How to Find the A-Spot

By Rachel Worthington / July 21, 2023

If there’s one thing I love, it’s finding new ways to feel pleasure! You may have learned the best ways to have a clitoral orgasm, or how to locate the infamous G-spot, but what else is out there? Well, today you’re going to learn how to find the A-spot!

While it may not have the same star-studded reputation as it’s sister, the G-spot, the A-spot is truly a hidden gem of vaginal pleasure. Whether you’re on a quest to discover your own or aiming to pleasure a partner’s, I’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

In this guide, I’ll cover:

What is the A-Spot?

Anatomical cross-section diagram of the vulva/vagina, showing where to find the A-spot.

The A-Spot, or the anterior fornix erogenous zone, is a sensitive patch of real estate located deep inside the vagina, very close to the cervix and the bladder. Depending on the position you’re in, it may be just above or just below it. It’s deeper inside the vagina than the G-spot, usually lying about 1-3 inches further in.

For many vulva-owners, the A-spot is a hotspot for pleasure. Stimulating it can lead to an increase in natural lubrication and even an orgasm or two!

The A-spot is not, as you might think, the ‘anal’ spot. However, as you’ll see later, it can be stimulated through the vaginal/anal wall via anal play.

How to Find the A-Spot

Some people can find their A-spot with their fingers (or their partner’s), though this isn’t always possible, since it can be quite far inside.

If you’re struggling with fingers alone, then I highly recommend enlisting the help of a dildo or long vibrator to help you reach! You can find some of my faves below…

Start by warming up in whichever you prefer — for many vulva-owners this means plenty of clitoral stimulation! You can also get in the mood with some ethical porn, like that from Erica Lust, some audio erotica from Dipsea, or even some sensual music.

Then, try out one or more of these techniques to find the A-spot. It’s not always easy, and can require some patience and exploration, since everyone’s body is different, but the reward can be great!

Techniques to Find and Stimulate the A-Spot

  1. Deep Penetration With a Partner: The A-spot is located deep within the vagina, so deep penetration is often the key to stimulating it. If you’re with a partner, try positions that allow for this (see just below for some ideas!).
  2. Use a Long Toy: A long dildo or vibrator can be a great tool for reaching the A-spot. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes, sizes, and materials until you find the one that hits the spot and feels great inside. You may prefer one with a flexible shaft that can bend to the contours of your body, but stay away from those that are too soft, or you won’t be able to do the following…
  3. Apply Pressure: The A-spot responds well to firm pressure, but, since you don’t have any touch receptors inside the vagina, vibrations alone are unlikely to do anything. Make sure you use a toy that is long enough to reach, and then try applying different amounts of pressure in different motions to see what feels best for you.
  4. Anal Play: While the A-spot is located within the vagina, it can also be indirectly stimulated through anal play. The shared wall between the vagina and rectum allows for pressure to be felt, potentially leading to A-Spot pleasure. This could be with anal sex, or with an anal-safe dildo.

Best Sex Positions for A-Spot Stimulation

Finding the right position can make all the difference when it comes to A-spot stimulation. Here are a few positions that offer that sweet, sweet deep penetration needed to find the A-spot…

Two dolls in the Doggy Style sex position

Doggy Style

Doggy style is consistently voted to be among people’s favorite sex positions, and it’s no wonder why! Whether you chose to hold yourself up with your arms or lower your chest down to the floor, this position is great for deep penetration. Plus, it creates an ideal angle to help find your partner find the A-spot.

A heterosexual couple in the Missionary position with the woman's legs bent upward.

Missionary With Legs Up

By pulling your knees up towards your chest during missionary sex, you can create a deeper angle for penetration, making it easier to reach the A-Spot.

If you find it tough to keep your legs up for longer periods of time, you can ask your partner to take over (super hot, trust me), or use a positioning sling like the Sportsheets Saffron Thigh Sling.

A heterosexual couple, the woman is lying on a sex wedge pillow with her hips elevated.

Elevated Hips

You may have seen this viral tip on TikTok or Instagram, and it’s legit! Placing a pillow or two under your hips to lift up your hips is an effective way to achieve deeper penetration and to create the perfect angle for your partner to make maximum contact with the front wall of the vagina — where the G-spot and A-spot are!

