How to Make Her Cum

By Edie / January 16, 2023

Your essential guide to all types of orgasms and the many ways you can make her cum again and again.

Ready to learn how to make her cum in so many different ways it will make both your heads spin? Then, join me for an essential guide to giving her orgasms she will never forget!

Plus, learn everything you ever wanted to know about orgasms in people with vulvas and then some.

So, if you’re just starting out, or you want to add new ways to make her cum to your sexual repertoire, you’ve come to the right place!

The Quick Guide on How to Make Her Orgasm

  • Making her cum is good for her health! Orgasms boost heart health, the immune system and help her to sleep.
  • Roughly 25% of people with vulvas can orgasm from penetration alone. Therefore, it’s important to learn several techniques to make her climax.
  • People with vulvas can experience 12 different types of orgasms, all of which can manifest in everything from shaking orgasms to squirting, or full body O’s.
  • You can make her cum orally, with your fingers, with sex toys, by using water and through penetration.
  • The best sexual position to make her cum is called the Coital Alignment Position.
  • There are literally hundreds of sex positions you can learn that can make her climax. Check out some of them, with photos, below.
  • Finally, my list of quick tips to make her cum includes ideas for spicing things up, mixing orgasms and much more.

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The Importance of Learning How to Give Her an Orgasm

Having sex is an incredible thing, in and of itself – the passion, the heat, those all-over body tingles. But ending an incredible sexual encounter with an orgasm is the hot fudge, whipped cream and sprinkles on the sundae.

And although your main focus should be making your partner feel good, learning how to give her an orgasm (or 5) is important. After all, orgasms are scientifically proven to be good for all of our bodies, and our overall health.

Therefore, learning how to make her cum not only makes her desire you like never before, it’s a way to give her stress relief, better sleep, a stronger immune system and so much more.

There’s No Single Technique that Works on Every Vulva

Women's bottom halves

So sorry vulva lovers!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single sexual technique that works on every vulva. For example, one person may enjoy more intense pressure, while the next requires only the gentlest touch.

Thus, I am going to cover every single way, that I know of, that you can make her cum. But it’s important to keep in mind, that since all vulvas and bodies respond differently, you’ll need to know how to follow her cues, and adjust your technique on the fly.

Plus, combining two or more the following techniques may be the perfect recipe that brings her to climax. It all depends on what turns her on.

So, if you can adapt, overcome and switch things up in a flash, you will have no problem learning how to make your partner cum in more ways than you imagined possible.

How to Give Her Incredible Orgasms

Now, let’s get started on the part you’ve been waiting for; how to make her cum!

To explain further, I’m going to show you ways to make her cum along with tips, tricks and techniques for each. So, get ready to take some notes, because you may learn an erotic technique you can try tonight!

Then, read on to learn about the 12 types of O’s she can experience and how they manifest! Plus, I will tell you how you can learn to make her squirt, guaranteed!

For the Best Big-O Results, Know How to Turn Her On!

Believe it or not, you start building an orgasm long before you even step in the bedroom! That’s because, those of us born female need a slow-building arousal process.

Sure, a quickie sometimes gets the job done. In that case, she’s likely already horny from fantasizing about you, reading a racy, erotic book or watching a movie that got her motor running.

After all, porn, erotica, stories, and even guided masturbation made specifically for the feminine mind, are all readily available at your fingertips.

However, if you desire that incredible night of sex that starts slow and warm and escalates to passionate and on fire, you must start long before you are together that night.

Start with a Great Relationship

Romantic couple

The first step in making her cum, as well as in the arousal process, is having a great relationship to begin with. For instance, if you treat her well, take care of her, give her meaningful compliments on the regular, and treat her as number 1 in your life, you are already half-way there!

Moreover, if you hold her hand, hug her regularly and have a touchy-feely, close, physical relationship, chances are, she’s happy, content and aroused most of the time.

You see, if we feel loved, cherished, beautiful, sexy and desired, it will show in the way we carry ourselves in our everyday lives. And when it comes time to get naughty with our one and only, we explode with sexual confidence!

So, if this sounds like your relationship, you already know the basis for fantastic sex. However, if this isn’t at all what your relationship looks like, you may have some work to do!

Foreplay is the #1 Way to Making Her Cum

Good foreplay is the number 1 way to make her cum over and over again. The reason for this is the slow, methodical arousal process, which includes foreplay.

