The 3 Best Cheap Sex Swings for Fun on a Budget

 By  Melissa Lander
Last updated: Nov 26, 2021

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Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing

Ease of Use:
Bedbible rating:
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User rating:

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You should buy the Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing if you...

  • Are a beginner to swings/slings, or have some experience with them
  • Have mobility issues which prevent certain positions usually
  • Are on a budget or are looking to pay less
  • Are looking to spice up partner play

You should NOT buy the Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing if you...

  • Are looking for top-notch quality and long use

Product description

As far as cheap sex swings go, this one offers versatile positioning, durability, and adds a spark to any partner play! The swing itself is great for those with mobility issues which would usually prevent certain positions; it’s also suitable for beginners, as it is robust enough to withstand experimentation. The straps are padded and finished with faux-velvet for a luxurious feeling, and the industrial stength spring and chain ensure maximum safety for those adventurous sessions.


  • Enhances positions
  • Industrial strength straps
  • Can hang from any ceiling


  • Uncomfortable during long use
  • No instructions included
  • Ceiling chain does not adjust to be longer
Features Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing
Length20.5 inches
Maximum Weight330 lbs


I would usually have given this swing an ‘advanced’ level rating due to the isntallation on a ceiling (a ceiling swing is more permanent, and beginners may try a swing and change their minds, while advanced players look for more permanent options) however the design of the swing sets it back; I don’t believe that anyone will permanently keep this swing up due to the straps being uncomfortable. This cheap sex swing is great for those who have the patience to put it up without instructions! Though it is cheap, the quality is impeccable and the staps are extremely sturdy with plenty of versatility regarding positions. The swing is uncomfortable for long periods of time, and being comfortable is a massive part of overall pleasure! There also seems to be no adjuster for the ceiling chain, which means it could be difficult.


Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

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You should buy the Sex Swing Door Jam Kit if you...

  • Are a beginner to sex swings
  • Are looking for a travel safe option
  • Want something you can take down and store away easily

You should NOT buy the Sex Swing Door Jam Kit if you...

  • Want to use for long periods
  • Are looking for discreet use, as door jams can be noisy

Product description

Don’t you just love it when something is easy to use, cheap, and really good quality? This door jam sex swing has it all! Simply hang the swing over the door, secured with the durable acrylic barbells, and hop on for a ride to pleasure town… The sturdy nylon, and cushioned neoprone stirrups take control of your safety, while you’re busy with more important things; this cheap sex swing is also perfect for those who travel, as you can simply pack it, or throw it over any closed, internal door!


  • Good for beginners
  • Great for travel
  • Enhances positions
  • Sturdy design


  • Uncomfortable
  • Can be noisy when used
Features Sex Swing Door Jam Kit
MaterialsNylon, Neoprene
Maximum Weight325 lbs



The sex swing is great for beginners, as it isn’t a permanent fixture and can be packed away if disliked, without leaving a hole in your ceiling… Reading the reviews, I noticed a lot of people reporting the uncomfortableness of the straps on larger bodies, though the specifications say the swing is built for up to 325lbs; they could benefit from any kind of padding to prevent nasty sores/bruises. You do need a sturdy door to use and door jam sex swing, so keep that in mind, and don’t forget that swinging from a door isn’t always discreet and quiet!


Wild Side Sex Swing

Ease of Use:
Bedbible rating:
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You should buy the Wild Side Sex Swing if you...

  • Are looking for durability
  • Find aesthetics important
  • Have mobility issues which could benefit from the use of a sex swing

You should NOT buy the Wild Side Sex Swing if you...

  • Are above 250lbs (one person), as this swing will not be safe
  • Are looking for a swing that 'swivels'

Product description

This extremely durable, dual-hook sex swing boasts padded straps and stirrups for extra comfortable play; the dual-hook offers sturdy, and durable play, whilst the large stirrups give maximum comfort for movement. The cheap sex swing also comes with extension straps to ensure you fit perfectly; choose from 5 vibrant colors for aesthetic pleasure, as well as orgasmic bliss…


  • Dual hooks for durability
  • Enhances positions
  • Padded for comfort
  • 5 colors to choose from


  • Maximum weight is 250lbs (one person)
  • Will not 'swivel' due to dual hooks
Features Wild Side Sex Swing
MaterialsCotton canvas
Maximum Weight250 lbs



This is an incredibly sturdy swing, with open-cell foam padding for extra comfort when suspended; the swing is great for those with mobility issues, who would benefit from the use of a sex swing during intimacy. Due to the dual hook system, this swing does not have a ‘swivel’ motion. Unfortunately, the maximum weight for this swing is 250lbs (one person), which isn’t very inclusive. Never fear- there are other swings out there can take more weight, and cost around the same or less!

Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing

Body slings- the look for less!

Want that sensual, complex look of a sex swing, but find the prices a little too steep? Look no further! A sex sling gives you the aesthetics (and pleasure!) that you’ve always wanted, but for half the price of a sex swing. A body sling can also be a good choice for beginners who are looking to try a sex swing, but aren’t sure if it’s for them; try a body sling, and see how the straps feel against your skin, and if it feels like something that you and your partner(s) are into!

HUSTLER® Love Sling

HUSTLER® Love Sling - Body slings- the look for less!
This sensual body sling is perfect for beginners, and experienced players alike! This sling has adjustable straps to ensure your body fits snug as a bug, while the padded neck support and velvet cuffs add an element of luxury and comfort; the velcro closures are great for peace of mindm for easy release. The body sling can also aid your positioning for targeted G/P-spot action!

Whipsmart Body Sex Swing

Whipsmart Body Sex Swing - Body slings- the look for less!
A sex swing? But for a body? Yes! What’s better than swinging from your partner in orgasmic bliss? The body sex swing boasts a double padded design, with a weight limit of up to 400lbs; it is completely adjustable to include all bodies. As it is small and compact, the swing is perfect for travelling.

Saffron Thigh Sling by Sportsheets

Saffron Thigh Sling by Sportsheets - Body slings- the look for less!
Slip these luxuriously padded ankle cuffs on, and spread eagle for your partner(s)! The thigh sling’s straps adjust to enable a versatile array of postitions to try; the padded neck rests even lifts your head so you can see exactly what’s going on down below! The sling allows positions which can achieve deeper penetration and G/P-spot targeted action.

The all-in-one restraint and swing kit

Treat yourself, and swing straight into pleasure with this bundle including luxury restraints, and an over-door sex swing!

Master Mega Bondage Kit (8 Piece)

Master Mega Bondage Kit (8 Piece) - The all-in-one restraint and swing kit
This 8-piece bondage kit gives you plenty of bang for your buck! With a sex swing included, the pleasurable possibilities are endless… Try some sensory deprivation with the sensual blindfold, or use the inflatable support pillow for those adventurous positions! The restrains are equipped with quick-release clips and velcro straps for peace of mind.

Don't compromise your safety!

When it comes to the topic of safety and cheap sex swings, people seem to worry a lot more; it’s probably got something to do with being suspended in mid-air, but really, there isn’t any need to worry if you’ve bought a good quality sex swing! Sometimes you want pleasure, and you want it cheap as can be; this is mostly ok when it comes to toys like dildos and vibrators, but sex swings should never be bought purely because they’re cheap (this article offers cheap, but quality choices). They should be made from a good a quality material, and compatible with yourself/ your partner(s). If you’re looking for a bit of luxury with a sex swing, check out these Leather Sex Slings

Padding quality

Padding quality - Don't compromise your safety!
The padding of the sex swing/sling should be of quality material, as this is where your limbs will lean against; being uncomfortable in a sex swing because of sub-par padding, will put you off, and leave bruises/marks.

Strap placement

Strap placement - Don't compromise your safety!
The straps should be adjusted on your sex swing, each time someone new uses it; the straps need to be in the right position for your body! Straps should also appear to be well stitched, and sturdy before use.

Durable spring and hardware

Durable spring and hardware - Don't compromise your safety!
One of the most important things about your sex swing, is the spring and overall hardware; your swing should have metal hardware, NEVER plastic, and the spring should appear durable and robust.

Positions to try with a sex swing

You might want a sex swing, but are completely intimidated and unsure of the kind of positions to try when you have one; don’t worry, though a sex swing sounds intimidating, they can actually make things a lot more fun, and easier! You can perform all the positions that you’re used to, they just become easier, and sometimes even more pleasurable. If you’re unsure how to use a sex swing, check out or top tips, or watch the helpful video down below!


Missionary - Positions to try with a sex swing
People may say this is the ‘boring’ position, but try it with a sex swing and never listen to them again! The feeling of being suspended and moving freely on your partner, is orgasmic in itself. One person lies back, supported by the seat of the swing, and the other person penetrates (using a penis, strap-on etc.) the swingers vagina or anus.

