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    Joshua Gill
    by Joshua GillLast updated: May 25, 2022
    Kiiroo Keon

    With the Kiiroo Keon you can have some of the most engaging and ball-bursting masturbation sessions ever! Want to customize the speed of the strokes, the length of the strokes, and even the tightness and amount of suction of the masturbator inside? Not a problem! Make sure everything is to your liking, then lay back and let this completely automated toy do all the hard work for you. And for you porn connoisseurs out there, you can combine the Keon with a wide range of adult content to accurately and pleasurably replicate exactly what you’re seeing on screen. It will have you shaking with pleasure in no time! It can even be combined with and Kiiroo male masturbator so you can pick and choose the kind of pleasure you put yourself through!

    Design: 75
    Ease of Use: 80
    Quality: 95

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    Price: 0

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with Kiiroo Keon

    Testing the Keon by Kiiroo out was more of a pleasure than an actual task! To start things off I got plenty of photos of it, showing off each and every facet of this masturbation device. And let’s be honest, when we’re talking automatic fleshlights, this is one of the most interesting looking and well-loved ones out there! Next up, I had the enviable job of trying it out, putting it through its paces and taking note of things such as the textures, the materials, the ease of use, the effectiveness etc. Once I was satisfied I’d learned all there is to know about the Keon (and I’ll be honest — I tried and tested it multiple times… you know, for research purposes), I gathered my thoughts and produced this very review. To me, it initially seemed like an oversized masturbation device, but I guess I didn’t quite understand how it worked. However, after a little trial and error, I got it. Also, it wasn’t totally clear that I needed to wait for the click to confirm that the Real Feel was in there properly. It just so happened that I stumbled across that after I had an unsuccessful attempt at using it! Is it the best and most exciting masturbation toy I’ve used? No. But, it’s definitely not the worst either! It definitely gets the job done!

    Joshua Gill

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    Joshua Gill

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    You should buy the Kiiroo Keon if you...

    Want a toy that can connect to VR porn
    Like the easy-to-use customizable controls
    Love a sturdy toy that will do all the hard work for you

    You should NOT buy the Kiiroo Keon if you...

    Want something smaller and more discreet
    Are looking for a more affordable toy
    Prefer manual stumilation

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features Kiiroo Keon
    Materials(Keon) hard plastic, (Real Feel) silicone
    Insertable length7
    Vibration modes5.11
    Openings(Real Feel) Vagina
    Remote ControlsYes: buttons and app controlled
    RechargeableYes: via USB cable
    Battery Life(up to) 60
    Charging Time(up to) 240


    Hands-free fun
    Can interact with VR porn
    Very customizable
    Excellent quality
    Comes with Real Feel male masturbator


    Quite bulky and heavy
    Can be pretty loud
    Not the cheapest toy ever

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    I can totally see why the Kiiroo Keon is so popular: it looks great, it's effective, and it's an all-round premium toy that gets the job done. It comes with the Real Feel male masturbator, but it can also be combined with strokers from Kiiroo's Feel collection. The Keon itself is sturdy and sits firmly in place while it does its thing. The buttons are well positioned and easy to use and change mid-masturbation session. My main issue is the bulkiness of the Keon. It's fairly large and unwieldy, and not the most discreet of sex toys ever. Some may see this as a positive though and really enjoy the weightier feel on their crotch. Also while it definitely does get the job done, there are toys that get the job faster and arguably more effectively. Still, if you're happy with the size, the price tag, and want a toy that can be adapted and customized in all kinds of ways, the Keon is a fantastic option.

    How to use Kiiroo Keon

    Want a few hints and tips on how to use the Keon? Not a problem, that's why we're here! Let's talk you through how to get the most out of your masturbation device!

    Kiiroo Keon
    Keon: Assemble!
    Kiiroo Keon
    You're going to need to start by assembling the Keon. Slot the Real Feel stroker into it and gently twist it until you hear a click. That's how you know it's properly secured. Making sure it's all put together correctly is important if you don't want the stroker working its way loose and ruining the moment mid-masturbation session!
    Lube up!
    Kiiroo Keon
    Applying lubrication when using the Keon is pretty damn important! Especially if you want a friction free time! The silicone sleeve could grab at your skin and catch, causing friction burns where you really don't want friction burns, and the Keon will just keep pumping away whether there is friction or not, which could cause even more damage. So getting yourself a good water-based lube is a smart move!
    Kiiroo Keon
    Kiiroo Keon
    Slide in and get to work!
    Kiiroo Keon
    Now you're all lubed up you can slide your cock into the Keon. Get it nice and deep and enjoy those slippery textures before you set your power level. Customize the speed and stroke length with the buttons on either side of the device. Want to take it to the next level? Hook it up to some VR porn and get involved in some of your favorite naughty scenes!
    Keep it clean!
    Kiiroo Keon
    Cleaning up when you're done is essential if you want to keep your Keon working for as long as possible. Use a good sex toy cleaner on the main unit and give it a good wipe down but DON'T submerge it in water! You can however dismantle the Real Feel male masturbator and thoroughly wash that in water though!
    Kiiroo Keon


    Where can I buy a Keon of my own?
    By following the links in this review! We only work alongside the most reputable and trustworthy sex toy shops out there, so you can shop in confidence! We don't want you to have any bad experiences while buying your Keon - after all, it should be a fun and exciting experience!
    Can I use silicone lube with the Keon?
    No, and here's why. The Keon houses the Real Feel male masturbator, and that's made of silicone. If you apply silicone lube to a silicone toy you could cause it some damage. That's why we always recommend using water-based lubrication. You're never going to have any problems with that!
    Will using the Keon hurt me?
    No! Not if you're doing it right, anyway! It is designed to bring you maximum pleasure, so if there's any discomfort or pain then there must be something wrong. If this occurs, stop using it immediately and consult the user manual to see if you can figure out the issue!
    Can the Kiiroo Keon be used with a Fleshlight?
    No - the Kiiroo Keon is only compatible with Kiiroo Feel strokers. It is not designed to take any other kinds of Fleshlights or masturbators, and only ones manufactured by Kiiroo themselves will click into place in the Keon unit.
    What is the best sleeve to use with the Kiiroo Keon?
    It all depends on what type of stimulation you want. It comes with the Real Feel male masturbator, and in reviewing the Keon I also tried out the Victoria Jane male masturbator. Both felt great in different ways. You can also get ones with an anal entrance that are slightly tighter. Each sleeve has a different texture, so it's all down to personal preference!

    Instructions - Manual

    When the Kiiroo Keon first arrives, we can understand if you’re a little perplexed and confused as to how it works. After all, it’s a chunky toy and getting it to work might leave you scratching your head. Luckily for you though you can find the Keon user manuals here! So get reading, brush up on your skills, and get down to having some good – and naughty – fun!

    How did the Kiiroo Keon get tested and reviewed?

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    Testing and writing

    Our tester then put the product through its paces. After trying the product out at home, the tester then recorded their experience, evaluation, and overall rating of Kiiroo Keon to share with you in this review.

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