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Rating: Autoblow AI+ was rated 80 out of 100, which means it is designed very well.

What it is: The design rating takes into account the shape of the toy in both a visual and ergonomic perspective. We ask our reviewers to rate the overall feeling of the Autoblow AI+.

Ease of UseEase of Use

Rating: Autoblow AI+ was rated 80 out of 100, which means it is very easy to figure out and use.

What it is: The Ease of Use rating is a score given on how easy the toy is to operate and use. Aspects that are considered is the suitability for different kinds of people, intuitiveness, and potential learning curve of using the product for pleasure (or pain).


Rating: Autoblow AI+ was rated 100 out of 100, which means it is one of the absolute top quality toys.

What it is: The Quality rating is a score that takes into account the quality of the materials used in the toy, how well it was manufactured, the safety, durability and overall quality feel of the toy.


Price ratingPrice ratingPrice ratingPrice ratingPrice rating

Rating: Autoblow AI+ was rated 5 out of 5, which means it is in the premium price range.

What it is: The Price rating is indicated by 1-5 price icons. 1 indicate a very cheap product, while 5 indicate a very expensive product. The rating is a relative score compared to other similar toys.


Beginner: Suited for those new to the world of sex toys. These products are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, providing a gentle introduction to enhance your experiences. Whether you're exploring for the first time or looking for something straightforward, these items are a perfect starting point.


Intermediate: Tailored for individuals who have some familiarity with sex toys and are looking to explore further. These products offer a balance between comfort and new sensations, allowing you to expand your horizons and discover new pleasures. Ideal for those ready to take the next step in their journey.


Advanced: Designed for the experienced and adventurous. These products cater to those who are well-acquainted with sex toys and are seeking more intense or diverse sensations. If you're looking to push boundaries and explore the depths of pleasure, these items are crafted just for you.

My Verdict

The Autoblow AI+ is a pretty fun higher-end toy with a price a bit too high compared to it's competitors. It can still be a good option when it's on sale or if you want a powerful automatic masturbator that you can use plugged in, for an unlimited time.

Buy, if you...

  1. Like a sloppy blowjob sensation
  2. Mostly use your toy in manual mode, but still like variety
  3. Like to use your toy for more than an hour without worrying of your battery running out
  4. Prefer fine control over the stroking speed

Don't buy, if you...

  1. Want to connect to interactive content
  2. Are looking for a battery powered toy
  3. Want a wide variety of sleeves to choose from

About The Autoblow AI+

The Autoblow AI+ is an automatic stroker that works great for both offline and online use. It provides an intense, sloppy blowjob sensation, it can accomodate most penis sizes thanks to the cool, adjustable penis gripper and it can run indefinitely thanks to it being a plug-in device. You can use it in manual mode where you can select from 10 pre-programmed patterns, including the AI mode, that keeps generating a non-repeating semi-random pattern, so whenever you turn your toy on, it'll never feel the same. To use more advanced features such as voice control, remote control and to update the built-in patterns you can connect your Autoblow AI+ to your WiFi network and access it through the web app.


  • Never runs out of battery
  • Heat from the motor heats the sleeve
  • AI mode offers great variety without the need of connecting to the web app
  • Great build quality


  • Power cable can get a bit annoying
  • It can get a bit warm which can be bothering during hotter days
  • Only 3 types of sleeves to choose from

Reflections on the Autoblow AI+

My Personal Experiences with Autoblow AI+

How It Felt

I had a ton of fun using the Autoblow AI+. I needed some time to find my favorite settings, and the device did get a bit warm to the touch, but in the winter that can be a good thing, warming your hands while milking your cock. I had no problems reaching an orgasm with the toy and it gave a very nice, very sloppy blowjob simulation. Even though there is a very visible warning telling you not to cover the air vent, I did need to concentrate on that a few times, because the vent opening was exactly the place where it would’ve been the most comfortable to hold. I used it for almost an hour and my hand got a little bit tired, but at no point was it uncomfortable.

Is It Really AI?

Unfortunately the AI mode on this blowjob machine was a bit disappointing. I was hoping for it to have some sensors that react to how I’m reacting to the stroking and maybe react to me. Instead it was just a nicely varied random pattern generator. It was fun, but after trying out for a few times I didn’t really want to use it anymore. The WiFi connectivity also sounded fun at first, but I would personally prefer Bluetooth pairing to my phone instead.

The Autoblow AI+’s design features

Autoblow AI+ The Autoblow AI+’s design features

The Autoblow AI+ has a pretty ergonomic design. It's easy to hold, and by allowing it to sit on your lap it won't strain your hands too much. If I were to change anything, that would be the cooling fans location, putting it somewhere or shaping it in a way so that it's a bit harder to cover completely. It needs to be kept free for the toy not to overheat. The plug-in power is a blessing and a curse all at once. It provides unlimited usage time, but you'll have to endure the power cord between your legs. An ideal version would be like some hair trimmers, where there's a battery, but you can continue using your toy plugged-in, if the battery runs low.

Ease of use

Autoblow AI+ Ease of use

The basic features of the Autoblow AI+ are very easy to use, just simply tap the four buttons on the back and you can access the built-in modes, set the intensity/speed, and pause/resume the action. The interactive features, such as replacing the built-in patterns, giving remote control, or voice control are a bit more set-up intensive. Since the toy connects to WiFi instead of using Bluetooth, you'll need to go through a few steps to connect it. This also means that if you take your Autoblow AI+ with you while traveling, you'll need to go through the setup process every time you're at a new place with a different WiFi access point. Realistically though this shouldn't be a big issue, as most people use their toys only at home.

How Well-made is the Autoblow AI+?

Autoblow AI+ How Well-made is the Autoblow AI+?

