have shared your wildest fantasies and already know where each other are willing to go. If not, make a date to talk kink with her asap.

48. Go Back to School Together

Continuing education can enrich your lives, in more ways than one! Especially if you enroll in sex classes!

Yes, sex classes are a thing. And you can do it 100% online.

Best yet, you can learn all sorts of things like how to make her squirt, oral sex tips and so much more!

Check out these sex-educational opportunities, decide who gets to play the naughty student, and learn some sexual techniques that will blow one another’s minds.

The School of Squirt

School of Squirt

Squirting Triggers 2.0 teaches you how to make her squirt with quick, easy-to-follow videos. Plus, it’s cheap and guaranteed to work or you get your money back!

Best yet, you get additional, free sex-ed videos and a free trial to the School of Squirt website for more sex tips and naughty schooling.


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49. Encourage Her to Talk During Sex

Not all females are great at oral in the bedroom – and I’m not talking blowjobs here! On the contrary, I am talking about being vocal.

Sure, she may moan and groan, which is great, so that you can follow her sexual cues. However, getting her to actually talk, in bed, will help you be better at what you’re doing.

Allow me to explain. If she tells you what feels good and directs you where to go, how fast to move, etc., you’ll be catering your touch, fingering and oral sex to her unique yums!

So, how do you get her to talk more during sex? It’s simple; just ask her leading questions!

For instance, ask her:

“Does that feel good, baby?”

“How hard do you want it?”

“Is that the spot?”

“Tell me where to lick you next.”

“Show me where you want my fingers (dick) (tongue).”

50. Be Prepared at the Bedside: A Convenient Sex Tip for Men

This sex tip for men is more important than you may think!

Picture this: You just had incredible sex.

And she’s still on top.

Suddenly, you feel every drop of your success oozing all over the both of you.

Now, what do you do? Either try the 1,2,3 roll technique – which just makes a bigger mess.

Or you simply reach into your nightstand and pull out a freshly laundered, hand towel with which to clean you both up.

Being prepared at the bedside is an important skill to have and one she will definitely appreciate. So, stock your nightstand (or even a shoebox), with lube, hand towels, wipes, condoms and your favorite little sex toys.

51. Learn Her Cues

Learning her cues is one of the most important sex tips for men and really, anyone with genitals who has sex!

His cues, her cues, their cues….they are all essential to superb sex.

Therefore, listen, watch and learn how she moves, vocalizes and sighs – as each one tells you if what you’re doing feels good or not.

In turn, you’ll instinctively know to whether or not to move faster, slower, harder, softer or to move on to a different spot altogether.

Then, combine this with encouraging her to talk and you will become the foreplay and sex master in no time!

Using the come-hither fingering technique

52. Learn How to Give Her a G-Spot Orgasm

Another top sex tip for men is learning how to give her a g-spot orgasm.

That’s because once you learn where the g-spot is and how to stimulate it, you can get her off with your fingers, a sex toy or through intercourse!

So, if you don’t already know how to hit that g-spot, take a look at the illustration above. Then, read my blog post “How to Make Her Cum” for ways to stimulate her g-spot.

53. Rise and Shine

Morning sex is so underrated, yet it’s one of the best times to get it on! After all, part of you is awake, hard and ready to go!

Plus, having morning sex is a great way to start your day – giving you energy and a chemical mood boost. So, curl up behind her, in the spoon position, and have a fantastic day!

54. Learn How to Go Down on Her

Honing your oral sex skills is another essential sex tip for men. The reason for this is that getting her off with oral first, gets her primed and ready for multiple orgasms.

You see, once her sensitive vulva is tingling and engorged with blood flow, penetration feels even better. On top of that, her g-spot is throbbing, swollen and easier to stimulate through penetration.

Plus, mutual oral sex can be a fantastic way to pleasure one another!

So, brush up on your oral sex skills by taking on online sex class or by reading my article “The Best Ways to Eat Pussy.”

Sex tips for men: Be in the moment

55. Be in the Moment

Being in the moment isn’t some meditation guru fluff. On the contrary, being in the moment simply means to enjoy what you are doing right now.

That’s especially true while you’re having sex. So, rather than thinking about how amazing it’s going to feel when you get off, concentrate on the now.

For instance, how does your partner feel? How do they smell and sound? And how are they reacting to your touch?

Be in the moment and drink in her moans of delight, her soft skin and the way she moves against you.

56. Nix the Drinking

Okay, so a beer or a glass of wine – maybe even a cocktail – is fine. However, it’s not the best idea to binge drink before sex.

C’mon, you’re been there, right? Left the bar with a gorgeous 10 only to wake up with a 2.

Or, had a fantastic night out with your partner, only to realize you can’t perform.

So, nix the alcohol or limit yourself to only feeling tipsy!

57. Make a Sex Date

Okay, I know, I just said being spontaneous was important. But, with busy schedules, sometimes you just have to set a date for sex.

And it’s way hotter than you might think!

Imagine this; you set a sex date with your one-and-only, and all you have to do is think about sex in the days and hours leading up to it. Like, what will you do to her?

Mmmm, remember how gorgeous she is in all her nakedness?

You see, the anticipation of a sex date is delicious, and only serves to build up both of your arousal until the time arrives to ravage one another.

58. Allow Yourself to Feel the Love

Another part of being in the moment is being present emotionally. Therefore, enjoy how it feels to be close to your partner, feel that tingle when you look into her eyes and treasure the way your heart swells when she whispers, “I love you.”

You see, sometimes sex is just about release. However, most of the time it’s about that bond you have between the two of you.

So, allow yourself to be present and feel those things. It only serves to increase the intensity of your sex life.

