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    Melissa Lander
    by Melissa LanderLast updated: May 17, 2022
    Doxy Die Cast 3R

    You won't second-guess the quality of this wand with it's durable aluminium body and it's body-safe silicone head — not to mention the beautiful aluminium storage case! The Doxy Die Cast 3R is a more compact and rechargeable version of the Doxy Die Cast, which makes it ideal for travel and charging the wand is easy with a simple USB charger. The wand is controlled by three large, LED lit silicone buttons along the body of the wand: the power button, the increase button, and the decrease button. The Doxy Die Cast 3R is truly a breath of fresh air for rechargeable wands- you don't need a mains powered wand for powerful vibrations anymore!

    Design: 75
    Ease of Use: 90
    Quality: 100

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with Doxy Die Cast 3R

    First impressions

    At first, I was a little sceptical of the Doxy Die Cast 3R wand, as I thought it was ‘just another wand’ — how wrong I was… When I opened the box of the Doxy Die Cast 3R I’ve got to say that I was awe at the sleek, smooth, metallic design; though the wand is very heavy, it screams quality and luxury which I’ve personally never experienced with a sex toy before. After waiting 4 hours for it to fully charge, I turned it on, and lets just say the Doxy Die Cast 3R doesn’t lack any sort of power! The 7 intensity settings offer mind-blowing vibrations, starting at 3000 rpm to 9000 rpm. I’ve got to say, when I first turned it on, starting on the lowest setting, I thought ‘surely, it doesn’t go any higher than this!?’. When I turned it onto the highest setting, the power from the vibrations made me worry that the toy might take off through the window, but, luckily, it just made my hand numb instead. I did dabble with the ‘pulse’ setting, but I’m not a fan of vibration patterns.

    Using the wand

    Ok, so using the toy was a whole other experience that really turned my initial thoughts around. I first used the wand on its own (without another toy), and it made me squirt. This wasn’t new, but it felt amazing! I turned it all the way up and nearly shot through the ceiling — just what I wanted. The vibrations are very rumbly and penetrating which I personally love. I decided to try the wand with a glass dildo which, I can only say, had me stripping my bed afterwards. Lastly, I tried using the wand whilst having PIV sex which gave me an extremely strong orgasm.

    Snag list

    The only thing that disappointed me was the sensitivity of the buttons, as there was a few times when I accidentally grazed the power button and the wand ceased vibration- I quickly turned it back on, but then I was constantly thinking whether the button was close to my hand or not (I couldn’t always tell as the vibrations did make my hand numb).

    Melissa Lander

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    Melissa Lander

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    You should buy the Doxy Die Cast 3R if you...

    Love powerful, rumbly vibrations
    Need strong vibrations to orgasm
    Love the luxurious aesthetic and feel
    Prefer external stimulation
    Have a large budget
    Need a travel-safe toy

    You should NOT buy the Doxy Die Cast 3R if you...

    Have trouble holding heavy objects
    Do not like overly powerful vibrations
    Need a waterproof toy
    Prefer buzzy vibrations
    Have a small budget
    Are a beginner to wand vibrators
    Prefer softer materials

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features Doxy Die Cast 3R
    Vibration modes7 
    Length11 inches
    Diameter1.8 inches
    MaterialsAluminium, Silicone 
    Battery Life60 minutes
    Charging Time240 minutes
    Travel LockYes 
    Storage Bag IncludedYes 
    Powerful, rumbly vibrations
    Quality materials
    Aesthetically pleasing
    Sensitive buttons
    Gets warm quickly

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    I would recommend the Doxy Die Cast 3R to anyone who craves powerful, rumbly vibrations and needs a compact, travel-safe wand to join them on their journeys! Though the wand is undoubtedly expensive, the quality is evident and the wand more than delivers on pleasure and luxury. If you have a very sensitive clitoris, the Doxy Die Cast 3R may be too much for you, however those with less sensitive clits could benefit from the rumbly vibrations. The wand is very heavy as it is made from aluminium, therefore I would say it isn't suitable for those who struggle to hold heavy objects for long periods. If you want a wand designed with luxury, power, and quality in mind, the Doxy Die Cast 3R will not disappoint! Overall, I can confidently say that the Doxy Die Cast 3R is without a doubt my new favorite toy!

