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The Stockroom is one of the most premium and best-loved online stores for all things BDSM, bondage and kink. From dildos to restraints to electrosex toys and even BDSM furniture, The Stockroom stocks everything you need for all your spicy sessions.

Like the idea of a 10% discount off your Stockroom order? Then all you have to do is use Bedbible’s exclusive and verified Stockroom code below at checkout!

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How to Use This Stockroom Coupon Code

To redeem this 10% discount on your order, all you need to do is enter the code above at checkout on The Stockroom’s website.

Need a little help? Here’s a quick guide from start to finish:

1. Visit and check out their huge range of toys!

Stockroom Coupon Code How-to 1

The Stockroom’s range of products is split up into the categories of BDSM gear, sex toys, dildos & vibes and fetish wear. They also have lists of their best sellers, brands that they stock, and discounted products in their outlet.

You can also use the search bar at the top to search for specific products.

2. Choose your products and add them to your cart.

Stockroom Coupon Code How-to 2

When you find your dream toy, it’s very simple to add it to your cart — just click the gray ‘Add to Cart +’ button on the right-hand side!

If you only want that item, you can also click ‘Buy It Now’, which will take you straight to the checkout. However, if you click ‘Buy It Now’ with other products already in your cart, those will be deleted.

You can also click ‘Add to Wishlist’, which allows you to bookmark a product for later without adding it to your cart.

3. Go to checkout when you’re ready.

Stockroom Coupon Code How-to 3

If you’ve done all your shopping and are ready to pay, simply click your cart in the top right-hand corner of the page.

This will bring up a pop-up that shows you a summary of your order. To enter your coupon code, click ‘Check Out’.

4. Enter the Stockroom discount code.

It’s super simple to apply the coupon code — just click the ‘Gift card or discount code’ field on the right-hand side and enter code BED10. Then click ‘Apply’.

5. Once applied, your discounts will appear.

In the order summary, you should see the coupon code and the discount appear next to each eligible item, showing you how much you’ve saved!

If you don’t see the discount next to one or more of your items, this is likely because the coupon code does not apply to those products. Check our FAQs section below for details on the applicable items.

If you don’t see it at all, try entering the coupon code again.

Does the Discount Apply to All Products?

This 10% discount code applies to the majority of products available on There are some exceptions, most of which are made-to-order items like some BDSM furniture and other larger items.

To check if this coupon code applies to the items you’d like to buy from The Stockroom, just add the item to your cart, apply the code to your order and you’ll be able to see in the order summary if it’s eligible for a discount.

There are also a few terms and conditions to be aware of if you’re planning on using our SheVibe discount code…

1. This coupon code cannot be combined with any other coupon codes on the site.

2. Taxes and shipping are not included in the 10% discount percentage.

Does it Work?

If you follow our steps and apply it correctly then this Stockroom coupon code will provide you with a 10% discount on all eligible products from the store.

Here at Bedbible, we always want to make sure that you are provided with up-to-date and accurate information regarding all of our coupon codes. This coupon code was created directly by The Stockroom for Bedbible’s visitors, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that it is functional and legitimate.

Do We Keep the Coupons Updated?

Yes, this coupon code is completely up-to-date! We regularly check every discount code and partnership we have with stores and brands to make sure that everything works as normal.

If we notice that something is off, or if we get notified that something is changing with a company, we always update our pages accordingly – so you’ll be the first to know!

Who is The Stockroom?

Since 1988, The Stockroom has been crafting and selling premium toys and tools for everyone’s particular fetish or kink. Whether you’re a curious newbie or a seasoned aficionado, The Stockroom stocks what you need to scratch your particular itch.

Founded by Joel Tucker, the idea all started when he and his girlfriend went to buy some beginner bondage gear, only to find that their purchase totalled over $250! He thought that there had to be a way to do it for cheaper, without sacrificing quality in the process.

Luckily, his girlfriend had recently started leatherwork classes, and suggested that they make their own gear. The rest, they say, is history, and The Stockroom is now known for both making and sourcing a huge range of gear.

Every order from The Stockroom comes with guaranteed discreet shipping and billing. They also offer free shipping within the US on orders over $119.

Saving money on is a longstanding online platform that specializes in BDSM gear, sex toys, and fetish wear. The website emphasizes quality and value, catering to both novices and seasoned BDSM enthusiasts. One of the notable features of is its commitment to providing quality products without breaking the bank. As stated on their site, “You want to explore your kinky side and not go broke. The Stockroom is here for you.” This sentiment resonates with their history, as they have been serving the kink community since 1988, making them the original internet source for such products. They pride themselves on creating, producing, and sourcing quality toys, tools, and apparel for everyone, regardless of their budget. Additionally, offers free shipping on domestic orders over $119, which can be a significant saving for shoppers. The site also features an “OUTLET” section, potentially offering discounted items for those looking to save money. In essence, is not just a platform for purchasing BDSM and fetish-related products; it’s a community-driven site that understands the importance of affordability without compromising on quality.