Fleshlight Doll, Stroker, Or Your Hand: Finding the Best Way to Get Off!

By Kevin Foley / June 02, 2022

Chances are, if you have a penis, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time enjoying some self-indulgence… AKA “solo sessions”, playing with yourself, “wanking”, or whatever else you prefer to call it.

The point is, most men masturbate!

Now, there isn’t necessarily a “wrong” way to masturbate.

In fact, many people enjoy different techniques when trying to achieve their next orgasm. However, that’s not to say there aren’t certain methods—like using a Fleshlight doll toy— that can be more effective than others.

If you are (or have ever been) curious about finding more satisfying ways to enjoy some “alone” time, then you’re in luck: today we’ll be covering the three main options when it comes to male masturbation!

You & Your Hand

The most common way to begin your masturbation journey is by using your hand. Most guys masturbate a lot throughout their teen years, and all this method requires is a little “inspiration”. Of course, just because something is readily available and easy to do doesn’t mean it’s the best option available. It just means it’s the most convenient!

While there’s nothing wrong with using your hand, there are some limitations that you’ll run into. The most obvious one is that your hand in no way resembles a vagina! Sure you can use your imagination, but there will always be a massive difference between using your hand and having intercourse.

That said, actual intercourse requires a partner, so what should you do if you don’t have a partner but want something better? That’s where male masturbators come in!

Yes, There Actually Is a Fleshlight Doll (But It’s Not Made by Fleshlight!)

“Fleshlight-compatible” would be a more accurate description of this fleshlight doll. Like the variety offered by fleshlight strokers? Curious about the compact realism of the sex doll torsos (but don’t want a headless partner)? Then sex company “Amor” might have what you’re looking for!

Complete with a head, breasts, anus, and a removable vagina, the Fleshlight Compatible Torso combines the best of both worlds into one single product. Don’t like the included vagina? Simply remove it & replace it with your favorite Fleshlight!

fleshlight doll

Prefer a specific face style, skin tone, eye color, or hair color? Amor has plenty of options for you to choose from! Granted, this doll will set you back at least $1,100, which is a bit of a downer. Still—on the positive side—it’s certainly a toy that you’ll never grow bored of!

Your First Fleshlight

Are you familiar with the term “Fleshlight”? Although often used to describe male masturbators in general, “Fleshlight” is actually a particular brand of stroker (or pocket pussies). However, we’re going to be talking about stokers in general in this article. We won’t be referring to them as “pocket pussies” because not every stroker toy is shaped like a vagina! There are actually four different types of strokers to choose from: vaginal, anal, mouth, and neutral.

  • Vaginal – These strokers have an exterior orifice shaped like a vagina. Sometimes, the orifice is a custom-made design of a vagina. More high-ed models use actual molding of real vaginas to make their orifices!
  • Anal – Similar to the vaginal variety, an anal Fleshlight have an exterior orifice that looks like an anus. Some are generic designs and others are molded from models. 
  • Mouth – Designed to look like a human mouth, this orifice allows you to bring your blowjob fantasies to life! Some mouth Flehslight toys have tongues; others do not. You can even get Blowjob machines.
  • Neutral – Unlike the previous two types, a neutral stroker isn’t modeled after anything in particular. These orifices essentially just look like a hole! What it actually “is” depends on your mood & desired fantasies at that particular moment.
Fleshlight masturbator selection

Stroker toys feature two parts: the outer casing and the inner sleeve. Some strokers are available as sleeves only, and often these sleeves can be placed inside of a casing for easy storage. The casing is generally designed to be as discreet as possible. Ordinarily, this means a plain black casing that looks visually similar to a flashlight. No worries though: the real fun is in the sleeve!

Sleeve Choice Matters!

  • The inner sleeve of a Fleshlight is where your penis goes into, so it’s designed to be as stimulating as possible.
  • The entrance is designed to the orifice of your choice, and the inside of the sleeve is a texture of your choice.
  • There are many different internal textures available: highly-textured sleeves tend to be more stimulating, whereas smoother sleeves are better suited for “edging”.
  • You’ll have tons of options to choose from when selecting a fleshlight, from basic options like Fleshlight’s “Pink Lady” to more advanced vibrating strokers that offer extra stimulation!

Simple Summary

Stroker toys are relatively small and compact, making them perfect for those living with roommates or lacking in storage space who want to take their masturbation game to the next level on the cheap.

