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    Joshua Gill
    by Joshua GillLast updated: March 25, 2022
    The Handy

    The Handy is a sleek and stylish masturbator that allows you to have an intense and fully customizable masturbation experience. The simple design and intuitive controls make it straightforward to pick up and play with, and the silicone sleeve provided is accommodating and life-like, ensuring that with each and every stroke you get that little bit closer to orgasm. The Handy is a fun and naughty addition to any bedroom toolbox!

    Design: 80
    Ease of Use: 60
    Quality: 95

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with The Handy

    How did I test The Handy out? Good question! I started off by getting plenty of photos of it, making sure I really showed off some of the key features. It’s a good-looking masturbator and the camera loves it! Next up I put it through its paces, testing it on things such as its texture, its materials, its effectiveness etc. Once I’d checked over everything (thoroughly and repeatedly), I was able to collate my ideas in my head, form an opinion and write this review. Hopefully it touches on everything, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me and ask!

    Joshua Gill

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    Joshua Gill

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    You should buy the The Handy if you...

    Love an automatic masturbator
    Want a fully customizable sex toy
    Enjoy the feel of a silicone sleeve

    You should NOT buy the The Handy if you...

    Prefer manual stimulation
    Want a more textured sleeve
    Don't want a toy that's as bulky

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features The Handy
    Thrust ModesYes: length and speed
    MaterialsSilicone and hard plastic
    Waterproof(Silicone sleeve) yes, (Handy) no
    Battery LifeN/A, mains powered
    Remote ControlsYes, with HandyFeeling App
    Condom safeYes
    Storage Bag IncludedNo


    Great feeling materials
    Accommodating and customizable
    Plenty of speed settings


    Easy to mix up controls
    Not the quietest toy ever
    Fairly bulky

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    The Handy is a super pleasing toy! It looks modern and stylish, it's easy to use, and it has great results. The sleeve provided has nice textures and feels great on your cock, but if you have another silicone sleeve you prefer then you can just switch it out, secure it to The Handy, and get going! Does it have any drawbacks? Yes of course, the buttons - while intuitive - might still prove a little tricky for some, with one of the stroke length buttons located right next to the power button. Also, it's quite bulky and not the quietest toy in the world, so if you're looking for quieter this might not be the way to go. However, for what it is we'd say it's a really awesome toy. It's pleasing, it's adaptable, it's customizable, and it's generally a good time! But don't take our word for it - try it out for yourselves!

    How to use The Handy

    Using The Handy might seem like a bit of a daunting thing, but don't worry - it's really not that bad. In fact to help you get the most out of your masturbator, we're here to give you a bit of a walkthrough. So let's get to it!

    The Handy
    Don't forget to lubricate!
    The Handy
    Lubrication is important, especially when using The Handy! It keeps things slippy and wet and friction free. The silicone sleeve could grab at your skin and catch, causing friction burns where you really don't want friction burns! Water-based lube really can save the day. So get your cock AND your silicone sleeve covered in the stuff, and thank us later!
    Slide your cock inside!
    The Handy
    Once you're all lubed up simply push your cock into the silicone sleeve. It should glide nicely inside, and allow you to feel every lump and bump along the way. Enjoy the sensations! Grab The Handy and use the Velcro strap to secure the sleeve (with your cock inside) to the toy itself. Then you're good to go!
    The Handy
    The Handy
    Power up and enjoy!
    The Handy
    Once everything is secured you can turn your handy on and let it get to work. Use the buttons to control the stroke length and speed, and enjoy experimenting with the different settings. You have so many options right there at your fingertips! And above all else - have a good time!


    What is the best kind of lube to use with The Handy?
    No matter what sex toy you buy, we would always recommend water-based lubricants. They contain fewer chemicals than silicone lubes, therefore they are body-safe and won't damage The Handy. Water-based lubrication is also super easy to clean and will leave no sticky residue!
    Is The Handy a good masturbator?
    Yes! Sometimes you fancy a good masturbation session, but sometimes using just your hand won't quite do the trick. Well if you want a toy that puts all the work in for you so you can just relax and enjoy, then The Handy is for you! It works had to give you sensations and situations that you could never achieve with your hand alone!
    Where can I buy The Handy?
    By checking out the link in this review. It will take you directly to The Handy website - a website we are proud to be associated with and be able to wholeheartedly recommend. We only deal with the best and want you to have only the best experience when sex toy shopping!

    Instructions - Manual

    Using The Handy as soon as it turns up is the dream, and for all intents and purposes that’s exactly what you can do! Just ensure that not only have you got everything you need, but that everything is set up correctly. There should be a user manual included in the box, but just in case, you can find the Handy user manuals here!

    How did the The Handy get tested and reviewed?

    Receiving the product

    We sent the The Handy to the tester’s address, free of charge. They tested the product and got to keep it afterward, with no strings attached.

    Testing and writing

    Our tester then put the product through its paces. After trying the product out at home, the tester then recorded their experience, evaluation, and overall rating of The Handy to share with you in this review.

    The test is uploaded here

    After non-substantial editing, the review is uploaded to this page. Both good and bad reviews get uploaded, and no points that the tester writes in their review are left out.

    The only editing we do is uploading and adding additional information such as the product specifications, comparisons to other products, and links to places where you can buy the The Handy. is your one and only source on the journey to better sex. We’re 100% reader-supported, so when you buy products through links on our site, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

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