zodiac signs and sex toy pairing

The zodiac’s best sex toys for the ultimate couples

We all want to find the one.

The one who knows exactly what makes us tick. The one who can always make us feel good. The one who keeps us up late at night, for all the right reasons.

We even catch ourselves dreaming about the one. Bumping into them in the shop, or perhaps finding them online.

And the journey to finding them is always exciting too. Even if we’re not 100% sure to begin with, we know the experience will still be a memorable one.

We might even look to the stars to guide us to the one. Finding out our star sign to discover our traits, helping us decide on what we’ll need to have a compatible and harmonious time.

You might have a vision of the perfect partner conjured up, but here at Bedbible, we’ve got something else in mind.

We’re talking, of course, about sex toys.

And why wouldn’t we be? Having the perfect sex toy is always a good way to relax after a long day, and it hits all the right spots. Just like the perfect partner!

And they’re an amazing accompaniment to any nightstand.

Although, whilst sex toys are one of the best ways to have fun alone, what about if you’ve already succeeded in your hunt for the ‘perfect partner’ and the stars agree?

Well, as you can expect, we’re always the first to recommend adding a toy into the mix. This is especially true if you’re starting to feel bored by your bedroom antics.

Whether it’s a small bullet vibrator, or a more adventurous fist shaped dildo, whatever you bring to bed will certainly mix things up a bit.

But with so many different types of toys to choose from, how can you be sure you’re buying the right toy for your relationship dynamic?

Just like finding the perfect partner, astrology doesn’t make it easy. It’s not as simple as buying the first toy you find. You need a toy that’s going to work for all the traits, likes and dislikes of you and your partner’s star sign.

So, as you can imagine, it can get a bit confusing.

We obviously have plenty of suggestions, but if you don’t want to just take our word for it, we’ve consulted the stars.

Astrological guidance has revealed to us the perfect sex toy for the zodiac’s most compatible couples.

Using expert opinion, we discovered the star signs that are most suitable together in a relationship. Taking into account how the signs communicate with each other, the activities they like to do and of course, how sexually compatible they are.

So we’ve done the hard work for you, by finding these ultimate couplings and analyzing their traits. We then matched their likes and traits to a sex toy that we know will tick all of their boxes.


Aries and Sagittarius

sex swing - Aries and Sagittarius -

These two have plenty in common, and their outgoing and fun loving nature makes for an exciting relationship.

In fact, an Aries’ adventurous spirit means they’re always up for a challenge, and this combined with Sagittarius’ love for freedom, lead us to choose a really exciting toy.

Keeping up with this high energy in the bedroom must be a difficult task for this dynamic duo, but the Whipsmart Sex Swing will definitely do the trick.

Strapping a lively sign into a swing might not sound like a great idea, but the comfort seeking Aries will appreciate this relaxing position. As for Sagittarius, the freeing feeling of swinging through the air will keep their itch to constantly be moving, scratched.


Aquarius and Leo – 

glas dildo - Aquarius and Leo -

Despite their seemingly different personalities, these two signs create a burst of creativity and energy when they come together.

As a couple, the air sign of Aquarius fuels the fiery passion of Leo. This to and fro makes for a sometimes stubborn atmosphere between the lovers, but translates into a great time in the bedroom.

Aquarius’ love of risk and progression along with Leo’s love of theatre and admiration has guided us to the perfect sex toy.

The glow-in-the-dark glass dildo offers everything this couple needs. The theatre of a glowing dildo paired with the unconventional material of glass appeals to a Leo’s need to be seen and an Aquarius’ love for slightly ‘out there’ options.


Pisces and Taurus – 

finger - Pisces and Taurus -

They might be seen as the ‘crybaby’ of the Zodiac, but when paired with a Taurus, Pisces can truly relax and be themselves.

The stability Taurus brings offers a safe space for Pisces to embrace their artistic and gentle side, offering a depth of emotion and true romance.

Offering another level of depth is the toy that we’ve chosen for this astrological pairing. Taurus are renowned for working with their hands, and Pisces love an artistic touch to whatever they do.

That’s why this finger shaped dildo works perfectly for this couple. Hitting all the right spots without a phallic shape, this toy can even be worn inside of a vagina for any strap-on fun you’d like to give a try.


Taurus and Cancer – 

Taurus and Cancer - Annabelle Knight Wow vibrator

Taurus’ love of dependability and consistency in their love life make Cancer a perfect partner, as their loyal and loving ways will tick all of their boxes.

And it’s the Taurus’ devotion to their Cancer partner that will help guide them through this sex toy experience.

