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Here are all our testers – known as the Bedbible Tester Team from our reviews.


This diverse bunch of incredible testers have put all kinds of sex toys through their paces and reviewed them thoroughly for you.


We continuously update this page with the reviews each tester has written, including who has achieved the honor of writing the most reviews, who has written our most popular reviews, and who is our featured tester of the month!


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Isabelle Uren
Isabelle Uren

Site Manager | Aiming to empower people to embrace sexual pleasure one sex toy at a time or two, whatever takes your fancy! As well researching and writing about all things sex, I have studied Tantra and am currently studying towards becoming a psychosexual therapist. My life philosophy is the three Ms approach — meditation, masturbation, and mmm a good cup of tea!

Age: 32
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Sex toy experience: Experienced
All-time favorite sex toy: Doxy Die Cast
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Moe Lawn
Moe Lawn

Here are all reviews and blog posts written by Moe Lawn.

Stay tuned for more content from this author.

Age: 40s
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Sex toy experience: Intermediate
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Tester of the Month

Allen Wiltshire
Allen Wiltshire

Average Joe by day, lover of all things kink and anal related by night. With over fifteen years experimenting with sex toys, sexuality, and BDSM I can confidently say that I’ve been around the block a few times and have learned a good deal about myself and what makes sex (with both inanimate and animate partners) good.

Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Bi
Sex toy experience: Advanced
All-time favorite sex toy: Mr. Hankey’s Toys BFG — Test & Review
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1Conner Smith
Conner Smith
1Alec Hardy
Alec Hardy
1Ben Allen
Ben Allen
1Mahogany Valentine
Mahogany Valentine
1Danie Franke
Danie Franke
1Jenay Leger
Jenay Leger
1Jennifer Carlisle
Jennifer Carlisle
1Kamila Maciejewska
Kamila Maciejewska
1Miah Alfaro
Miah Alfaro
1Mistress Kay
Mistress Kay
1Omar Mrva
Omar Mrva
1Rose Smith
Rose Smith
1Sofie Marcher
Sofie Marcher
1Oli Ochoa
Oli Ochoa
1Robin Seggar
Robin Seggar
1Austin Chen
Austin Chen
1Suzannah Weiss
Suzannah Weiss
1George Butler
George Butler
1Amelia Harvey
Amelia Harvey
1Kari Masterson
1Paul Miller
Paul Miller
1Charlotte Vine
Charlotte Vine