And that foreplay begins with that compliment you gave her this morning as she was leaving for work. Then, she got even hotter when you sent her that text telling her how you cannot wait to feel her beautiful body.

Next, that incredible kiss you laid on her the moment you saw her again – deep, passionate, holding her face with your hands and looking deep into her eyes. She’s now feeling tingles in all of her happy spots.

Finally, foreplay kicks into high gear with passionate kissing, touching, caressing and groping. And now you are making her wet, exciting every part of her body and making her want to tear your clothes off.

However, you must practice restraint and remember that the slow burn makes for better orgasms at the end of the night. So, enjoy every touch, every kiss and soak in her moans of desire.

Know How to Stimulate Her Erogenous Zones

How to make her cum: erogenous zones illustration

Knowing the best ways to make her cum includes knowing all of her erogenous zones and taking full advantage of each one of them.

For instance, pay attention to her neck and ears. Then, as you undress her, slowly exposing skin, kiss and caress every part of her body, paying close attention to her specific erogenous zones.

As I will go over later, people with vulvas can cum from nipple play as well as just thinking about sex. Therefore, be sure and touch, lick, kiss and make love to all of her body before even touching her genitals.

Best yet, tease around her nipples before sucking.

Touch, stroke, lick and tease around her vulva before touching her clitoris.

That way, you are building that arousal and anticipation of being brought to full-on, mind-altering orgasm.

Additionally, learn to massage her body sensually, not only to relax her, but to give those erogenous zones the love and touch for which they ache.

How to Make Her Cum with Oral Sex

One of the easiest ways to make her cum is through oral stimulation. So, knowing the best ways to eat pussy is an essential skill to learn.

But let’s pretend you have no idea what you’re doing down there, and go over some tips for fantastic oral sex!

  • Know what she likes. If you don’t know, ask!
  • Use your lips, mouth and tongue.
  • Make circles around her clit, lick her labia and around the vaginal opening.
  • Use your tongue to press against her clit to see how much pressure she enjoys.
  • Flick, lick and wiggle her clit with your tongue.
  • Suck her clitoris gently between your lips then use your tongue at the same time.
  • If she scoots away, stop what you’re doing and ask, “Too much?”
  • When she’s into it, you have the right pressure, speed and rhythm.
  • Finally, if she tells you not to stop, keep the same speed, pressure and rhythm because, she’s about to cum!

If you want more thorough direction and techniques, please read my comprehensive guide on the best ways to eat pussy. Plus, you’ll get tips from real women from all walks of life!

Add to Oral Orgasms

How to maker her cum: photo of a clit sucker

If you want to be a little extra when making her cum with oral sex, try using a tongue vibrator! Or, if you’re simply not into oral sex, you can use a clitoral stimulator, known as a clit sucker, on her.

These marvels of sex toy genius use little pulses of air and slight vibration that mimic the sensations of oral sex.

Using Your Fingers to Make Her Cum

There are many ways to make her cum using your fingers. Those include stimulating her clitoris and entire vulva, fingering her vagina and yes, even her back door.

So, let’s take a quick look at each way you can make her cum with your fingers.

Fingering Her Clit

You can finger her clit through her clothing, during oral sex or to make her cum! However, since the clit is an extremely sensitive part of the vulva, you must be gentle and work your way up to what feels good to her.

  • Use your entire hand to press and rub her clit through her clothing while making out.
  • After the clothes come off, press on her clit gently and move your finger in circles.
  • Try tapping on her clit.
  • Use a bit of lube, that way you can use a bit more pressure.
  • Place her clitoris between two fingers and pull upward will it slips out.
  • Combine rubbing and tapping.
  • Slide two fingers into her vagina and use your thumb to rub her clit.

The most important thing when fingering a clitoris is to pay close attention to her cues and know what feels good and what doesn’t. Finally, if you want even more tips and techniques on clitoris fingering, as well as fingering her vagina and anus, I have a full list of techniques in my post, “How to Finger a Woman.”

Fingering Her G-Spot to Make Her Cum

Using the come-hither fingering technique to maker her cum

Using your fingers to make her cum this way can be exciting for you both. In addition, it serves as a means of penetration for those with erectile dysfunction or those who may have had a bit too much to drink that night.

First and foremost, be sure and have plenty of lubricant on hand. Sure, you’ve already gotten her slippery wet, but natural lube dries up quickly with finger action.

Then, start with finding her g-spot. With your palm up, slide your forefinger in to your second knuckle. Then, press your finger upward onto the front vaginal wall and make a “come here” motion with your finger.

