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    Katie Elizabeth
    by Katie ElizabethLast updated: May 09, 2022
    Fun Factory Manta

    Sex toy equality has come! Finally, penis-oriented toys are making their way onto the scene and the award-winning Manta from Fun Factory should be in your cock box. This gently curved stroker and vibrator is a multi-use toy for solo and partner use. It can give your handy a hand, turn your dildo into a vibrator, and blow your mind while they blow get it.

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    Ease of Use: 90
    Quality: 80

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with Fun Factory Manta

    I am a person with chronic illness and was hit recently with blood clots that I thought were going to take my sex life down. Fun Factory’s Manta gave my partner and I a way to safely re-engage in sex. This toy was so fun for us to play around with and it allowed us to reengage with each other. Wet chills went up my spine each time I found a new way to make the Manta work for them. Plus, there was no fumbling in accidentally hitting buttons as so often happening with vibrators. We were even so eager to try the Manta we couldn’t wait the required 6 hour charge time and it died during our first use.

    Katie Elizabeth

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    Katie Elizabeth

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    You should buy the Fun Factory Manta if you...

    You are looking for a multi-use toy
    Are looking for an assistive toy
    Would like a toy to use with your partner
    Would like a toy that is penis-focused

    You should NOT buy the Fun Factory Manta if you...

    Are looking for a lower budget toy
    Like a tighter feel
    Want a toy with a long battery life

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features Fun Factory Manta
    MaterialsMedical-Grade Silicone, ABS Plastic
    Battery Life40-120
    Charging Time300-420
    Travel LockYes




    Short battery life
    Unique charger

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    Fun Factory's ethics and gender inclusion have really impressed me. I'm looking forward to being a customer with this company for a long time. The Manta is my first vibrating penis toy. I'm really looking forward to all the ways this is going to help grow my relationship with my partner. It has become a fun addition to our toy chest and I expect we will be pulling it out often. You never forget your first.

    How to use Fun Factory Manta

    Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your Manta:

    Fun Factory Manta
    The Oh! Finder
    Fun Factory Manta
    Fun Factory's Manta is great for targeted vibration and stroking. Over your head, under your shaft, around your balls, cilt stimulation. There is oh! so much to explore!
    The Vibes Are Poly!
    Fun Factory Manta
    Pick a partner and pick a position to share the vibes (rations) with. You'll love using The Manta together.
    Fun Factory Manta
    Fun Factory Manta
    Over Time
    Fun Factory Manta
    Use The Manta way back on the shaft and balls for a deep-throat, vibrational BJ!


    What makes this so easy to use?
    The Manta's curved design and looped handle make it so easy to hold. Using The Manta can keep your hands lube-free while you enjoy the Fun!
    Why are there ridges?
    The ridges are designed to help keep lube distributed for an all-over slippery time.
    Is it safe for other uses?
    The Manta works great for clit and vulva stimulation. It can rumble a dildo or act as a vibrator. The ridges, however, mean it is not safe for anal play.
    Can the Fun Factory Manta be used hands-free?
    The Manta doesn't have any specific hands-free functions, and may be difficult to set up in a way that it could be used hands-free. However, it could stay standing if put in-between something firm. Try a dedicated sex toy mount cushion!

    Instructions - Manual

    A manual for the Fun Factory Manta can be found here.

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