Regular pillows can do the trick, but can also collapse easily. For a better angle, try a denser foam pillow — the Liberator Sex Wedge is ideal.

Two dolls in the Cowgirl position


Many vulva-owners love riding positions (also known as Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl) because they allow you to control the depth, angle and speed of penetration. If you’re trying to find the A-spot, being in control is one of the best ways to do it!

Riding also has the added benefit of simultaneous clitoral stimulation, adding that extra bit of pleasure to penetration.

My Top A-Spot Toy Picks

nJoy Pure Wand — How to find the A-spot

nJoy Pure Wand

The njoy Pure Wand is a gorgeous, double-ended stainless steel dildo. Its curved shape and weighty construction allow for precise targeting and firm pressure, making it an excellent choice for A-spot stimulation.

The two different-sized ends also offer versatility, allowing you to choose the size that suits your body best.

Swan Wand — How to Find the A-spot

Swan Wand

For those who crave some vibes, I highly recommend the powerful Swan Wand. This double-ended vibrator has a slim end and a thicker, bulbous end, both with independent motors that offer a range of patterns and intensities.

The deep, rumbly vibrations combine well with the firm silicone, making it perfect for finding your A-spot.

Rocks Off Regala — How to Find the A-spot

Rocks Off Regala

This rabbit vibrator was actually designed specifically for A-spot stimulation! With its long, curved shaft, the Regala makes it easy to find your A-spot while the wide, textured rabbit arm rumbles away by your clit. Each part has its own motor, meaning that no nerve ending will be left unstimulated!

Tantus Charmer — How to Find the A-spot

Tantus Charmer

If you’re after a more traditional dildo that can still work its magic on the A-spot, then prepare to be utterly charmed by this offering from Tantus.

This dildo has a slight curve and a firm yet flexible shaft that makes it an ideal candidate for precise A-spot targeting. It also boasts four rolling ridges for enhanced stimulation.

The flared base is unfortunately not a suction cup, but it does make it harness-compatible.

What Does A-Spot Stimulation Feel Like?

A-Spot stimulation can feel different for different people! For some, deep penetration and A-spot stimulation can feel incredibly pleasurable. It’s often described as a deep, full feeling that can lead to intense orgasms.

One study in the 1990s, when the A-spot was first ‘discovered’, found that a large percentage of vulva-owners had an increase in natural lubrication when their A-Spot was stimulated. Even if they didn’t orgasm from it, they still felt a lot of arousal!

Some say that, unlike the more localized sensation of clitoral orgasms, A-Spot orgasms can feel like waves of pleasure that spread throughout the entire body. This is likely due to the deep location of the A-Spot, and the area that is being stimulated as you try to reach it.

Now this is truly the million dollar question!

First, you have to understand what the G-spot really is. Recent studies have suggested that the G-spot isn’t just a magical, super-senstive spot, it’s an area where the vagina intersects the internal clitoral structure. Yep, that’s right — your clitoris goes inside the body!

The bit of your clitoris that you see is really just the tip of the iceberg. The clitoris actually goes deep inside, with ‘legs’ going down on either side of the vagina. When you stimulate the g-spot, you’re actually stimulating that part of the clitoral structure, which is what feels so good! It looks something like this:

A diagram of the internal clitoral structure.

So, what does this have to do with the A-spot?

Well, some think that the A-spot is actually just another part of the internal clitoral structure, further in than the G-spot. Others think that it might even be the G-spot, just located deeper inside some vaginas than others.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any definitive answers. While research on the anatomy of the vulva and the pleasure of vulva-owners is certainly becoming more popular, there are still a lot of mysteries to be solved surrounding it.

Does Everyone Have an A-Spot?

Everyone born with a vulva, including cis women and some trans men, has an A-Spot. However, just like with the G-Spot, not all individuals find stimulation of this area pleasurable. It’s all about personal preference and exploring what feels good for you.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. The real beauty of sexual exploration is in discovering your unique pathways to pleasure!