Lelo Discount Code Coupons

Got your eye on one of Lelo’s beautifully designed, luxurious sex toys? We don’t blame you.

With this coupon code from Bedbible, you can get a discount of up to 50% off all Lelo products from the world-renowned online sex toy store Lovehoney.

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How to Use Lelo's Coupon Code

This discount code will give you up to a 50% discount on all Lelo products from Lovehoney.com. This means it’s a little different from our other available coupon codes.

To redeem your discount using this Lelo voucher code from Bedbible, simply go to Lovehoney.com, browse their range of Lelo products, add your choice of sex toys to your cart and enter your chosen code at the checkout.

Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

1. Go to Lovehoney.com and browse their selection of Lelo products. Add whichever toys or accessories take your fancy to your cart.

If you need some help making up your mind, you can check out our review guides that feature plenty of Lelo toys.

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2. When you’re done shopping, go to the checkout by clicking on the cart icon in the top right-hand corner and viewing your cart.

3. Once you’re at the checkout stage, enter the coupon code in the box underneath your products, then click ‘Apply’.

Does the Discount Apply to All Products?

Yes! You can use BedBible’s Lelo coupon code on any and all Lelo products on Lovehoney.com. That means you can get a discount on Lovehoney’s large range of Lelo vibrators, beads, massagers and masturbators, as well as accessories like chargers, lube and cleaning spray.

Given all the variety of Lelo products that Lovehoney stocks, the only limit to what your discount code can get you truly is your imagination.

If you’re not sure which products might suit your needs, or what kind of new toys you might like to try, why not head over to our blog first, or check out our extensive product reviews before you buy. We’ve also done in-depth tests and reviews of several Lelo products, including the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise.

Does it Work?

Yep, it works! This Lelo coupon code has been tried and tested on Lovehoney to make sure that you’ll receive a discount on your products when you make an order on Lovehoney’s site.

It’s important to note, however that this coupon code will not work on sites other than Lovehoney, like Lelo’s own website, for example. It’s unfortunate, but we are currently working on securing another, separate coupon code for Lelo products from Lelo themselves, so hold on tight for that!

One way that you can make sure that the coupon code works on your order is to check that the discount has been applied at the Lovehoney checkout before you complete the order. You can check out how to do that in our step-by-step guide above.

Do We Keep the Coupons Updated?

Of course, most discounts and coupon codes do have expiration dates. However, we work hard to make sure that all of our information is up to date and that our Lelo discount code, alongside our other available discount codes, are functioning as they should.

This means that you can be sure that the codes you find on BedBible will give you the discounts you desire for all your erotic needs.

If you want to make sure that your discount has been applied, simply check it in your shopping cart at checkout. You can find out how to do this with our how-to guide above.

Who are Lelo?

Lelo is a sex toy company with beautiful design at its heart. Founded in Sweden in 2003 by three Stockholm designers, Lelo strives to create products that people will want to love and even show off, rather than hiding them away in a nightstand or laundry basket.

Since then, they’ve expanded across the globe and produced a huge range of stylish, luxurious sex toys for all uses and needs. In their product range, you’ll find everything from rabbit vibrators and clit suckers to penis rings, anal beads and even condoms! It doesn’t matter what it is, every product they design is sleek, streamlined and gorgeous.

But looks aren’t everything, something that Lelo are keenly aware of. They’re constantly on the cutting edge of sex toy technology, incorporating innovative elements and technologies to give their customers new and exciting sensations.

Lelo are one of the major players in the sex toy industry, and it’s not hard to see why. Every Lelo toy offers a high-quality, orgasm-filled experience that’s truly hard to beat.

Why Buy Lelo Toys from Lovehoney?

While Lelo products are available to purchase from their own website, this coupon code is only valid for purchases of Lelo products on Lovehoney.com. So, why buy them from Lovehoney?

Lovehoney is a world-renowned website selling sex toys, accessories and ‘better sex’ items.

The self-proclaimed ‘Sexual Happiness People’, they aim to deliver pleasure to everyone and anyone (discreetly, though, of course). Their award-winning products and customer service speak for themselves!

Lovehoney have helped revolutionize the sex toy industry from being seedy and often male-centric into a world of professionalism and inclusivity that focuses on the satisfaction of each individual.

Each product on Lovehoney comes with a comprehensive description and specifications, as well as helpful and honest reviews from verified customers.

Lovehoney also offer discreet shipping and billing with all their orders, and shipping is free when you spend more than $49. Spend more than $80 and you’ll even receive a free vibrator!

The Lovehoney Sex Toy Happiness Promise means that every purchase comes with a 60-day free returns policy and a 1-year product guarantee for your peace-of-mind.

What do People Say About Lovehoney?

Curious what other people have to say about Lelo’s products?

To date, Lelo have won 36 major international design and industry awards for their innovative and beautiful designs.

They also have a lot of happy customers! Here’s a collection of honest, glowing reviews that verified customers have left on Lovehoney about their Lelo toys…