How to Give Her a Shaking Orgasm

By Edie / December 30, 2022

Learn about a shaking orgasm, what it is and how to make her shake with pleasure.

Do you want to know how to give her a shaking orgasm? Well, you have come to the right place!

I have experienced shaking orgasms many times. So, I am here to teach you what a shaking orgasm is and how you can help your partner to experience one.

The Shaking Orgasm Quickie

What is a Shaking Orgasm?

What is a shaking orgasm? The answer to that is; an orgasm that results in shaking of the legs, arms or other parts of the body.

However, a shaking orgasm is less of an actual type of orgasm and more of a symptom resulting from a really good orgasm. And when I say “really good”, I mean earth shattering, headboard banging, wake-the-neighbors kinda orgasm that you never forget.

So, since a shaking orgasm is the symptom of an incredible climax, what causes the shaking? Let’s find out!

What Causes a Shaking Orgasm?

So, what causes the shaking during and after an orgasm? Simply put, it’s the release of tension, which is built up in the muscles during mind-blowing sex.

For instance, have you ever climbed a huge flight of stairs and felt your legs shake afterward? Or, have you started a new workout regimen and experienced quivering muscles during or after?

If you answered yes, then you understand exactly how a shaking orgasm works.

Therefore, during sex, you and your partner are getting into all sorts of positions and you’re stimulating one another in ways that tense the body in preparation for release – aka, an orgasm. So, the more you build things up, prior to release, the better chance you have of experiencing a shaking orgasm.

Can All People Have Shaking Orgasms?

Can all people have shaking orgasms? Photo of people of all races, genders etc.

Shaking orgasms aren’t exclusive to any particular sex. In fact, people born male and female can experience shaking orgasms as well as those who are trans and non-binary.

So, if you can have an orgasm, you can experience a shaking orgasm! It just takes the right kind of buildup and sexual stimulation for your body.

How Can I Give Her a Shaking Orgasm?

Okay, so you may have seen this type of orgasm while watching porn, and now want to know how to give her a shaking orgasm. But first, let’s clear up a few things when it comes to porn.

Not unlike movies and television programs, porn is acting. That is, unless you are watching amateur, homemade porn.

In that case, you’re likely watching something that isn’t scripted. However, porn films, with paid actors are scripted with a lot of cutting and fake scenes.

Therefore, some shaking orgasms portrayed in pornographic films could very-well be faked. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to make her have a shaking orgasm.

A real one, rather than one created for entertainment purposes.

I, personally, have had a great deal of experience with shaking orgasms as I am lucky enough to have a partner that knows exactly how to do things to me that result in earth-shattering, shaking-from-head-to-toe climaxes.

So, what do you need to know in order to learn how to give her a shaking orgasm? Building up her arousal, slowly.

And here is how!

Start with Romance

Start with romance. Photo of a man hugging a woman.

The first step in learning how to give her a shaking orgasm, starts long before you get naked! In fact, how you treat your partner every day has a great deal to do with how good your sex is.

Some examples of this type of romance include compliments that you really mean, like, “Wow, you look sexy in that dress.” Or, “Just looking at you turns me on.”

Additionally, you can express those compliments through touch like, pats on the bottom, hugs for no reason whatsoever or wrapping your arms around her waist from behind.

Other ways to romance her on the daily include, taking care of her when she’s stressed or not feeling well, taking her out for lunch or dinner, or just making special plans like a walk in the park or a picnic.

As a result, you are making her feel special, as well as showing her she is worth your time and consideration. Believe it or not, these things bring down her walls and make her feel romantic toward you, even when you’re not having sex.

Therefore, when you start kissing and touching her, she is much more receptive to you and most likely, already in the mood for intimacy.

However, empty compliments or simply doing things just to get laid, is not recommended. Trust me, she can see right through that!

Kissing and Making Out

The next step in giving her a shaking orgasm is to start with passionate kissing and making out. After all, the best orgasms begin with slow arousal and not jumping straight to sex.

Therefore, kiss her with love and passion in mind. A great example of that is looking into her eyes, touching the side of her face and brushing her hair from her face and forehead.

Then, place a hand behind her neck and the other on her waist and pull her close to you as you kiss her deeply. Finally, stop kissing her every so often, look deeply into her eyes, and kiss her again.