As a result, this area may feel as if it’s getting firmer and you may even feel a small, bumpy spot. Also, you can make the g-spot stimulation feel even better by using your thumb, or other hand, to play with her clit at the same time.

How to Stimulate Her A-Spot

Now that you know where the g-spot is, add your middle finger, straighten both out, and push back gently till you’re a few inches behind the g-spot. Then move your fingers from side-to-side, like windshield wipers.

You can also pull your fingers almost out, then back in, keeping contact with the entire front, vaginal wall.

How to Give Her a Cervical Orgasm Using Your Fingers

While you’re going in deep to stimulate her a-spot, a simple turn of your fingers can stimulate her cervix. So, instead of palm up, turn your hand sideways.

What that does is continues the contact with the anterior vaginal wall, but adds contact to the cervix. Additionally, you can turn your hand palm down, making your fingers wider, which will place even more contact on the cervix.

However, go slowly and gently, letting her cues guide you. And if she is enjoying it, you can increase your speed and depth to make her cum.

Plus, this type of fingering technique is purported to be one of the many that can make her have a squirting orgasm, according to the Squirting Triggers 2.0 course. And you can sign up for this course which is guaranteed to teach you how to finger her till she squirts!

There will be more detailed information below.

Other Fingering Techniques to Make Her Climax

How to make her cum, fingering techniques

Of course, I can’t possibly list all of the ways you can use your fingers to get her off; we would be here for days! However, here are some other quick tips for fingering her till she cums:

  • Use your fingers to gently massage, pinch and roll her nipples.
  • Finger her vagina and rectum, at the same time, to send her completely over the edge.
  • Sit or lie behind her and finger her from above while you press on her clit with the palm of your hand.
  • When fingering her g-spot, wiggle then pull outward; repeat.
  • Combine gentle fingering with oral sex and see if you can make her cum.
  • Use lubed fingers to massage either side of her labia, her perineum, anus and clit.
  • While giving her oral sex, reach up and gently roll her nipples between your fingers.
  • Anal fingering alone – if she enjoys it – can give her an incredible orgasm!

Using Sex Toys to Get Her Off

Another fun way to make her cum is by using sex toys together. And although sex toys may not be everyone’s cup of tea, just know that these amazing little pleasure products can do things humans cannot.

Besides, as long as you are handling the toy operations, she will be screaming your name and not the toy’s! So, here are some exciting sex toys to introduce into your bedroom routine so you can make her cum with rumbles, buzzes and suction!


First, regular vibrators can be used externally for massage, erogenous zone stimulation, clitoral stimulation and penetration! You can even make her squirt by using a vibrator.

Plus, there are plenty of couple’s vibrators that are perfect for giving both of you pleasure. Or, try a g-spot vibrator to give her a shaking orgasm!

And with so many vibrators to choose from, you can make her cum in more ways than you could imagine. So, if you need some tips, check out our extensive vibrator guide to find the playthings that will add more spice to your sex life.

Dildos and Strap-Ons for Deep Orgasms


Other sex toys that are great tools to make her cum, include dildos and strap-on dildos (if you happen to not be a penis owner.) First, dildos can be used for penetration during foreplay, oral sex or to simply make her cum manually.

That’s because dildos come in all sizes and widths to pleasure any vagina’s desires. Second, using a strap-on is the perfect way for a vulva owner to penetrate her partner and give her those deep, satisfying orgasms, like a-spot and cervical.

Plus, you can add all sorts of lovely strap on attachments such as vibrators, g-spot dildos, set-ups for dual penetration and even sex toys that penetrate YOU or stimulate your clitoris at the same time. Finally, strap ons are perfect for pegging a partner with a penis!

But, if you’re new to using a strap-on, we have a fantastic guide telling you how to use a strap on. That way, whether you’re using it on your girl or wanting to fulfill his pegging fantasies, you’ll have all of the information you’ll need.

More Sex Toys to Make Her Cum

There are literally millions of types of sex toys you can use to make her cum. Some of those you can even use together! Therefore, here is a quick list of more sex toys you may want to consider trying to spice up your bedroom game, and make her orgasm like crazy!

  • Bullet vibrators make great couple’s toys!
  • Clit suckers, officially known as air pulse stimulators, will make her cum like crazy.
  • Vibrating cock rings will delight her clit with every thrust and give you a long-lasting, harder boner. Plus, it increases the chances of a mutual orgasm.
  • Sex machines, including ride-ons, are great toys to make her climax.
  • Rabbit vibrators are the best, multi-function vibes that will give her blended orgasms.

