Mindgasm: How to Have a Mental Orgasm

By Isabelle Uren / July 14, 2023

Today we are going to sexy and cerebral with the mystical realm of mindgasms!

Have you ever had a sexy thought slide into your mental DMs and felt your body respond with those first pleasurable tingles of arousal? Well, that shows just how powerful your brain is when it comes to sex. And it’s doesn’t stop there! With a little bit of practice, your magnificent mind can take you all the way!

Now if you’re looking at the screen and thinking, ‘It’s hard enough to climax anyway, let alone without any physical stimulation,’ I understand your skepticism!

But, read on, and I’ll explain everything you need to know about mindgasms, how they work, and how you can have one. I’ll even throw in a little about my personal experience with mindgasms!

Here’s what you can find in this post:

What is a Mindgasm?

Mindgasm meme 2 - 1
My first, and probably last, meme! Jokes aside, all orgasms are good orgasms!

Now as you might guess the from the name, a mindgasm is an orgasm that happens purely from mental stimulation. They arise without any physical touch, beautifully demonstrating the mind’s incredible power as an erogenous zone!

Mindgasms also highlight that we are capable of experience sexual pleasure from such a wide array of stimuli, even our own thoughts!

If you still aren’t convinced that mindgasms are real, I’ve got a little more evidence to convince you!

Firstly, study by Whipple, Ogden & Komisurak showed that imagery-induced orgasms elicited similar physiological responses to genitally induced orgasms, demonstrating that climax is not reliant on physical stimulation and can indeed be mind-based.

Secondly, you might have actually experienced one yourself already! If you’ve ever had an orgasm in your sleep, congratulations, you are mindgasmic!

Different Types of Mindgasm

At this point in our mind-bending journey into the pleasurable potential of the mind, you might not be so surprised to discover there are different types of mindgasms!

  • Sleep-Induced Mindgasms are the most common form of mindgasm and mostly happen involuntarily. They happen as a result of vivid and erotically exciting dreams. Sleep and orgasms — two of my favorite things combined!
  • Fantasy-Induced Mindgasms are fueled by your own imagination. They are induced by getting into the erotic mindset and fantasizing about any sexy activities or narratives that turn you on. 
  • Meditation-Induced Mindgasms involve deep states of meditation that allow your brain and body to connect more deeply and allow you to focus your inner sensations, intensifying your inner arousal. If you needed another reason to give meditation a go, this is it!
  • Hypnosis-Induced Mindgasms are induced by hypnotist leading you to a mindgasm. Of course, this comes with some ethical issues and should only ever be explored with the individual’s consent. 

What Does a Mindgasm Feel Like?

Much like any other orgasm, it’s hard to describe the exact sensation of a mindgasm. However, there are some common feelings that pop up when people describe them:

  • Like a warm, sensual wave that washes over your body
  • A mind and body high
  • An energetic release
  • Some liken it to a spiritual experience of pure bliss and oneness with the universe
  • Feelings of love, joy and peace

How are Mindgasms Possible

So now that we’ve got our definition down, you might still be wondering how it’s possible. After all, traditional orgasms can seem elusive sometimes, and many of us need a particular type of touch, toy, or position to cum.

But here’s the thing, the brain is our primary sex organ, not whatever you are packing in your pants! Yes, your body is definitely in on the action, but it’s the brain that is interpreting and orchestrating everything. It can even provide its own stimulation! It’s a one-man band of pleasure!

Essentially, every orgasm you’ve ever experienced, whether it came from physical or mental stimulation, is a result of the mind. The only difference is where the stimulation came from.

It is also helpful to know that your brain responds to real and imagined experiences in a very similar way. This means that, to some extent, the same areas of the brain are activated when we imagine an action as when we actually perform it.

So when we imagine someone touching us in a way we find arousing, our brain will respond as if we had really experienced it. It will most likely be less intense than if it had happened IRL, but it’s still strong enough for us to feel it.

