How Do Penis Pumps Work? Plus 6 Important Questions Answered!

Exactly how do penis pumps work?

I’m sure if you’ve ever considered purchasing a penis pump, you’ve asked yourself that question.

Therefore, to satisfy your curiosity, I am going to break everything down for you!

That way, you’ll have all of the penis pump facts before you decide if they are right for you!

What is a Penis Pump?

Before explaining how penis pumps work, let’s cover the basics; starting with what a penis pump is.

Simply put, a penis pump is a device used to increase blood flow to the penis. They come in several styles including manual pumps, battery-operated pumps and even water penis pumps.

Now, for a little bit of penis pump history!

The first penis pump was created and patented in 1917 by Dr. Otto Lederer in Vienna, Austria. And although no retail products resulted from the doctor’s patent, this was the first known device of this type documented.

What are Penis Pumps Used for?

How do penis pumps work and what are penis pumps used for?
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Surprisingly, penis pumps were never intended to be sex toys. As a matter of fact, penis pumps were designed and created by medical doctors to treat erectile dysfunction. However, today, penis pumps are sold as sex toys as well as being used to treat ED. The only difference between a penis pump sex toy and a medical device is that medical devices are better-made, higher tech and given by prescription only.

So, if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, contact your physician and, depending on your insurance coverage, you can get a top tier penis pump for whatever your prescription copay is!

But, if you’re simply looking for a way to give yourself a firmer, stronger erection, you can buy a penis pump online from various sex toy shops like Lovehoney or Adam & Eve.

Now, let’s move on to answering, “How do penis pumps work?”

How Do Penis Pumps Work?

How do penis pumps work? This photo shows how!

How a penis pump works is quite a simple process. The device uses suction to open up the blood vessels of the penis, thus creating better blood flow to give the user a firmer, stronger erection. Paired with an cock ring, a penis pump not only creates a stronger erection, the addition of an erection ring maintains that erection for intercourse or masturbation.

And considering the fact that the harder your penis is, the more sensitive it is, a penis pump can make sex even more exciting!

Basically, a penis pump consists or a tube, usually with markings on the side to show the difference in the size of your penis when in use plus a bulb or handle that you squeeze to create vacuum suction. The opening of the tube is designed to press against your groin area, creating a tight seal.

In addition, some penis pumps are electric, therefore, don’t have hand-activated blubs or triggers to squeeze. And although they are a bit pricier, they are much easier to use. Unfortunately, the battery-operated pumps are more difficult to control in comparison to a hand-controlled pump.

So, no matter which type of penis pump you choose, they all work in the same way.

Follow Your Penis Pump Instructions

One of the most crucial points in answering the question, “How do penis pumps work?” is stressing the importance of reading and following your penis pump instructions. Penis pumps should only be used a few times a week, maximum, and for a certain time period in order to avoid damage to your tool.

Therefore, read those instructions carefully and follow them! I mean, the last thing you want to do is overdo pumping and end up with blood bruises under the skin from too much pressure! Not only will your penis look injured, it will be quite painful. Plus, you’ll potentially be damaging the blood flow to your penis which can adversely affect your ability to get and maintain an erection.

Will a Penis Pump Make My Penis Bigger?

Will a penis pump make my penis bigger?

One of the most popular questions that come up when learning how penis pumps work is whether or not they make your penis bigger. The answer to that question is yes and no.

Yes, while you are using a penis pump, your penis will be larger in length and girth as you have opened up the penile blood flow by using suction. So, when looking at the measurements on the side of the pump, your penis will be larger than say, while you are masturbating or erect before sex.

Unfortunately, once you use that harder, thicker penis and have an orgasm, your penis size will return to normal. Using a cock sleeve instead will keep your penis big all the time.

However, if you’ve suffered from weak erections or even erectile dysfunction, continued use of a penis pump will slightly increase your penile girth and length. The reason for this is that the suction opens up more blood vessels, increases overall blood flow thus, giving you a slightly larger erection. But this increase is only evident during an erection.

Now, I’m sure you can search and find products that claim to make your penis larger. But keep in mind, they are selling you their merchandise and will say anything to get your hard-earned cash. So, until there are medical studies stating that penis pumps make your penis larger, I will stick to the scientific information that’s currently out there.

Do Penis Pumps Make Sex Better?

How do penis pumps work? Showing pumps of various colors.

Yes! Penis pumps do make sex better! Think about it; which feels better; touching yourself while you’re flaccid or touching yourself while you have an erection?

Penis pumps work by using vacuum suction to increase blood flow, giving you a better erection. So, the harder you are, the more sensitive your penis will be. Therefore, using a penis pump can make intercourse and even masturbation more exciting and fulfilling.

But don’t forget to add an erection ring (also known as a cock ring)! The ring will maintain the erection longer, restrict back flow of blood and keep that sensitivity, all the while giving you the staying power you never knew you had! Therefore, you’ll make sex better for yourself and your partner!

What Type of Penis Pump is Best?

How do penis pumps work? Showing water penis pumps

Not that we’ve answered the question, “How do penis pumps work?” as well as filling in other penis pump queries, let’s talk about what penis pump type is best. First off, here are the different styles of penis pumps you’ll find available, online, at a sex toy shop:

  • Classic penis pumps with bulbs: These are hand-operated penis pumps with a bulb you squeeze.
  • Trigger penis pumps: These pumps used a trigger you squeeze while you track the PSI on the trigger’s dial.
  • Automatic penis pumps: This battery-operated type of penis pump does all the work for you!
  • Water penis pumps: This type of pump uses water in addition to the vacuum action. Popularized by Bathmate.
  • Textured penis pumps: These pumps use interior texture to add stimulation and pleasure.
  • Penis pump kits: Kits include erection rings, masturbation devices and more.
  • Vibrating penis pumps: These are penis pumps with vibratings in the penis pump cylinder or on the outside of it. Adding vibrations to your cock.

Now, deciding which penis pump style is best depends on individual preference. For instance, if you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend a great deal of money on a penis pump, the classic pump with a bulb or trigger would be best. Or, try building a DIY penis pump at home with things you may already have!

But, if you’re a penis pump novice and are looking to try something new or different, a water driven penis pump might be more up your alley. Plus, you can get your pumping sessions in while you shower, saving you time.

Finally, penis pump kits can cover all of the bases; some including erection rings, masturbators and other accessories. Therefore, you may spend a little more, but you are getting a collection of erection building and pleasure tools combined.

Is a Penis Pump Right for You?

How do penis pumps work? Showing a textured penis pump

Now that you know how penis pumps work and the types of devices available, is a penis pump right for you? First, if you’re looking for a classic sex toy for men, that gives you a firmer and more sensitive erection, certainly, a penis pump would be perfect for you. However, there are many more male sex toys to consider like vibrators or male masturbators.

Second, if you feel like your erections aren’t what they used to be, then using a penis pump can serve as a great tool to build you back up, giving you greater self-esteem and more stamina between the sheets. Finally, if you suffer from the occasional failure to launch, you could try using a penis pump and see if it resolves your issue.

However, to be honest, seeing your doctor may be a better choice. That way, you can make sure your ED isn’t caused by any underlying health conditions like diabetes, prostatitis or a psychological issue. After all, your overall health is just as important as your sexual health. If you’re interested in one you can find a fair selection here.