    How to use Doxy Die Cast 3R

    Need a little help when it comes to different ways to use the Doxy Die Cast 3R? Check out our guide below!

    Doxy Die Cast 3R
    Solo play
    Doxy Die Cast 3R
    The Doxy Die Cast 3R is great for extra fun solo play! You can give yourself a sensual massage on different body parts if you wish, or you can dive right in and go for gold!
    Partner play
    Doxy Die Cast 3R
    For partner play, the Doxy Die Cast 3R is a great addition as it is very versatile in its use; no matter yours and your partner's genitals, the wand can feel amazing. Try giving each other a massage using the wand, or showing your partner how you use the wand on yourself and then have them use it on you this way.
    Doxy Die Cast 3R
    Doxy Die Cast 3R
    Doxy Die Cast 3R
    Using the Doxy Die Cast 3R doesn't always have to be orgasm oriented! You can give and receive a wonderful massage with the wand, by having your partner glide the wand over your body.
    Doxy Die Cast 3R
    The Doxy Die Cast 3R is designed with an interchangeable head, which means there are possibilities for internal pleasure too! If you like the wand, why not purchase one of the interchangeable heads and have fun with some anal or vaginal play?
    Doxy Die Cast 3R
    Doxy Die Cast 3R
    Travel with ease
    Doxy Die Cast 3R
    One of the best bits about the Doxy Die Cast 3R wand is that it is completely travel-safe and compact. Take your wand wherever you want and rest easy knowing it's safe!


    What makes the Doxy Die Cast 3R different to other wands?
    The Doxy Die Cast 3R is extremely powerful, with speeds from 3000rpm to 9000rpm. For those that crave power and 'out of this world' vibrations, this wand can flawlessly provide! With an interchangeable head, you're not limited to external stimulation, and can easily enjoy internal pleasure. The wand is rechargeable instead of mains powered, however it offers amazing power which many rechargeable wands cannot. The Doxy Die Cast 3R is also designed to be more compact for easier travelling.
    Is the Doxy Die Cast 3R waterproof?
    No! Unfortunately, it's not waterproof and you should take care to keep it away from liquids if you are taking it on your travels.
    Who can use the Doxy Die Cast 3R?
    Anyone, anywhere! The Doxy Die Cast 3R is extremely versatile in use and can provide pleasure to all genitalias- the Doxy Die Cast 3R is extremely powerful and so will benefit those who need strong, rumbly vibrations to orgasm, or those will less sensitive genitals.
    Do you need to have a vulva to use the Doxy Die Cast 3R?
    Nope. Anyone can use the Doxy Die Cast 3R, as long as they enjoy strong, rumbly vibrations! This wand is however, great for people with less sensitive clits.
    Why is the Doxy Die Cast 3R so expensive?
    Though it is on the pricier end, the Doxy Die Cast 3R is crafted from quality materials such as body-safe silicone and aluminium; it is also an extremely powerful wand. These elements do make the price go higher as work has gone into making the wand to the highest standards.
    Where can I purchase a Doxy Die Cast 3R?
    You can purchase the Doxy Die Cast 3R from any of the shops in the review, however a few well-known are Lovehoney, Luxevibes, Doxy, and SheVibe.
    How powerful is the Doxy Die Cast 3R?
    The Doxy Die Cast 3R seriously packs a punch with intensities ranging from 3000rpm (at the lowest) to 9000rpm (at its highest).
    How to use the travel-lock on the Doxy Die Cast 3R?
    You can activate the travel-lock by holding down the power button and the minus (-) button together for 4 seconds. To deactivate the travel-lock, do the same again and it will be ready to use!

    Instructions - Manual

    You can find the manual for the Doxy Die Cast 3R on Doxy’s website here.

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