The Best Vac-U-Lock Attachments & Where to Buy Them

By Rachel Worthington / July 07, 2022

Vac-U-Lock is a pretty ingenious system created and patented by sex toy giant Doc Johnson. It allows you to plug any Vac-U-Lock dildo into whichever attachments and accessories that catch your eye!

Whether you want to enjoy some hands-free riding, achieve some better angles with a handle, peg your partner, or whatever else takes your fancy — there’s a Vac-U-Lock attachment that can make your day.

Here are some of our favorites, and where you can get them for the best price…

Suction Cups

Large Suction Cup with Vac-U-Lock Plug

We all love a suction cup dildo! They’re perfect for hands-free fun, shower sessions and more — just stick them to a smooth surface and get riding.

If your Vac-U-Lock dildo didn’t come with a suction cup, then this attachment is the missing piece in your puzzle. It’s as easy as slipping your favorite Vac-U-Lock dildo onto the plug and you’re ready! It’s also great if you find that your current suction cup is quite weak, as it has an extra large and sturdy base.

Vac-U-Lock Deluxe Suction Cup

If you want to take your suction cup game to the next level, then you may want to check out this deluxe version.

Alongside a strong suction cup base, it also has an arm that can be moved, swivelled and posed to find your perfect position. You can change up the angle and height as much as you need, then lock it into place and ride away!

Vac-U-Lock Deluxe 360° Swivel Suction Cup

This suction cup has a little trick up its sleeve. The Vac-U-Lock plug is attached to a ball that sits in a socket and rotates all the way around. Once you slip your dildo onto the plug, it will be able to move with you, swivelling to hit your sweet spots and allowing you more flexibility as you ride it.

Dildo Handles

Vac-U-Lock Black Handle

Dildo handles can make a huge difference in the comfort and accessibility of using a dildo. If your dildo doesn’t have a lot to grab onto, then adding a handle to the base can make it so much easier to maneuver around!

This handle attachment is simply but ergonomically designed, with a textured handle for better grip and a strong Vac-U-Lock plug.

Vac-U-Lock Knuckle Up Grip

What about a dildo handle with much more of the ‘cool factor’? Reminiscent of a knuckle duster, this handle allows you to securely grip your dildo and thrust away to your heart’s content.

Made from durable ABS plastic, this handle is great for solo play or with a partner. It provides a lot of control over the angle of your dildo, and allows you to put some real power behind your thrusts!

The Realm Drago Lock On Sword Dildo Handle

This dildo handle takes the phrase ‘erotic fantasy’ very literally! Shaped just like a badass sword hilt (complete with two dragon heads), the Drago handle attachment can turn your Lock On dildo into a weapon of mass orgasms.

Whether you wield it yourself or have your partner be your knight in shining armor, it’s sure to please. Plus, it’s always nice to bring a little fun into the bedroom.

Vac-U-Lock Double Up Plug

Sometimes, one dildo just isn’t enough. This nifty little attachment allows you to double up your Vac-U-Lock dildos to create a double-ended wonder! Make a traditional double-ended dildo by attaching two of the same dildos, or vary up the sizes and textures to your preferences.

This Vac-U-Lock attachment is perfect for pleasing two partners together, but can also be used solo if you like to switch up your play. Alternatively, leave one plug free and use it as a handle.

Strap-On Harnesses

Vac-U-Lock Extra Support Supreme Harness

There’s only one thing better than a strap-on, and that’s a strap-on that gives you almost unlimited options! Just attach your favorite Vac-U-Lock dildo to this harness and get pegging.

The Supreme Vac-U-Lock harness is a super comfortable, adjustable, unisex harness with a wide back panel and a padded front panel to cushion the pubic bone. It has jock strap-style straps on the back that allow open access to the butt, because the wearer deserves some pleasure, too!

Vac-U-Lock Dual Density Strap-On Set

Perhaps you don’t have your own Vac-U-Lock dildo yet, or you just want a complete strap-on set that you can start with straight away! We’ve got you covered with this Dual Density Strap-On Set from Doc Johnson.

Included is an adjustable harness, three starter dildos, a Vac-U-Lock base and a Vac-U-Lock suction cup, 3 O-rings, lube, toy cleaner and some renewal powder. The dildo set features both realistic and less phallic textures, and all are double-density, meaning they have a realistic squishy outside and a firm core. We do recommend using a condom with them, as they are made of porous materials.

Vac-U-Lock Vibrating Plug with Wireless Remote

If you want to add a little extra shimmy to your strap-on play, switch out your regular Vac-U-Lock base with this vibrating one. It will attach to your Vac-U-Lock harness and, just like any other Vac-U-Lock plug, can accommodate any and all Vac-U-Lock dildos! Choose from 7 vibration modes, and control them all easily using the remote.

Magic Wand Vac-U-Lock Attachments

Kink Wand Vac-U-Lock Attachment

Wand vibrators are pretty amazing on their own, but adding a magic wand attachment can really elevate them to new heights. Adding this Vac-U-Lock plug over the head of your wand can transform it into an ultra-powerful vibrating dildo, and the best part is that you can use any dildo you want!

This attachment is designed especially for the Doc Johnson Kink Power Wand, but can actually be used with any standard sized wand, as long as the head is between 2.25″ and 2.5″ wide. And don’t worry, that includes the Original Magic Wand.

Sex Machine Vac-U-Lock Attachments

Doc Johnson x Motorbunny Buck Set

The Motorbunny Buck is a sex saddle that vibrates and thrusts — truly the best of both worlds. They have a huge range of sex machine attachments available on their site, but the most extensive might be this collaborative set with Doc Johnson. It includes:

  • 3 silicone attachments
  • 2 Vac-U-Lock dildos
  • A Vac-U-Lock plug (that fits into the attachments)
  • 2 toggles for different thrusting modes
  • A Bluetooth-enabled controller
  • A packet of renewing powder
  • A wedge that allows you to mount the Motorbunny at 90° for doggy-style play

Kink Power Banger

For a more traditional thrusting sex machine experience, check out the Doc Johnson Kink Power Banger. It has an adjustable arm and a Vac-U-Lock plug to which you can attach the dildo of your choice. With a stroke length of 60mm and a top speed of 195 strokes per minute (that’s 3.25 per second!), you’re sure to be satisfied!

Hismith Vac-U-Lock Attachments

Hismith are makers of super powerful yet whisper-quiet sex machines. If you want to turn yours into a Vac-U-Lock dream, then check out their range of Vac-U-Lock adaptors.

Which one you get will depend on your specific machine and the attachment mechanism it uses. The two most common are 3XLR and KlicLok, but you should check before you buy!

Reciprocating Saw Vac-U-Lock Adaptor

Not everyone has a sex machine, we know. But, why should you miss out on the fun? This handy Vac-U-Lock plug attachment can turn a reciprocating saw into a powerful thruster!

Take a dig around in your toolbox, give your saw a good clean-up, then replace the blade with this adaptor and you’re ready to go.

Bonus: Vac-U-Lock Powder

If you struggle with attaching and removing your Vac-U-Lock dildos from their plugs, then this Vac-U-Lock powder can make this a lot smoother. Just sprinkle a little of the powder into the hole before you put it onto the attachment, whether it be a suction cup, handle, harness or sex machine.