What is the Best 2nd Sex Toy? How to Choose Your Next Sex Toy

By Edwina / July 07, 2020

Tips for choosing your 2nd sex toy while expanding your sexual pleasure and your toy box

You’ve gotten up close and personal with your first sex toy and now, you may be asking, “What is the best 2nd sex toy?” as well as how to choose your next sex toy.

Exactly what the best 2nd sex toy is for you will depend on a few aspects. In addition, how to choose that sex toy depends on how you want to shop and the size of collection and options from which you would like to choose.

What is the Best 2nd Sex Toy - How to Choose Your Next Sex Toy

So, if you have mastered orgasmic pleasures and gone as far as you can with your first battery-operated plaything, it’s definitely time to broaden your bedroom horizons and find out exactly what the best 2nd sex toy is for you.

I am going to cover the best 2nd sex toy for women, the best 2nd sex toy for men as well as the best 2nd sex toy for couples. So, read on and get ready to shop for your next sex toy.

How to Begin Choosing a 2nd Sex Toy

You know you are ready for a 2nd sex toy, but where do you begin? Well, you have already gotten to the first step as you are here, reading this post.

Next, know what it is you want from your next sex toy (and we will cover some questions to ask yourself here in a moment).

Whether you are considering stepping up to a better model of what you have or are looking for a completely different way to make yourself climax, here are some tips on how to begin choosing a 2nd sex toy.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for the Best 2nd Sex Toy

When you’re ready to move on from your old bullet or traditional vibrator, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions.

Are you wanting to broaden your sexual horizons and try something completely new? Is a 2nd sex toy something you want to share with a partner? Or, are you wanting to step up your solo sex game and invest in a quality sex toy?

And then there are the fun questions, for instance; do want your 2nd sex toy to be an innie or an outie? How about a toy for the shower or bath? Once you have answered those questions, you’ll likely have a good idea of the best 2nd sex toy for you. If not, that’s okay too!

After all, window shopping for a brand-new plaything can be a great deal of fun and you may discover something you didn’t know existed.

How Much Should I Spend on a 2nd Sex Toy?

How much to spend on a 2nd sex toy depends entirely on what you are looking for.

Since sex toy prices range from budget friendly playthings under $20 to elaborate, high-tech, quality adult toys costing hundreds, you have a broad range of 2nd sex toys to choose from.

Therefore, here are 3 ways to weigh your options:

How Much Should I Spend on a 2nd Sex Toy



Know what your budget is for your 2nd sex toy. You can find every type of sensual plaything in just about every price range. However, you do get what you pay for.

So, be sure and read product descriptions and packaging so you know what your toy is made of, whether or not it’s waterproof and if it takes batteries or is rechargeable.


Features play a large role in the cost of a 2nd sex toy. For example, adult toys with a lot of features like vibration, pulsation, escalation and suction are going to be a bit pricier.

In addition, rechargeable sex toys, oftentimes, are slightly more expensive. However, when you weigh in the cost of replacing batteries, you’ll likely come out on top in the end.


The quality of a 2nd sex toy is likely something you won’t want to skimp on, considering it is a step up from your first toy.

Quality sex toys are made from better materials like body-safe silicone, coated plastic, stainless steel and even glass.

Additionally, quality sex toys are made to last longer and wear well, even after washing with toy cleanser or soap and water.

Where Should I Shop for the Best 2nd Sex Toy?

With so many options available, knowing where to shop for a 2nd sex toy may be overwhelming. And although where to shop isn’t a big deal to most people, to others, they may not feel comfortable with one of the places from where they can buy adult products.

So, check out the following options and the pros and cons to shopping at each.

Brick and Mortar Adult Stores

Brick and mortar stores are more widespread than they once were. Gone are the days of men in trench coats and wide-brimmed hats, slinking into back-room peep shows.

Okay, so those places still exist and if you feel comfortable visiting that type of adult shop, then by all means go! However, if the thought of what’s going on in the room behind that curtain gives you the heebie-jeebies, check around for lingerie and sex toy shops.

In both cases, you are able to look around, pick up and touch the merchandise. Additionally, you can read packaging and even ask a sales associate questions about the sex toy you are interested in.

But, for those of us who are a little more secretive about our activities between the sheets, a brick and mortar store is best kept for gag-gifts for the bride or groom to be.

Online Sex Toy Stores

Online sex toy stores are the promised land of vibrating playthings with literally hundreds of 2nd sex toys to choose from, even thousands if you order from another country.

