Psychology of Human Sexuality Online Course Review

By Isabelle Uren / July 18, 2023

Today, I’m sharing my experience of taking Dr Bev Knox’s Psychology of Human Sexuality online course! I’ll give you lowdown on everything you can learn in this Udemy course. I’ll also share my opinions – the good and the bad, so you can decide if this is the course for you!

Understanding the psychology of human sexuality can be a great tool for getting to know the driving forces behind your own and your partners’ sexual and romantic behaviour. With a better understanding, you can be more intentional with how you manage the highs and lows of love and sex.

Dr. Bev Knox has over 25 years worth of experience in the field of human psychology. She has also created the Bev Knox Institute, which provides online life coaching in different areas. But what did I think of her course? Let’s find out!

Here’s what I’ll cover in today’s post:

What is Dr. Bev Knox’s Psychology of Human Sexuality Online Course?

Dr. Bev Knox’s Udemy course takes a deep dive into Human Sexuality, examining the complex interplay of factors that influence our sexual and romantic behaviors. It’s aimed at those want to take a human sexuality class from the comfort of their own home!

This is an entry-level human sexuality online course that aims to introduce the different psychological perspectives and their approaches to human sexuality. 

The course consists of 46 short video lectures covering ten different areas. Each video lasts anywhere between 5-30 minutes, with the course being just over 9 hours long in total. 

There are quizzes and self reflection tasks throughout the course, as well as a final assessment. You can also get a certificate of completion when you finish the course and assessments.

What Does the Course Cover?

  • Psychology Basics to Understanding Human Behaviour
  • Introduction to Human Sexuality 
  • Relationships, Sexuality & behaviors
  • Cultural Influences on Human Sexuality 
  • Sex Research in Psychology
  • The Sexual Response Cycle & Sexual Disorders/Dysfunctions
  • Sexuality and Children 
  • Clinical Psychology and the Mental Health Profession 

The Psychology of Human Sexuality Online Course: My Review

I will preface this by saying I have already studied two psychology-based degrees and have read pretty extensively on psychology of human sexuality. It is a topic I could geek out all day to. This also means I come with a fair amount of knowledge, which was actually very helpful when reviewing this course, as you’ll see!

While I liked some things about course, overall, I would say it’s a little dated and difficult to follow. This is especially true if you aren’t already familiar with different psychological perspectives and able to fill in the gaps yourself.

What did I like about the course?

The Psychology of Human Sexuality covers a lot of ground! Each of the ten topic areas contain around 4-7 videos covering a broad range of information on everything from the science of attraction to sexual disorders and the ins and outs of sex and relationship therapy.

I would say it also highlights just how complex sexuality is. It does a good job of breaking down just how many different internal and external factors influence it. Having this information can be really helpful in understanding some of the reasons behind your own and other people’s behaviors when it comes to sex and relationships.

It also a cheap way to take a human sexuality course online if you can pick it up in one of Udemy’s many sales! If you get this course at a discount, you are getting a lot of information for very little investment! Udemy has frequent sales throughout the year and often with a large discount, saving you quite a bit. With that in mind, if you do want to take the course, I highly recommend waiting for it to go on sale!

What didn’t I like about the course?

So unfortunately, there was a bit more I didn’t like about the course. After making my way through the videos, I’m left not really knowing who I would recommend this to. Here are some of the issues I had with the psychology of human sexuality course.

My Critiques on the Content

Although there’s a lot of content, I do feel like it was missing more in-depth explanations. A lot of it felt that it moved very quickly from point to point without giving enough depth to be useful, especially if you haven’t already studied psychology to some level. There was also very little about how to apply the information.

The course also used psychological terms, such as ‘operant conditioning’ without explaining what they mean. While this is fine if you have studied the topic before, if you haven’t, some terms won’t make sense. It would have been nice to have a glossary of terms to accompany the course.

There’s also some outdated or incorrect information in the course. One example is referring to anorexia as a result of Western culture valuing thin female bodies, when eating disorders affect all genders. I also feel like there could have been more nuance to some of the points made, specifically relating to claims about the differences between genders.

The only mention of fetishes was in the context of paraphilic disorders and there was little discussion of how not all fetishes are disorders and can be party of healthy sex life. It was disappointing that the only mention of BDSM was in the context of sadism/masochism disorders, when many people enjoy the combination of pain and pleasure in a consensual context.

I was also disappointed that there were no references to any of the studies referred to in the course. Not only is this unprofessional, it means it’s not possible to evaluate how robust these studies are.

The Course Materials

The course materials in this human sexuality online course are very dated and not well designed. The majority of the videos are stock images that don’t aid in understanding the information in anyway. There are some written slides, but they mostly just repeat the voiceover. Plus, some are cut off, so you can’t see the all of the information.

There are also some videos that don’t have any voice over at all and consist only of onscreen writing. This format was frustrating, as you have to sit through filler videos between the onscreen text.

The Psychology of Human Sexuality Udemy Reviews

So I’ve shared my opinions on this human sexuality online course, but what did other users think of it? 1056 students have taken this course, and it has an overall rating of 4.5 based on 188 ratings at the time of writing. Here’s what some of the reviews say.

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Who would I recommend the Psychology of Human Sexuality Online Course to?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not entirely sure who I would recommend this course to. It is definitely focusses on the theoretical side of human sexuality and there is little information about how to apply the ideas to your own relationships. It is more what you would expect of a college course.

I’m also not going to recommend something that I don’t believe it. And, unfortunately, the quality just didn’t live up to my expectations. This is especially true if you are paying the full course price without any discounts.

That being said, the course does come with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are curious about learning more about the psychology of human sexuality for yourself, you can try it out and get a refund if you aren’t satisfied!

Alternatives to the Psychology of Human Sexuality Online Course

If you are more interested in how to improve your sex life than learning about psychological theories of human sexuality, I’ve got just the courses for you! Here are some of my favorite online sex classes:


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OMGYes takes a deep dive into female pleasure! They conducted a revolutionary study of real women to find out which techniques bring them the most pleasure and created a series of courses to share that information. It includes video demonstrations from real women, interviews, explanations and even a touchable video to practice the techniques! A one-time payment gets you access to all three seasons, covering external pleasure, internal pleasure, and sex toys.

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Who is Dr. Bev Knox?

Dr. Bev Knox is psychology professor, life coach, and author. She has also created the Bev Knox Institute, which delivers online self-improvement and human sexuality classes.

She has authored two books, ‘The Mystery Element’ and ‘Unleashing the Well-Balanced DIVA in YOU!’ On top of that she does guest appearances on television and radio shows and offers private 1:1 coaching.