The Best Fleshlight Accessories + DIY Alternatives

By Rachel Worthington / June 24, 2022

As we know, a Fleshlight can provide a whole lot of pleasure on its own. With tantalizingly tight textures and silky Super Skin, you’re sure to be satisfied! Here at Bedbible though, we won’t stop at ‘satisfied’!

That’s why we’ve done our research and found the best fleshlight accessories available to enhance your pocket pussy pleasure. From hands-free stroking solutions to products that make caring for your Fleshlight a breeze, here’s every Fleshlight accessory and where to buy it.

Plus, we’ve included some super simple DIY projects along with them, for those who are still on the fence…

For Shower Sessions

Fleshlight Shower Mount and Hands-Free Adapter

A Fleshlight is good, but using a Fleshlight hands-free is better! This nifty piece of kit allows you to thrust away without having to hold it in place. Simply screw in any full-sized Fleshlight, including:

Its super strong suction cup sticks securely to any smooth, flat surface, making it perfect for using in the shower, as well as on the wall, door, or even your fridge! The socket is also adjustable for a totally customizable experience.

If your Fleshlight isn’t a standard-sized model, then it won’t fit into the standard shower mount. However, don’t despair, Fleshlight also makes adapters that screw into the original mount! These are available for the smaller Fleshlight Flight range, and the double-ended Quickshot range.

For Hands-Free Fun

Created by sex furniture masters Liberator, these Fleshlight mount accessories are another ingenious solution for a hands-free masturbator experience! Each has a slot for your Fleshlight to sit comfortably and securely, and they work with a variety of stroker sizes.

The mounts come in two styles: a lower, missionary style and a taller, doggy-style shape. However, both mounts can be used in a variety of ways! Rotate them, push them up against a wall, or even use them as sex pillows to explore different positions during partner sex.

Plus, they’re practical, too! They’re made from smooth faux leather that’s easy to wipe down and machine-washable, and have an extra moisture-proof liner for extra security.

DIY Fleshlight Mount Alternative

If you’re not quite ready to splash out on a purpose-made mount for your masturbator, then there are a few ways to get a similar experience at home.

Try positioning your Fleshlight between mattresses, sofa cushions or two heavy pillows to keep it still while you thrust hands-free. You might not achieve quite the same level of comfort of versatility, but it can give you an idea of whether you like the feeling!

For Realistic Warmth

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

Realism is the name of the game when it comes to Fleshlights, but what if you could get a Fleshlight accessory that could make it even more lifelike? Well, fortunately, you can.

The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer is a simple, USB-powered rod that gently heats your Fleshlight sleeve to a cozy body temperature for incredibly realistic sensations. Since it’s designed specifically for Fleshlights, it’s totally safe and won’t damage the Super Skin material.

The standard Sleeve Warmer works with all sizes and models of Fleshlights. However, if you only have a Quickshot and want to save a couple of bucks, you can opt for the smaller Quickshot sleeve warmer.

DIY Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer Alternative

Despite the ease and simplicity of the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, it’s not the only way to achieve those ultra-realistic feelings.

Just take your Fleshlight sleeve out of its case and place it in warm (not hot) water for a minute or two. Then, place it back in the case, lube up and enjoy the sensations! For more ideas, why not check out our blog post on how to warm up a Fleshlight?

For the Ultimate Experience

This Fleshlight accessory might just be the ultimate Fleshlight upgrade. Gone are the days of actually thrusting yourself — the Fleshlight Launch is here to make things a whole lot more chill.

Simply strap in your Fleshlight and watch as it strokes up and down for you! The Launch is fully adjustable and customizable, and can reach speeds of up to 250 strokes per minute. That’s just over 4 per second!

It has easy-to-hold handles and intuitive button controls, and even a holder on top for your phone. Perfect for switching on your favorite porn. Imagine strapping in your Riley Reid Fleshlight and then seeing her there on the screen while the Launch thrusts away for you…

The Fleshlight Universal Launch has an adjustable strap that’s compatible with all full-size Fleshlights and Fleshlight Go models (but not Fleshlight Flight). Then, there’s the Quickshot Launch, which is specially designed for use with Quickshot strokers.

For Easy Drying

Fleshlight Air

Caring for your Fleshlight is vitally important if you want make it last for a long time (and avoid germs and mold)!

But, let’s be honest, it’s also pretty time-consuming. Once you’ve properly cleaned the Fleshlight sleeve, it then needs to be totally dry before you store it away. Yet, how do you dry it properly without it getting dirty again?

That’s where the Fleshlight Air comes in. This recent addition to Fleshlight’s line of accessories takes the work out of drying your sleeve, and ensures that you do it right every time. Plus, it’s ideal if you struggle to find a discreet place to dry your Fleshlight.

All you have to do is, once you’ve cleaned your sleeve, reinsert it into its case with the end caps removed. Then, press the button and it will dry itself. There are different cycles for Quickshots, Go and Flight strokers and full-sizes Fleshlights, so there’s no guesswork involved.

You might not feel like splashing out on the Fleshlight Air — we get it. But, if you still feel like there must be a better solution that leaving your sleeve on a towel to dry, then why not try Fleshlight’s other solutions?

There are three to choose from:

  • Stand Dry — The Stand has a ring to hold the sleeve and a small reservoir underneath to catch drips as they fall.
  • Hanger Dry — The Hanger is super discreet, and can be hooked inside a closet. Just be sure to leave the door open and/or ensure that there’s enough airflow.
  • Screw Dry — The screw-on option is a lot like a manual version of the Fleshlight Air. It’s designed to be used with the sleeve inside its case, and has a drip reservoir in the base.

DIY Fleshlight Drying Alternative

There are a lot of ways to dry a Fleshlight! But, if you want to recreate one of the above Fleshlight drying accessories, then try reshaping a wire coat-hanger into a hanging dryer. Bend the bottom wire so that it has a circle that can go around the end of your Fleshlight sleeve and hold it up as it hangs.

For Keeping It Fresh

Fleshlight Renewing Powder

If you’ve had your Fleshlight a while, you might notice the sleeve changing the more you use and clean it. It starts to become sticky, less soft, and less realistic. This is because Fleshlight’s Super Skin (the material your sleeve is made from) is a TPE-based material, which is porous and degrades with use.

However, that doesn’t mean you should throw it away! Fleshlight’s renewing powder can keep your sleeve feeling soft and supple, just like the first time you used it.

When the sleeve is clean and dry, sprinkle the powder over the sleeve until it’s completely coated with a thin layer. Then, place it back in the case and it will be back to freshness in no time! A simple, yet super effective Fleshlight accessory.

How to Find the Perfect Fleshlight Accessories

Which accessories you choose for your Fleshlight will depend on a few things, including:

  • Which Fleshlight(s) you own
  • How you want to use your Fleshlight
  • Your budget

There’s also the question of where to buy your Fleshlight accessories. You can, of course, go directly to, which stocks all the official accessories. However, there are other trustworthy sex toy stores that we recommend checking out, too, like Lovehoney, SheVibe, Hustler Hollywood and The Enhanced Male.

All of these stores offer discreet shipping and billing, and might even have cheaper prices!