Is It Worth Buying a Sex Toy?

By Edwina / August 26, 2020

Is it worth buying a sex toy? The answer to that question depends solely on your sexual desires and how you will be using your sex toy. So, are you wanting a better way to enjoy solo sex? Or are you wanting to spice up your relationship? Therefore, to answer your question if it is worth buying a sex toy, read along and ask yourself the questions below.

I Am Single, Is It Worth Buying a Sex Toy?

Single people can get lonely. And while a sex toy is no replacement for human companionship, having a battery-operated-plaything can help you make the most of your solo time. So, depending on your situation and your curiosity when it comes to trying a sex toy, I will answer yes, it is worth buying a sex toy. And here are a couple of reasons why.

Is it worth buying a sex toy? Single man looking at Tinder profile
I’m single, is it worth buying a sex toy?

No Sleeping Around

Dating can be difficult, especially when the most common way to meet someone is far from being organic and usually involves swiping left or right on someone’s photo. So, rather than dating around and sleeping around, it is worth it to buy a sex toy. That way, you keep your sexual desires satisfied while keeping yourself safe from potential STDs and weirdos.

In addition, a sex toy will never hurt you, sex toys don’t cheat and sex toys don’t eat all of your cereal then pass out on your couch. Most importantly, sex toys cost far less than a bad date. Is it worth it buying a sex toy? Absolutely! Now, start shopping for your new bedtime BFF now.

Masturbation Satisfaction

Masturbation is the one way you can relieve stress, satisfy sexual urges and boost your heart health and immune system. But is it worth buying a sex toy simply for masturbation? Sure, you have hands and fingers and maybe even an awesome shower massage, but sex toys are designed to give you the best orgasms by creating sensations your hands and fingers cannot.

So, guys, find the perfect masturbation toy and gals, find the right vibrating BFF to keep your solo game exciting and give your shower massage a rest. You’ll sleep better, manage stress better and learn how to orgasm better. As a result, you will be better at partnered sex when that special someone makes you swipe right.

I Want to Be Better in Bed, Is It Worth Buying a Sex Toy?

I encourage anyone who wants to be better in bed to buy a sex toy…. Or several sex toys! Being better in bed is just as much about knowing your own body as it is knowing your partner’s. So, it is worth buying a sex toy to learn to be better in bed? Yes, yes and yes! And here are my tips for being better in bed by using sex toys.

Stamina Training

Is it worth buying a sex toy for stamina. Man opening a pickle jar.
Is it worth buying a sex toy to build stamina?

Men and women alike can increase their stamina between the sheets by using sex toys. For men, using a masturbation sleeve can train you to hold back ejaculation longer. Additionally, if you use a cock ring along with the sleeve, you will gain inches, enjoy heightened sensitivity and be able to increase your stamina a great deal more.

Further, women can increase stamina by using a penetrative vibrator, a clitoral stimulator or a multi-function vibrator (with both) and learn how to hold back those O’s so you can climax with your partner. But again, since we ladies are multi orgasmic, use your new battery-operated-boyfriend for prolonged solo sessions and multiple big-O’s.

Know Your O’s

Is it worth buying a sex toy so you can learn how to orgasm in different ways? OH YES! Ladies, you can practice with a sex toy and learn what brings you to climax both clitorally and vaginally. Plus, if you practice enough, you may just solve the mystery of female ejaculation. Yes, it does happen if enough stimulation is applied in the right places.

And for you guys, there is much more than a simple penis stimulation orgasm. Step outside your boundaries and try a prostate stimulator for deeper, stronger and more powerful orgasms. Sure, these are sex toys that are used in your butt. However, that is the most precise and direct way to stimulate the prostate and create orgasms that will blow your mind.

Better Erections

Did you gentlemen know that you can build better erections, more stamina and harder, slightly bigger erections? Yes, you can. But is it worth buying a sex toy in order to achieve all of those things and more? That would be a big, fat, yes. By using a cock ring during masturbation or while using a penis pump, you can actually build better erections and enjoy better quality orgasms.

My Lover and I Want to Spice Things Up, Is It Worth Buying a Sex Toy?

Is it worth buying a sex toy to spice things up? Couple in bed together
Is it worth buying a sex toy to spice things up?

Ah yes, the relationship slump. We’ve all been there and we all want to do whatever we can to get our intimate life sizzling again. But is it worth buying a sex toy to get that fire back? Absolutely! And, sex toys can do much more for you, as a couple, by opening up new, exciting conversations, a new level of intimate trust and an exciting new sex life.

Fulfilling Fantasies

Fulfilling your partner’s fantasies is well worth buying a sex toy. Maybe your partner wants to role play; so some fuzzy handcuffs, a blindfold and some feathers could be just the thing to spice things up. Or, maybe your partner wants to try anal sex or double penetration. So, sit down and share those secret, exciting fantasies then choose sex toys to make them come alive.

