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It’s pretty likely that you’ve seen Motorbunny’s impressive-looking sex machines around the internet (maybe even on Bedbible’s very own blog) and thought “I need one of those right now”! You wouldn’t be alone if you have.

If you want to get your hands one, good news! Bedbible has an exclusive Motorbunny discount code that you can use to get $40 off any Motorbunny purchase. Just copy the code below and click the green button to go to and use it!

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Motorbunny stats

📝 Details 📊 Statistics
💸 Discount Amount$40 off any Motorbunny purchase
🛍️ Applicable ProductsAll products on Motorbunny’s website, including sex machines, attachments, and all accessories
📅 Satisfaction Guarantee45 days
🛠️ Warranty5-year warranty with free repair or replacement
🏆 Quality Guarantee10-year quality guarantee with repairs or a 50% discount on the purchase of a replacement
🚚 ShippingFree when you spend $50 or more in the Continental US
📦 PackagingDiscreet in a normal brown box with no sign of ‘Motorbunny’ on the outside
⭐ Customer Reviews90% of 599 reviews are five stars
💰 Discount CodesVarious active and valid coupons
💰 Discount PercentageUp to 40% off
💰 Discount Amount$50 off with specific codes
💰 Promo Codes & CouponsUp to 60% off
💰 Storewide Discount$50 off with a specific coupon code

How to Use this Motorbunny Discount Code

Using this Motorbunny coupon code and redeeming your discount is a pretty easy process! All you need to do is choose Motorbunny products you want, add them to your cart and then enter the code at checkout.

Here’s a quick visual guide on how it’s done:

1. Visit and check out their range of sex machines, attachments and more!

Motorbunny discount code how-to 1

When you’ve made your mind up, add your chosen items to your cart by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the product page.

2. Once you add something to your cart, you’ll be taken to this page that shows you everything you’ve added to it.

Motorbunny discount code how-to 2

If you want to add more, you can click ‘Continue Shopping’, or if you want finish and pay, click ‘Checkout’.

3. The first stage of the Motorbunny checkout process is to enter your contact and shipping information.

Motorbunny discount code how-to 3

On the right-hand side, you can see the items in your order, the total amount to pay, and a box where you can your Motorbunny discount code.

Once you’re done, click ‘Continue to Shipping’.

4. You can also enter the coupon code in this next stage in the same place.

Motorbunny discount code how-to 4

You should see that the discount has been applied to your order in the ‘Total’ section.

Once it’s been applied, you can choose your shipping method and continue to enter your payment information on the next page.

Get Your $40 Off Your Motorbunny Purchase Here!

Does the Discount Apply to All Products?

This Motorbunny coupon code works on all of their products. That means that you can get $40 off absolutely everything available on Motorbunny’s website, including their range of sex machines, attachments, all their accessories.

Motorbunny also offer a 45 day satisfaction guarantee on their machines, so if you’re feeling a little on the fence, why not try it out and see if a Motorbunny works for you? It could well be the ride of your life!

Does it Work?

Yep, our Motorbunny discount code works! We know that many coupons and discounts have expiration dates and people can be worried about whether they’ll actually get a discount or not – which is why we do our very best to keep all our information up-to-date and test all of our coupon codes regularly to make sure that they’re working as they should.

So, when you copy the code above and paste it into the Motorbunny discount code box, you can breathe easy in the knowledge that everything is going to go to plan, and you’ll get that $40 off your order.

We have just one tip: make sure that your discount code has been applied properly to your order total before you complete your order and pay. You can check the guide above on how to do that, but the quick version is to check your total order amount on the right-hand side of the order screen when checking out – once you’ve entered the coupon code, the discount should appear there.

Do We Keep the Coupons Updated?

The BedBible team is dedicated to helping you have great sex, amazing orgasms and improving your sexual wellness, and part of that job is helping to make sex toys more affordable for everyone!

That’s why we regularly check in with all of our coupon codes and the companies that we work with to make sure that everything is working as it should and that our codes are still recognized by them. If we need to change a code for some reason, just come to this page and you’ll be among the first to know!

Get Your $40 Off Your Motorbunny Purchase Here!

Who are Motorbunny, and Why Buy from Them?

Motorbunny are a maker of some extremely good-feeling ride-on sex machines. Known for being a more budget-friendly option than other sex machine brands out there, their mission is to help make sexual pleasure and experimentation affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

They believe (like we do here at BedBible, too!) that sex should be fun – and what’s more fun than a powerful ride-on sex gadget that comes with a ton of super fun, super stimulating attachments? Whatever your preferences or predilections, there’s a Motorbunny attachment for you. There’s even a machine that does the thrusting for you!

Motorbunny are an incredibly down-to-earth company who truly value their customers’ experiences, both with their products and with their customer service team. That’s why every Motorbunny machine comes with a 45-day satisfaction guarantee so that, if you’re not satisfied with your machine, you can return your product with no hassle and no questions asked. They also offer a 5-year warranty on all of their products that provides free repair or replacement, and a 10-year quality guarantee that offers repairs or a 50% discount on the purchase of a replacement.

If that wasn’t enough for you to consider taking the plunge, you should also know that shipping is free when you spend $50 or more on every Motorbunny order (in the Continental US). Your order will come packaged discreetly, too, in a normal brown box and no sign of ‘Motorbunny’ on the outside.

Get Your $40 Off Your Motorbunny Purchase Here!

What do People Say About Motorbunny?

Given everything that they offer, it’s perhaps no wonder that Motorbunny have their fair share of rave reviews, both from their customers and from several prominent media outlets.

Out of 699 reviews on their website, 90% of them are five stars (and 8% are four-star reviews)! You can read them all on their reviews page, but be aware that some of them may not be so SFW!