Finally, knowing how to use a vibrator during sex will help you learn the best ways to make her cum while using sex toys.

How to Give Her a Nipplegasm

Maker her cum, nipplegasm

Most people born female don’t realize they can have an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. So, what can you do to make her cum from nipple play?

First, if she has sensitive nipples, be sure and give them plenty of attention during foreplay. For instance, cupping her breasts while licking and sucking her nipples, will arouse her quickly.

Also, you can use your fingers to roll and gently pinch her nipples. While doing so, watch and listen to her cues.

And, if she gets increasingly aroused, keep up the good work, stay consistent and eventually, she may have an orgasm.

Next, if she’s really into nipple play, you can use sex toys to stimulate her nipples while you are pleasuring her elsewhere. A couple of great examples of nipple stimulators include nipple clamps and nipple suckers.

Or, if you already have a clit sucker, they work equally as well on nipples too!

How to Make Her Cum Using Water

If you love wet and wild fun with your partner, you can make her cum using water! So, let’s see how many ways you can make her cum in the shower, bath, pool or hot tub.

Bathtub Orgasms

The Waterslyde

Playing in the bathtub can be relaxing and very sensual. But if you add a water toy into the mix, you can make her cum.

The Waterslyde is a pleasure product that attaches to your bathtub spigot and sends gushes of water right onto her vulva. It’s such an incredible sensation, you may want to try it yourself!

Position her between your legs. That way, you can hold her, play with her breasts and kiss her neck as she allows the Waterslyde to give her an amazing climax!

Make Her Cum in the Shower

Next, taking a shower together is streamy and sexy – soaping each other up and sliding against one another. But if you happen to have a hand-held shower head, you can use it to get her off.

Set the water temp to warm, point it toward her clitoris and cycle through the settings until you find the one that makes her scream with pleasure!

However, just be sure she’s supported and doesn’t slip and fall!

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

Finally, you can make her cum with water by utilizing hot tub jets or inlets in the swimming pool. First, make sure you’re alone, as she may not be comfortable getting off in the public pool at the Holiday Inn.

Next, make your way over to the hot tub jet or swimming pool inlet (where the water circulates in). Situate yourself behind her, so she can lean on the edge of the pool or hot tub, and you can wrap your arms around her, or massage her shoulders.

Have her position her vulva over the water jet and see how long she can last without getting off! Trust me, it probably won’t take long!

Making Her Orgasm with a Penis or Strap-On

Not all people born female can orgasm by penetration alone, as I will explain, in depth, below. However, with mixed stimulation and the right positions, you can learn how to make her cum with penetration.

Now, this penetration can be either with a penis or by using a strap on. Just remember that if she needs additional stimulation to climax, be sure and give her clitoral stimulation at the same time.

You can do this by using your fingers, a small vibrator, vibrating cock ring or having her wear a strap on vibrator.

The Best Sex Positions to Make Her Cum

There are literally hundreds of sexual positions to use, many of which can get her off too. Here are a few of the easiest and most tried-and-true positions to increase your chances of making her orgasm.

Coital Alignment Technique

sex positions to maker her cum: Coital Alignment Technique

The Kinsey report found that 37% of women who tried the Coital Alignment Technique experienced substantial increases in orgasmic ability. Plus, it’s the best position for mutual orgasm.

Our own Isabelle Uren describes the CAT position in her interview with Woman and Home:

“The good news is if you know the missionary position, you are halfway there,” Isabelle explains.

The clitoral alignment technique requires a slight gear change from missionary, with hopefully mid-blowing results. It’s a great one to try for those who are wondering how to orgasm from missionary if it doesn’t come so easily.

“The partner receiving the clitoral stimulation lies on their back, and the penetrating partner takes the on-top position, in between their partner’s legs. Rather than entering their partner fully, the penetrating partner moves their hips further up their partner’s body.”

The exact position will vary from person to person, but, most importantly, the penis or dildo should point downwards, with the head entering the vagina and the lower part of the shaft resting on top of the receiving partner’s clitoris.”

“The key to unlocking the orgasmic potential of this position is the grinding or rocking action. Adding in one of the best lubes in this position is an absolute must to help the shaft slide smoothly over the clitoris.”


cowgirl position

This position is a great way to make her cum. That’s because she receives deep penetration, can grind against your pubic bone and you can stimulate her nipples and clitoris.

