What Does it Feel Like to Use Sex Toys?

By Edwina / August 02, 2020

If you are a sex toy beginner, no matter what your age, you may be asking, “What does it feel like to use sex toys?” Honestly, that is a fantastic question, especially if you have never touched, felt or tried one before. Well, since I have many years of experience in the direct sales and personal use of various types of sex toys, I believe I’m qualified to explain what it feels like to use sex toys.

However, since knowing what it feels like to use sex toys is different depending on whether you are using them solo or with a partner, I am going to break things down and answer as many questions as possible. So, you will learn how it feels to use sex toys for masturbation as well as how it feels to use sex toys as a couple.

Water color painting of couple in bed. What does it feel like to use sex toys?

What is it Like to Use Sex Toys for Masturbation?

Dark, moon lit photograph of a young woman lying on a bed. What's it like to use sex toys for masturbation?
What’s it Like to Use Sex Toys for Masturbation?

I know what it is like to use sex toys for masturbation as I have gone many years without the companionship of a man and was never the type of gal to just hook up with a random guy. But, since I felt I needed that sexual release from time to time, I started using sex toys for masturbation.

Using sex toys for masturbation is empowering as you are taking control of your own pleasure and not relying on someone else to pleasure you. Also, using sex toys allows you to explore your own body and find the erogenous zones that excite you the most. Finally, using sex toys for masturbation assists you in learning how you orgasm best.

For instance, only 25% of females can orgasm with penetration alone. So, you may want to find out if you are in that percentile. Or, using sex toys can also help you learn what it takes to have a clitoral orgasm, like speed, pressure and the exact sweet spots that bring you to climax. In turn, you will know your body better and identify exactly what it takes to bring you to orgasm.

Most importantly, using sex toys for masturbation gives you the big-O knowledge and experience that will enhance any future sexual relationships you may have. No more fumbling in the dark, missing orgasms by mere centimetres or worse yet, having to fake a climax just to make it stop. You’ll be able to coax your partner to all the right places.

What Does Using Sex Toys Feel Like?

It is difficult to describe what using sex toys feel like as it will be different for each person. Certainly, it doesn’t feel the same as having sex with a human. That is, unless you have had an intimate relationship with someone that is battery-operated and has vibrating, pulsating tongues, fingers, penises or vaginas.

Though you can never replace the feeling of the human touch, using sex toys feels pretty amazing. The vast majority of sex toys vibrate and some even offer pulsation and escalation patterns. So, using sex toys feels like nothing you’ve felt before. Therefore, you’ll have to experiment with the various strength and speed of vibrations to find what you like.

Finally, some sex toys are made to give you the most realistic experience as possible. You can choose from sex toys that mimic oral sex, dildos and vibrators that look and feel like a penis and even sex dolls that feel like real human bodies. Thus, using sex toys can feel unusual, pleasurable and natural, depending on the sex toy you choose.

What Are the Best Sex Toys for Masturbation?

The best sex toys for masturbation are those that give you the sexual stimulation and the type of orgasm you desire. For females, you can decide between clitoral stimulation, penetration, g-spot stimulation or a Holy-grail of all of the above. Further, men can choose from sex toys that feel like a hand-jobs and oral sex, sex toys to mimic intercourse and toys that stimulate the p-spot.

The Best Masturbation Toys for Men

Pipedream Torso sex doll. The best masturbation sex toys for men. What does using sex toys feel like?
Pipedream Extreme F**k Me Silly 2 Sex Doll

The best masturbation sex toys for men can be broken down into 3 categories, each offering a different feeling and experience:

  • Male masturbator Sleeves: Masturbation sleeves come in all shapes and sizes with some designed to look like mouths, vaginas and bottoms. Additionally, these sleeves are created with varying tightness and internal textures to mimic hand-stimulation, oral sex and intercourse. In addition, some adult product companies sell hands-free machines that do the work for you.
  • Sex Doll torsos and Sex Dolls: Torsos are realistic looking and feeling masturbators that are stationary and recreate intercourse. They have human-feeling skin, breasts, bottoms and vaginas. Or, men can choose from extremely realistic sex dolls that have measurements, weight and features of a living woman.
  • P-Spot Stimulators: P-Spot stimulators are made to go into the rectum and are curved to lie against the prostate gland (p-spot). This type of stimulation produces a different type of orgasm that is deeper, stronger and more satisfying.

The Best Masturbation Toys for Women

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator. The best masturbation sex toys for women. What does using sex toys feel like?
Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

The best masturbation toys for women can cover every type of orgasm as well as satisfy the need for penetration. Those types of sex toys for women are:

  • Clitoral Stimulators: Clitoral stimulators are made specifically to induce orgasm. You can choose from sex toys that vibrate or have gentle suction to recreate oral sex. Plus, there are sex toys that strap on for hands-free masturbation or for use during couple’s sex and penetration.
  • Penetration and G-Spot Stimulating Sex Toys: These type of sex toys are more commonly known as dildos and vibrators. Dildos offer penetration only and feel most like intercourse. However, you can also choose from dildos that vibrate or vibrators that are curved upward to offer you g-spot stimulation.
  • Multi-Function Sex Toys: Multi-function sex toys for women include a vibrator (or shaft) for penetration with the addition of a clitoral stimulator…. think rabbit vibrator. This type of sex toy allows you to experience dual orgasms though stimulation of the g-spot, vaginal opening and clitoris. In addition, there are newer sex toys for women that look nothing like a vibrator but still give you the same affect.