*Sigh* Just thinking about this sort of kissing takes my breath away!

In between, give her small smooches, taking her bottom lip between yours, smile at her, then again, kiss her deeply. Sure, this may sound like a soap opera kiss or something straight out of a romance novel, but believe me, most all of us want to be kissed this way!

When done the right way, the two of you will be climbing all over one another!

Next comes the making out step, which should naturally evolve from passionate kissing. This includes wandering hands, grasping one another through your clothing and falling into a sweaty heap onto the couch or bed.

Most importantly, touch her through her clothing or softly under her shirt, stroking her back or tummy with your fingers. Hence, you are building her excitement slowly, maker her hotter by the minute, and ready to move on to the next step in giving her a shaking orgasm.

Great Making Out Examples

Not to sound sexist or anything, but the feminine brain works a bit differently than others. Meaning, we are turned on by things that are bit more romanticized and fantasy-like.

Hence the kissing and making out references above.

But if you’re not quite sure what this type of thing looks like, I’m not going to refer you to The Hallmark Channel or send you out to read the latest romance novel. Instead, take a look at porn, bedtime stories and more fantastical goodies created just for women at

Not only that, but you can subscribe and enjoy these adult films and stories with her – which is another way to slowly build her arousal. That way, you’ll know how to execute the things she fantasizes about most, and hopefully, bring her to that shaking orgasm.

Excite Her Erogenous Zones

Female erogenous zones. Photo of a woman in a bikini with erogenous zones marked as illustration

What is the next step in learning how to give her a shaking orgasm? It’s exciting her erogenous zones.

You see, with all that kissing and touching, she’s probably ready to tear your clothes off, and you, hers. So, now, slowly undress her, paying close attention to each erogenous zone as it is revealed.

For example, use your lips, tongue and fingers to trail down her body, starting with the neck and working your way down. And as you thrill each erogenous zone, you’ll bring her arousal to a fever pitch.

Most importantly, try and hold off on stimulating her clitoris or vagina. The reason for this is you want her excitement to grow to its highest level possible before touching her there.

Accordingly, the hornier she gets, the more thrilling and fulfilling sex will be. And the higher your chances will be of giving her that shaking orgasm.

Finally, don’t skip over those erogenous zones you may not have known about, as well as finding those erogenous zones unique to her body. You’ll be amazed at how some people can teeter on the brink of orgasm with the stimulation of certain hot spots.

I know my partner can bring me to my knees by kissing and sucking the bottom of my neck where it meets my shoulder!

So, caress her naked body, from head to toe, and discover each and every erogenous zone. Then, use your hands, lips and tongue to stimulate those hot spots, so that she’s writhing with pleasure and begging you to take her.

Oral Sex and Shaking Orgasms

One of the best ways to give her a shaking orgasm is through oral sex. Especially when you take it slow and tease her before bringing her to climax.

You see, her body will already be tingling from head to toe, since you followed the slow arousal steps above. But once you begin pleasuring her orally, her entire body will fill with pre-orgasm tension.

So, when you do bring her to O-town and the tension releases, her body, particularly from the waist down, will shudder and quiver with a shaking orgasm.

Plus, if you use techniques that women crave, that shaking orgasm will be easier to obtain. So, if you already know the best ways to eat pussy, you’ve likely already got this in the bag!

However, if you don’t, learn as much as you can to tease and delight her entire vulva until she explodes in a heart-stopping, shaking orgasm that she will never forget!

Fingering Her to a Shaking Orgasm

Knowing how to finger her is another way to give her a shaking orgasm. Best yet, adding fingering to oral sex, makes it that much better in building up to that explosive O.

Want to level up your fingering skills to bring her even more pleasure? OMGYES has a whole library of amazing vulva-pleasing techniques!

Moreover, if you find her g-spot and her a-spot, and stimulate those while fingering, you will drive her absolutely wild. Plus, fingering her till she’s ready to cum, then stopping – a technique called edging – will have every muscle in her body, tight and trembling and ready to release in a shaking orgasm.

Not only that, she may surprise you with a shaking and squirting orgasm! So, what’s a squirting orgasm?

