Anal Beads for Beginners – The Basics and Best Picks

By Rachel Worthington / January 31, 2022

Anal beads are one of those sex toys that are often talked about, but many people are nervous or intimidated about going a step further and actually giving them a go…

But, as always, the best remedy for fear is education! Anal beads are, in general, perfectly easy and safe to use, and can deliver pleasure that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. All it takes is just takes a little bit of knowledge and preparation.

To help you on your journey to bead-y bliss, here are our 4 favorite picks of small anal beads for beginners, everything you’ll need to think about if you decide to pick your own anal beads, plus a quick and (not-so) dirty guide on how to get started with them!

Bedbible’s Best Picks of Beginner Anal Beads

The Best All-Rounder

Our Pick: Hustler Playthings Silicone Anal Beads

This set might just be the perfect set of anal beads for beginners. Made of super soft, flexible silicone, each bead gradually increases in size, meaning you only need to go as far as you feel comfortable whilst feeling all the benefits. There’s also a large, textured loop at the end for easy gripping and security.

The Best Short Beads

Our Pick: Fifty Shades of Grey Carnal Bliss Anal Beads

We get it, sticking a long toy up your behind can feel pretty intimidating. That’s where these miniature-sized anal beads come in. With a slightly tapered design, they’re easy to insert and will provide the right sensations without going too deep. The beads are also fairly spaced apart, which makes for some amazing feelings when pulled out at climax!

The Easiest to Insert

Our Pick: Sex and Mischief Silicone Anal Beads

You might well look at a butt plug compared to a set of silicone anal beads and think, “that pointy bit on a butt plug looks way easier to insert…” – and you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong! A tapered tip can be a lot less intimidating for you and your sphincter, allowing you to ease the toy in gently and comfortably. These anal beads are nicely tapered whilst still giving you that satisfying undulated texture.

The Best Vibrating Beads

Our Pick: Rocks Off Petite Sensations Vibrating Pearls

If you’re a little skeptical of just what anal beads can do for you, maybe a little added buzz will be enough to persuade you to take the plunge. These vibrating anal beads have a pocket at the bottom where the accompanying bullet vibrator slips in, sending vibrations all the way up the silicone shaft. The bullet also acts as a secure flared base to stop the beads from going too far in.

What to Look for When Choosing Anal Beads

Bead Size

As you might guess, the size of the beads on a set of anal beads is one of the biggest deciders of how beginner-friendly they are. Depending on where you buy them, this might be called the circumference, girth, width or diameter of the beads.

As you also might guess, the bigger the anal beads, the harder they are to insert and the more preparation you’ll need before you insert them. While the most comfortable size can vary from person to person, a good place to start for total anal beginners is one inch in diameter or less.

A good way to ease yourself into anal beads is also to look for anal beads that gradually get bigger, with very small beads at the end to get you started. Then, once you’re comfortable, you can go a little deeper and get a greater feeling of fullness from the bigger beads.


The other aspect of how full anal beads feel inside of you is how long they are. Some people find that longer anal beads can feel amazing, as they give you more texture to work with and provide a more intense sensation.

However, the further in your anal beads go in, the greater the potential for things to get messy. This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, but you should have a think about what you’re comfortable with before you take the plunge.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to insert the whole length of your anal beads. If you’re only comfortable with one or two beads inside you, work with that and enjoy the sensations they bring!


Most anal beads you’ll see will have rounded beads, which are generally pretty comfortable for beginners. They’re smooth and fairly easy to insert, especially the smaller ones.

However, you’ll probably also see some sets with beads that are tapered on one side.

These are often geared towards people who are new to anal beads, and are usually on the smaller side. The more pointy, tapered shape can make insertion even easier.

And finally, should you opt for anal beads that have gaps between the beads, or those that are connected and look more like a wavy or ribbed shaft?

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Those with gaps may give your sphincter a rest in between beads, but on the other hand, it will probably feel like a bit more of a shock when you get to each bead.


As with all sex toys, silicone is the best material for anal beads. It’s soft, smooth and flexible, making for an all-round comfortable experience.

It’s also non-porous, meaning that it won’t absorb or harbor any bacteria or other germs that could cause irritation or infections. Other non-porous materials include glass and steel, though these may feel too firm for anal beginners.

You should avoid anal beads made out of materials like pvc, soft plastic, tpe and jelly, as they all contain microscopic holes that can trap nasty stuff that you don’t want anywhere near your genitals. Unfortunately, these kinds of toys are usually cheap, and are often marketed as anal beads for beginners, but it’s always a good idea to invest that little bit extra for silicone.


Some people love the extra sensations that come with vibrating anal beads. Not only do the vibrations tease your the opening of your anus, but if they’re rumbly enough, they can transmit through your body to your genitals and deliver even more pleasure!

However, others may find vibrations overwhelming or uncomfortable. If you’re unused to any kind of anal play, more intense vibrations may cause feelings of needing to empty your bowels, which is not the sexiest feeling in the world. If this happens, you should stop the vibrations immediately.

If you want to try out an anal vibrator, it’s a good idea to get a set with varying levels of vibration intensity. You can also take a look at the user reviews and see how intense the vibrations may feel.

How to Insert Anal Beads

There are a real variety of ways of using anal beads, which you can find in a lot more detail in our guide to anal beads and how to use them. But, if that’s one click too far, here’s a quick guide on how to insert anal beads for beginners:

  1. Empty your bowels before you start your anal beads play.
  2. Gently clean your anus. The easiest way to do this is in the shower, just gently insert a finger. You can use a flexible-tipped douche to rinse the lower part of your rectum and anus if you want to, but it’s not necessary.
  3. Massage the area around your anus to get yourself aroused and help relax your muscles. You can do this yourself or get a partner to help.
  4. Apply some anal lube to your anal beads. This is thicker than normal lube and will keep everything slippery and comfortable. Water-based lube should be used with silicone anal beads.
  5. Insert the first bead. Go slow, let yourself adjust, and enjoy the sensation without going further in.
  6. Slowly insert the next couple of beads, gradually adding more as you like. Try and enjoy the sensations and stop whenever you need to.
  7. Experiment with moving the beads in and out, or remove them as you orgasm for even more stimulation!

Top Tips for First-Timers

Here are some secrets for beginners that can help make your first time with anal beads a lot easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable!

  • You might find it more comfortable to experiment with anal beads alone first before using them with a partner. It may help relieve some pressure and allow you to go as slow as you want. As always, choose whatever you feel most comfortable with!
  • Relaxing the muscles around the anus will making inserting anal beads a lot more comfortable – breathing deeply can help.
  • Nervous about mess or pain? Try out your anal beads in the shower! The warm water will help you relax your muscles, and the clean up will be much easier.
  • To protect your sheets, have something like a towel or plastic tub on hand to place your anal beads in when you remove them.
  • Go for soft materials, not metal anal beads or glass anal beads