Doggy Style

Doggy style position to make her cum

The Doggy Style position is a fantastic way to make her cum as it provides deep penetration, g-spot stimulation, and you can reach around and stimulate her clitoris too.

Also, you can modify the position by having her lay her chest on the bed, rather than being on all fours. What this does is provides a better g-spot angle.

The Eagle

The Eagle position

The Eagle position is a modification of the missionary position. You simply slip your arms under her legs, lifting them as you move your body forward, over hers. That way, you are getting deeper penetration, which can result in an a-spot or cervical orgasm.

The Lap Dance

The lap dance position

Who doesn’t love a lap dance?! In this position, she straddles the seated partner and grinds forward and back as well as in circles. This allows for clitoral stimulation and deep penetration and you can stimulate her nipples at the same time.

Try this position, in reverse, and you can provide clitoral stimulation with your fingers or a small vibrator.

Leopard Position

Make her cum with the Leopard position

This position is easily done by modifying the Doggy Style position. The person with the penis or strap on, leans back with their knees bent. The person with the vagina keeps her legs outside and rocks backward.

She can also grind up and down as well as rocking forward and back for deep vaginal stimulation and clitoral stimulation too.

Rocking Horse/Lesbian Rocking Horse

Lesbian rocking horse position

The rocking horse or Lesbian rocking horse is another sexual position that will make her cum from a-spot and cervical stimulation. The person with the penis or strap on is on their knees with the vulva owner’s legs draped over their shoulders.

In addition, this position makes for great nipple stimulation.


spooning position

Ah, there is nothing better than an early morning spoon, especially if there’s a penis with morning wood. This position is optimal for g-spot stimulation and is perfect for nipple and clitoris play.

The Wrap Around

The wrap-around position to maker her cum

This sensual position is sure to make her cum as it provides clitoral contact, deep penetration and a full body embrace. The person with the penis or strap on sits with their legs stretch out in from of them.

The vulva owner sits on their lap and wraps their legs around the partner’s back. Then you can rock and grind your way to bliss.

The Kneeling Fox

The kneeling fox position

Yet another modification of doggy style is the kneeling fox. The person with the penis leans back and sits on their knees. The partner with the vagina rocks back and sits on their lap.

This accommodates long, deep strokes as well as grinding so the vulva owner may reach a-spot, g-spot or vaginal orgasm.

Give Her an Orgasm Via Double Penetration

Double penetration allows for incredibly deep, blended orgasms from the cervix, g-spot, a-spot, vagina and anus. Plus, if you use clitoral and nipple stimulation, you can make her cum even more easily.

Now, double penetration can be done one of several ways and does not require a third person. You just need to decide where the penis goes while using a butt plug, anal beads or a dildo for the other entrance.

In addition, double penetration can work by using a strap on with an attachment that includes an anal probe.

Most importantly, you need to be sure your partner isn’t simply okay with anal stimulation, but truly consents to trying. In addition, anal sex is something that takes time, patience and relaxation techniques.

Top Quick Tips to Make Her Cum

This is a pretty thorough guide to give you tips on how to make her cum. However, I couldn’t possibly write out the many ways you can bring your partner to orgasm, as we are all unique beings with our own turn-ons and sensual spots.

But in the end, you should know, without a doubt, that you made your partner cum. After all, if you have to ask, “Did you get off?”, you probably didn’t make her cum.

So, let’s discuss some quick tips that will help you in pulling off these orgasmic techniques, greatly increasing your chances of making her climax like she never has before!

  • Keep your nails clean, trimmed and filed for comfortable fingering.
  • Use lots of lubricant! Need lube information? Read our guide for using the right lube.
  • Know her cues, both verbal and physical, positive and negative.
  • Memorize her erogenous zones and discover ones she didn’t know she had.
  • Get creative with blindfolds, ticklers, flavored lubes and oral sex creams.
  • Talk about and fulfill her wildest fantasies.
  • Watch the kind of porn that will turn her on and kickstart her arousal.
  • Try a sex swing for weightless sex and wild positions.
  • Use a sex wedge for deeper penetration.
  • Sex furniture helps you nail even the most difficult sex positions.
  • Spice things up by having sex in different places. Try vibrating panties in public.
  • Never be afraid to ask what gets her off. It’s sexy!
  • Two words to use, “Show me.”
  • Make her cum first, a couple of times, to make penetration O’s easier and more explosive.
  • Focus on making her FEEL GOOD and not the end game. That way, neither of you are ever disappointed.

