Why Are Sex Toys So Expensive?

By Edwina / August 28, 2020

If you haven’t purchased sex toys in a while, you may be having sex toy sticker shock and asking yourself, “Why are sex toys so expensive?” The answer to that is simple: People have recognized that sex toys have been made without regard for safety for far too long. Therefore, mass production and the use of materials that contain toxins have made many sex toy manufacturers take notice and change their processes.

So, with those changes have come higher prices in some of the sex toy markets. Unfortunately, you can still find cheaply-made, toxic sex toys at a steal along with sex toys claiming to be safe when they’re not. But do you really want to put something like that in or on your body for the sake of saving a few bucks? I certainly hope not!

For that reason, I am going to answer the question, “Why are sex toys so expensive?” by explaining the details more in depth. And, hopefully, it will help you to you see that sex toys should be viewed as an investment in your pleasure and not a one-night-stand adult novelty.

Sex Toys Are So Expensive Because of the Materials Used

Why are sex toys so expensive? Glass sex toys
Why Are Sex Toys So Expensive? Because of the Materials From Which They Are Made.

Why are sex toys so expensive? Because they are made of higher quality materials that last longer and are safer for the body. Those safer materials include silicone, ABS plastic, glass, stainless steel and wood. Sure, the thought of a glass sex toy may be frightening. However, the alternatives can cause permanent damage to your body.

For example, some sex toy materials contain the following toxins:

  • Phthalate: A known human carcinogen
  • Latex: Can cause deadly allergic reactions in some
  • Bisphenol A (BPA): Causes everything from low testosterone to cancer
  • Cadmium: Can cause neurological problems, gastrointestinal illness and cancer

In addition, some sex toy materials are more porous which can hide bacteria, yeast and viruses. As a result, you can end up with everything from a burning Urinary Tract Infection to HIV. So, sex toys are more expensive because they are safer for your body and your health while being more durable so you get more bang for your buck. Pun intended.

Sex Toys Are So Expensive Because of the Mechanics Involved

In asking why are sex toys so expensive, we have to look at how far the mechanics of sex toys have come. Back in the day, there were hard plastic vibrators with twist bottom battery compartments and connectors that became misshaped or just broke off entirely. Further, sex dolls were vinyl inflatables with wide-mouthed, shocked expressions and sharp seams that no one should have their penis anywhere near.

However, today, vibrators are made with sealed battery compartments that hold those batteries in place as well as some even featuring recharging capabilities via USB connection. Additionally, sex dolls are made with realistic feeling materials that are soft, supple and even jiggle like real boobs and bottoms.

On top of that, motors are much more high-tech, allowing for dozens of patterns of vibration and pulsation, some motors actually rumble rather than buzz and many sex toys are completely water-tight and submersible. So, sex toys are so expensive because they are much more mechanically advanced than they once were. But they do result in bigger thrills and better orgasms.

Sex Toys Are So Expensive Because of Technology

Why are sex toys so expensive. Photo of Real Doll artificial intelligence sex dolls
Why Are Sex Toys So Expensive? Real Doll AI Sex Dolls

Another answer to the question, why are sex toys so expensive, is because of the new technology available in adult playthings nowadays. Gone are the days of 3 buzzing, vibrating speeds via a twisting cap that, more often than not, would open up at the worst of times, dropping batteries into the bed.

Now we have sex toys that can operate by remote control, phone apps and some come with virtual reality videos you can watch while your toy reacts to what you see! Plus, you can find sex dolls with artificial intelligence that can carry on a conversation as well as moan and groan when the appropriate spots are touched.

Further, some sex toys are programmable and remember your favorite sensations. One great example of this technologically advanced adult product is the Autoblow sex toy for men that operates using artificial intelligence and requires him to do nothing but hold on to the machine.

Hence, as technology has evolved, so has the sex toy market, providing grown-ups with battery-operated BFFs that do nearly everything a human can without the mandatory snuggling afterward. And that is why sex toys are so expensive.

Not All Sex Toys Are So Expensive

Why are sex toys so expensive? Lovehoney rewards program banner
Lovehoney Has a Rewards Program

Now that you have answers to the question, why are sex toys so expensive, I am going to give you reasons as to why I believe they are not so expensive. First and foremost, spending a bit more on a sex toy is worth it, because your sexual satisfaction shouldn’t be an afterthought but a priority. So, I encourage you to practice self-love and invest in a high-quality sex toy.

Next, I believe not all sex toys are so expensive because silicone is far less expensive than it used to be. The reason for this is that sex toy manufacturers are using silicone more and have perfected the process of making sex toys silky-smooth and flexible without added ingredients that contain toxic chemicals.

Therefore, since there is a bigger demand for silicone, it has lowered the cost. In turn, that lowers the price of the end product. Another reason why sex toys are not so expensive is because you can buy direct from the manufacturer. For instance, websites like Screaming O, Lelo and Doc Johnson sell their exclusive products direct to consumer saving you big bucks.

Plus, many of these sites as well as multi-brand sex toy sellers, have incredible sales! For instance, at the time of this blog post, Doc Johnson is having a 70% off sale and Adam and Eve is offering 25% off any product and you get free gifts with every purchase. So, by simply watching for sales, even top-notch sex toys aren’t so expensive.

Finally, some sex toy dealers have buyer loyalty programs. Yes, these are a lot like getting your submarine sandwich card punched each time you buy food, but instead of free lunch, you get free orgasms! Lovehoney has an incredible loyalty program where you can earn points toward sex toys, lingerie and accessories with each adult plaything you buy.

Why Are Sex Toys So Expensive? The Conclusion

Sex toys can be expensive, but I believe they are that way because they are just better products than they once were. Honestly, when the old Carol Wright catalogs started advertising “massagers” to the housewives of the 50’s, who would have thought we would have vibrators that rotate, thrust, rumble, pulsate and penetrate every sensitive spot a woman has?

Yet, here we are with robotic sex dolls, dildos that look so real, they could fool a doctor at first glance. But, if you think about it, we all expect things to change with the times and the advancement in technology. For example, we want the best cell phones, robotic vacuums and cars that practically drive themselves.

So, why not sex toys that are expensive and do it all?!