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    Rachel Worthington
    by Rachel WorthingtonLast updated: June 03, 2022
    Dame Arc

    The Dame Arc is simply- yet beautifully-designed vibrator that can be used for both internal g-spot and external clitoral stimulation. It has a slim, smooth silicone shaft and a bulbous tip that's a little squishy — perfect for firm yet comfortable g-spot massage. The Arc offers 5 vibrations speeds and 5 patterns to suit everyone's tastes!

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with Dame Arc

    I started this test of the Dame Arc with some trepidation. I’ve never had the opportunity to test a Dame product before, but I’ve admired them from afar. Dame is everything I like in a sex toy company: high-quality, committed to diversity and inclusion, and not overly feminine or frilly. However, my past experiences with g-spot vibrators have left me a little wary. I love a good bit of g-spot massage, but the ones I’ve tried, like the Lelo Gigi 2, have always felt a bit lacking in power and rumble.

    First Impressions

    I’m pretty in love with how the Arc looks. The simplicity, the lines — everything about it makes me go ‘YES!’. Mine is a beautiful pale blue color, and, let me tell you, I’m so ready to never add another pink or purple vibrator to my collection ever again. Once I took it out the box, I could feel the quality. It’s silky smooth, and the silicone doesn’t have that weird grippiness that appears in some other sex toys. It also has a satisfying weight to it — it’s not heavy, but it doesn’t feel overly flimsy.

    Testing the Waters

    For its first ever test run, I decided to take things slow. I started off by using it gently around my clit on a low speed, making use of that clit-stimulating ridge on the tip. It felt nice, but it didn’t immediately click with me. Despite Dame’s claims that the Arc is super rumbly, it fell a little short of my expectations. Perhaps I’m spoiled by the off-the-charts rumbliness of the We-Vibe Tango X, but the Arc falls somewhere between rumbly and buzzy, becoming more buzzy at higher speeds. However, the more I used it, the more I liked it. The squishy tip meant to I could press harder without any discomfort, and I had some fun playing around with the patterns (though nothing beats the good old single-speed vibrations). Then, it was time for the g-spot. With it well-lubed-up, the Arc was a breeze to insert, and the curved shaft made it so much easier to find the right spot. And, wow! What a feeling! It took a little while to get there, but the payoff was spectacular.

    Double the Fun

    I love that the Arc works well as both a clitoral and g-spot vibrator. Most of the time, I reach for it during partner sex to get some extra clitoral stimuation, but every so often I break it out on my own for some g-spot love. I also tried it out once during anal sex to experiment with some double penetration, and had one of the most explosive times of my life. The Arc’s ergonomic design is perfect for all kinds of positions and uses, and I love how simple the controls are to use. If I was to be really picky, however, I would love a bit more squish on the bulb. I like to really press down sometimes, but a really squishy feeling would have been the icing on the cake.

    Rachel Worthington

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    Rachel Worthington

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    You should buy the Dame Arc if you...

    Want a vibrator you can use internally and externally
    Enjoy strong vibrations
    Like a sex toy you can travel with
    Love simplicity in a sex toy

    You should NOT buy the Dame Arc if you...

    Prefer very rumbly vibrations
    Are on a budget
    Don't like magnetic chargers!
    Want a vibrator to use anally

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features Dame Arc
    Vibration speeds5 
    Vibration patterns5 
    Length7.5 inches
    Insertable length5 inches
    Diameter(bulb) 1.4 inches
    Battery LifeAt least 90 minutes
    Charging Time120 minutes
    Travel LockYes 
    Storage Bag IncludedYes 
    Soft, smooth silicone
    Good for internal and external use
    Squishy tip
    Strong vibrations
    Easy to use
    Vibrations aren't super rumbly
    Charger can come loose
    Not for anal use
    Might not be girthy enough for some

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    The Dame Arc is a really great example of simplicity done to (almost) perfection. It doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles, but that means that it's got nothing to hide behind. The Arc is a powerful, versatile vibrator that I would recommend to beginners and experienced sex toy users alike. Do I wish it was a bit more rumbly? Yeah, but that doesn't mean that this vibrator isn't going to keep it's place in my bedside table, instead of being relegated to the big box under the bed with the rest of the less-loved toys.

    How to use Dame Arc

    The Dame Arc is a versatile little vibrator, so here are some ideas for how to use it...

    Dame Arc
    G-Spot Massage
    Dame Arc
    The Dame Arc is designed primarily as an internal g-spot vibrator. Your g-spot is usually located 1-2 inches inside the vagina, on the front wall. Insert the Arc with the tip ridge pointing towards your front and gently move it around, massaging until it feels really good.
    Show Your Clit Some Love
    Dame Arc
    The Arc also makes a fantastic clitoral vibrator, thanks to the ridge on its tip. Play around with different settings and enjoy the squish!
    Dame Arc
    Dame Arc
    Try With a Partner
    Dame Arc
    While you may think of the Arc as primarily for solo sessions, it can also be fun to try out with a partner. You could allow them to hold it and tease your clit or g-spot, or even use it while they penetrate your anally for some spectacular double penetration.


    Can the Dame Arc be used for anal play?
    No, the Arc isn't safe for anal use. This is because it lacks a flared base that would stop it from going too far inside the anal cavity and causing damage and injuries.
    What type of lube should I use with the Dame Arc?
    The Dame Arc should be used with water-based lube. Silicone- or oil-based lubes will cause damage to the silicone of the sex toy and should be avoided.
    Can I use the Dame Arc in shower or bath?
    Yes! The Arc is completely waterproof and works great as a companion in the shower or bath.
    Can men use the Dame Arc?
    Yes! The Dame Arc, while primarily designed for vaginal and clitoral stimulation, is a very versatile vibrator. It can be used to stimulate the nipples or perineum, but shouldn't be inserted anally.

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