Further, online sex toy stores have a broader range of adult products to choose from including vibrators, masturbators, accessories, BDSM products and accessories to use with your 2nd sex toy.

Sure, some people are extremely comfortable shopping online, However, some of us are worried about getting ripped off, ending up with inferior sex toys or getting nothing at all.

Therefore, it’s important to look for website user ratings and reviews, that all-important little lock icon in your browser bar and website certificates. Or, simply utilize a Google search for the best sex toy sites for the current year and you can choose a store from there.

What is the Best 2nd Sex Toy for Women?

What is the Best 2nd Sex Toy for Women

According to Live Science, “Women who used vibrators also reported better sex, including higher sexual desire and arousal, as well as orgasm.”

Therefore, if you are shopping for a 2nd sex toy, you are well on your way to a better sex life overall as well as being physically healthier than women who don’t use sex toys.

But what is the best 2nd sex toy for women? That answer depends solely on what your first sex toy was and the types of orgasms you would love to experience.

So, let’s look at a couple of examples of common first battery-operated-boyfriends and determine which type of sex toy you should buy next.

If You Started with a Bullet

If you started out with a vibrating bullet or other small, clitoral stimulator then you likely have mastered the art of bringing yourself to satisfying ecstasy one way.

So, maybe it’s time to start exploring other erogenous zones with an internal vibrator. That way, you can experiment with the depth of penetration you prefer as well as stimulating your g-spot. Ultimately, the more ways you know how to orgasm, the better sex will become.

If You Started with a Traditional Vibrator

If your first sex toy was a simple vibrator that you used for penetration, then you are well-familiar with how deep, fast or slow you like it.

Plus, if you’ve found your g-spot and learned to bring yourself to orgasm, congratulations, you have accomplished a feat only 30% of women have conquered.

So, the best 2nd sex toy for you may be a more elborate g-spot vibrator, a clitoral stimulator or even a multi-function vibe that does even more than a male partner can do.

Considering I have had experience with first sex toys as well as second, third, fourth and so on, here are some of the best 2nd sex toys for women that I believe every girl should own.

The Best 2nd Sex Toys for Women


#1 The Womanizer Classic Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

The Womanizer Classic Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

This is the must-have sex toy for every woman on the planet and one of the best 2nd sex toys for women. Why? Because this sex toy has actually been studied and proven to give orgasms to 100% of the women who have used it.

If only our partners came with that guarantee! So, if you are seeking the best in clitoral orgasms, check out the features of this erotic marvel:

  • Uses a patented, no-touch, air technology for a unique, buzz-free stimulation
  • Includes 2 sizes of silicone heads to fit your clitoris with perfection
  • It’s rechargeable, meaning it’s always ready to go and no batteries to replace
  • Easy-to-use push-button operation with 8 intensity levels

#2 The Jessica Rabbit Multi-Function Vibe

The Jessica Rabbit Multi-Function Vibe

Rabbit vibrators have been all the rage since the early 90’s and for good reason; they give you internal and external stimulation along with knee-weakening, dual orgasms.

So, whether you started out with a clitoral stimulator or a classic vibrator, this vagina-loving plaything will be another of the best 2nd sex toys for women.

This vibrator features a shaft that vibrates and rotates in order to stimulate your g-spot. Plus, beads inside the shaft turn, giving you a vaginal opening massage and stimulating those all-important nerve endings.

In addition, your clitoris nestles between the vibrating bunny ears for targeted, tingly sensations where you want it most. Best yet, this vibe features 10 vibrating variations and is waterproof for sensual play in the shower bath or anywhere you find yourself wet.

#3 The Mantric Rechargeable G-Spot Vibe

Mantric Rechargeable G-Spot Vibe

Whether you started with a bullet or a veiny dildo, this g-spot vibrator will take your penetrating adventures to a whole new level. It’s made of silky silicone, meaning its body-safe and hypoallergenic. Plus, silicone vibrators last much longer than their jelly or cyber-skin counterparts.

Further, the Mantric thrills you with 7 modes of vibration and pulsation operated by an easy-to-reach push-button control. The vibe is gently curved and features a large, bulb head that bathes your g-spot in maximum contact and sensations. And the flared base makes it easy to hold on to even in the bath, shower or hot tub.

What is the Best 2nd Sex Toy for Men?

First of all, if you’re a man and here seeking advice on what the best 2nd sex toy for you is, congratulations for being bold, brave and taking control of your own sexual pleasure.

