Lovehoney Alternatives – 5 Best Sites Like

Let me be honest right of the bat…

I honestly really don’t believe considering everything in general, that there are any sex shops that are better alternatives to Lovehoney.

It is not, that Lovehoney is just the god/godess of sex shops, surely, there are areas where some of the alternative sites fair better. But taken as a whole they are what I recommend most purchase their sex toys at.

That being said, there are some disadvantages and differences between Lovehoney and other sites like it, that you can consider.

In the below, I will quickly go through the pros and cons of Lovehoney itself.

After which I will turn to a description and comparison of all the alternative sites, that I would recommend you consider instead.

Why you should shop at Lovehoney?

  • Supreme customer service
  • The best return policy by far
  • Relatively cheap products
  • Super body-safe focus and collection of toys

Why you should not shop at Lovehoney?

  • Promote and push visitors to buy a lot of their self-owned and branded sex toys.

Best Alternatives for Lovehoney

So, if you already have decided, that you want an alternative to Lovehoney – maybe because of a bad experience, here are my best bets on where you could get a better experience.

Listed and ranked from most recommendable and comparable to least.

1. TooTimid

TooTimid alternative to

What is similar to Lovehoney: A broad selection of toys. Also push to buy the white-label toys, however, not their own brands, but just non-branded toys. Fairly frequent offers. Comparable shipping times.

Why TooTimid is a better alternative: If you want dirt cheap products, this can easily be found at TooTimid, but please be aware of buying sex toys that use body-safe materials.

Find the best discounts and sales on TooTimid here.

2. SheVibe

What is similar to Lovehoney: Their sexpositivity and absolutely excellent guidance on which sex toys to choose are very comparable and are a huge driver behind why I like SheVibe (and Lovehoney) as much as I do.

Why SheVibe is a better alternative: Well, this might be odd. But, I am a massive Marvel fan, and one of the founders of SheVibe is a former Marvel designer – which is also the reason for their amazing graphical design. Apart from that SheVibe is a relatively new company, compared to Lovehoney (and far smaller in size) – sometimes I just like to support the underdog, even though I could get away with paying less for the same sex toy at Lovehoney.

Find the best discounts and sales on Shevibe Here.

3. HustlerHollywood

Hustlerhollywood alternative to

What is similar to Lovehoney: A super broad collection of toys. A long history of the company and the massive size that both companies have. This means, that both HustlerHollywood have a comparable edge in negotiation with manufacturers about costs. That way, they can afford to offer super cheap products.

Why HustlerHollywood is a better alternative: If you are looking for a whitelabel sex toy (something that isn’t a brand) I typically find, that HustlerHollywood is the better alternative to Lovehoney as they are cheaper on these.

Find the best discounts and sales on HustlerHollywood Here.

4. SpectrumBoutique

Spectrumboutique alternative to

What is similar to Lovehoney: Both shops are less focused on BDSM toys – at least if you’re a hardcore and seasoned pro, you might not find that either will satisfy your every fetish.

Why SpectrumBoutique is a better alternative: As is visually a more appealing shop. But other than that, on almost every other aspect I would still go ahead and choose Lovehoney, as they are just the better of the two.

Find the best discounts and sales on Spectrumboutique Here.

5. AdamEve

AdamEve Alternative to

What is similar to Lovehoney: Huge company and wide selection of toys. Honestly, I ran out of options here. They are very different in the type of products they carry.

Why AdamEve is a better alternative: There is only really one reason you would want to shop at AdamEve over Lovehoney, and that is price. AdamEve carries some insanely cheap sex toys in their collection. But, they are also sketchy when it comes to the quality of materials.

Find the best discounts and sales on AdamEve Here.

Lovehoney Competitors Compared: Delivery, Return policy, Customer service

ShopBest for…DeliveryReturn PolicyCustomer service
LovehoneyBest overall1-6 working days,
Free shipping for over $49
100 day money back guarantee + 1 year product warrantyAMAZING
TooTimidBest deals1-6 working days,
Free shipping for over $59
30 day free replacement + 1 year product warrentyGOOD
SheVibeBest brand deals1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $69
1-year product warrantyAMAZING
HustlerHollywoodBiggest selection1-8 working days,
Free shipping over $69
30 day free replacement + 1 year product warrantyPOOR
SpectrumBoutiqueMost new and innovative productsN/A
Free shipping over $135
10-day replacement guaranteeGOOD
AdamEveCheap products1-8 working days,
Flat rate $8
90 days replacement guaranteePOOR

As you might have been lured by the above recommendations on alternatives to Lovehoney, I really like Lovehoney.

It’s not a secret, that I believe they are the overall best shop. Finding alternatives for, which differed in significant ways, on where you might end up preferring one over them was hard.

If you are more into the visuals (and maybe also a Marvel fan) choose SheVibe. They actually also carry some unique products, so you might want to have a look anyway.

If you are looking for dirt cheap sex toys, and are willing to run the risk on quality, then take a look at AdamEve.

But, if you just want an overall amazing shop, with a great return policy, the best customer service, amazing deals, and discounts, then Lovehoney is for you.

Oh, and one more thing, Lovehoney has discreet packaging, we’ve reviewed it ourselves!

Shops that are almost in top 5

We’ve here listed the runners-up for the top 5 list. Remember that we’ll keep update the top 5 list, so as the shops below become bigger and maybe better they’ll probably be moved up in the top 5.

Introducing Touch Honey, a zhonghongtian brand, specializing in health-focused adult toys. They promote positive sexual attitudes, treating sex as a natural, enjoyable part of life. They stand for sexual autonomy, endorsing the role of high-quality products in enhancing life for singles and couples alike.

Touch Honey provides only the best, expertly tested products, boasting a 94% customer recommendation rate and a global customer base. They aim to inspire, sharing knowledge, guides, and reviews via their digital platforms. With Touch Honey, sexual wellness is celebrated, with the aim of guiding individuals to a happier self, and wishing everyone a satisfying sex life.

Check their shop out here.