Honey Play Box Seduction – Test & Review

Rain Egan
by Rain EganLast updated: July 19, 2022
Honey Play Box Seduction

The Seduction is a unique dual stimulation toy that combines a tongue vibrator with a suction vibrator! Coming with 5 Sucking Patterns and 10 Licking Modes, with an all-encompassing external mouth, the Seduction is built for your personal pleasure.

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Ease of Use: 70
Quality: 90

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My Personal Experiences

My Personal Experiences with Honey Play Box Seduction

First Impressions

The Seduction is aesthetically different from any other toy I’ve seen! It almost resembles a loudspeaker, with a large silicone cup designed to encompass the vulva. I was immediately impressed with how solid and weighty it felt, and paired with how soft the silicone was, I knew I was looking at a luxury toy. It came fully charged, so I was able to try it right away.

Trying the Toy

Having just reunited with my long-distance partner, we were both eager to try the toy out. The ‘mouth’ was so big that it encompassed my vagina, so I wasn’t able to try penetration alongside it, which is something I typically enjoy with suction toys. Getting the toy situated was a little difficult, due to the size of the silicone ‘mouth’, but it didn’t take more than around thirty seconds for the fun to begin! On the lowest setting, the tongue and suction combined gave me an orgasm in under five minutes, which felt incredible! My partner found it enjoyable, but ultimately too powerful to make her orgasm, as she’s quite sensitive and prefers a gentler approach.


The toy has some ridges, so I was initially nervous about cleaning it. I needn’t have worried, though! While the all-encompassing structure of the toy means it can get a little messy, it was easy to clean with fragrance-free soap and warm water, but you could also use a gentle toy cleaner. The silicone cup is removable for an easier clean, too!

Rain Egan

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Rain Egan

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You should buy the Honey Play Box Seduction if you...

Want quality oral simulation
Are looking for luxury
Enjoy clitoral suction toys
Prefer silicone toys

You should NOT buy the Honey Play Box Seduction if you...

Are on a budget
Prefer vibrating toys
Have a sensitive clitoris
Need penetration to orgasm

Specifications and features

Specifications and features Honey Play Box Seduction
Length16.5 inches
WidthBase: 4.5cm, Suction head: 8 inches
Clitoral suction5 sucking patterns modes
Vibration patterns10 licking modes 
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Weight140g lbs
MaterialsABS (hard plastic), Silicone 
Travel LockNo 
Storage Bag IncludedNo 
Quality materials
Dual stimulation
Individual control over the stimulation
All-compassing suction
Very intense sensations
May not suit all anatomy
Lack of penetration options
No vibrations

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Personally, this is one of the best toys I've ever tried! I really enjoyed the feeling of the suction and tongue at the same time, and I love that you can control them separately. If you want to invest in a quality oral simulator, I firmly believe this is the one. Be warned that it's quite an intense toy, so you may want to consider other options if you're particularly sensitive!

How to use Honey Play Box Seduction

Wondering how to get the most out of the Seduction? Look no further than these tips!

Honey Play Box Seduction
Honey Play Box Seduction
To make the oral experience more realistic, try generously lubing up the tongue for exquisite sensations.
Honey Play Box Seduction
The Seduction's licking and sucking technology can be used for stimulation in plenty of other sensitive areas like the nipples!
Honey Play Box Seduction
Honey Play Box Seduction
With a partner
Honey Play Box Seduction
The Seduction can be a great partner toy! You could try stimulating other areas during oral, stimulate the perineum, or use it as foreplay as mentioned above.


Who can use the Seduction?
Anyone! It's certainly marketed towards those with vulvae, and as that's my anatomy, this review has focussed pretty heavily on that. However, I believe this could be an excellent toy for stimulating the nipples, perineum, testes, or anus.
Is the Seduction safe?
Yes! The Seduction is made with body-safe materials that do not hold harmful bacteria.
Can I use the Seduction in the shower or bath?
Shower yes, bath no. The toy is splash proof but not submersible, so you risk severely damaging or breaking the toy by submersing it entirely.
How do I charge the Seduction?
The Seduction uses a pin-style USB charger that plugs in at the back, close to the base of the toy, labelled 'DC'. It's well concealed in order to make the toy splash proof, but easy to charge once you find it!

Instructions - Manual

The Seduction comes with an instruction manual, but it’s pretty intuitive anyway. The toy has two buttons, one for controlling the suction, and the other for controlling the ‘tongue’. Holding the button down turns the buttons off and on, and to control the dual stimulation technology, press each button to cycle through the modes.

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