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Rating: VacuGlide was rated 90 out of 100, which means it is designed absolutely incredible.

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Ease of UseEase of Use

Rating: VacuGlide was rated 85 out of 100, which means it is extremely easy to use and worked very well.

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Rating: VacuGlide was rated 100 out of 100, which means it is one of the absolute top quality toys.

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Price ratingPrice ratingPrice ratingPrice ratingPrice rating

Rating: VacuGlide was rated 5 out of 5, which means it is in the premium price range.

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My Verdict

For people who really enjoy suction, I think the VacuGlide has potential. Penis sensitivity will play a big factor as well. Who is it most valuable to? Definitely people who struggle to get erections. As this toy can be enjoyed with or without an erection, I'd say it's definitely an option worth considering if you fall into this category. The upfront cost is a bit much, but the longevity of this toy should help lower the cost over time. Although I personally preferred the Autoblow AI Ultra, if you're the type of person who enjoy suction and constant shaft stimulation over specific and targeted friction, the VacuGlide is definitely an option you'll want to look into.

Buy, if you...

  1. Enjoy blowjobs
  2. Want a *potentially* hands-free toy
  3. Want a toy that will do all the work
  4. Hate hard-to-clean strokers
  5. Have access to a private space

Don't buy, if you...

  1. Prefer silicone lubes
  2. Want a toy that vibrates
  3. Have never tried a male sex toy before

About The VacuGlide

Encased within a sturdy aluminum frame, fitted with a long tube, and equipped with custom sleeve suction tubes for maximum suction, the VacuGlide by Autoblow is bringing blowjobs to a whole new level!


  • Highly adjustable
  • Comes with three silicone sleeves
  • Easy to clean
  • No battery constraints
  • Relatively quiet


  • Requires a lot of lube
  • Doesn't offer vibrations
  • Expensive

Personal Experience

My Personal Experiences with VacuGlide


I knew the VacuGlide was big, but I was still very surprised when the actual box showed up. This thing looked gigantic! Fortunately, a lot of that was packaging, and the actual toy is much smaller than the box it comes in. Inside of the package, the toy is encased in a travel backpack. This is great, as it ensures the toy stays safe even if the box is thrown around a bit, while also giving you somewhere convenient to store the toy & accessories.

Testing It Out

I turned on the toy and messed around with it a bit before actually watching the instructional videos. The VacuGlide has no problem suctioning itself to your hand, so I figured the real-life experience would be similar. Still, watching the videos is important, as it tells you how to adjust the stroke length (both manually and with the buttons). I’ll admit, it took me a bit to get the hang of this toy. I think part of this is due to the shape of the sleeves. You get three sleeves to choose from, but they’re all straight, which isn’t ideal if you have a curve in your penis. Don’t get me wrong: you can easily fit inside! However, getting the toy to work hands-free is a bit of a challenge. A lot of this comes down to getting the stroke length correct. Turn it up too much and the toy needs to be held in place (or else it will just jump off!). Still, having shaved pubic hair is extremely helpful when trying to get the toy to work hands-free. Otherwise, the toy basically needs to be held in place.

The Experience

The best part about this toy is that it stimulates your entire shaft at the same time. It messes with you at first, as the VacuGlide seems extremely loud when you’re next to it. However, for what it is, it’s actually pretty quiet, so you can definitely drown it out with a little bit of TV in the background. I found that the best position to the toy was lying down, with the VacuGlide next to me, within reach. This made it easy to adjust the speeds and depth of the toy. Since both the cord and the tube are fairly long, I didn’t have any issues with the toy not reaching. Of course, if the eight-foot tube is too long, you could always cut it down to a better length for your setup. All in all, despite being a fairly large device, the VacuGlide is extremely easy to use. Even if you have limited space to work with, enjoying the VacuGlide should be a straightforward process!  


VacuGlide Design

If it wasn't for the large "Autoblow" logo on the front, this toy could easily pass as some sort of niche pump. I mean, technically, it is! The aluminum exterior looks very polished, and the mostly silver design with black accents pairs well with the plain tubing and black sleeve. I really like how the sleeves can come apart, as this makes cleaning the toy extremely easy. The tube is fairly easy to get on/off, and the shaped "feet" on the VacuGlide help to keep it from rolling away during use.

Ease of Use

VacuGlide Ease of Use

The controls on this toy are extremely simple. There's the start/stop button, two speed buttons, two stroking buttons, and the power switch. As long as you remember that you need to hold down the stroking buttons for them to work, you pretty much have all the knowledge you need to get started enjoying this toy. If you've adjusted as much as possible and still can't get the stroking length right, there's also an Allen wrench included with the toy to help you adjust it even more precisely. Personally, I didn't have to use this, but you might find it helpful!


VacuGlide Quality

You can just tell this thing is high-quality. All of the surfaces feel smooth and polished; even the plastics feel well-made. Being well-made can be a downside though, which becomes apparent when it's time to disconnect the tube. Pro tip? Disconnect the end from the VacuGlide first to make your life a bit easier! All of the parts fit together perfectly, from the tubes to the sleeves and even the plugs. The buttons do have a little bit of wiggle to them, but this is to be expected, as they're only plastic.