I couldn't say anything negative about the quality. The toy is sturdy, the materials used are high quality, and the sleeve also feels durable and nice. It really feels well put-together, and if you take good care of it, this toy should last you many many years. The only thing you might need to replace occasionally is the sleeve, but that's fairly cheap, so it shouldn't be a big issue.

Is the Autoblow AI+ Worth the Investment?

Autoblow AI+ Is the Autoblow AI+ Worth the Investment?

When comparing it to some other alternatives, the price of the Autoblow AI+ is a bit too high in my opinion. For the same price, you can get the Kiiroo KEON, which can be extended with many many more attachments and accessories, and has more features software-wise too. And although lower in quality, the Leten A380 offers a very similar sensation with almost the same type of inside mechanics for almost a third of the price. In my opinion a price point around $199 would be much more competitive in the current scene.

How Well Did the Autoblow AI+ Perform?

Autoblow AI+ How Well Did the Autoblow AI+ Perform?

The toy offers perfectly stable and constant performance thanks to it being powered by an adapter. You'll need to be mindful of the cooling vent, because covering it will cause the motor to heat up. If you're using it on a hot summer day, the cooling fan will be enough to keep the device operating indefinitely, but it'll get a bit warm to the touch.

The Autoblow AI+’s Packaging

Autoblow AI+ The Autoblow AI+’s Packaging

The packaging is pretty informative, it gives you all the info you need, and a handy QR code pointing you towards even more detailed video guides. The device itself is held neatly and firmly in place thanks to plastic holders inside the box.

Evaluating the Autoblow AI+: Materials and Care

Autoblow AI+ Evaluating the Autoblow AI+: Materials and Care

The sleeve is 100% silicone, super easy to clean and works with most penis sizes. The device itself is pretty sturdy, uses high quality plastics and a heavy duty motor. To clean the sleeve simply use warm water and soap, apply some baby powder or cornstarch and put it back in the Autoblow AI+. The device is not waterproof at all, so to clean the body itself, just use a damp cloth and wipe it clean. If you need to disinfect it, apply a bit of soap or alcohol to the cloth, then wipe with a clean, damp one and finish off with a dry towel.

Special feature

Autoblow AI+ Special feature

The special feature of the Autoblow AI+ is the adjustable penis gripper. Simply adjust the tightness with a screwdriver to match your girth perfectly. It can get pretty tight, so you should be able to get a tight grip even if you have a thinner penis. Whatever size you are, you can fine-tune it to match your preference perfectly.

Specifications and features

Thrust Modes10 patterns, can be updated 
Height10 inches
Width5 inches
Weight3 lbs
AdjustableYes, the penis gripper can be adjusted with a phillips screwdriver 
Materials100% silicone sleeves, Body: ABS Plastic 
RechargeableNo, Mains-Powered 
Remote ControlsYes, Web App 

Comparing Autoblow AI+ with alternatives

Compare Autoblow AI+Autoblow AI+
Overall score3.9 / 5.0 4.2 / 5.0 4.2 / 5.0 4.3 / 5.0 3.9 / 5.0 2.4 / 5.0
Bedbible rating3.5 / 5.0 4.2 / 5.0 4.3 / 5.0 4.2 / 5.0 3.2 / 5.0 2.5 / 5.0
User rating4.2 / 5.0
from 107 users
4.1 / 5.0
from 85 users
4 / 5.0
from 281 users
4.3 / 5.0
from 134 users
4.6 / 5.0
from 25 users
2.3 / 5.0
from 115 users
PricePremium Pricey Pricey Pricey Affordable Affordable
Design80 / 100 80 / 100 80 / 100 85 / 100 45 / 100 85 / 100
Ease of use80 / 100 95 / 100 60 / 100 80 / 100 82 / 100 90 / 100
Quality100 / 100 85 / 100 95 / 100 95 / 100 66 / 100 80 / 100
Sound---40 / 100 80 / 100 -
Power---80 / 100 80 / 100 -
Buzzy/Rumbly---somewhat rumbly somewhat rumbly -
Thrust Modes10 patterns, can be updated -Yes: length and speed ---
Height10 inches7.09 inches----
Width5 inches3.15 inches2.75 inches---
Weight3 lbs1.01 lbs-0.62 lbs0.9 lbs lbs-
AdjustableYes, the penis gripper can be adjusted with a phillips screwdriver -Yes ---
Materials100% silicone sleeves, Body: ABS Plastic TPE, silicone, plastic TPE and hard plastic Silicone, ABS Plastic, aluminum alloy ABS+ Silicone TPE, ABS Plastic
WaterproofNo Submersible (TPE sleeve) yes, (Handy) no Submersible -No
RechargeableNo, Mains-Powered --Yes (USB) Yes No: takes 4 x AA Batteries (not included)
Remote ControlsYes, Web App -Yes, with HandyFeeling App Yes (app controlled) No -
Openings-One (neutral) -One (neutral) Mouth Mouth
Diameter-2.76 inches-2.8 inches(opening) 3.1 inches inches-
Diameter (internal)-2 inches-1.87 inches-(canal) 1.75 inches inches
Insertable length-6.3 inches-4.5 inches-5 inches inches
Fastening-Plastic frame with clips Velcro ---
Storage Bag Included-Yes (case/stand) No No --
Length--10.5 inches5.6 inches4.9 inches inches9 inches inches
Battery Life--N/A, mains powered minutes120 minutes--
Condom safe--Yes Yes --
Vibration speeds---8 10 -
Vibration patterns---Four (preset), unlimited (programmable) --
Charging Time---120 minutes--
Travel Lock---Yes --
Allergies---Latex & Phthalate-Free -Latex-free, phthalate-free
Vibration modes----5 -
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