The Ultimate Guide to Clitoral Orgasm

By Cassie Mørch / July 05, 2023

For everyone and anyone looking to learn more about the wonder of a clitoral orgasm, you’ve come to the right place. This is your comprehensive guide on all things related to this embodied phenomenon of pleasure. If you’re a clitoris owner or a lover of one, you’re in for a treat.

The clitoris is the only organ in the body that exists solely for pleasure. So, let’s explore the ins and outs of that pleasure, shall we?

We’re about to embark on a journey of learing the basics of clitoris anatomy and debunking popular myths about vaginal orgasms. I will also give you some of my favorite tips and tricks of how to caress and stimulate a clitoris towards a beautiful clitoral orgasm!

Table of Contents

What is a Clitoral Orgasm?

A clitoral orgasm is the kind of delicious orgasm that, you guessed it, results from stimulating the clitoris. The clitoris that we all know and love is that small, sensitive organ located at the top of the vulva. Of course, there’s much more to the clitoris than meets the eye, but we’ll get back to that! The clitoral glans that most of us are familiar with as the clitoris is completely packed with nerve endings – about 8,000 to be precise, which is twice as many as the penis. As a result, it’s an absolute powerhouse of pleasure. When these nerve endings are stimulated to the owner’s liking, they can produce intense, pleasurable sensations that can lead to orgasm.

What Does a Clitoral Orgasm Feel Like?

A lot of you may be plenty familiar with the lovely experience of having a clitoral orgasm. But let’s break it down for anybody who hasn’t and is still curious. Keep in mind that this experience is very different from person to person. Although, everyone can agree that the overall experience is… pretty dang good.

As with most sexual stimulation, it all starts with arousal. Of course, this can happen independently of the physical stimulation. However, once the physical stimulation of the clitoris sets in, it’s this arousal that grows and gradually builds up with your movements.

Heightened sensitivity and arousal along with the stimulation builds up as this pleasurable pressure in the pelvic region. Tipping over the edge towards orgasm will have those sensation intensify!

Some people describe the orgasm itself as a wave of pleasure. Delightful pulsations or contractions in your core that sends ripples of pleasure throughout the body. Obviously, this leaves most people with a sense of release and euphoria.

What Happens During a Clitoral Orgasm?

Your body goes through several changes during a clitoral orgasm. Your heart rate and blood pressure increase. The pupils may dilate, and you may experience involuntary muscle contractions in the pelvic area. Your body releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones, which can lead to feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Check out Bedbible Research Center‘s study on what happens to the body one hour after orgasm!

The Clitoral Structure

A graphic of the clitoral structure.

Alright, let’s return to the (very important) anatomy of the clitoris! The clitoris is actually quite a complex structure. We’re just not able to see it with the naked eye! The visible part of the clitoris, the “glans” or the “head”, is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also a clitoral hood (basically the vulva equivalent of foreskin), which protects the sensitive glans. The clitoral body itself, extends inside the body and splits into two legs, or crura. The vaginal opening is actually nestled right under or betwen these legs. So, when we’re talking about internal sweet spots, we’re most likely talking about the internal structure of the clitoris being sitmulated form within! Big reveal: the g-spot is actually just another part of the clitoris!

The Myth of Two Different Kinds of Orgasms: Vaginal VS Clitoral

Understanding the full anatomy of the clitoris, helps us understand the misconceptions about the different kinds of orgasms out there.

There’s a common myth that there are two different kinds of orgasms: vaginal and clitoral. But the truth is, most orgasms are basically clitoral orgasms. The clitoris is the primary source of female sexual pleasure and is actually involved in most types of orgasms.

What is often referred to as a “vaginal orgasm” often has to do with stimulating the g-spot. Well, we know that the g-spot is basically just the clitoris. So, they technically aren’t two separate kinds of orgasms.

The “Difference” Between a Clitoral Orgasm and a G-spot Orgasm

Okay, we’ve established that a g-spot orgasm or vaginal orgasm is essentially the same thing as a clitoral orgasm. So, how can there still be a difference there? Well, most people find that they feel different. Basically, while the clitoris is being stimulated during both kinds of orgasms, it is being stimulated in different ways and in different areas. Rubbing the clitoral glans which is packed with nerves, will feel different from internal stimulation of the crura or bulbs.