How Does it Feel to Have Sex Using Sex Toys?

Couple in bed peeking over the blankets. How does it feel to have sex using sex toys?
How Does it Feel to Have Sex Using Sex Toys?

Answering the question, “How does it feel to have sex using sex toys?” is difficult to answer as each and every one of us has unique tastes and desires when it comes to sex. However, I can try and generalize the answer so that you have an idea of what it feels like to have sex while using sex toys.

First of all, being intimate with someone is fantastic enough. But, adding a sex toy into the mix can really make a good thing even better. Therefore, using a sex toy while you are enjoying intimacy with your partner feels incredible as long as you are making your partner the star of the show and using the sex toy to enhance their skills.

Secondly, using a sex toy while having sex with a partner feels empowering and exciting. The reason being is that a sex toy takes you outside of the norm and explores feelings and sensations you’ve never felt before. It opens your relationship to new things and adds another level of trust between yourself and your partner.

Finally, using sex toys while having sex provides you with physical sensations which your partner cannot give you on their own. After all, if human bodies could vibrate and pulsate with various speeds, there wouldn’t be a need for sex toys at all! So, using sex toys while having sex with your partner can be thrilling, erotic and adventurous.

What’s the Best Way to Introduce Sex Toys to My Partner or Spouse?

The best way to introduce sex toys to your partner or spouse is by simply sitting down and talking about it. However, be sure and make it clear that you’re not dissatisfied or trying to replace your lover. Rather, reassure your partner that you’d like to enhance your private time by adding a little more zest.

For example, tell your boyfriend how much you love his oral skills but you’re curious to know what it would feel like to have g-spot stimulation at the same time. Or, you guys can tell her that she’s the best you’ve ever had and you’re curious about how a p-spot orgasm would feel when combined with her mad skills.

From there, the two of you can share your erotic fantasies and what exciting adventures you’d like to experience together. Then, grab your laptop or phone and check out some online sex toy retailers and discover what’s available. Or, look around town for a lingerie shop that also sells adult products and go on a little shopping spree.

What Are the Best Sex Toys for Couples?

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator. The best sex toys for couples. How does it feel to have sex using sex toys?
Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

The best sex toys for couples are playthings that enhance the intimacy you already share. Additionally, the best sex toys for you will depend a great deal on how much experience you have and if either of you have any turn-offs on certain types of toys. For instance, many men would prefer not to use a vibrator that looks like a real penis.

So, once you both discover the types of sex toys you’d like to try as well as the ones you’d prefer to steer clear from, use the following list for recommendations on sex toys for couples that are beginners, intermediate and sexperts.



Beginner Sex Toys for Couples

The best beginner sex toys for couples are those that are easy to use, can be utilized in various ways and are specifically for enhancing the amazing sex you already have. Bullet vibrators are the best first sex toys for couples as they are small, have multiple speeds and can be used to stimulate erogenous zones all over the body including the clitoris and his external p-spot (perineum).

Additionally, wand vibrators are extremely versatile in that they can be used for erotic massages and for exploring one another’s sweet spots. And don’t forget edible massage lotions, sexy games and potions like climax cream and delay sprays, both of which enhance intercourse, orgasm and his staying power.

The Best Sex Toys for Couples with Experience

Doc Johnson Prolonging Delay Spray. Best sex toys for couples. How does it feel to have sex using sex toys?
Doc Johnson Prolonging Delay Spray

The best sex toys for couples who have some experience using adult products are a bit more technical and offer various options for pleasuring one another. For example, cock rings make his penis harder and more sensitive while delaying ejaculation, making intercourse longer and much more satisfying for you both.

Or, the two of you could venture into the world of vibrators, using them to enhance oral sex or intercourse. A great example would be a wearable clitoral stimulator that will provide her with clitoral thrills during sex increasing the possibility of the two of you enjoying a mutual big-O. You could also use a simple, phallic shaped vibrator to penetrate one another during oral pleasure.

The Hottest Sex Toys for Couples That Are Sexperts

The hottest sex toys for experienced couples cross that line of vanilla sex into outside-the-box fantasies. For instance, remote-control sex toys (vibrating cock rings, butt plugs and panties) can be used to tease and tantalize one another inside the bedroom or while you’re out on a date.

Or, if you’re ready to fulfill your partner’s deepest, naughtiest fantasies, consider trying a strap-on for double penetration or bring a third on board by investing in a sex doll. That way there are no worries over jealousy or sexually transmitted infections. Simply be open in sharing your most exciting desires and you’ll relish taking your sex life to a new level of excitement.

Does it Feel Good to Use Sex Toys?

In closing, does it feel good to use sex toys? As long as you are using them properly and aren’t jumping feet-first into the advanced sex toys, absolutely yes! Even if you’re a beginner, trying your first sex toy, take it slow and you’ll soon discover how that sex toy can make you feel fantastic. But you’ll never know what it feels like to use sex toys until you try. So, in my opinion, it’s time to go shopping for sex toys!