How to Give a Slippery and Sensual Nuru Massage

By Isabelle Uren / June 03, 2022

Nuru massage is a technique that originates from Japan and has gained popularity all over the world! Rather than just using their hands, the masseuse uses their whole body to give the massage, making it a very intimate and often erotic form of massage.

The word Nuru ぬる actually means slippery in Japanese.

It refers to the seaweed-based gel used in Nuru massage, which helps the masseuse’s body slide as they give the massage. It’s also full of skin-nourishing nutrients!

This post has step-by-step Nuru massage instructions, so you can get strip down and get slippery with your partner — seaweed optional!

What are the benefits of Nuru massage?

Like most forms of massage, Nuru massage is a wellness practice that comes with a whole host of physical and psychological benefits!

  • The intimacy of Nuru massage can help you and your partner feel more connected.
  • It can release feel-good hormones that enhance mood and release stress.
  • Your muscles will love it! 
  • Whether you use the traditional seaweed gel or some nourishing massage oil, your skin will feel soft and hydrated after.
  • It’s a new and exciting way to explore intimacy with your partner!
  • It can be a fantastic way to build arousal.

How to Give a Nuru Massage

Giving a Nuru massage at home should be sensual and fun! Try to maintain lots of contact between your bodies and experiment with different ways of using your body as a massage tool.

Although a Nuru massage can be very arousing, it doesn’t necessarily involve sex or genital stimulation. You and your partner should discuss beforehand whether you want it to go any further than just massage and what your boundaries and expectations are.

As well as deciding how you want the massage to end, you should also discuss whether you will switch so that both partners get a massage or whether you will focus on one person’s pleasure and let the other person experience it another time.

Then, it’s time to dive in!

Take a Warm Bath or Shower

Not only does this help you get clean, but it will also help you to feel relaxed and prepare your skin for the massage! If you want to make it even more erotic, you can bathe together! It’s better if you remain a little damp after your bath or shower rather than drying yourself completely.

Prepare Your Space and Set the Mood

  • Make sure your space is warm as you will both be wet and naked during the massage.
  • Cover the bed with a waterproof sheet. You might also want to put something, like some old towels down on the floor.
  • Create a relaxing environment with some soft lighting and relaxing scents, such as lavender, rose, or jasmine.
  • Find a playlist of relaxing music.

Cover Yourself and Your Partner in Massage Oil/Gel

You can use a nuru gel or massage oil, depending on what you prefer and have access to.

It’s a good idea to warm the oil or gel you have chosen first. You can do that by placing the whole bottle in a bowl of warm water and letting it heat up. You don’t want to heat it directly as it might become too hot.

Then, apply a generous amount to your body and your partner’s body. This can get a bit messy, which is why it pays to protect your floor and bed!

Perform the Nuru Massage on the Back

The receiving partner should lie face down, to begin with. Then, you can straddle their back and slide your body up and down over theirs. Use your hands to support some of your weight and help you balance.

  • Use long sliding motions to massage up and down their back with your chest.
  • Vary the movements by moving from side to side or making circular movements or changing the pressure.
  • Use your hands and arms to massage the length of their arms.
  • Slide your legs over theirs.
  • Massage their buttocks using yours.
  • Use your forearms like a rolling pin to give larger muscles, like the buttocks, thighs, and calves a deeper massage.

Move to the Other Side

Have your partner roll over so they are lying on their back. This is also a good time to reapply your massage gel or oil of choice to keep things nice and slippery!

This part is even more erotic as it’s performed in the same position as missionary sex. You’ll be face to face and feel your genitals glide over each other. Don’t be surprised if things get hot pretty quickly!

Again, use your body to slide up and down over theirs, making sure to pay attention to their whole body. If you really want to up the arousal, you can linger a little longer as you glide your body over their genitals.

Choose Your Own Ending

Depending on what you agreed on before the massage, there are a number of ways to continue. Given the erotic nature of a Nuru massage, it’s totally normal for both partners to feel very aroused. However, this doesn’t constitute consent and you should always ask your partner before genital touching!

  • You can switch places with your partner and have them perform the massage on you.
  • You can move on to sexual touching, such as masturbation, oral sex, or penetrative sex. Just remember that oils can degrade condoms and you don’t want to get oil inside the vagina. You can either hop back in the shower or use a warm, wet towel to clean off first.
  • You can simply let your partner relax after a lovely massage!

Don’t Forget the Afterplay!

Any sexual activity should include afterplay in my opinion! This very intimate form of massage can open up a lot of feelings, so it’s important to ease yourself out of it. You might choose to have a warm shower and get clean together, have a warm drink, cuddle or simply lie down and enjoy feeling relaxed and connected.

A Bit About Nuru Massage Gel and Some Nuru Gel Alternatives

Traditional Nuru gel contains seaweed and is very slippery. However, it can be difficult to find and is usually pretty expensive. There are however alternatives you can use that will give you plenty of slip and slide and leave your skin feeling soft and nourished!

JO Nuru Full Contact Sensual Massage Gel

Designed specifically for Nuru massage, this Nuru massage gel from JO gel is very slippery, especially when used with wet skin or a little water. It’s also and colorless and water-based, meaning it won’t stain your sheets!

DONA Rev Up Mandarin and Ylang-Ylang Massage Oil

This skin-nourishing massage oil from Dona is scented with mandarin and ylang-ylang for a luxuriously sensual experience! It glides onto wet skin and will leave you feeling relaxed and moisturized!

Remember: Oils can degrade condoms so be sure to wash off if you are using a condom.

Waterproof Sheets — Another Nuru Massage Essential!

Nuru massage should get messy! Both you and your partner will be smothered in oil or gel, so you want to make sure you protect your bed.

Shots Fist It Inflatable Play Sheet

This inflatable, waterproof sheet definitely isn’t only for fisting! It’s the perfect way to contain all the slippery fun on Nuru massage! The whole thing is waterproof and it has inflatable sides to keep any liquid from escaping. As a bonus, it comes with a bottle of lube that can be mixed with water to give you a whopping 5 liters of slippery stuff to play with!