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    Rachel Worthington
    by Rachel WorthingtonLast updated: July 12, 2022
    Fun Factory Sundaze

    The Fun Factory Sundaze is really a three-in-one sex toy — it vibrates, it taps and it pulsates. Designed to provide slow and sensual g-spot massage, this vibrator has a broad, flat tip that provides a large surface area to transmit its different sensations. It can also be used for clitoral stimulation, either with the broad side or the more precise tip. The Sundaze can help you break out of your vibrator funk and try new forms of stimulation and self-pleasure!

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    Ease of Use: 70
    Quality: 90

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with Fun Factory Sundaze

    I chose the Sundaze to review because it seemed different! Testing sex toys for a living means you build up a collection pretty quickly, and ideally I want to have all kinds of toys included in mine. The thing about weird, new sex toys, though, is that they take a while to get to grips with. I had to take a thorough read-though the instructions in the box beforehand, and even then I wasn’t sure what to expect.

    Trying it Out

    I started it up and was… underwhelmed. None of the modes I tried seemed strong enough for me! There were some interesting things going on with the pulsating, but the tapping felt weak and I really felt like I wanted more. Still, I persevered. I tried repositioning the Sundaze around so it could hit my g-spot better, and helped it along a bit by using my fingers for some clitoral stimulation. Eventually, it started to feel good! The orgasm wasn’t mind-blowingly intense, but it was comfortably pleasurable.

    Why Would They Do That?!

    It was only when I started writing this review that I noticed something about the Sundaze. Every time I used it, I thought that the vibrations were pretty weird, but didn’t think much more about it. However, once I looked at the manual again, I realized that I hadn’t actually tried the vibrations at all! Fun Factory have chosen incredibly weird controls for this toy, where you actually start off in the middle of the settings when you turn it on! To access the vibrations, you press the power button and then use the – button to go back, where you can choose from 3 different, admittedly very rumbly speeds. It does say this in the manual, but not particularly clearly. Why they would make it this way is beyond me — it’s one of the least intuitive ways to control a sex toy that I’ve encountered.

    Rachel Worthington

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    Rachel Worthington

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    You should buy the Fun Factory Sundaze if you...

    Like rhythmic g-spot massage
    Enjoy a slow build-up
    Want to experiment with different stimulation sensations

    You should NOT buy the Fun Factory Sundaze if you...

    Want extra powerful vibrations
    Aren't prepared for learning curve
    Are on a budget

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features Fun Factory Sundaze
    Vibration modes3 
    Thrust Modes3 tapping, 5 pulsating 
    Vibration patterns4 
    Length6.9 inches inches
    Insertable length4 inches inches
    Diameter1.4 inches inches
    MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic 
    Battery Life40-180 minutes minutes
    Charging Time300 minutes minutes
    Travel LockYes 
    Storage Bag IncludedYes 
    Vibrating, tapping and pulsating modes
    Flat tip for broad g-spot massage
    Very rumbly vibrations
    Innovative technology
    Can be used internally and externally
    Not very intense
    Silicone is slightly rough and grippy
    Complex controls
    Long charging time

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    I truthfully can't tell you whether or not you'll enjoy the Fun Factory Sundaze or not. That's not code for anything — this toy has very polarized reviews that either claim it to be the best toy ever or a total waste of money! What it offers is very different from most other vibrators, and it will require you to take some time to figure out how it might work for you, as well as adapt to taking the scenic route to an orgasm. I did have some really nice experiences with the Sundaze, but it's definitely not something I would reach for if I was just looking for a quickie. If you're curious, though, and have the budget for an investment like this, then it could be worth trying out.

    How to use Fun Factory Sundaze

    Before using the Sundaze, I recommend applying a generous amount of lube to both the toy and yourself. Since the silicone feels a little rough and grippy, lube will help everything slide smoothly and feel way nicer! Stick with a water-based lube to avoid damaging the silicone. Play around with the settings and find what feels good to you, and remember that you can save your favorite setting by holding down the 'Fun Factory' button for 2 seconds, until you hear 2 beeps.

    Fun Factory Sundaze
    Clitoral Stimulation
    Fun Factory Sundaze
    The Fun Factory Sundaze can be perfect for clitoral stimulation, especially when using the vibration and tapping modes. You can switch between using the broad side of the tip or the edge. Try on your own, or hand it over to a partner.
    Fun Factory Sundaze
    Enjoy the sensations of the Sundaze hands-free by propping the base up against a pillow and adjusting yourself until you find the depth and angle that you prefer.
    Fun Factory Sundaze
    Fun Factory Sundaze
    In the Tub
    Fun Factory Sundaze
    Since the Fun Factory Sundaze is completely submersible, it's perfect for enjoying in the bath or shower. Take your relaxing bath to the next level by adding the Sundaze to the mix!


    Which lube should I use with the Fun Factory Sundaze?
    The Fun Factory Sundaze should only be enjoyed with water-based lubes. This is because other lubricants, especially silicone-based lubes, will damage the surface of the silicone, making it unhygienic and unsafe to use.
    Is the Fun Factory Sundaze a thrusting dildo?
    Fun Factory call the Sundaze a pulsator, not a thruster. It does thrust slightly, but doesn't have very much extension. For more thrusting power, we recommend a thrusting sex machine.
    Can the Fun Factory Sundaze be used anally?
    No, you should avoid using the Sundaze anally. This is because it doesn't have a flared base or anything stopping it from going too far into your anal canal and getting stuck. This could cause you serious harm, so only insert the Sundaze vaginally. You can, however, use the Sundaze to stimulate the perineum and the external parts of the anus.
    How powerful is the Fun Factory Sundaze?
    The Sundaze is not designed to be a super powerful and intense vibrator or thruster. If you need very strong vibrations to orgasm, or are looking for powerful thrusts, then the Sundaze might not meet your needs.
    Who can use the Fun Factory Sundaze?
    The Sundaze is designed primarily for vaginal and clitoral use. Anyone with a vulva can enjoy the Sundaze, but you could also try using it to stimulate the nipples, perineum or EXTERNAL part of the anus on anybody!

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