All in all, the types of stimulation and sensations vary. While the clitoris is the star of the show, the show can look very different depending on which side of the audience you’re on. A “clitoral orgasm” typically results from direct stimulation of the clitoris, either externally or internally, and is often described as more intense and focused. A “g-spot orgasm”, on the other hand, results from stimulation of the g-spot and are often described as deeper and more spread out.

Different Ways to Stimulate the Clitoris

External Stimulation

Since the external part of the clitoris is what most people refer to when talking about the clit, let’s start here. Here are some of the ways you can explore stimulating the clitoris externally.

Fingers & Hands

These are the most important tools we have for bringing someone to a clitoral orgasm! Fingers can do magical things under the right circumstances. Let’s go over the basics of how you can use your hands and fingers to stimulate the clitoris externally.

  • Don’t rush straight to the clitoris. Start by gently touching and caressing other parts of your partner’s body. Inner and outer thighs, neck, stomach, buttocks, or breasts. This kind of touch helps build anticipation and arousal. This way, the direct clitoral stimulation will feel even more intense.
Pay attention to the whole vulva:
  • Take some time to explore the entire vulva. Use your fingers to gently touch and stroke the labia, the vaginal opening, and the area around the clitoris. This is also a great place to start introducing some lube to your activities. The strokes on the vulva and clitoris will feel much more comfortable with some lubrication!
Direct & Indirect Clitoral Stimulation:
  • Now, it’s time to focus on the clitoris. Remember, the clitoris is incredibly sensitive, so it’s important to start slow. Begin by gently touching or stroking the clitoral hood for some indirect stimulation. In my blog post about Vaginal Massage, I’ve listed a few specific stimulation techniques that may feel very pleasurable to you or your partner. “Rolling” involves rolling the thumb firmly over the clitoral glans from one side top the other. “Pinching” is a form of indirect stimulation that uses the pressure you apply on the outer labia by lightly pinching them together over the clitoris.
Increase or Decrease Intensity:
  • Use your fingers to respond to your partner’s feedback. Listen to their breath, their sounds, and their body movements. This might mean applying more or less pressure, increasing or decreasing the speed of your movements, or rubbing in a different motion. So, pay attention to your partner’s reactions and adjust your touch accordingly.

If your partner is enjoying the stimulation and is comfortable, they may eventually reach orgasm. Keep up the stimulation that they’re enjoying, and try to stay consistent – changing up your technique right as they’re about to climax can sometimes be distracting. As they reach orgasm, they may want less direct stimulation, so be ready to adapt.

If want some more tips, you can check out Isabelle’s blog post on “How to Rub Her Clit“!

Thumb rolling the clitoris on a fleshlight. Stimulation techniques for clitoral orgasm.
The “rolling” technique in vaginal massage.
Two fingers pinching the labia on a fleshlight. Stimulation techniques for clitoral orgasm.
The “pinching” technique in vaginal massage.
OMGYes Season 1

Check out OMGYES for some more great tecniques on how to stimulate the clitoris! OMGYES is a great subscription service full of educational graphics and videos of real people showing you their real masturbation techniques. You can read about the techniques, watch the videos, and even try out the techniques for yourself in their interactive “vulva map” on the site!

Oral Stimulation

Oral stimulation, or cunnilingus, is a great way to stimulate the clitoris with a partner and can often lead to orgasm. Using the mouth, lips, and tongue to stimulate the vulva and clitoris can do wonders for achieving clitoral orgasms.

Start slow, with gentle kisses or licks around the vulva and clitoris. Build arousal and excitement before you jump in headfirst diving for that pearl!

When you’re ready for some direct stimulation, you can use your lips to kiss the clitoris itself. Use a flat tongue to provide a soft sensation or a pointy tongue for a firmer feel. Try using your mouth to create some gentle suction around the clitoris as well!

Remember to pay attention to your partner’s reactions. If they seem to enjoy a particular motion or pressure, keep doing it!

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on… well, the best ways to eat pussy (as they say), check out Edwina’s blog post!