Learn About Her Body So You Can Make Her Cum

Anatomy of the vulva, where to finger a woman

It will be easier to learn how to make her cum if you know more about her body; for instance, the 12 types of orgasms people with a vulva can have and why.

Yes, she can have 12 different types of orgasms which can manifest in many fascinating, physical ways!

So, the next sections will give you all of the mechanical information you need to know about her body. Plus, I’ll give you illustrations that show you exactly where to touch her so you can make her cum in several different ways.

Orgasmic Stats and the Vulva Owner

Daydreaming about sex

Countless studies and polls have been done on the female orgasm and how people born as female are able to get off. And although the study numbers may vary, they all arrive at the same conclusion;

It’s difficult for people born female to climax with penetration alone.

For example, this article states that females self-reported that only 18.4% of them could orgasm from penetration. Furthermore, 36.6% said that they needed clitoral stimulation in addition to penetration in order to reach orgasm.

Now, several other statistical pieces claim that the numbers are more like 75% – 25% in favor of those who cannot cum through penetration only. So, no matter what the numbers say, you’ll most likely need to stimulate her in more than one way to make her cum.

Fortunately, people born female can experience orgasm is several different ways. Thus, making it much easier for you to make her cum.

However, you need to know about all the ways she can experience orgasm, as well as how to stimulate her, so you can give her that big-O. Not only that, but the vulva owner can have multiple orgasms, one after another, or one long orgasm with peaks and valleys.

So, although she may not be able to get off through penetration alone, she can cum through stimulation in other erogenous zones and continue that climax into penetrative sex.

That’s why is much easier to make her cum with intercourse after you’ve given her a clitoral, g-spot or nipple orgasm.

The Many Orgasms People Born Female Can Experience

How to make her cum: the 12 types of orgasms

Did you know that people with vulvas can experience a mind-boggling 12 different types of orgasms? It’s true!

And don’t be jealous if you happen to wield a penis and not a vulva. Because you too can experience more than one type of orgasm – but that’s a guide for another day!

Yes, there are a dozen different types of orgasms that have been documented to occur in people born female. However, not every person has experienced all 12 types of orgasms – some may never.

But it certainly gives us all some sexual goals to work toward. And even if we never have the luxury of experiencing all 12 types, my gosh, can we have some fun trying!

So, let’s dig in to the types of orgasms she can have and then, you can add this information to the above techniques to optimize each big-O.

Clitoral Orgasm

If you want to know the number 1 way to make her cum, it’s through clitoral stimulation. Why?

The clitoris is an amazing piece of the female genitalia, containing between 9,852 and 11,086 nerve fibers. That’s according to Blair Peters, a plastic surgeon at Oregon Health and Science University’s School of Medicine.

In comparison, the human hand contains 18,000 nerve fibers. Therefore, the clitoris is an extremely nerve dense, sensitive piece of the anatomy, as well as being a key element in learning how to make her cum.

The clitoral orgasm is usually the first she will experience and is the most popular go-to for masturbation. Additionally, including clitoral stimulation with intercourse and other sexual techniques will help her to achieve other types of orgasms.

Finally, there are several ways to give her a clitoral orgasm including oral sex, fingering and yes, even intercourse.

The G-Spot Orgasm

g-spot orgasm, fingers

The second type of orgasm people with vulvas can experience is the g-spot climax. To explain in more detail, the g-spot is the back end of the clitoris and is reached by stimulating the front wall of the vagina.

But, as previously mentioned, not all vulva owners can have a g-spot orgasm due to the size of the clitoris, or the fact that she may not know how to stimulate that particular area.

Again, although your partner has yet to have experienced a g-spot orgasm, doesn’t mean she can’t or won’t be able to with practice.

Finally, the g-spot can be stimulated various ways. For instance, through fingering, the use of sex toys and through intercourse, if you use the right position.

The A-Spot Orgasm

The a-spot orgasm is number 3 on our list of the different types of orgasms vulva owners can experience. And this particular climax is one that can only be reached through intercourse, with penetrating sex toys, and deep fingering.

The reason for this is that the a-spot is located a bit further back from the g-spot between the cervix and the bladder. Yet it’s still located on the front wall of the vagina.

Cervical Orgasms

Next on our list of the types of orgasms, which people born female can achieve, is the cervical orgasm. Now, this one is a doozy, as the climax manifests deep in the pelvis, spreads through the stomach and then engulfs the entire body in pleasure.

