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Here are all our sex toy testers – known as the Bedbible Tester Team from our reviews.


This diverse bunch of incredible testers have put all kinds of sex toys through their paces and reviewed them thoroughly for you.


We continuously update this page with the reviews each tester has written, including who has achieved the honor of writing the most reviews, who has written our most popular reviews, and who is our featured tester of the month!


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Edie was selling sex toys in a home party plan long before they became mainstream! She uses her 30+ years of experience in pleasure products, romance, relationships, sexual health and writing to spread sexual education and positivity to anyone seeking advice and knowledge. She tells it how it is and uses real world experiences and humor to get her point across. Edie has been with BedBible since day 1 and also does review videos and podcast hosting.

Age: 56-65
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Sex toy experience: Expert
All-time favorite sex toy: Satisfyer Pro 3+
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Isabelle Uren
Isabelle Uren

Site Manager | Aiming to empower people to embrace sexual pleasure one sex toy at a time or two, whatever takes your fancy! As well researching and writing about all things sex, I study Tantra and love finding new way to enhance intimacy, alone or with a partner. My life philosophy is the three Ms approach — meditation, masturbation, and mmm a good cup of tea!

Age: 31
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Sex toy experience: Experienced
All-time favorite sex toy: Doxy Die Cast
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Tester of the Month

Vernon Scott
Vernon Scott

I am an educator, a podcaster, and an author. I have an Education Doctorate in Leadership and Professional Practice. My research background is in systemic rape culture and my professional background is in higher education. I’ve worked in housing, student success, enrollment management, and academic advising. I also have a background as a life coach. I am currently pursuing a Sex Coaching certification from Sex Coaching University and earning a second master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with a Systemic Sex Therapy specialization. Lastly. I am an advocate for trans rights and fighting against rape culture and its systemic impact within society. I am the owner of Slaytor’s Playhouse, LLC, which is a publishing and coaching business, and the host of the Heauxliloquy Podcast.

Age: 29
Gender: Cis-Male
Sexual orientation: Bisexual (Pan)
Sex toy experience: Beginner
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Josh Gill
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Isabelle Uren
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Rachel Worthington
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Cassie Mørch
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Tawney Seren
10Kasia Halinowska
Kasia Halinowska
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Katie Elizabeth
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Moe Lawn
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Amy Norton
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Vern Holland
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Kaelie Sweeney
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Mariah Lyons
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Jess Adams
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Vernon Scott
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Holly Wood
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Amanda Nilsen
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Jeremy Mosley
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James Anderson
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Jason Bragdon
4Ellie Stevens
Ellie Stevens
4Taylor Capellaro
Taylor Capellaro
4Kiki Hall
Kiki Hall
4Daphne Shadows
Daphne Shadows
4Dennis Adams
Dennis Adams
3Damian Rodriguez-Ledesma
Damian Rodriguez-Ledesma
3Emily Cloud
Emily Cloud
3Erica Caparelli
Erica Caparelli
3Jocelyn Padilla
Jocelyn Padilla
3Sarah Baran
Sarah Baran
3Morgan Harsh
Morgan Harsh
3Grace Selena
Grace Selena
3Sarah Hamilton
Sarah Hamilton
3Kevin Foley
Kevin Foley
2Emily Hudson
Emily Hudson
2Emiel Vizzi
Emiel Vizzi
2Brett Jangles
Brett Jangles
2Elaine Turner
Elaine Turner
2Jakob Graven
Jakob Graven
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Jen Schmidt
2Michael Dyer
Michael Dyer
2Robby Stiles
Robby Stiles
2Mia Ortega
Mia Ortega
2Melissa Lander
Melissa Lander
2Sarah Riccio
Sarah Riccio
1Sika Moonsilk
Sika Moonsilk
1Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson
1Aaron Losey
Aaron Losey
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Alec Hardy
1Christine Cromartie
Christine Cromartie
1Ella Dorval Hall
Ella Dorval Hall
1Erin Malchoff
Erin Malchoff
1Jenay Leger
1Kamila Maciejewska
Kamila Maciejewska
1Kate Sloan
Kate Sloan
1Kate Breen
Kate Breen
1Melissa Arnold
Melissa Arnold
1Miah Alfaro
Miah Alfaro
1Mistress Kay
Mistress Kay
1Oli Ochoa
Oli Ochoa
1Omar Mrva
1Rain Egan
Rain Egan
1Robin Seggar
Robin Seggar
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Tim Vecere
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Amelia Harvey
1Gail Hooper
Gail Hooper
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Mahogany Valentine
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Nick Williams
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Cinnamon Callins
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Catherine Seeley
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James Exline