Using your tongue to stimulate the clitoris can lead to clitoral orgasm.
Using your tongue to stimulate the clitoris (with firm or soft touch) can lead to clitoral orgasm.
Using your lips and mouth to create suction, warmth, and moisture around the clitoris can help you achieve a clitoral orgasm.
Using your lips and mouth to create suction, warmth, and moisture around the clitoris can help you achieve a clitoral orgasm.

Sex Toys: Vibrators & Clitoral Suction Stimulators

Here are my top recommendations for sex toys that will pamper your clit towards a clitoral orgasm!

  • Finger Vibrators: Worn on the finger, these little guys provide a direct and controlled stimulation to the clitoris. Combine the manual stimulation from the movements of your hand and fingers with powerful vibrations to take your clitoral bliss to a whole new level! Finger vibrators are also super discreet and easy to use.
  • Bullet Vibrators: Small but mighty, bullet vibrators offer a concentrated burst of pleasure right where you want it. If you like a compact design, pinpoint clitoral stimulation and very intense vibrations, these little bullets can help you towards that beautiful orgasm.
  • Magic Wand Vibrators: These larger vibrators are known for their deep, powerful vibrations. The broad head can cover more surface area, providing both direct and indirect clitoral stimulation. A lot of people love magic wand vibrators for the sheer power they can pamper their clit with.
  • Clitoral Suction Stimulators: These innovative toys use air pressure to create a unique suction sensation on the clitoris. Clit suckers basically aim to mimic the feeling of oral stimulation. For people who find that vibrations just odn’t hit the spot for them, a clit sucker could be just the thing they need!

Internal Stimulation

Since we’ve learned that internal vaginal stimulation is very much related to the clitoris, let’s go over some of the best ways to work your way to an internal clitoral orgasm. With most of these techniques, you can also stimulate the clitoris externally while working your magic on the inside!


Fingering is a staple in the bedroom for a reason. Some things just work! Here are some basic fingering techniques that target the g-spot – which we now know is actually just part of the internal clitoral structure!

“Come-Hither”: This is a classic technique for g-spot stimulation. Insert one or two fingers into the vagina and curve them towards the front wall, in a “come-hither” motion. The g-spot is typically located a couple of inches in on the front vaginal wall (towards the bellybutton), and it can have a slightly ridged texture – kind of a like a walnut. Although some people don’t feel a change in texture in that area.

“Windshield Wiper”: Insert one or two fingers into the vagina and move them in a side-to-side motion, like a windshield wiper. This can stimulate not only the g-spot but also the surrounding areas. With a broader range of sensation, you get to explore exactly what feels good to you.

“Deep Dive”: Some people enjoy deeper penetration, which can stimulate the deeper parts of the clitoral structure. For this technique, insert your fingers as deep as is comfortable for your partner, and make a slight “scooping” or “stirring” motion. You’ll most likely be sitmulating the a-spot (the anterior fornix) which is another erogenous zone located a few inches past the g-spot.

If you want to amp things up, you can always combine these fingering techniques with some external stimulation as well! Also, try experimenting with the amount of fingers you insert. Figure out what feels the best for you or your partner in terms of girth.

Try using a different a amount of fingers when fignering someone. Figure out what they like in order to achieve an internal clitoral orgasm.
Use the come hither motion inside the vaginal canal to stimulate the clitoris and achieve an internal clitoral orgasm.

Sex Toys: Curved Dildos & G-Spot Vibrators

If you want to give your poor fingers a break once in a while, some sex toys are perfect for getting the job done!

Here are some of my top picks for this kind of internal clitoral stimulation:

  • Curved dildos or g-spot dildos are destined to aid people hit those internal sweet spots at the perfect angles! Often with a pronounced “head” for some targeted g-spot massage and a beautifully curved shaft for reaching your favorite spots!
  • Metal dildos or glass dildos will take your internal massage to the next level. The rigid material will for sure impress your g-spot. You can even explore temperature play with these materials!
  • G-spot vibrators will let you combine the pleasures of penetration with the joy of vibrations! They often share a similar shape as g-spot dildos but just have that extra flair of… well, amazing vibrations!

These sex toys can be used alone or in combination with any kind of external stimulation for a beautiful blended orgasm. As always, what works best will depend on the individual’s personal preferences. It’s all about exploring, experimenting, and finding out what feels best for you or your partner.