The reason this type of orgasm is so different and all-encompassing than others is that the cervical nerves are connected to the brain via the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve bypasses the spinal cord and is responsible for some of the body’s most important functions like heart beat and respiration.

Further, stimulation of the vagus nerve releases tons of oxytocin, noradrenaline and serotonin, blasting neuropathways with mood-lifting chemicals. Therefore, a cervical orgasm is extremely strong and feels indescribable.

Now, stimulating the cervix isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. On the contrary, it takes deep penetration and stimulation against the cervix and vaginal wall, rather than banging into it, which can cause pain.


banana in mouth 2

While I am on the subject of the vagus nerve, it’s time to discuss the rare but amazing throatgasm. Yes, it is exactly the way it sounds.

Remember when we talked about the vagus nerve being connected to the female internal genitalia? Well, the same nerve runs through the throat of those born both male and female.

Therefore, some people born female experience orgasms while performing oral sex on partners with a penis or by using a dildo. Hence the term throatgasm.

However, don’t get too excited and go telling her she needs to give you head so she can have an orgasm. It doesn’t work that way!

That is, unless she enjoys giving fellatio. In that case, she will be sexually aroused by pleasuring you and, if she hits just the right spot in the back of the throat, she can experience an orgasm.

Vaginal Orgasms

Yet another way to make her cum is by way of the vaginal orgasm. Now, you may see some refer to a cervical orgasm as a vaginal orgasm, but the two are different.

To explain, a vaginal orgasm radiates from the vaginal opening, which is wrapped by the labia. And, if you study the graphic above, you’ll see that the clitoris has branches that lie on either side of the vaginal opening.

So, as the vaginal opening is stretched, by means of a penis, dildo or fingers, the clitoral branches are stimulated.

Add to that, those hot spots that lie on the anterior vaginal wall – the g-spot and a-spot – and you have a sensual recipe for a tingling orgasm that will make her V contract and pull you in more deeply!

Nipple Orgasms

Did you know that 12% of women can have an orgasm when stimulated in areas other than their genitals? Yes, and that includes the nipples.

Hence the next big-O on our list is the nipplegasm.

Studies have shown that when the nipples are stimulated, it lights up the same area of the brain as the genitals. And as a side note, it happens in people born male too!

So, stimulation of the nipples can result in an orgasm that may just surprise your partner. I know the first time I experienced one, I was shocked and delighted, to say the least.

Sure, I knew I had this Bermuda Triangle thing going on, but had no idea I could climax from nipple stimulation alone. Thus, if your partner seems to enjoy nipple stimulation, there’s no doubt you can make her cum that way!

Anal Orgasm

If you didn’t already know, people born male can experience a prostate orgasm – also known as an anal orgasm – through back door stimulation. But although those with a vulva don’t have a prostate, they can still have an anal orgasm too.

First of all, the anus is next door to the vagina and shares a lot of the same, excitable nerve endings. Therefore, simply stimulating the area around the rectum and the rectum itself, can result in orgasm.

Secondly, anal penetration can result in orgasm as well – either using fingers, sex toys or a penis – because it puts pressure on the vaginal nerves at the same time. However, not all vulva owners are keen on having their back door explored.

Therefore, you’ll want to discuss trying this sort of stimulation, at length, before trying the dick-slip trick. Yes, we know that wasn’t an accident.

Then, be sure you know all of the steps necessary to learn how to have safe and comfortable anal sex.

The Incredible Blended Orgasm

orgasms v

The best, most incredible orgasm you can give your partner is a blended orgasm. That is because it takes two or more orgasms and combines them into a climax that can only be described as astounding.

Or mind-blowing, toe-curling, blow-the-roof-off-the-house WOWZA!

Yes, you can make her cum more than one way at the same time by combining stimulation. For instance, nipple stimulation combined with clitoral stimulation can result in a shaking orgasm she won’t soon forget.

Additionally, you can sometimes give her those blended orgasms without even trying! Like enjoying incredible intercourse while rubbing her clit or sucking on her nipples.

3 Orgasms That May Surprise You

The final 3 orgasms that people born female can encounter may surprise you, in addition to being climaxes you likely will have nothing to do with. However, they are definitely worth the honorable mentions spot.

1. Thinkgasm: It’s been scientifically noted that some people born female can literally think their way to a climax! But no worries, she may very well be imagining sex with you!

