The Cheapest Sex Toy Webshop [Statistics]

We’ve spent months analyzing which online sex store is the cheapest. We found that shopping at either or will save you the most money.

This analysis is the result of scraping sex toy prices across the 9 biggest online sex shops and comparing the prices of the same toys across the different stores. We’ve utilized the order-data access we, as a sex toy review platform and affiliate partner of +100 different sex toy stores, have. Using a dataset of more than 73,084 sex toy orders across many different sex toy stores we’ve come to the results presented here. is the cheapest online sex store

Our results showed that across different methods of analysis, came out as the cheapest online sex shop in the US.

We analyzed this in four different ways:

  1. The number of times a sexshop are cheapest on a product
  2. The average product price across all toys on a sexshop
  3. The sexshop with the cheapest shipping
  4. Which sexshop on average are cheapest on random order baskets

Using these 4 methods we found to be the cheapest online sex store.

Most no. of the cheapest productsCheapest Store
Most no. of cheapest
Cheapest average sex toy
Cheapest order

Percent of times a sex shop was cheapest

We found to be the cheapest online sex shop as it had the cheapest price on 65% of products, followed closely by that were the cheapest on 40% of products they stocked.

Of all the products we analyzed, we counted the times a specific shop was the cheapest. However, there are large discrepancies in how many products any shop stocks.

Therefore, we calculated the percentage of stocked products, where the shop had the cheapest price (multiple shops can be cheapest at once).

Note: In our Methodology, multiple online sex shops can be cheapest at the same time, if they all offer the product at the same price.

These are the cheapest sex shops based on the percentage of times they were cheapest:

  1. Cheapest on 65% of the analyzed products (17 of 26 products stocked).
  2. Cheapest on 40% of the analyzed products (8 of 20 products stocked).
  3. Cheapest on 38% of the analyzed products (3 of 8 products stocked).
  4. Cheapest on 33% of the analyzed products (6 of 18 products stocked).
  5. Cheapest on 25% of the analyzed products (2 of 8 products stocked).
  6. Cheapest on 20% of the analyzed products (1 of 5 products stocked).
  7. Cheapest on 17% of the analyzed products (1 of 6 products stocked).
  8. Cheapest on 13% of the analyzed products (2 of 16 products stocked).
  9. Cheapest on 9% of the analyzed products (2 of 23 products stocked).

Average Price Deviation

We found to be the cheapest store with an average product saving of $4.12, followed by Pinkcherry with $3.42 of average saving.

In the following, we tried to provide one of the most precise measures of how cheap a specific online sex shop is on average.

First, simply counting the number of times a specific shop was the cheapest doesn’t account for the average saving or “loss” by choosing to buy from that specific sex shop. Rather, we wanted to find what the average savings or loss was across all the products we included in the analysis.


The average deviation for each shop is calculated based on the differences between the shop’s prices and the average prices for each product. Here’s the formula:

average price deviation to calculate the cheapest sex shop


  • n is the total number of products the shop stocks.
  • Average Pricei is the average price of product i.
  • Shop Pricei is the price of product i at the specific shop.

The sum runs over all products that the shop stocks. If the shop doesn’t stock a particular product, that product is not included in the sum or the count for n.

If the average deviation is positive, it indicates that, on average, the shop’s prices are below the mean price. Meaning they are cheaper. Conversely, if the average deviation is negative, it indicates that the shop’s prices are, on average, above the mean price.

In other words, a positive average deviation of a shop means you will on average be saving money, while a negative average deviation you will be losing money.

Cheapest online stores based on average price deviation

  1. With a positive deviation of 4.12,’s prices are, on average, $4.12 below the mean prices of the products across all stores. With a selection of 26 products, when they do have a product, it’s often priced significantly below the average.
  2. With a positive deviation of 3.42,’s prices are below the average. They stock 16 products, offering a decent range of options at more affordable prices.
  3. With a deviation of 1.46, also offers prices that are below the average. They have a broader selection of 18 products.

The only shop, other than SheVibe with more than 20 of the analyzed products in stock is and Of those two, Lovehoney was the cheapest with an average deviation of -2.12, meaning they were on average $2 more expensive per product. Meanwhile, HustlerHollywood was almost $6 more expensive on average, as you’ll see below.

Most expensive online stores based on average price deviation

The shop with the most negative average deviation (more expensive on average compared to all shops) is with an average deviation of -$8.82 per product, suggesting that when they do stock a product, it’s often priced significantly higher than the average. has the second most negative average deviation, with an average of -$5.91 more than the mean price. This means they are, on average, the second most expensive sex shop.

Cheapest Shipping Cost

By far the cheapest store when it comes to shipping is Lovehoney has the lowest standard shipping rate of just $6.99 and offers free shipping on basket sizes of $49+, which is the lowest order value needed.

An often unaccounted for – but extremely important factor – in pricing differences between online sex shops is the cost of shipping. This is a result of basket sizes being relatively small on average*.

Shop Free ShippingStandard Shipping3 day2 day1 day$49+$6.99$9.99 x$49.99$68+$7.50$18$30$40$59+$9.99 $15.49xx$75+$7.99$16.99$28.99x$135+$10$35xx$69+$9.99x$17.99$38.99
The table shows the actual shipping cost calculated to a random San Jose California address, and was consistent with addresses checked in other parts of the country. 3-, 2-, and 1-day delivery terms are subject to interpretation and uncertainty.

*The Average basket size is $73 on online sex shops

Based on 73,084 sex toy orders, we found that the average basket size is $73.6.

Most of orders placed on online sex stores are smaller than $50 in basket size (61% to be exact). In other words, less than 40% of sex toy basket sizes are over $50. This therefore means that free shipping terms and standard shipping rates play a significant role in calculating how cheap an online store is.

