Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia Test and Review

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Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia Texture 8

Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia



Tested and Reviewed by Edwina

Tested and Reviewed by Edwina

Age: 50-55
Sex toy experience: OG 30+ years
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
All-Time favorite sex toy: Sohimi Clitoral Sucking and G-Spot Vibrator

Riley Reed Fleshlight MAIN
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Okay, so let’s talk about the obvious here…. I do not have a penis. However, I have said time and time again that the Fleshlight is the one male sex toy that makes me wish I had one. And although I cannot try the Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia, I have handled enough penises in my life to know what feels good to the men attached to those penises. 

My consensus on this toy? This is a must-try for every penis owner who wants the realistic, tight, cozy feel of a warm vagina. 

I was thrilled when I was told I was finally going to get my hands on a Fleshlight as I have always wanted to handle one, stick my fingers inside, and see how they really feel.
Immediately, I was impressed by the packaging, which not only features what the interior texture of the toy looks like, but includes quick instructions, complementary products you can buy and it’s all in a sturdy, handsome-looking box.

Fleshlights, in general, are a little heavier than I thought. However, with a man’s strength and larger hands, I can see how the product would be easy to handle. The bottom cap unscrews easily and can be loosened and tightened to increase and decrease suction. The top cap is large and deep so it will protect the soft flesh of the sleeve inside from dust, dirt, and injury.

I pulled the protective, plastic tube from the center of the sleeve and slipped my fingers inside. Right away, I noticed how snug the opening is but, below that, the texture is very pronounced. The deeper I sunk my fingers, the more interesting the textures felt. Additionally, the sleeve varied in tightness in certain areas, making it feel much like a real vagina – and that I have experience with! 

I can only imagine how the soft, supple, realistic-feeling skin would feel all lubed up and slippery while stroking a penis and adjusting the cap and suction. 

Wow, this is impressive! The deeper you go, the more exciting the ribbing and bumps! The sleeve slips right out of the Fleshlight case for easy cleaning after a great solo session. Plus, if you find that Riley’s vagina and the Utopia texture isn’t your cup of tea, you can purchase other sleeves that slide easily into your Fleshlight case.
Remember sports cards? Just like those, you can collect them all and become a Fleshlight connoisseur!
And partners…. Need a break from oral, vaginal, anal, or hand-jobs? Buy one to use on your man! I mean, there are no rules that say these are for masturbation only! All-in-all, I would highly recommend this masturbation toy; so much so that I wish I had a penis to try it myself!

About the Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia

If the Magic Wand is considered “the little black dress” of sex toys for women, then the Fleshlight is definitely “the worn, comfy jeans and t-shirt” of sex toys for men. With millions sold worldwide, the Fleshlight is the #1 best-selling male sex toy in the world. And with several styles and 47 delightful textures to choose from, if you haven’t tried one yet, now is the time! So, sit back, relax and let me tell you all about the Fleshlight Riley Reoid Utopia!

Specifications and features

Features Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia
Total Length 10 inches
Insertable Length 9 inches
Canal Diameter 0.5 inches
Opening Type Vagina
Waterproof Yes
Materials Plastic, TPE
Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia Texture 8

Ridges for better grip

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Case keeps your Fleshlight safe and clean between uses

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Soft, realistic vulva with a tight opening

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Internal canal features ridges and coils for intense sensation

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But the best part of Fleshlight products is that you can purchase them from various sites. Here are just a few of their Fleshlight products to keep your toy feeling great and to make your next solo session ever better!

User reviews of the Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia

Product images from shops



I cannot say this enough; if I were a penis owner, I would own every Fleshlight and sleeve I could get my hands on. They are so well-made and the textures are absolutely fantastic! Plus, you cannot go wrong with the discreet, outer case; it doesn’t look like a sex toy, it travels well and it’s extremely durable. Personally, I am not a porn star fan, so the Riley Reid edition, raised fleshy signature and her molded vagina doesn’t matter a great deal. However, the unique Utopia texture inside is pretty amazing with the pronounced nubs, twisty coils and pleasure pockets. Add to that the fact that Fleshlight makes accessories, its own line of cleaning and care products as well as hands-free mounts and sex wedges, you cannot go wrong. Use it alone for stress relief or to build stamina or play with a partner for a new and exciting twist on sex. This Fleshlight would make a great, sexy gift too. In conclusion, with all the sleeves, masturbators and pocket pussies out there, owning the best is a no-brainer. Invest in your orgasms and buy yourself the Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia today!


All available shops

The Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia
the TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator
Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Male masturbators come in all shapes and sizes, with an endless arrangement of textures and patterns to please you in just the right ways. Here are some other popular products and how they measure up to the Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia.

How does the Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia compare to similar products

Features Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator Super Head Honcho Masturbator
Length 10 inches 8.5 inches 6.5 inches long; 2.75 inches wide
Canal length 9 inches 6.5 inches Not given
Canal diameter 0.5 inches 1 inch Not given
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes
Outer case Yes Yes No
Materials Plastic, TPE PC, TPE TPR
Price $79.99 $89.99 $29.95

Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia

Cast from Riley Reid, this powerful masturbator features a tight design and coiled and ribbed internal textures to turn up the pleasure. It's cased in the traditional Fleshlight case, which can be used with other Fleshlight sleeves.

TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator

Always innovative, Tenga have created a masturbator with intricate and unique textures that create incredible sensations. You can also squeeze to tighten the Flip Hole Masturbator for extra pressure exactly where you need it.
Unique textures

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

One of Adam & Eve's top sellers, the Super Head Honcho Masturbator features a long tunnel with textured stimulation for some intense sensations. The double-ended design makes it easier to clean.
Best price

How did Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia get tested and reviewed?

Receiving the product

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Testing and writing

Our tester then put the product through its paces. After trying the product out at home, the tester then recorded their experience, evaluation, and overall rating of Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia to share with you in this review.

The test is uploaded here

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FAQ about the Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia

  1. You can warm your Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia using a sleeve warmer or some warm water. 
  2. Apply some water-based lubrication to your penis and the opening of the Fleshlight.
  3. Insert your penis into the canal to experience the texture.
    You can also get creative with some handsfree positions or with a partner.  

To clean your Fleshlight, remove the sleeve from the case. Clean both parts with soapy water or sex toy cleaner. Make sure to turn the sleeve inside out, so you can properly clean everything. Then dry you Fleshlight. There are different drying methods, but it's important to make sure it is completely dry. 

You can also use a restoration powder to maintain the material. 

Edwina has you covered. Check out this article for the top positions for using your Fleshlight alone or with a partner, along with some other great tips. 

There are a few different methods you can use to warm your Fleshlight. Firstly, you can buy a sleeve warmer from Fleshight. This USB powered device provides mess and hassle free heating. 

Another popular method is to place your sleeve in warm water for a few minutes prior to use. 

Check out this article that gives you an overview of 100 men's opinions on what it feels like to use a Fleshlight. 

Check out this in depth article that explains exactly how to dry your Fleshlight to keep it in tip-top condition.

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