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    Mariah Lyons
    by Mariah LyonsLast updated: May 27, 2022
    JimmyJane Form 2

    The JimmyJane Form 2 is a full silicone rabbit-style clitoral vibrator with dual motors, 4 vibrating patterns, 5 power levels. That's a whole lot of combinations! It's also completely waterproof and features a cordless charging system.

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with JimmyJane Form 2

    I’ll be honest with you, my first experience with the JimmyJane Form 2 came when an ex busted it out in the middle of play time, turned it on and handed it to me. I was immediately shocked at the intensity of this little rabbit. After playing with the settings, I determined that the straight, no pattern vibe was the one for me. (Who likes the Morse code setting? No judgement, I just have questions.) 45 minutes later, I couldn’t feel my legs and decided even if I didn’t keep the guy, I was getting this vibrator. Couple of years later, I don’t have the guy, but my JimmyJane and I are still going strong. It’s completely waterproof, which makes it my go to toy for shower sessions, and is AMAZING for nipple play. Get the ears situated on either side, and oof, it’s delicious. The vibrations are not too buzzy, but not quite a rumble, and both ‘ears’ contain a motor. So, no matter which part you’re using, it’s still going to feel amazing!

    Get a Partner Involved!

    As far as using it with a partner- DO IT DO IT DO IT! If you’re someone that needs clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, it’s the perfect shape to fit between yourself and your partner to have your bodies hold it in place for some mind-bending stimulation. And the best part? As soon as you’re done, give it a rinse with water or your favorite toy cleaner, dry it off, and toss it back into your preferred method of storing, or pop it into the cute charging cradle since there’s no risk of overcharging!

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    Mariah Lyons

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    You should buy the JimmyJane Form 2 if you...

    Like intense vibrations
    Are a fan of the classic rabbit style
    Like only a few patterns to choose from
    Are looking for something with the potential to last years without breaking the bank
    Want a toy that can be used all over the body

    You should NOT buy the JimmyJane Form 2 if you...

    Are easily overwhelmed by intense vibration
    Want a silent toy
    Prefer toys for internal stimulation

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features JimmyJane Form 2
    Vibration modes4 
    Vibration speeds5 
    Length3 inches
    Diameter1.9 inches
    Battery Life240 minutes
    RechargeableYes, cordless charging 
    Charging TimeUp to 120 minutes
    Storage Bag IncludedNo 
    Travel LockYes 
    Intense vibrations
    Simple 2 button system
    Wireless recharge
    Fully waterproof
    Buttons are easily pressed on accident
    Not great for internal use
    Possibly too powerful for some
    Gets warm after prolonged use

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    Overall the JimmyJane Form 2 is a solid toy for clitoral stimulation, and an okay-ish toy for g-spot stimulation. If you're a fan of intense vibrations, and need a toy that's waterproof I would absolutely recommend this vibe!

    How to use JimmyJane Form 2

    Looking for ways to get the most out of your Form 2? I got you!!

    JimmyJane Form 2
    Nipple Play!
    JimmyJane Form 2
    Warm up with a little nipple play! Find your preferred setting and go to town discovering all the wonderful sensations this little bunny can offer.
    Shower play!
    JimmyJane Form 2
    The Form 2 is completely waterproof making it the best toy to take to the shower or bath with you. submerged under water the vibrations are intensified! Way better than the shower head. (We've all been there.)
    JimmyJane Form 2
    JimmyJane Form 2
    Clitoral Stimulation!
    JimmyJane Form 2
    The Form 2 at it's core is a clitoral vibrator. The 'ears' are the perfect shape to gently nestle your clit and provide mind bending orgasms!


    How do I turn my JimmyJane Form 2 on and off?
    To turn your device on, simply press and hold the power button for 1-3 seconds. To turn your device off, simply hold the power button for 1-3 seconds.
    How do I properly clean my JimmyJane Form 2?
    To clean your device use an antibacterial Toy Cleaner. Wipe with a clean cloth and let it air dry before storing.
    Is there any warranty/guarantee for the toy provided?
    All Jimmyjane, items are backed by a 1-year warranty should there be a mechanical failure. This warranty is valid from the date of your purchase. Of course, you should also check from the store that you're purchasing from.
    Where can you buy a spare charger for the JimmyJane Form 2?
    JimmyJane's website has them available as an accessory. But, the charging cradle is compatible with any micro-USB charger.

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