Cheapest Sex Toy Orders

By making 13 random sex toy orders, with randomize products we found that is the cheapest sex toy store!

Here’s how we came to that answer based on the random orders

So far, we have tried estimating the cheapest sex store by looking at:

  1. the percentage of stocked products in each sex shop was the cheapest,
  2. the average price deviation compared to the average sex toy cost across all stocked products in a shop, and
  3. shipping cost and terms.

To provide the most realistic image we’ve decided to make up 13 random sex toy orders based on the analyzed sex toys and the top-ranking sex stores.

We only looked at the top-ranking sex stores, with at least 50% of all products analyzed in stock. Meaning that we included the following two shops:


For a lot of the orders in the analysis, we’ve included some sort of lube, as this is a product bought in 68% of sex toy orders.

1Sliquid Sassy + Tantus Charmer$61.98$66.99
2Sliquid Sassy$23.98$20.49
3Arcwave Ion + Lube, 250 ml$224.48$230.22
4Quickshot Vantage + Lube, 100ml$52.08$48.69
5We-Vibe Bloom + Sliquid H20$135.99$131.99
6Rocks-Off Chaiamo + Lube 250 ml$72.49$69.49
7Sliquid Sassy + Arcwave Ion$215.99$211.99
8We-Vibe Bloom + Rock-Off Chaiamo$168.99$168.99
9Tenga egg$16.98$13.35
10Tenga egg + Quickshot Vantage + Sliquid H20$66.97$61.29
11Tenga Flip Zero$99.99$89.10
12We-Vibe Blom + Tenga Egg + Lube, 100 ml$134.09$131.09
13Hot Octopuss PULSE SOLO  + Sliquid H20$116.98$111.99
Shipping rates and terms were calculated as a function of adding the standard shipping rates to the total order values of that did not already exceed the amount needed for free shipping. Free shipping terms for Lovehoney is $49+, and $68+ for Shevibe.

This showed that the average price across the 13 different orders was almost $3 cheaper per order.

Product Availability

We took a look at 37 different popular products. Even though we picked out very popular products we found that a lot of sex shops do not carry them.

  • has the most products in stock (26 out of the total products listed), while has the least (5 products).
  •,, and also have a good range of products with 20, 18, and 23 products in stock, respectively.

Full dataset of products and prices

ProductLovehoneySheVibePinkcherryPeepShowToysSpectrumBoutiqueHustlerHollywoodAdamEveBabelandTooTimidAvg. Price
Tantus Charmer44.993939.95xxxxxx41.3
Blush Temptasiax24.99x22.9924xxxx24.0
Sportsheets Saffron Floggerx29.99xx29xxxx29.5
Fetish Fantasy Fantasy Bondage Swingxx299.95xx330249.95xx293.3
Aneros Prelude Enema Bulb Kitx24.95x24.9924.9925xxx25.0
Gläs Honey Dripper Dildoxxxx39x39.9924.9939.9536.0
Le Wand Bow Steel Dildox99.99xx112.5130xxx114.2
Icicles No 5 Glass Dong 7 Inches Clear39.99xxx32.9938.9xx45.9539.5
Colours Pleasures Thick 5inx3941.97xxxx51x44.0
B-Vibe Triplet Anal Beadsxx97.97xx150xxx124.0
Arcwave Ion199199199.95xx199.9xxx199.5
Doxy Die Cast224.99189.99x199.99199.99xxxx203.7
Venus Butterfly Silicone Remote Venus G Pink Vibratorx52.99xxx9469.99x94.9578.0
Tantus Beginner Ballgag149159xx149.99149.9xxx152.0
Main Squeeze Pussy Masturbator Sasha Grey Strokerxx69.95xx79.9xxx74.9
Romp Flip Blue39.99xxx39.99x39.99xx40.0
We-Vibe Rave 2139139xxx139.9xxx139.3
Lovense Lush 3139.99129xx129139.9139.99xx135.6
Lovense Flexer139.99119xx130119.9xxx127.2
We-Vibe Bloom119119119xxxxxx119.0
Le Wand Petite144.99119.99144.95xxxxxx136.6
Satisfyer Sweet Treatx43.9948.97xx50.9xxx48.0
Fleshlight Stoya Destroya Texture 79.99xxxx89.9xxx84.9
Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Vantage39.9934.95xx39.9536.939.99xx38.4
Tenga SVR89.99xxxx80xxx85.0
Fun Factory Manta139.99139.99xx139.99144xxx141.0
Lelo F1S V2xx174.97219x219.9xxx204.6
Sportsheets Saffron Loop Paddlex21.99x19.9924xx24x22.5
Sex and Mischief Amor Gagx20.9927.95x2518.99xxx23.2
Sportsheets Saffron Thigh Slingx5955.97x4880.9xxx61.0
Quickie Cuffs14.99x11.95x10.99xx11.99x12.5
Nexus Ace89.9987x89xxxxx88.7
njoy Pure Plugx59.99x59.9965xx69.99x63.7
Satisfyer Pro 2x54.99xxx58.9959.99x39.9553.5
Sliquid Sassy Anal Lube16.9912.9914xxxxxx14.7
Sliquid H2O Lube16.9912.9917.99xx15xxx15.7
Private Label Lube, 500 ml (16.9 fl oz)25.48x29.96xx33.927.844.568.638.4
Total Number of products in stock20261681823865 
No. of times it was cheapest8174382211 
Percent of products that was the cheapest40%65%13%38%44%9%25%17%20% 
Total Deviation from price averages:-42.4107.254.7-3.724.5-135.77.0-9.4-44.1 
Average Deviation-