Semi-Portable Pleasure

As mentioned above, Fleshlight is a brand, not a specific product. This might leave you thinking that they’d make all different types of male sex toys. Surprisingly, there’s no such thing as Fleshlight-branded dolls: they only make strokers! Still, there are many other companies that make sex dolls so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Stroker toys are:

  • Small
  • Compact, and
  • Easy to use discreetly

Unfortunately, Fleshlights lack any real sense of realism. This is why many guys prefer to use sex dolls instead. Of course, simply wanting more realism doesn’t instantly grant your more on-hand storage space. That’s a big part of why partial dolls have become so popular!

Sex doll torsos are a type of sex doll that has all the “important” features but none of the “extras”. What does this mean? Well, these dolls will typically feature breasts, a vagina, and an anus, but lack arms, legs, or a head. While not as realistic as a full-sized doll, sex doll torsos offer a much higher level of realism than you could ever expect from a stroker toy. You can actually have sex with these dolls using the same positions you would with a partner. For more fun, you can even play with their breasts as a masturbator during “intercourse”! Just like with people, sex doll variety is the spice of life. Partial sex dolls offer:

  • Realistic anatomy
  • Different skin tones
  • Many design variations
  • Lower priced than full-sized dolls

You can literally buy the girl from your dreams! Don’t need breasts and just want something a bit more life-sized? There are also standalone ass dolls that are nearly full-sized but cost much less than a complete full-sized sex doll. Don’t fret though: they’re still big enough to fulfill all of your doggystyle fantasies! Curious how great these dolls can actually be? Check out our review of the Fuck Me Silly 2 here.

Simple Summary

If you want something that’s more than a “toy” but not significant enough to be considered a “partner”, both sex doll torsos and ass sex dolls make for the perfect playthings!

Your New Girlfriend

Whether you just want the best of the best, won’t stand for anything less than complete realism, or have abandoned traditional relationships entirely, a full-sized sex doll is your best option. Unlike the previous two options, full-sized sex dolls often cost thousands of dollars. This makes them less of a “plaything” and more of a “partner substitute”. For that amount of money, you’re probably expecting to receive a goddess. Fortunately for you, the folks at Realdoll and other major sex doll companies have got you covered!

Full-sized sex dolls enable you to truly make the perfect partner. You can customize everything from its eye and hair color to the size of its breasts, body type, and even whether or not it has freckles! Not satisfied with the standard genitalia? You can also buy trans sex dolls: the options are truly unlimited when it comes to full-sized sex dolls. For that reason, it’s really not too surprising once you learn that some people actually use these dolls as a stand-in for a human partner (like this fellow here!).

The realism of these dolls makes the experience they offer superb. Many models can be posed in multiple positions or dressed up in your favorite outfits, truly personalizing the experience. Still, the major downside of these dolls is the care they require. You’ll need a lot of space to store them, a lot of time to maintain them, and enough strength to move your 70+ lbs. partner around your home! However, if you’re willing to invest then there really aren’t any limitations: high-end models often offer features like internal heating (which makes them “feel” like a real partner and as super realistic sex dolls), self-lubrication, or even AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities that allow them to carry actual conversations with you!

Simple Summary

Those seeking the best sexual experience possible (sans a living partner) will get the most satisfaction out of a full-sized sex doll.

Sex Toys & Society

Let’s be honest: sex toys aren’t something a lot of guys talk about, and when they do, the conversation is usually centered around female-oriented toys. Male sex toys are often seen as more of something to joke about than something to seriously consider, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a chance. Common concerns are people finding out & a lack of monetary funds, but fortunately, these are both issues that are easy to address!

When it comes to buying sex toys, most people (regardless of gender) aren’t interested in sharing their latest sexcapades with their next-door neighbors. For that reason, most online sex shops offer discreet shipping, which hides the contents of your box from everyone (including the postman) for peace of mind when purchasing new sex toys. Many companies bill using a discreet name as well, so—rather than seeing a charge from “Porn Haven XXX USA”—you’ll see something like “Atlantic Innovations” appear on your credit card statement instead. That takes care of all the privacy concerns, but what about the financial roadblocks?

Toys for Any Budget

Fortunately, there are sex toys available at nearly any price. For every top-dollar sex doll, there are tons of budget-friendly options available, and you don’t need to break the bank right from the get-go. Rather than trying to purchase the best of the best as your first toy, it’s best to try out a few cheap toys first. This will allow you to minimize spending while testing a few different types of toys (i.e. fleshlight vs. dolls) and figure out what type of toy works best for you. Once you know what you like, then you can get a bit more extravagant with your spending habits!