10 Advanced Sex Toys That Bring the Future to Your Bedroom

By Rachel Worthington / September 15, 2021

You can find plenty of listicles on the internet about the world’s most high-tech and advanced sex toys. Weird conversation pieces like vibrator necklaces or bullet vibes with endoscopic cameras.

Sure, they’re neat, but… why? More than likely, they’ll end up in permanent storage in your nightstand while you bring out your old faithful instead that actually makes you orgasm.

For me, at least, the phrase ‘advanced sex toys’ means products that are innovative, including tech like robotics, AI and more. Products that don’t just sound cool but actually create incredible sensations and sexual experiences.

What I’m really looking for in a high-tech sex toy is a new way to approach or think about sexual wellness and satisfaction!

I know, that’s kind of a big ask, and it might sound a little pretentious to some, but it’s coming from a good place (I promise). The truth is, I love finding new sex tech! If it makes me go “Wow, that’s different and looks like it could feel amazing”, I’m game to find out more.

So, without any more preamble, let me show you a few things I’ve found recently that really earn the badge of ‘advanced sex toys’. There’s something here for everybody, no matter your parts or your experience level, just as long as you’re game to try out some newfangled sex tech.

Advanced Sex Toys 1

Lora Dicarlo Osé 2

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 3

There’s no better way to start off a list of highly advanced sex toys than by mentioning the Osé 2. It’s a powerful dual stimulation tool that’s a little infamous in the sex toy world. Made by Lora Dicarlo, a company known for its innovative and creative sexual wellness tech, the Osé 2 is a showcase of just how far sex toys have come since the original rabbit vibrator.

If you’ve ever had trouble with rabbit vibrators that can’t seem to reach your g-spot and clitoris at the same time, worry no longer. The Osé 2 is designed with almost every body type in mind and can be bent, twisted, and shaped to fit your shape and proportions exactly. No more near-misses or jabbing rabbit ears!

Once ready, it has a clitoris sucker that delivers rumbly, pulsing stimulation and a robotic (yes, you heard right) arm that strokes and massages the g-spot perfectly. You can read all about it in Edwina’s glowing Osé 2 review!

Lora Dicarlo Ose 2 stroker motion
I promise this a robotic g-spot stroker and not a tiny creature trying to get out…

The original Osé’s cutting-edge technology actually won an award for Robotics Innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2018, only for it be rescinded a month later because they thought it was “profane”, “immoral” and “obscene”.

Thankfully, the next year they realised that they were on the wrong side of history, as it were, and reinstated the award while also updating their policies on high tech sex toys to be more inclusive – a win for orgasms everywhere!

Dame Eva

Dame Eva II

It’s an unfortunate fact that many vulva-owners continue to have disappointing or unfulfilling sex because they’re just not getting the clitoral stimulation they need. Traditional penetrative sex can make it difficult to use bulky vibrators down there, especially in positions like missionary. Luckily, sex toy makers Dame recognized this problem and envisioned a way to fix it.

They started an Indiegogo to make it a reality, which then turned into the largest sex toy crowdfunding campaign ever. What resulted was the Eva, a little vibrator with flexible ‘wings’ that fit snugly inside the labia and transmit vibrations directly to the clitoris and vulva without the need to hold it in place – a hands free vibrator.

It makes a perfect companion to partner intimacy that’s unintrusive yet still gives you that little extra oomph you need, or can be paired with a dildo or g-spot vibrator for solo satisfaction.


Kiiroo Onyx+

Despite the explosion of toys for vulva- and vagina-owners in recent years, don’t think that penises have been left out of the wave of high-tech and advanced sex toys. This all-singing, all-dancing masturbator is a true showcase of the latest sex toy technology — ideal for when a Fleshlight just doesn’t cut it.

Rather than stroking it up and down your penis yourself, the Onyx+ has 10 internal rings that contract and move up and down in a way that feels just like the real thing. A touch-sensitive trackpad on the outside allows you to control the speed of the stroking, though it can reach speeds of up to 140 strokes per minute!

But it doesn’t end there. The Onyx+ has Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that it can be paired with any other KIIROO toy from anywhere in the world, so you can interact with your partner via your sex toys. If you’re more of a solo player, this masturbator can also connect and sync with your choice of erotic videos or webcam sites.

If you want to get truly futuristic, it can also be paired with a VR headset for a hands-free VR sex toy porn experience like no other.

Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Fun Factory Stronic Drei no bg

The Stronic Drei from Fun Factory is a vibrator with a difference – it utilizes state-of-the-art German engineering to thrust and pulsate. In an effortless imitation of real penetrative sex, the powerful and rhythmic thrusts are sure to appeal to those who crave more than just simple vibrations from their sex toys.

