Ethics Statement for is dedicated to offering comprehensive, unbiased, and honest reviews of sex toys and related products, while promoting sex positivity and inclusivity for all. We are an independent platform with no direct affiliations to manufacturers or companies featured on our website, ensuring that our content is never influenced by advertising efforts or payments for coverage.

How We Choose What to Cover

Our mission at is to provide our readers with everything they need to find the perfect sex toy, regardless of their experience or preferences. We strive to make the research process as easy as possible by thoroughly evaluating a wide range of products, focusing on quality, value, and relevance to our readers. Our commitment to inclusivity and sex positivity drives us to ensure our reviews cater to a diverse audience.

Our Journalistic Standards

The team adheres to a strict ethics policy that prioritizes journalistic integrity and transparency. Our writers maintain complete independence from advertising efforts and do not benefit from advertising deals, positive coverage, or “hit pieces.” We are dedicated to providing accurate and unbiased information, while fostering a sex-positive and inclusive environment for our readers.

Voluntary Testers

To guarantee the reliability and authenticity of our reviews, we send products to a diverse team of voluntary testers, who represent various backgrounds and experiences. These testers provide their honest feedback and personal experiences with the products, which are then incorporated into our reviews. This approach ensures that our content is relatable and useful to a wide range of readers, emphasizing our commitment to inclusivity and sex positivity.

Employee Compensation

Our writers are compensated solely for their content creation, with editorial direction provided by our administrative team. They are prohibited from accepting payment or gifts from manufacturers they cover and must avoid any employment that could create a conflict of interest. Violation of these terms may result in disciplinary action, including termination.


If any of our published content contains factual inaccuracies or breaches our ethics policy, we will remove the offending content and issue an update. Our primary objective is to deliver accurate and trustworthy information to our readers while upholding our commitment to sex positivity and inclusion. If necessary, we may consult external experts to address any issues.

Testing Process

Honesty and transparency are at the core of our testing process. Products are sent to our testers’ homes, free of charge, for evaluation. Testers thoroughly examine each product, exploring all functions and features. Their experiences and assessments are then shared with our readers, along with product information and links to the best available prices.

Expert Guidance

For advice and guidance on sex and sex toys, readers can visit our blog, where our expert writers share insights, guides, and tips for enjoying a fulfilling sex life. We also feature DIY sex toy articles, offering creative solutions for those seeking new experiences.

Bedbible Rating

Our reviews include both a Bedbible rating and a User rating to help our readers make well-informed decisions. The Bedbible rating is an evaluation of the product based on our expert knowledge, considering factors such as quality, design, ease of use, and value for money. The User rating is an aggregated score of reviews left by verified purchasers on online stores that sell the product, providing additional insight into the product’s performance.

Our Promise to You

At, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, sex positivity, and inclusion. We aim to provide our readers with the most informative and accurate content possible, helping them make confident choices and enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

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