Doggy style

Doggy style - Positions to try with a sex swing
This position can allow for deeper penetration using a sex swing! One person rests their stomach on the seat of the swing, and either lifts their legs up behind them, or wraps them around their partners waist from behind. If there is a wall in reach, your partner doesn’t need to move their hips as they penetrate, as you can push onto the wall and swing back and forth!


Riding - Positions to try with a sex swing
With the penetrator lying on their back, supported by the swing, the rider can sit on top and ride away!


Oral - Positions to try with a sex swing
Wherever you can reach your partner’s genitals, you can give them oral! The beauty of the sex swing, is that you can give oral in positions you wouldn’t have even thought of!


Sixty-Nine - Positions to try with a sex swing
This one could take some time to perfect; both parties would need to be supported by the swing and completely suspended. One person lies down, supported on the swing, and the other lies on top of them.

How to use

Using a sex swing can be daunting at first, however once you’ve safely set it up, you can prepare for some of the best sex of your life! Sex swings can be great for people who have disabilities that would otherwise prevent them from the ability to perform certain positions, as the swing can take pressure off of muscles and joints.

Enhance your positions

Enhance your positions

A sex swing can help you push the limits of sexual positions, and bring you new heights of pleasure. Being suspended means different positions become easier, and can allow for more targeted stimulation and deeper penetration. They allow for tantalizing oral sex, and more access for the use of toys.      

For those with disabilities

For those with disabilities

Sex swings allow your joints/muscles to have the strain and pressure relieved, which allows for positions that some may otherwise find unaccessible. For example, being suspended can allow for your legs to have freedom that they usually wouldn’t, as you may find it difficult, or impossible, to keep your legs in the air without aid- a sex swing does this for you!

Exploring your body

Exploring your body

Your sex swing can hold you in place as your partner explores your body and pleasures you. It gives them complete access to places they might not otherwise have, and allows them to move you around freely.

BDSM or bondage

BDSM or bondage

Sex swings can often play a part in bondage and bdsm, as there are restrictive and submissive elements involved. Some people like to be tied up when in a sex swing, as this adds to the feeling of submitting to a dominant and giving up control.      

How to clean

It is important to clean your sex swing/sling before and after use, to avoid bacteria infiltrating in, or around your body. To clean, you'll need: warm water (or sex toy cleaner/antibacterial soap) and a clean, dry towel. Your swing should be safe to wash in the machine due to the material, or if you prefer, you can wipe it down with a clean damp cloth, and some antibacterial soap. When clean, use a clean, dry towel to thoroughly dry the swing, and then leave it to air dry- DO NOT dry your sling in a dryer as this could shrink or ruin the material! Always find a place where you can store your swing after use, with plenty of room for other possible toys, and where it will be kept away from anything like dust or wetness- these will only cause bacteria to develop!

Videos Available on How to Clean a


Sex swings are a great way to enhance positons, and explore each others bodies. The feeling of being suspended can be very freeing for some people, which can add to the excitement and pleasure of sex.

Yes, sex swings are safe if they are installed and used correctly! Always be sure to read instructions and follow them when installing a sex swing. You shouldn't use a sex swing in ways they are not intended to be used, as this compromises your/your partner(s) safety.

A lot of sex swings are suitable for beginners, and you should be sure you are buying one that is suitable for you/your partner(s).

The best material for a sex swing is anything that is 1. durable, 2. body safe, 3. easy to clean.

While sex swings are a great addition to any sex life, they may be unsuitable for some; people who have certain disabilities, or muscle/joint pain, may find a sex swing uncomfortable, unaccessible, or dangerous. Some people with disabilities do find sex swing advantageous however, as they can take strain off of joints, and make otherwise difficult positions, more accessible. Always do your research, and consult a medical professional if needed.

No; never attempt to make your own sex swing, as this should be left to the professionals who have your ultimate safety and comfort in mind- some things aren't worth saving money over!

Sex swing

A sex swing is a great way to spice up parter play; one person is suspended on the swing, while the other is free from the swing. The person in the swing is able to move freely, or be moved by the person on the floor. It is an exciting way to enhance positions which wouldn't be possible on the floor, and can create amazing surges of pleasure for both parties.

How to buy the best

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