The curved shaft is designed to pleasure your g-spot (as well as deeper into the vagina), and the multitude of ridges provide extra stimulation as you insert it. The flared base also means that it can be used anally, whatever parts you have, with the textures around the base tantalizing your perineum.

B-Vibe Rimming Plugs

B-Vibe Rimming Plugs Size Comparison no bg

The geniuses over at B-Vibe have created some pretty wonderful and highly advanced sex toys in their time, but this is one truly incredible innovation.

Billed as “the only butt plug on the market that simulates rimming or ‘analingus’ using rotating beads”, these supreme stimulators have rows of metal beads in the neck that rotate and massage the masses of nerve endings around the anus like the world’s greatest rim job! That, plus the powerful vibration motor in the tip, makes for some pretty amazing orgasms.

b-Vibe rimming plug 2 P5

There are three sizes to choose from: ‘petite’, the most novice-friendly option at 1.4″ wide and 3.9″ of insertable length, the award-winning ‘2’ for intermediate users that was reviewed and loved by our very own Edwina, and the largest ‘XL’ size at 2.2″ wide and 4.8″ of insertable length (an advanced anal toy for anal pros only). Each one is made of soft silicone, is totally waterproof, and comes with remote control for hands-free fun.

Lioness 2.0

Lioness 2.0

At first glance, the Lioness seems like a pretty normal rabbit vibrator. And it can be – it’s ergonomically designed and tested to fit many different body shapes and has 3 pre-programmed vibration intensities. Connect it with their free app and you can control it remotely, too. All sounding relatively normal so far…

But Lioness has also taken a few leaps into the future. This vibrator contains sensors that detect and measure pelvic floor movements (your vaginal and anal muscles), which are indicators of your arousal and orgasms! Once you’ve synced these sensors to the app, you can see all the data from your session displayed in an easy-to-read chart, so you and your partner can see what’s happening in your body and when.

Just as Lioness themselves say: “it’s like a Fitbit for your sexual pleasure and health”!

Lioness 2.0 app demo
A demo of the Lioness app measurements – you can customize the vibrations in-app, too!

Their aim with this technology is not just for you go “Cool, there’s my orgasm!” (though, yes, it is cool). It’s so you can test out different things, like positions, foreplay activities, lubes, or anything else, and compare what it does to your body so you can get to know what turns you on and makes you feel good. In fact, 93% of their customers said that they had better orgasms or understood their body after using the Lioness.

And there’s no need to worry about your privacy or security – they take those things incredibly seriously. You can read all about it on their website, but just know that everything is done with consent, anonymized, encrypted, and protected like Fort Knox.

MysteryVibe Crescendo

MysteryVibe Crescendo

Is it a g-spot vibrator? Is it a clit stimulator? An anal vibrator? A penis ring? A couple’s vibrator? Yes.

MysteryVibe calls it “the world’s most flexible vibrator”, and its innovative design, inspired by our very own fingers, is intended to make the Crescendo almost infinitely customizable and versatile.

With four points of articulation, it can be transformed into whichever shape you please, whether you want deep vaginal stimulation, a little clit teasing, double penetration or more. It can even be used both externally and internally during penetrative sex to delight both of you.

Check out MysteryVibe’s Crescendo product page to find plenty of inspiration on how to use this versatile toy!

With 6 strategically-placed motors along its body, the Crescendo can please all your sweet spots. It comes pre-programmed with 16 intensities and 12 patterns of targeted vibrations, but can be connected to their app (don’t app-controlled toys seem so tame in comparison now?) for even more customization and remote control options.

Nothing says advanced sex toys like those that have a ton of awards under their belt, and you only have to go to MysteryVibe’s website to see that their Crescendo vibrator has had its fair share of appreciation from award associations, media outlets, and customers alike.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

Too often, we think of couples’ toys as things designed to provide clitoral (or sometimes g-spot) stimulation during penetrative sex. No shade to those kinds of toys – they can be real saviors for many people – but we think penis-havers deserve a bit more of the limelight. Enter, the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo, a penis sleeve with a little more to it than meets the eye as it also acts as a penis vibrator.

Hot Octopuss say that their aim with the Pulse Duo is to make foreplay just as appealing and satisfying as the “main event”, which is something we can all get behind, right?

It’s worn on the penis and uses their PulsePlate technology inside to direct satisfying pulsations and vibrations to the frenulum (the bit where the foreskin meets the underside of the penis), but also has more vibrations on the outside base of the toy so a partner can ride it and receive clitoris or perineum stimulation, too!

Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo animation

This mechanism means there are no hands necessary! Each of the vibrating parts can also be controlled separately – the inside with buttons on the sleeve and the outside via remote control – so you and your partner can find a rhythm that works for both of you and climax together without any racing to the finish line.

It’s the perfect pick of our advanced sex toys for couples who find penetration or erections difficult or painful, as well as those who want to switch up the pace of their intimate sessions now and again.


Zumio group

Vibrators are so ubiquitous in the world of sex toys that we sex toy reviewers and writers can sometimes be guilty of forgetting that they’re not for everybody. For all of the great things that vibrators can do for us, there are some downsides too: overwhelming sensations, numbness, weird tingling…

If you can relate then don’t sweat, because there are high-tech sex toys out there for you, too. Maker of advanced sex toys Zumio has developed four small, yet powerful products that are changing the way we think about clitoral stimulation. Rather than vibrations, these have thin, bulbed stems that rotate in circular or elliptical motions around the clitoris and vulva for sensations closer to a finger or tongue.

The Zumio X and E models offer precise, targeted stimulation with small, firm tips, perfect for those who are still looking for intensity. The S and I models, on the other hand, have larger tips that make broader contact with your body and shorter stems that create smaller circles, lowering the intensity of the stimulation and allowing you to have a longer build-up without feeling overwhelmed.

Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

Ride-on sex toys aren’t necessarily a new concept but they’re a pretty amazing one, and the Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine has really taken the idea and run away with it. Developed by sexpert and sex toy company CEO x2 Alicia Sinclair, this sex machine is built with the future in mind.

Each Cowgirl has a handcrafted vegan leather saddle and a quality slip-resistant silicone base. I won’t pretend to know too much about the inner workings of advanced sex toys (or even non-advanced ones), but I’ve heard that there has been some considerable engineering talent that’s gone into the making of this sex machine, and the result is extra powerful and rumbly vibrations that transmit through whichever attachment you’re using.

And what attachments there are! From nubs to grind on to bulbed g-spot and p-spot dildos, with textured bases for extra external stimulation and even one with anal beads – all made from soft, body-safe silicone. The Cowgirl comes with two standard attachments, and you can purchase more from their site so there’s something for every taste and every mood.

Unlike most of its contemporaries, it is app-controlled as standard, meaning you can set it going yourself or hand off the control to your partner from up 30ft away. The app also allows you to choose between 10 intensities and 6 patterns of vibration, as well as control the 360º of swivel.

Advanced Sex Toys 2

Why Are Advanced Sex Toys So Dang Expensive?

Sometimes, looking at the price tag of any well-made sex toy can send shivers down your spine and make you immediately close that online sex shop tab, but high-tech sex toys? Those prices can make you run for the hills.

And listen, I understand the pushback against super expensive sex toys. I, too, want pleasure, sexual satisfaction, and orgasms to be affordable for as many people as possible! But, when it comes to advanced sex toys, you have to take into account everything that is going into that price:

  • Research and testing – before any of these sex toys I’ve mentioned were even manufactured, there was a huge amount of thought and iteration that went into creating their final form and function. Many of them are tested extensively by real people and then altered based on their experiences and desires, making it a pretty long and complicated process.
  • Engineering and mechanics – you only have to look at low-end sex toys to see how far we’ve come in sex toy technology. Rechargeable sex toys that have all kinds of powerful vibrating, pulsating, thrusting, rotating, stroking and bending capabilities require a lot of specialized engineering to craft, and that doesn’t come cheap. Not to mention creating the software and hardware for apps and digital connectivity options.
  • Materials – all the advanced sex toys in this post are made of high-quality materials that are body-safe, feel great, and are designed to last a long time. No phthalates or latex here – materials like silicone and ABS plastic are much better to use in sex toys for a whole variety of reasons, but they’re also more expensive than things like PVC and drive up the price accordingly.
  • Smaller runs – high-tech, specialized sex toys aren’t generally in such high demand as your average bullet vibrator and aren’t going to be bought as often. That means that sex toy companies don’t produce them in such large quantities and can’t save so much money by buying their raw materials in bulk, making each product both more exclusive and more expensive.

I don’t say all of this to dissuade you from spending a lot of money on advanced sex toys. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – I think it’s important to know how much good stuff is going into an expensive, technologically-advanced pleasure device so you know that you’re making a worthwhile investment in your sexual wellness and satisfaction, not just spending a lot of money without getting much back.

With all that said, why not go out and treat yourself to the future in your bedroom today?