Trying Something New

Vanilla sex is all well and good, however, we all get to the point of wanting to try something new. Well, that could mean a new sexual position or it could mean adding a sex toy as a tool to spark that orgasmic fire. So, try a bullet vibe to explore one another’s erogenous zones, a vibrating cock ring so you can climax together or a tasty massage oil you can rub on and lick off.

What Sex Toy Is Worth Buying?

You’ve decided it is worth buying a sex toy but now you are pondering which sex toy is worth buying. First, be sure that the sex toy is well made from body-safe materials, has a high customer rating and is from a highly-rated online seller or a local lingerie and sex toy shop. Further, many sites offer a guarantee on many toys.

So, here are a couple of suggestions of sex toys worth buying for guys, gals and couples. I’ve given you a budget-friendly choice along with a splurge-worthy find that will make all of your erotic desires come true.

What Sex Toy Is Worth Buying for Single Guys?

What sex toy is worth buying? Photo of Marvella, a sex robot from Sex Doll Genie.
What sex toy is worth buying? Try the Onacup or splurge on Marvella, a robot sex doll from Sex Doll Genie.

The best sex toy that’s worth buying for single guys is a masturbating sleeve classic! The Onacup Vacuum Deep Throat is a portable and discreet masturbating tool that has adjustable suction and a soft-squishy interior for hours of solo fun. It’s easy on the wallet and gets the job done. But, if you’re wanting the ultimate investment-worthy sex toy, start saving those pennies!

Marvella is a sex robot and looks and feels like a real woman. She has sensors inside so that she moans and groans and reacts to your every touch and thrust. Plus, you can customize your robot doll with different faces, bust sizes, hair types and more! And finally, you’ll never have to worry about Marvella making you sleep on the couch because you forgot to buy flowers on your anniversary!

What Sex Toy Is Worth Buying for Single Girls?

What sex toy is worth buying for a woman? The Tri It! Charged Vibe.



For masturbation Heaven that will have to screaming Oh God the Tri It! Charged Vibe sex toy is worth buying and perfect for the babe on a budget. Make of silky-soft silicone, the unique Tri It! Vibe has 3 points of stimulation for the clitoris and the sensitive nerve endings of the labia and features 20 incredible functions of low, rumbling vibrations, pulsation and escalation.




What sex toy is worth buying. Illustration of the Hismith Sex Machine
What sex toy is worth buying? The Hismith Sex Machine

Or, if you are ready for a sex toy that will make you never want to leave the house, the Hismith Premium Sex Machine sex toy is worth buying and still cheaper than a bad 2-year relationship. With multiple attachments to fulfill your every need, this sex machine thrusts and pleasures you in various positions. Plus, it never tires out or needs a break!

What Sex Toy Is Worth Buying for Couples?

What sex toy is worth buying for couples? The Big-O 2 cock ring photo
What sex toy is worth buying for couples? The Big-O 2 Ring

One of the best sex toys for couples will give you stronger, longer and more amazing sex and costs less than $25! The Big-O 2 cock ring sex toy is worth buying and using over and over again. This love ring features 2 vibrators, one for his perineum and the other for your clitoris and gives the perfect amount of constriction to make him harder, more sensitive and to delay his orgasm.

However, if you’re willing to invest a bit more in your couple’s fun, the We-Vibe Chorus App and Remote-Control Couple’s Vibrator sex toy is worth buying whether you are together or doing the long-distance relationship thing. Through the app, you can control her sexual satisfaction from anywhere in the world. Or use the remote and tease her from the next room! And yes, there are We-Vibe models for his pleasure too!

Yes, It Is Worth it to Invest in Your Sexual Pleasure!

I’m not just saying that it is worth buying sex toys because I have sold and used them personally for years. Honestly, I feel sex toys are worth it because they add an entirely new aspect to self-love and partnered sex. Plus, human beings don’t vibrate so sex toys are always worth buying. Therefore, whether you spend a little or spend a lot, investing in your pleasure is a good thing.

So, in closing, is it worth buying sex toys? Of course, it is because you are opening your sex life to something new and exciting. You’re pleasing your partner, pleasing yourself and learning a great deal about how you tick sexually. Additionally, what sex toy is worth buying depends on what you want to spend and how you want to use the toy. There are so many types of sex toys out there to choose from that the sky and your erotic sexual imagination is the limit.

Finally, do you have a sex toy that you feel is worth buying and want to tell others about it? Please share with the class! You can do that buy clicking my name and sending me an email, starting a conversation by commenting below or commenting on our Facebook page. After all, sharing is caring! But remember, if you share your sex toys, use a condom or tell them to buy their own!