What Is a Squirting Orgasm?

By Edie / January 03, 2023

Learn about the squirting orgasm, what it is and how to experience one.

Have you ever asked, “What is a squirting orgasm?” Most likely not, as most of us are either too embarrassed to ask or just don’t have that person in our lives whom we can ask those sexual questions.

So, most of us turn to an online search engine to find answers. Hence, the reason you are probably here!

Welcome to everything you ever wanted to know about a squirting orgasm! Read on for the magical, mystical and scientific blabber about the squirting orgasm, how it happens and if you or your partner can have one.

Specifically, we will discuss:

What is a Squirting Orgasm: The Quickie Version

  • A squirting orgasm is a sexual release of fluid that comes from the urethra of people born female.
  • Squirting and ejaculation are two entirely different things, coming from two different areas of the vulva.
  • Although not everyone has experienced a squirting orgasm, most people can, with time, learn how.
  • Squirting across the room is a work of fiction, born from the exaggeration of porn.
  • There are many ways to achieve a squirting orgasm including online courses that guarantee to make her squirt, squirting with oral sex, by using sex toys and through fingering techniques.

What is a Squirting Orgasm?

A squirting orgasm is exactly what the name implies. It’s an orgasm that causes someone with a vagina to squirt fluid either before, during or after a sexual climax.

Is Squirting the Same as Ejaculation?

Anatomy of the vulva, where to finger a woman

Contrary to popular belief, squirting and ejaculation are two entirely different things, that is, when it comes to people with vaginas. Simply put:

  • Squirting is the ejection of fluid from the urethra before, during or after orgasm.
  • Ejaculation is the secretion of a milky-white substance, much like male ejaculate, from the Skene’s glands.

Can Everyone Have a Squirting Orgasm?

people of all types

If you have a vagina and can have an orgasm, the likelihood that you can experience a squirting orgasm is high. But, keep in mind, having a squirting orgasm may be more difficult for some more than others.

In other words, some of us have to work harder at squirting than others. In addition, some of us may have a squirting orgasm without even trying!

The reason for this, as speculated by scientists and doctors, is that some of us have a more developed g-spot than others. And for those who don’t know, the g-spot is located within the anterior wall of the vagina, just a few inches in.

Further, the g-spot is the back end of the clitoris, and as with penis size, the clitoris can differ in size too. Meaning, not only could the g-spot be more of a g-area, it can also be smaller and difficult to stimulate through the anterior vaginal wall.

However, considering the g-spot is only one way to obtain a squirting orgasm, most everyone with a vagina can have a squirting orgasm with patience, time and lots of practice – aka, lots of sex and self-pleasure.

Where Does the Squirt Liquid Come From?

Some people believe that squirting fluid actually comes out the vagina. On the contrary, squirt fluid comes from the urethra, a small hole located underneath the clitoris but above the vagina. (See the above illustration)

Furthermore, the urethral opening is where urine exits the body. Therefore, it may make one wonder what squirt fluid really is.

Is Squirt Fluid Pee?

Since fluid gushes from the urethra during a squirting orgasm, does that mean that squirt fluid is really pee? The answer to that is yes and no.

If you look for answers on sex related sites, similar to ours, you’ll see most proclaiming that squirt is not pee at all. The reason for this little white lie still eludes me to this day, as urine is a normal, bodily function.

But if you look at scientific studies, you’ll learn that squirt fluid really is urine, slightly watered-down, and containing PSA, or prostate specific antigens. Therefore, although it contains urine, it is slightly different in chemical composition.

A great example of science and the squirting orgasm comes from a study of 7 people with vulvas. To begin, each subject emptied their bladders and were given ultrasounds at various points throughout the study, during which they were stimulated sexually, to the point of having a squirting orgasm.

As a result, the study showed that, even with an empty bladder, sexual stimulation made the bladder fill with fluid very quickly, and after a squirting orgasm, the bladder of each test subject was found to be empty.

Furthermore, chemical analysis of the squirt fluid showed urine and PSA. So, yes, squirt fluid is urine.

But, the act of squirting before, during or after an orgasm is involuntary. Therefore, the person doing the squirting isn’t actually peeing.

On the contrary, a squirting orgasm is complete release and loss of control during sexual ecstasy. It’s basically the best orgasm a vulva owner can experience.

Why Do Some Have Squirting Orgasms?

Some people with vaginas are simply capable of letting go completely, which is a requirement in having a squirting orgasm. On the other hand, some people just haven’t experienced a squirting orgasm for several reasons.

The most popular beliefs and reasons that someone with a vagina cannot squirt include:

  • Not being able to relax and give in to the full orgasmic experience
  • Feeling a sensation similar to having to pee and tightening up
  • The fear of what the partner may think if they squirt
  • Being afraid of wetting the bed or couch
  • Not stimulating the g-spot, a-spot or clitoris to the point of a squirting orgasm
  • Finally, not being aroused enough before trying to have a squirting orgasm

Do You Really Squirt Across the Room?

Squirting orgasm, squirt across the room, man with umbrella

It’s a shame that when people think of squirting, they envision a vagina squirting fluid across the room like a garden hose. That’s because squirting looks nothing like that.

You see, we can thank the porn industry for this false belief. They oftentimes cut the filming, fill the actor’s vagina with water, and start filming again.

All as the actor bears down and squirts the water across the room.