More often than not, sex toys are deemed as “a girl thing” or strictly for gay or bisexual men when nothing could be further from the truth. Just ask the makers of the Real Doll!

That being said, knowing what the best 2nd sex toy for a man would depend entirely on what the first sex toy was and where you are wanting to travel with your next sexual experiences.

So, not knowing exactly what it is you may be looking for, let’s talk about male sex toys for beginners and the next step up from the usual sex toys for men.

If You Started with a Stoker or Masturbation Sleeve

The vast majority of men begin their sex toy journey with a stroker or masturbation sleeve.

Seriously, how cool is the Fleshlight? Strokers are the perfect way to simulate intercourse or oral sex through masturbation.

However, when you’re ready for a more exciting experience, it’s time to consider adding some vibrations or p-spot stimulation to your solo time.

Are You Ready for a Male Vibrator?

Male vibrators are the best way to stimulate your p-spot and experience a deeper, more satisfying type of orgasm. The thing is, reaching the p-spot (the prostate gland) is a little more difficult.

Sure, stimulating the perineum is easy enough but external stimulation doesn’t have the same effect as direct prostate stimulation.

So, if you are secure in your masculinity and want to go further than simple masturbation, it’s the perfect time to try a male vibrator.

Whether this is a solo adventure, or something you want to share with your partner, trying a male vibrator will surely be a thrilling experience.


The Best 2nd Sex Toys for Men

During my years as a direct salesperson of sex toys, I had the pleasure of talking to a lot of couples.

I learned a great deal about what men liked and didn’t like as well as the apprehension they showed for some sex toys.

But since then, the adult product industry has opened the flood gates with a treasure trove to toys made just for men. Here are just a few that I believe are among the best 2nd sex toys for men.

#1 The Thrust Pro Self-Lubricating Masturbation Sleeve

The Thrust Pro Self-Lubricating Masturbation Sleeve

This 4-piece set for men is a great 2nd sex toy choice as it goes a step beyond a simple masturbation sleeve. Modeled to look and feel like a genuine vagina, the sleeve has life-like labia, clitoris and a 2.5-inch opening (no worries, it’s stretches!).

The inside of the sleeve is textured, so it feels realistic. Plus, it features a hole in the end for the included vibrating bullet to add some vibration to your solo sessions.

Finally, the sleeve is self-lubricating, meaning it reacts like a real vagina. Included with the sleeve and vibrating bullet are restoration powder, to keep your secret lover feeling new and a bag in which to stash it.

#2 The Curve Cruise 5 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager

The Curve Cruise 5 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager

When you are ready to enjoy an orgasm that feels like no other, this male prostate massager is among the best 2nd sex toys for men.

It features a thinner tip for a more comfortable insertion followed by a rounded area that keeps the massager in place. Additionally, the shaft has stimulating bumps that connect directly with your p-spot.

The outside is curved to give you perineum contact at the same time with 2 speeds and 3 patterns.

Made from body-safe silicone, this massager won’t harbor unsafe bacteria and washes easily with soap and water or toy cleanser. Finally, don’t forget to add plenty of water-based, lubricant, especially if you’re trying this type of male sex toy for the first time.

#3 The Manta Rechargeable Blue Vibrating Male Stroker

The Manta Rechargeable Blue Vibrating Male Stroker

My final pick for the best 2nd sex toy for men is the Mantra Stroker. It’s much different than your run-of-the-mill stroker as it’s open and wraps around your penis with soft, silicone wings.

It features a finger loop base for easy handling and is shaped so you can use it solo or slide it between you and your partner for some insanely naughty couple’s fun.

This 2nd sex toy offers 12 speeds and patterns of vibration so you can switch it up every time you use it for a different feel. Plus, it’s easy to toggle through each setting as the buttons are right there where you’re hanging on.

So, if you are looking for a unique, new feel in solo play, this male companion makes the perfect 2nd sex toy.


What is the Best 2nd Sex Toy for Couples?

Sex toys for couples are one of the best ways of spicing things up in the bedroom.

Even if your partner is a little toy shy, there are many adult toys out there that range from mild to over-the-top, tie me up and spank me wild. And choosing the right and best 2nd sex toy for couples depends on where you lie between those two.

What Was Your First Couple’s Sex Toy?

Most couples begin introducing sex toys into the bedroom with things like massagers, topical, tasty lotions and lubes and maybe a very nondescript vibrator like a bullet.