In addition, this is likely related to the female brain’s ability to visualize the written word (erotica) or simply fantasize her way into arousal.

2. Wet Dreams: And you thought only guys had orgasms when they sleep! On the contrary, vulva owners frequently have dreams that result in full-on orgasms.

3. The Workout Orgasm: For reasons scientists only theorize, some vulva owners have orgasms while working out. Most commonly, that includes climaxing during weight lifting, climbing and abdominal exercises.

Please use the knowledge of number 3 with caution, and resist going to the gym and side-eyeing every woman in the place.

That would just be creepy.

How Orgasms Manifest

Now that you know the may types of orgasms you can help your partner achieve, I want to talk about the way orgasms actually manifest. Orgasms are orgasms, but they actually feel and look a bit differently from one another.

Finally, each manifestation of the big-o can originate from the different types of orgasm, as listed above. It all depends on what is being stimulated at the time.

The All-Over-O

The all-over orgasm usually results from deep within the body. For example, since cervical orgasms come from vagus nerve stimulation, it causes deep, strong contractions that send waves of pleasure throughout the entire body.

In addition, this deep climax may affect heart rate, breathing and once in a while can result in a headache, a feeling of floating or being out-of-body.

The Squirting Orgasm

how to maker her cum with a squirting orgasm

If you’ve ever watched porn, you’ve probably witnessed the porn version of a squirting orgasm. Basically, the actor with a vulva hits climax and squirts fluid across the room.

Pretty cool party trick, huh?! Unfortunately, it’s just that – a party trick – although an actual squirting orgasm is a real thing.

See, in porn, it’s greatly exaggerated for dramatic purposes. The trick is pulled off by filling the actor’s vagina with fluid.

Or it’s done by making her drink giant-sized beverages and bearing down to pee-on-demand.

Now, how a squirting orgasm really works is as follows; either before, during or after orgasm, the vulva owner completely loses control over everything and squirt fluid, which builds up in the bladder, is expelled.

And although it doesn’t spray across the room, it does trickle or gush out of her urethra.

The School of Squirt

I previously described ways to make her cum above. And that will included ways you can give her a squirting orgasm.

However, there’s no better way to learn how to give her a squirting orgasm than by learning from the professionals! Yes, you can take classes, online and are guaranteed to make her squirt or you get your money back.

Best yet, the courses are cheaper than what you spend on lunch for a few days.

And they consist of short, easy-to-follow videos that literally show you exactly how to stimulate her and make her squirt.

Plus, you get other freebies, along with the Squirting Triggers 2.0 program, like how to give a sensual massage, unknown erogenous zones and more.

Finally, I took the course myself, in order to be able to recommend it to you, my readers. And I wrote an entire review on the program.

That way, you can check it out and see if it’s worth a try. But hey, with a no-hassle, money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?!

All Vulva Owners Ejaculate

When you think of ejaculation, you probably picture a male orgasm or a female squirting. Yes, ejaculation does describe the penile orgasm, however, ejaculation and squirting are two entirely different things.

First of all, all people born female, ejaculate. Only, it’s not this huge, noticeable type of orgasm.

Female ejaculation describes the watery, milky-like substance that oozes out of the Skene’s glands, located within the vulva, on either side of the urethral opening. (See the illustration above) The fluid releases when the vulva owner has an orgasm.

Alas, you may not see the ejaculate, but it has been detected within vaginal lubrication and within squirt fluid. And, not unlike male ejaculate, female ejaculate also includes prostate specific antigen.

All of this proves that we all began as the same gender, long before we were born.

Shaking Orgasms

Have you ever had incredible sex with someone and they came so hard, they shook? If so (or if not) that’s considered a shaking orgasm. And it’s yet another way an orgasm can manifest itself.

Surprisingly enough, shaking orgasms can happen to anyone with the ability to climax! Plus, it’s an easily explainable phenomenon.

See, as we get close to sexual climax, everything in our bodies begin to tense and tighten in expectation of this huge release. So, when we do climax, the muscles react by shaking.

Plus, the more aroused you are and the longer the big-o is delayed, the tighter those muscles get and the higher the likelihood that you or your partner will have a shaking orgasm.

Discover New Ways to Make Her Cum

Knowing how to make her cum will become easier the better you get to know her body. Until then, try the tips and tricks above, putting all that knowledge to good use.

Just remember that every person with a vulva is different, with different desires, yums and yucks. Therefore, take the time to really get to know your lover and their body.

Because half the fun of making her cum, if the journey there!