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What is Bedbible.com?

Bedbible is your go-to source for all things sex toy-related. Our goal is to supply you with all the information required to find the perfect sex toy, no matter if it’s your first, fifth, or hundredth!

We believe that sex should be exciting, enjoyable, and healthy, no matter who you are or what you like. That’s why we’re committed to making our reviews and advice inclusive, diverse, and accessible!

So, whether you’re looking for the best vibrator on the market, want an honest and in-depth review of the best fleshlights, or are looking for the ultimate guide to cleaning your sex toys, we’ve got you covered.

Why do we exist?

Talking about sex toys with friends and family can be a challenge, and searching for the right product at webshops can be time-consuming and perplexing. In addition, there is an abundance of unhelpful reviews from so-called experts who have never even tried the toys they endorse.

Here at Bedbible we only publish reviews written by people who have personally tested the products. This means that all the reviews on Bedbible.com come from individuals who own the sex toy and want to share their experiences with it. By reading others’ honest opinions, you can more easily choose the best product right from the start (read more details about the concept below).

The Concept - How does it work?

Become Tester

Become Tester

It’s important to us that anyone can come to Bedbible and read a product review written by someone just like them.

When it comes to testing and reviewing individual products, honesty is our policy! The product is sent to the tester’s house, free of charge, and is put through its paces by the tester, who tests out every function in as many ways as they can think of. Their experiences and evaluation of the product are then shared with you, along with product information and links to where you can purchase it for the best price.

If you already have a sex toy it’s also possible to review that one and publish your experience with it on our site.

Either way, If you’re interested in joining our testing team and reviewing amazing sex toys, fill out our form here. You can see all our testers here.

Become Tester
Single Reviews

Single Reviews

Single Reviews

A single review is a one-product test like “Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation” and “Lora DiCarlo Baci“. This is how the reviews from the testers look when it’s published.

If you visit any of the reviews on Bedbible, you’ll see that each product has two ratings: a Bedbible rating and a User rating. We do this to make sure that you can make the best and smartest possible decisions about your sex toy purchase.

The Bedbible rating is an evaluation of the product based on our tester’s experience with the sex toy, taking into account its quality, design, ease of use, and value for money.

However, we understand that it can take more than just taking our word for it, which is why we also include a User rating. This is an aggregated score of every review left by verified purchasers on online stores that sell the product. This way, you can get an idea of whether a toy really lives up to the hype.

We frequently update our testing methodology, and you can find information on our latest approach by reading more here.



Our Round-up-Reviews highlight the e.g. 20 best single products in a category for example “The 16 best dildos” or “The 8 Best Sex Swings“.

Every Round-up-Review labels the products with the “Test Winner”, “Beginner”, “Cheapest”, etc., to easily navigate you to the best product for you. The Round-up-Reviews do also contain informational sections with features about the specific category, Frequently Asked Questions, What to look for when buying it, and much more. The products are ranked in the Round-up-Reviews based on the Bedbible Rating and the User Rating.

It is our Sexperts that produces the top lists also called Round-up-Reviews. Our Sexperts have several years of experience within the sex toy niche and do further have relevant educational backgrounds such as; Sexology, Anthropology, Cognitive Semiotics, etc. You can learn more about our Sexperts in the team section below.

Supplementary Expert Content

Supplementary Expert Content

Supplementary Expert Content

To supplement the Single Reviews and Round-up-Reviews we share educational content, advice, and guidance on sex toys in our Blog. Here you’ll find posts such as: “How To Clean Sex Toys“, “DIY: How to make a Dildo“, “How to Measure for a Cock Ring” and so on.

The Bedbible Research Center analysis quantitative- and qualitative data to publish new findings on sex toy-related areas. Here are some of our newest statistics and market reports: “Sex Toy Industry Statistics“, “Anal Sex Statistics“, and “SexTech Market Report“. Our publications are typically brought by media such as; New York Post, Yahoo, Statista, Vice, MSN, and many others.

We are active on the most social media platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And do also have our own Podcast called: “In Bed With Bedbible“. Please feel free to follow us on these platforms. We would greatly appreciate it!

Our Story

Year 2018 – Benjamin and Jacob discover through conversations with friends that there is no website that provides user-generated reviews and expert guidance on sex toys. They couldn’t really understand how that could be the case and decided to look more into it.

Year 2019 – After several hours of research the conclusion was; that there are thousands of webshops and even more sex toy products available, so how should people know which toy to pick, and from which webshop? Benjamin and Jacob decided to start a Danish, Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian sex toy review site.

Year 2020 – Bedbible.com came into existence following a year-long period of education and experience in operating sex toy review websites within Scandinavian countries. Bedbible had around 100 visitors pr. month end 2020.

Year 2021 – In the beginning, Bedbible hired its first full-time employees namely Edwina, Isabelle, and Rachel, and shortly after, the platform’s initial user-generated reviews were published, resulting in a gradual rise in traffic. By the end of 2021, the website had approximately 20,000 monthly visitors, and during the same period, two investors were enthusiastic about the company’s vision of being “Your One and Only Source on The Journey to Better Sex”.

Year 2022 – Bedbible.com achieved a significant milestone by accumulating more than 500 reviews of sex toys and over 250 pieces of educational content on its blog section. Additionally, the website launched its own Podcast and Youtube channel and received noteworthy coverage from various media outlets, including Nypost, Yahoo, Ladbible, and the Radio program LA Talk, among others. As of the end of 2022, Bedbible.com had approximately 120,000 monthly visitors.

Year 2023Coming soon…

The Team & The Company

All of the content you see on Bedbible wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team of writers and managers.

The administration team is in charge of the daily operations here at Bedbible. They keep the cogs running and do all the behind-the-scenes work to ensure the website is in tip-top condition. They also make sure that testers get their free products to review and fact-check the content creation on the site.

Our Sexperts are responsible for the round-up reviews, educational content on our blog, and sex-related statistical research pieces. With more than 500 sex toy reviews under their belt, they certainly know their stuff, so you are in very good hands!

Our diverse team of testers writes single reviews. They come from all walks of life and are here to share their honest reviews of sex toys. We send them free sex toys for them to review in return for an in-depth review — the good, the bad, and the rumbly!

The company behind Bedbible.com are CleverDeal ApS (DK40972293). Our office address where the administration is located: Universitetsbyen 7, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.

Edwina CaitoHead Content Creator - Podcast and Social Media Personality
Isabelle UrenSite Manager, Content Creator and Web editor
Rachel WorthingtonSite Manager, Content Creator and Marketer
Rhi JohnSexologist
Kasia HalinowskaContent Specialist
Cassie MorchContent Specialist
ZoeMultimedia Specialist
Jacob BagerCo-Founder
Benjamin JorgensenCo-Founder
Aaron Losey
Alec Hardy
Alex Harvey
Alex Dryjowicz
Amelia Harvey
Amy Norton
Anastasija Migulovska
Anha Khalid
Bea Javier
Bedbible Research Center
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Brett Jangles
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Charlotte Rychlik
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Christine Cromartie
Damian Rodriguez-Ledesma
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