VacuGlide Price

The biggest downfall of this device is the price tag. To be perfectly honest, I actually preferred the Autoblow AI Ultra over this device! However, whether or not it's worth buying for you really depends on the type of stimulation you're after (I prefer friction). If you prefer suction to friction-based stroking, then you have to ask yourself: how often will I actually use this? If the answer is every day, well then, I'd say it might be worth it. The high-quality device will no doubt last for years to come, which weighs heavily in its favor.


VacuGlide Performance

Overall, I liked the toy, although getting it to the point where you can use it hands-free takes a bit of effort. As previously mentioned, this will work best if you've shaved your pubic hair, as anything that gets in the way of the seal will ruin the suction. Personally, I found that just holding the toy made the whole process a lot easier, especially since it likes to loosen itself up a bit on higher settings. The entire hands-free experience relies heavily on suction, so I don't think you could do this if you had a thinner penis. I found that using extra lube, pushing the device down to the base of my penis, and adjusting accordingly worked the best.


VacuGlide Packaging

The packaging is fairly accurate when it comes to describing the toy, claiming "vacuum-induced milking action!". Reading it will give you a bit more information about the toy, such as the strokes per minute it can achieve, what adjustments it offers, and what types of penises it will work with. I like how the front of the boy has a QR code right on it, as this links you to videos that will give you more detailed instructions on how to use and adjust the toy. The back lists everything that comes with the toy, showing the toy packed into the backpack (which will be useful if you forget where everything goes).

Materials and care

VacuGlide Materials and care

Being mains-powered, the VacuGlide isn't waterproof. This won't be an issue, though, as the only part you'll likely need to clean often is the sleeve. Since the sleeve is on the other end of an eight-foot tube, cleaning it will be a breeze. You can actually completely disassemble the sleeve, separating the body-safe silicone sleeve from the plastic casing. This makes it easy to clean everything without worrying about missing dips or ridges. As mentioned above, this also comes with a backpack, which is great for everyday storage and travel alike!

Specifications and features

MaterialsAluminum. plastic, rubber, silicone (sleeve) 
Height15.15 inches
Width(VacuGlide) 6.18 inches
Length(Tube) 96 inches
Weight11.5 lbs
AdjustableYes (physically adjustable stroke length, digitally adjustable stroke length and speeds) 
RechargeableNo (powered via wall adapter) 
Quick-release valveNo 
Storage Bag IncludedYes (comes with dedicated backpack) 
Colors AvailableGrey 

Comparing VacuGlide with alternatives

Compare VacuGlideVacuGlide
Overall score4.5 / 5.0 4.3 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0 4.0 / 5.0 4.7 / 5.0 4.3 / 5.0
Bedbible rating4.1 / 5.0 4.6 / 5.0 4.3 / 5.0 4.3 / 5.0 4.4 / 5.0 4.0 / 5.0
User rating5 / 5.0
from 5 users
3.9 / 5.0
from 89 users
4.7 / 5.0
from 257 users
3.6 / 5.0
from 84 users
4.9 / 5.0
from 353 users
4.5 / 5.0
from 4 users
PricePremium Pricey Moderate Pricey Moderate Moderate
Design90 / 100 85 / 100 80 / 100 87 / 100 80 / 100 75 / 100
Ease of use85 / 100 100 / 100 85 / 100 89 / 100 90 / 100 80 / 100
Quality100 / 100 90 / 100 95 / 100 95 / 100 95 / 100 95 / 100
Sound-80 / 100 -40 / 100 --
Power-100 / 100 -80 / 100 --
Buzzy/Rumbly-very rumbly -somewhat rumbly --
MaterialsAluminum. plastic, rubber, silicone (sleeve) ABS, Silicone Soft plastic ABS plastic and silicone Soft plastic Keon: ABS, PC, Silicone; Feel Stroker: ABS, PC, TPR
Height15.15 inches-----
Width(VacuGlide) 6.18 inches2.63 inches-2.25 inches-8.66 inches
Length(Tube) 96 inches4.17 inches-5.5 inches--
Weight11.5 lbs0.48 lbs---2.42 lbs
AdjustableYes (physically adjustable stroke length, digitally adjustable stroke length and speeds) -----
RechargeableNo (powered via wall adapter) Yes, USB -Yes -Yes: via USB cable
Quick-release valveNo -----
Storage Bag IncludedYes (comes with dedicated backpack) Yes -No --
Colors AvailableGrey Black, Blue -Black --
Vibration speeds-3 -6 --
Vibration patterns-6 -6 --
Remote Controls-No ---Yes: buttons and app controlled
Diameter (internal)-2.5 inches-1.55 inches--
Waterproof-Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Battery Life-Up to 60 minutes-60-70 minutes-(up to) 60 minutes
Charging Time-180 minutes-120 minutes-(up to) 240 minutes
Insertable length--9 inches3.5 inches9 inches7 inches
Openings--Vagina -Vagina (Real Feel) Vagina
Travel Lock---Yes --
Diameter----(canal) 0.25 inches-
Allergies----Phthalate-free -
Vibration modes-----5.11
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