We have chosen a waterproof Annabelle Knight Wow! Powerful Classic Vibrator 6 Inch for these lovebirds.

For those not in the know, Cancer is a water sign, represented by a crab – no not that kind!

Being in and around water will help this sensitive sign to open up to their feelings, and an orgasm or two.


Gemini and Sagittarius – 

Gemini and Sagittarius - InBloom Tulipa Flicking Tongue Vibrator

This firecracker of a duo is one of the zodiac’s most compatible couples thanks to the air sign fuelling the fire sign’s energetic way of living. They are both hyper-adaptable and crave new experiences.

In fact, Sag’s freeing energy brings their Gemini plenty of opportunity to show their affection, usually through deep conversation and engaging experiences.

That’s why we’ve selected the InBloom Tulipa Flicking Tongue Vibrator for this couple. The mouth is one of Gemini’s most used assets, thanks to their love of conversation – so why not bring another one into the bedroom?

And with Sagittarius never being satisfied with their explorations, there’s not much chance of overstimulating their active mind.


Libra and Gemini – 

Libra and Gemini - b-Vibe X Zoë Ligon Swirl Texture Vibrating Butt Plug

When other couples are going through their own struggles, they may look to a Libra and Gemini coupling with envy.

Their love of knowledge and eagerness to constantly learn about their partner makes the relationship light and refreshing – inciting few arguments and more easy-going vibes.

This is thanks to a Libra’s ability to be gracious in any social situation, as well as preferring a harmonious and gentle vibe. Gemini’s curiosity and affectionate nature only boosts these good feelings, with their love of conversation fuelling Libra’s need for entertainment.

This couple is incredibly in tune with each other and their needs, making the b-Vibe X Zoë Ligon Swirl Texture Vibrating Butt Plug perfect for them.

Exploring new areas of the body can be a bit intimidating, but Gemini can talk Libra through it, whilst Libra’s harmonious and gentle nature is exactly what’s needed if Gemini is feeling nervous.


Virgo and Pisces –

Virgo and Pisces - Uberrime Teuthida Tentacle Dildo

Getting into a Virgo/Pisces relationship is a little bit like slipping into a warm bath after a long day. The relaxing and harmonious coupling offers little stress for each person, as they both give each other time to settle in.

Pisces knows how to help Virgo open up and feel more themselves, giving us a good opportunity to suggest a slightly unconventional sex toy for their bedroom antics.

Pisces are known for their love of water, and are often represented as a fish. Meanwhile, their Virgo partner’s love of nature means these two share a deep appreciation for the earth.

That’s why we know they’ll love the Uberrime Teuthida Tentacle Dildo. It’s deep sea theme and sucker pattern are sure to give this couple a thrill, and the opportunity to really see what nature can do.


Scorpio and Taurus – 

Scorpio and Taurus - Amour Remote Control Love Egg

Some signs across the Zodiac will shun Scorpio’s for their perceived jealous, possessive and sometimes destructive ways. However, Taurus’ are much more likely to see past this and into the good of a Scorpio.

In fact, Taurus are the perfect sign to challenge the powerful Scorpio, as they’re just as stubborn and strong willed. They both love sincerely and deeply, and are happy to challenge each other whilst feeling confident in the relationship.

For this couple, we strongly suggest trying out the Amour Remote Control Love Egg. Scorpio’s love of teasing their partner brings a new level of control for them to inflict (lovingly) on their partner. Meanwhile, Taurus’ appreciation for romance makes it an amazing way to connect to their partner, and the love heart shaped remote is the cherry on top.


Capricorn and Taurus – 

Capricorn and Taurus - Love Hamma Thrusting Vibrator

These earth signs are a great Zodiac coupling, bringing a sense of stability and nurturing to their relationship.

Capricorn values hard work, craftsmanship and discipline – elements that Taurus can really appreciate when looking for love. Taurus also have a real love for managing their life, and bringing out the best in their partner.

So, when these two come together, they’re dedicated to building a long lasting relationship that can really stand the test of time.

This building nature naturally leads us to choose the Love Hamma Thrusting Vibrator for this couple. Taurus’ love of working with their hands means they’ll be able to get the true potential out of this toy. And Capricorns are, of course, going to love seeing their partner hard at work, especially if it’s going to be for their pleasure!

We can guarantee that these toys are sure to tickle all the spots you love. From the G-spot to the P-spot, you’ll be able to elevate your sex life with your partner in all sorts of fun ways.

And thanks to these toys being specifically tailored to your zodiac sign’s favourite things, it’ll make it totally worth the financial investment too.

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