59. Outdoor Sex

This sex tip for men happens to be a fun one – having sex outdoors! And if you haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend it!

It doesn’t matter whether you take advantage of a secluded campsite, or you happen to have a private back yard. Having sex outdoors has these naughty and natural elements, at the same time.

That’s because you’re naked and enjoying the outdoors, all the while wondering if you may just get caught.

60. Give in to Their Desires

The whole point of talking about sex and sharing fantasies is to learn what your partner wants. That’s why our #60 best sex tip for men is to give into your partner’s desires.

I mean, you don’t have to try something you are totally against, but if your partner wants to try a sex toy, why not? Or if they’d like to dabble in a little kink, why not give her that spanking she’s been craving?

You see, fulfilling our partner’s desires not only makes them happy, but can open you up to something you may absolutely dig!

61. Move Around More

We all can agree that sex is an incredible thing. But sometimes, we get in a sexual rut that we can’t seem to get out of.

That’s when it’s time to mix things up a bit. And it’s as easier as a position change or 2, maybe 3.

So, when you’re getting it on, flip her over and go doggy for a while. Or, from the missionary, put her legs up over your shoulders, then move both from one shoulder to the other.

Moving around more during sex can makes things sizzle with excitement!

Give in to their desires: Relinquish control

62. Relinquish Control

Another fantastic sex tip for men is to relinquish control and let your partner call the shots. That is, if she’s into that.

Now, it doesn’t have to be full-on sex slave and master – unless that’s what you want to try. But if she’s in the mood and you’re not, why not just relinquish control and let her do as she pleases?!

Or, simply encourage her to tell you exactly what to do and how.

As a result, you get to relax and let someone else be in charge. Which can be quite arousing!

Erogenous Zones

63. Know Her Erogenous Zones

Every body is different. And that includes the female body.

Therefore, everyone has completely different erogenous zones. So, one of the best sex tips for men is to get to know those sensitive areas.

And the best way to discover her unique hot spots is by touching her entire body, from head to toe.

Then, experiment with the type of touch, pressure, kissing and licking. That way you’ll learn exactly what she loves and where she likes it.

In the end, you will be able to bring her to amazing levels of arousal without ever touching her vulva!

64. If Sex Was Fantastic, Say So!

Sometimes it’s really easy to see just how great the sex was for her. For instance, if she was shaking or if you made her squirt, there’s no doubt sex was good for her.

But what about you? Was it good for you? And should she have to ask?

The answer to that last question is no, she shouldn’t have to ask! So, use your words!

And if she just got you off so hard that your toes are still cramping, be sure and let her know.

That’s because she will save that little move, and use it on you again and again. Yes, those sexual compliments will go a long way.

65. Get Her Off First

I mentioned this before when talking about oral sex. But it does deserve its own spot on the list of best sex tips for men.

That’s because she can have multiple orgasms without breaks in between. Plus, with each orgasm, her vulva and g-spot engorge further with blood, making orgasms easier and much more intense.

Therefore, if you want to make her cum over and over again, get her off first. It doesn’t matter how, just give her the first big-o, and sex will only get better from there.

66. No Dick Slips

Another important sex tip for men is to stop with the dick slips. No, seriously, we know what you’re doing and we aren’t amused.

I mean, do you really think we don’t believe you can feel the difference between our vagina and butt hole? We know better!

So, if you are trying to sneak in the back door, it’s not going to work. Hence, it’s best just to sit down with your partner and talk about anal sex.

That way, your partner can decide whether or not they’d like to try. And from there, you can follow the proper channels, start some anal training and eventually, you’ll get invited to the back stage entrance.

Anatomy of the vulva, where to finger a woman

67. Learn About the Vulva

Just when you think you know all there is to know about pussy, they go and change things! So, the next sex tip for men is to learn about the vulva.

The reason for this is, it’s now been proven that the clitoris has nearly 11,000 nerve endings and it extends back, into the vagina, forming the g-spot.

Then, the clitoris branches off to either side of the vaginal opening. Yes, the clitoris is much more than that little man in the boat.

Plus, learning about the vulva only helps to improve your moves by showing you all of the sensitive areas you should be touching, licking and stimulating.

68. How to Get Her Off in More Than One Way

We have already talked about oral sex, intercourse and even fingering. But did you know most people born female can have 12 different types of orgasms?

No, I’m not kidding!

Here is the list of all 12 types of climaxes the female body can achieve:

  • Vaginal
  • G-spot
  • A-spot
  • Nipplegasm
  • Throatgasm
  • Anal
  • Thinkgasm
  • Wet dream
  • Exercise-O
  • Clitoral
  • Cervical
  • Blended

And if you want to know more about each type of orgasm, you can find it all in my article “How to Make Her Cum”.

69. Warn Her Before You Cum During Oral

Last, but certainly not least, the final sex tip for men is to warn her before you cum during oral. That’s especially true if you are in a newer relationship.

You see, after a while, we can pretty much figure out when you’re about to get off. However, in the beginning, not so much.

And the thing is, not all of us are keen on swallowing your spew. Moreover, some of us may gag, leaving you with a lap full of partially digested dinner.

So, please, for the love of all that’s good in this world, give us a heads-up before you shoot your wad into the back of our throats. After all, being more verbal during sex is hot!

Use These Sex Tips for Good

In the end, all of the best sex tips for men mean nothing, if you don’t want to better yourself in the bedroom. And that will probably come when you find that partner that ticks all the right boxes for you.

Then, all you will want to do is make her happy, especially in bed! So, use these tips well, and think up a few of your own – as sex is as individual and unique as are human beings.