Try it For Yourself: A Mindgasm Thought Experiment

Close your eyes, and think of someone you find attractive. Imagine them touching you, stroking your leg, moving their hand closer towards your crotch, and slowly letting their hand slide between your legs.

What did you feel? Did you notice any physical sensations in your body? Did you experience any signs of arousal in your penis or vulva?

With some training and patience, you can learn to feel this response to imagined stimuli more intensely and even become mindgasmic!

How to Have a Mindgasm

Much like any other skill, becoming mindgasmic takes a little training but it’s well worth the effort! As well as being able to summon an orgasm whenever you fancy, learning how to mindgasm can help you deepen your connection to your body and understand your experience of pleasure a lot better!

As there are different ways to mindgasm, there are also different techniques to getting there! Today, I’ll share how to meditate your way to orgasm. I’ll also share my own little sleepgasm exercise that I like to practice!

How to Achieve a Mindgasm Through Breathing and Meditation

  1. Create a calm, sensual environment. You can light some candles or soft lighting, play some music, and diffuse essential oils to help you get into the right headspace.
  2. Find a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down. I recommend sitting cross legged as you can move your upper body more easily.
  3. Take a deep breath in through your nose, all the way down into your belly and sigh it out through nose to release any tension in your body. Repeat a few times.
  4. Start to breath deeply, imagining the breath and energy travelling down to your penis or vulva. Notice any small sensations of arousal beginning in your genitals — the warmth, blood pumping, tingling, excitement, or swelling.
  5. Keep going, imagining the energy collecting in your penis or vulva and growing in intensity with each breath.
  6. You can squeeze and release your pelvic floor or roll your upper body as you breath to help keep the energy moving.
  7. As the sensations swell and get more intense, you might start to notice some orgasmic sensations, such as a growing warmth in your genitals, some tingling or shivers, or muscle twitches. Lean into the sensations and direct the energy into them. You might just tip over into an orgasm.
  8. If you experienced a mindgasm, take some time to soak up the pleasurable sensations. If you didn’t have one this time, congratulate yourself for connecting deeply with your body and feel free to go for that big O however you like! Grab your favorite vibrator or Fleshlight and give yourself the orgasmic release you desire!

Remember, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Instead see this as a way to explore your sexual energy and connection to your body. Whether or not you experience a mindgasm, you are still doing something great for yourself!

Courses to Help You Unlock Mindgasms

Guided mediation and breathwork can be a great help in your journey. Having instructions to follow along to can be easier than having to direct your own thoughts. Here are two of my favorite places to find both erotic guided meditation and breathwork.


Beducated‘s Sacred Sex course will guide you through a whole range of exercises that will help you become mindgasmic, including orbit breathing to help circulate your sexual energy. It also has specific exercises for penis and vulva owners, as well as a couples exercise!

It also covers a whole lot more to Sacred Sex including rituals and even a playlist of sensual music!


As well as having a whole library of erotic stories to fuel your fantasizing, Dipsea has a wellness section with guided erotic meditations.

Take a journey into an erotic memory to help build more vivid mental fantasies or do some sensual recentering to help ground yourself and get connected!

My Bonus Sleepgasm Trick

Most sleepgasms are involuntary — just a nice little reward from your brain for getting some sleep. However, I have managed to convince my brain into a sexy dream and sleepgasm!

If you wake up early and have more time to snooze, try to fantasize as you drift back into a slumber. You might also want to hold your hand over your penis or vulva for a little more encouragement! You might find that your sleeping brain follows that sexy train of thought all the way to O town!

My Top Tips for Becoming Mindgasmic:

I’ve got a few last tips to help you on your quest for mind-induced orgasms.

  • Make meditation a regular part of your masturbation routine to help train the connection to your body.
  • Fantasize regularly to strengthen your ability to make rich sexual stories in your mind.
  • Practice deep breathing as you masturbate and orgasm and focus on feeling the orgasmic energy spread through your body.
  • If you want a little boost to get your started, you can try a little sensitivity gel on your clitoris or penis for a tingle to get you started.
  • Enjoy the process!

Good luck my curious little orgasm sorcerers!