Additionally, some actors will drink a great deal of fluid before filming, and simply bear down as they pee, causing it to squirt across the room. However, in the real world, squirt fluid comes out anywhere from a trickle to a small gush.

So, although squirting doesn’t look as dramatic as it does on film, it still remains one of the most incredible orgasms a person with a vagina can have.

The Many Ways to Have a Squirting Orgasm

There are many ways someone with a vagina can achieve a squirting orgasm, all of which I will explain below. However, there are some pre-sex warm-ups that are crucial, if you are setting out to specifically have a squirting orgasm.

So, if you want to know how to make her squirt, you have to start with the following steps.

First, the vagina-owner must overcome any fear or stigma related to having a squirting orgasm. For instance, they must learn that it’s not peeing the bed, it isn’t gross and you, as their partner, will not freak out.

You must be supportive and encouraging.

Next, the potential squirter must be in a complete state of relaxation. What this means is letting go of all of the stresses of the day, as well as feeling physically relaxed.

Therefore, you can help the process along by offering a calm environment with dimmed lights, candles and soft music. Then, giving your partner a sensual massage to ease the tense muscles throughout the body.

After all, when our muscles are tense from stress, the brain still reads it as stress, and the tension continues. However, as the body unwinds, the brain follows suit.

Finally, and most importantly, your partner must be more aroused than they have ever been. And you can achieve that by starting to turn her on long before you take her clothes off.

So, be sure and romance her, give your partner meaningful compliments, take her out, kiss her passionately and make out like you’re teenagers again. Then, you can proceed to turn her on through gentle, erotic stimulation of each and every erogenous zone.

Be sure she is writhing in sheer ecstasy and practically begging you to touch her down there, before you do! This will ensure that your partner is aroused, relaxed and ready to have a squirting orgasm.

Have a Squirting Orgasm, Guaranteed

Squirting Triggers 2.0

Learning how to achieve a squirting orgasm does take a great deal of trial and error, as well as finding the right sequence of things to do that will result in squirting. But if you want to fast track to the good stuff, there is a way to do that!

And it’s a foolproof way to make you or your partner squirt, guaranteed!

Drumroll please; introducing an online program called Squirting Triggers 2.0 and it’s from The School of Squirt. Included with the program are short, instructional videos, that show you the exact techniques you can use to make your partner squirt.

And just in case you want to learn more before diving in, I wrote a full review of Squirting Triggers 2.0, to help you decide if signing up for the program is worth it. In addition, when you purchase the program, which is super cheap by the way, you get some freebies that teach you all of the relaxation methods I talked about earlier.

How to Squirt with Oral Sex

Learning how to squirt with oral sex is as easy as simply relaxing. Generally, squirting during oral sex happens at the tail end of an orgasm.

Therefore, in order to have a squirting orgasm with oral sex, whomever is doing the oral stimulation, needs to keep the rhythm going, even after the orgasm seems to have subsided.

As far as the vulva owner is concerned, they must relax, understand that the sensation of having to urinate is normal, and just let go. As a result, they should experience one of the best orgasms they’ve ever had!

In the end though, it depends on how good the oral sex is. So, if you don’t know the best ways to eat pussy, it’s something you should learn about, practice and become the master of!

How to Have a Squirting Orgasm with Sex Toys

Have a squirting orgasm with sex toys

Knowing how to have a squirting orgasm using sex toys is as simple as having an orgasm. Again, you must first get all of those worries out of your head, learn how to relax and finally, how to completely let go.

Next, you can use a small, bullet vibrator to have a clitoral orgasm, which can evolve into a squirting orgasm. Or, if you enjoy the sensation of oral sex, and don’t have a partner, you can use an air pulse stimulator – better known as a clit sucker.

But if you are capable of having vaginal orgasms, either from g-spot or a-spot stimulation, you can learn to squirt by using a vibrator. In addition, you can get the best of both worlds by using a multi-function vibrator, like a rabbit vibe, to have a blended orgasm.

Personally, oral stimulation and dual stimulation, from a sex toy like a rabbit vibrator, are the ways I have been able to achieve a squirting orgasm. And when I did have one, it took me completely by surprise, as I was only trying to get off, nothing more.

So, you absolutely can have a squirting orgasm by either masturbation with sex toys or having your partner use adult toys on you!

Fingering and the Squirting Orgasm

Fingering techniques

Finally, another way to achieve the squirting orgasm is through fingering. So, if you want to help your partner have a squirting orgasm, you must learn how to finger her.

First, stimulating her g-spot is a simple way to give her an incredible orgasm, as well as possibly making her squirt. And it’s as easy as:

*Putting your palm up

*Sliding your index finger into her vagina to your center knuckle

*Pressing upward while curling your finger toward yourself in a “come here” motion.

Also, you can use both your index and middle fingers to slide directly back and against her front vaginal wall to stimulate her a-spot. Combine these two techniques with clitoral stimulation and you are likely to help her achieve a squirting orgasm!

If not, she will still climax, it will still feel amazing and you can work towards the squirting next time around!

Will You Experience a Squirting Orgasm?

Now that you’ve learned the answer to, “What is a squirting orgasm?”, will you or your partner experience one? That all depends on how hard you work, how much she can relax and if she can just let go of all worries and inhibitions.

Good luck and enjoy practicing!