So, when you gaze upon the overwhelming choices of sex toys for couples that are now available, you may have no idea what to try next.

So, take a look at your first sex toy and think about what you liked about it. Was it something that stimulated you both? Was it a sex toy you were both comfortable handling?

From there, decide if those are aspects you want in your 2nd sex toy. Plus, many online sex toy retailers have drop down menus with couple’s toys in their own category, so you will get some fun ideas and suggestions.

What Kind of Couple’s Sex Toy Do You Want to Try Next?

There are so many different types of couple’s sex toys to try! You can choose from multi-function vibrators that are bullet sized or larger, massagers that have multiple, sexy uses, silky, tie-down kits and so much more.

So, talk to your partner about what kind of toy you want to share next and I will show you a few of my favorite 2nd sex toys for couples to get that conversation started.

The Best 2nd Sex Toy for Couples


#1 The Classic Plug-In Massage Vibrator Wand

The Classic Plug-In Massage Vibrator Wand

Every couple should own a vibrating massage wand! Not only are wand vibrators versatile, they have received the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

The great thing about this wand vibrator is that it’s electric, meaning, it has a long cord, plugs in and doesn’t need batteries. Therefore, it will last longer than you and your partner combined!

This vibrating wand is a bit more compact so less bulky and easier to use. It has a flexible head, made from smooth silicone, so it’s easy to reach all of those sweet spots.

It has a simple dial to change vibration speed and is perfect for massaging everything from sore, stiff muscles to each other’s naughty bits when you add a little bit of lube.

#2 The Ready, Set Oh Gift Set

The Ready, Set Oh Gift Set

For the couple that can’t quite choose between all of the deliciously fun sex toys available, this gift set is a must-have and one of my top picks for best 2nd sex toy for couples.

With a variety of vibrating sex toys and a few things to get the romance started, this gift set will have you yelling Holy Wow in no time! The set includes:

  • Vanilla massage bar that melts with the skin’s warmth
  • A hand held massager to rub out the kinks….or  start some kink
  • 10 sexy, scratch-off cards with who, where and with what cards
  • A rechargeable cock ring to keep him harder, more sensitive and lasting longer
  • Finger vibrator for clitoral or perineum stimulation

#3 The Tracy Cox Edge Good Head Mini Stroker

The Tracy Cox Edge Good Head Mini Stroker

Why a stroker, you may ask? Well, strokers are surprisingly versatile and a great 2nd sex toy for couples.

First, you can use the stroker on his penis during foreplay to get him aroused and ready for playtime. Second, slide the stroker around him while you give him oral sex. Not only will it give him the deep throat sensation, it will help with your gag reflex.

Finally, lube up his package and slide the stroker to the base of his penis and mount up! Using this little stroker during intercourse not only adds a new feeling and dimension to intercourse, it gives your clitoris something firm yet silky to rub against.

This stroker is an all-around fun 2nd sex toy you will use over and over.

The Best Sex Toy Accessories You Need Now

The Best Sex Toy Accessories You Need Now

Now that you have an idea of the best 2nd sex toy your heart and body desires, let’s talk about those all-important accessories. Since most toys are made from silicone or a silicone and rubber combination, taking care of those materials correctly and safely is a must. So, be sure and grab and good, water-based lubricant that won’t break down silicone toys.

Next, if you are trying anal toys or prostate massagers as your 2nd sex toy, look for a water-based, anal lubricant. These lubricants are formulated to be a little ticker and some even have anti-bacterial properties. Finally, although washing your sex toys with soap and water is acceptable, a good sex toy cleanser keeps your playthings clean and helps to protect the materials, so your toys last longer.

I recommend Lovehoney Delight Silk Lubricant for every day sex toy play, Discover Water-Based Anal Lubricant for safe, comfortable back-door adventures and Doc Johnson Natural Toy Cleanser for safe, non-toxic cleansing of you first and 2nd sex toys.

Let’s Go Shopping for Your 2nd Sex Toy

Sex toys are a lot like potato chips or chocolates, once you enjoy the first, you just cannot wait to get to the second. Okay, so I’m sure you eat chocolates much more quickly than you buy sex toys, but you get the point.

Not too many people own one pleasure product and never buy a 2nd sex toy. So, grab your car keys and head to the nearest sex toy shop. Or start searching an online sex toy retailer for the best 2nd sex toy that will expand your sexual horizons, rock your world or add a whole new wow to your next couple’s escapade.