Let’s find out and see how you can perfect the fingering techniques and oral sex techniques to make her squirt too – GUARANTEED.

She Might Squirt

How to hit her squirt spot

Maybe you’ve heard of squirting or seen it happen while watching your favorite porn. And although squirting is a real thing that many women can do, when stimulated and fingered the right way, it’s not quite like squirting that is portrayed in adult films.

No, she won’t squirt across the room – that’s a popular porn trick. However, she will gush or trickle if you stimulate her vagina the right way, and you know how to make her squirt.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

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F*cking and the Shaking Orgasm

The next best way to give her a shaking orgasm is to f*ck her like you never have before. And the trick here is to prolong sex and put that orgasm off as long as possible.

You see, the more positions you use, the more strain is put on different areas of her body. For instance, the doggy style position has her bearing her weight on her arms and legs.

Therefore, if you’ve done your job and slowly inched up her arousal, excited her erogenous zones and have teased, licked and fingered her pussy, this position will not only get her off but most likely will give her a shaking orgasm.

In addition, positions like the cowgirl will place tension on her legs, bottom and tummy. Even the missionary position does the same. Therefore, if you’ve worked her body into a sexual frenzy and spent hours – not minutes – exciting every inch of her, you will be rewarded with a shaking orgasm.

Using Sex Toys for a Shaking Orgasm

Using sex toys for a shaking orgasm. Photo of g-spot sex toys

Yes, using your mouth, fingers and penis are great steps when learning how to give her a shaking orgasm. But did you know you can do the same thing using sex toys?

Indeed, sex toys are great tools for sexual satisfaction for you both. But, in this case, you can use sex toys to make her cum so hard, she’s shaking.

Clitoral Stimulators

Clitoral stimulators come in all shapes and sizes and even include air pulse stimulators, or clit suckers. All of which can be used to thrill her clitoris and bring her to orgasm.

And they are especially helpful if you don’t enjoy giving oral sex. That’s because clitoris suckers give a very similar sensation as oral pleasure.

Next, you can use a small, bullet vibrator to stimulator her clitoris. These little sex toys pack a powerful punch and can be used on other parts of the body, including erogenous zones and to add to a sensual massage.

The next type of sex toy which can help you achieve a shaking orgasm, is an internal vibrator or a vibrator designed specifically to stimulate her g-spot. You see, they are bent at an angle to where the tip, which often contains an extremely powerful vibrator, presses against and thrills the g-spot.

That way, you can use your fingers or mouth to play with her clitoris, breasts and nipples while giving her g-spot a workout unlike anything a human can do.

Finally, you can give her a shaking orgasm by bathing her clitoris in rumbly vibrations while you are penetrating her. And how can you do that?

By using a penis ring with an attached vibrator!

This works in two ways; the first being that this type of cock ring turns your entire penis into a flesh and blood vibrator. Secondly, the vibrating attachment presses against her clitoris with each and every thrust.

Accordingly, the two of you raise your chances of having a mutual orgasm and you build your chances of giving her a shaking orgasm tremendously.

The More O’s She Has, the Better Her Chances of a Shaking Orgasm

Finally, put her ability to have multiple orgasms to the test and apply it to giving her a shaking orgasm. You see, the more orgasms she has, the shakier her muscles will be, and that last one may leave her with blissful shuddering.

For instance, my partner has an incredible way of bringing me to orgasm time and time again. Then, by the time I am simply exhausted and ready for a cigarette and a long sleep, my legs are shaking so bad, I can barely walk!

And yes, we laugh about it, and I give him kudos on a skillful job, well done.

So, if you already know how to give her multiple orgasms, take her on a long, erotic journey tonight, ending it with mind-blowing sex and you giving her a shaking orgasm she absolutely will never forget.

Although, you may have to help her to the bathroom, post-O, as she will have spaghetti legs!

If Your Partner is Shaking, You Rocked Their World

In the end, her muscles are tight with sexual frustration, you’ve worked your magic kissing her, making out and touching every erogenous zone. Then, you licked, sucked and fingered her into bliss.

Finally, you gave it all you had, making love to her all over the room and now, she’s reached the point of no return and her legs are quivering, her tummy tight and in spasms, and she’s screaming out in pure ecstasy because you gave her a shaking orgasm.