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Rating: Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang was rated 100 out of 100, which means it is designed absolutely incredible.

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Ease of UseEase of Use

Rating: Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang was rated 95 out of 100, which means it is extremely easy to use and worked very well.

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Rating: Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang was rated 100 out of 100, which means it is one of the absolute top quality toys.

What it is: The Quality rating is a score that takes into account the quality of the materials used in the toy, how well it was manufactured, the safety, durability and overall quality feel of the toy.


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Rating: Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang was rated 4 out of 5, which means it is in the premium price range.

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My Verdict

The Mustang is worth every penny, in my humble opinion. I can see it being my go-to dildo for a long while yet, and I have actually found myself choosing it over my favorite clitoral toys, which is high praise indeed! The stimulation is unlike any other silicone dildo I have come across, and I feel sorry for my other dildos — with the Mustang around, I can't see them getting a lot of action!

Buy, if you...

  1. love realistic feeling dildos
  2. want a high-quality dildo for solo or couple's play
  3. want a dildo to use in a harness
  4. are in doubt whether to buy one!

Don't buy, if you...

  1. need a suction cup base
  2. prefer rigid dildos
  3. are on a budget

About The Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang

The Vixen Mustang is part of the VixSkin range from Vixen Creations — now there's a tongue twister! It has a solid core with a soft outer layer, which gives it a lifelike feeling. The shaft has a gentle curve to please the g- or p-spot and the head has a pronounced head that adds increases the sensations. Designed to be worn in a harness, the Mustang has a non-slip base that has some stick but not as much as a true suction cup base. It comes in a range of flesh tones, neon colors, or tie-dye.


  • Super realistic sensations
  • Hand poured platinum grade silicone
  • Squishy, firm, flexible
  • Choice of realistic and non-realistic designs


  • Not a real suction cup base
  • Needs a lot of lube

Unveiling My Experience

My Personal Experiences with Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang

Isabelle and the Technicolor Dream Dildo

From the moment I held the glorious rainbow shaft, I knew the Mustang was something special. The squishy outer layer feels incredible, especially the tip, and out of all the products I had been sent to test, this is the one that excited me the most. When a sex toy has as much hype as the Mustang does, I’m always curious to see if it lives up to its reputation, and I can safely say the Mustang absolutely does!

Lifelike Sensations with a Tie-Dye Twist

I have had silicone dildos that I’ve liked in the past, but this has to be the first one I’ve loved. This is hands down the most realistic dildo feeling dildo I have ever come across, but it’s not only that it feels realistic — everything about it just feels mwah *chef’s kiss* divine! The pronounced head is the perfect combination of sculpted and squishy, so you can really feel it without it catching or being too much. It feels especially good as it’s inserted or removed. The head is also soft enough to be comfortable for deeper, harder thrusting. 

My New Ride or Die 

The Mustang handles like a dream! The firm yet flexible, squishy magic makes the Mustang great for all kinds of play. It is the most stimulating silicone dildo I have ever used, and it didn’t take long to build up to some pretty amazing orgasms when combined with some clitoral stimulation. I can also imagine it feels great for anal play as well. I particularly enjoy using it for blended orgasms, with the tip pointing downwards into my vagina and the shaft resting against my clitoris (similar to the coital alignment technique). 

The Perfect Pairing

The Mustang is great by itself, but it’s another level great when paired with other sex toys. So far, my favorite pairing is with the B-Vibe Snug Plug 3 or the Lelo Smart Wand. The size and softness of the Mustang also makes it a great option for double penetration with a partner. 

How is the Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang designed

Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang How is the Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang designed

I absolutely love the rainbow tie-dye design. It's super playful and most importantly for me, it isn't flesh-colored. I'm not a fan of realistic-looking dildos, so I was really happy that you can choose between realistic flesh tones, block colors, or tie-dye. It's also really great that there are multiple flesh tones to choose from. The dildo has a curved shaft, sculpted head, and raised veins for lifelike sensations. The gentle curve also really hit all the right spots for me.

My User Experience Unveiled

Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang My User Experience Unveiled

The squishy outer layer and firm core work perfectly together, making the Mustang a dream to use in any way you choose to use it. The base is easy to hold, and although I haven't tried it in a harness, I can imagine it would sit very nicely, as the base is relatively flat. However, that does mean there isn't really a suction cup base. Vixen calls the base a non-slip base — it's a semi suction base, but I found it didn't hold that well. I understand that this was an intentional decision to make it better for wearing in a harness, but personally, I would prefer a suction cup base.

Evaluating the Quality

Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang Evaluating the Quality

The VixSkin Mustang is made from platinum grade, hand-poured silicone, meaning you get squishy, realistic sensations without having to use porous or toxic materials. This is a top-quality dildo that feels sturdy and made to last.

Breaking Down the Cost of the Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang

Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang Breaking Down the Cost of the Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang

Yeah, the Mustang is a luxury ride with a luxury price tag, but if it's within your budget, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one. I would much rather have one Mustang than three average silicone dildos. It's a versatile dildo that, with the right care, will last a long time and it feels truly amazing. I was, however, a bit disappointed by the packaging and lack of a storage bag — at this price, I feel a storage bag should be standard, especially as the original box doesn't function well for storage.

The Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang: Does it Deliver on Pleasure?

Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang The Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang: Does it Deliver on Pleasure?

If I haven't said it enough already, the Mustang out-performed my expectations. Every time and every way I've used it, the Mustang has delivered amazing stimulation. Whether you prefer targeted g-spot stimulation or deeper thrusts, the Mustang doesn't disappoint. The silicone feels a little textured, so it needs plenty of lube and you might need to reapply as you go to keep things moving smoothly. If you wash your Mustang in warm water before use, it also heats up very nicely for some mild temperature play.

A closer Look at it’s packaging

Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang A closer Look at it’s packaging

I have to say, I was pretty surprised by the packaging and not in a good way! This is the only thing about the Mustang that disappointed me. The packaging was a plain-looking plastic cylinder, which I think looks pretty cheap and definitely doesn't match the luxurious price tag and amazing quality of the dildo. It's also extremely fiddly to get the plastic lid back on, so it isn't practical to use as storage. I'll just have to believe that they were so exhausted after creating the perfect dildo that they just didn't have any energy left to think about the packaging.

Exploring the Materials and Care

Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang Exploring the Materials and Care

Made from 100% silicone, the VixSkin Mustang ticks all the boxes — it's waterproof, non-porous, and non-toxic. It can feel a little tacky, but the Vixen website says this is completely normal. It should only be used with water-based lube to prevent damaging the silicone, and it should be stored away from other brands of silicone. It's super easy to keep the Mustang clean — you can wash it with warm water and fragrance-free soap or sex toy cleaner, and you can boil it for three minutes to sterilize it.

Special feature

Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang Special feature

The VixSkin line of dildos has a firm inner core, enveloped in a deliciously squishy silicone that has silicone lube suspended inside it, giving the feel of a real erection — just in this case it’s tie-dye! They are often named as some of the most realistic feeling dildos on the market, and I definitely agree!

Specifications and features

Length7.5 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Width1.6 inches
MaterialsPlatinum grade silicone 
Storage Bag IncludedNo 

Comparing Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang with alternatives

Compare Vixen Creations VixSkin MustangVixen Creations VixSkin Mustang
Overall score4.8 / 5.0 3.0 / 5.0 4.8 / 5.0 4.9 / 5.0 4.0 / 5.0 4.4 / 5.0
Bedbible rating5.0 / 5.0 1.0 / 5.0 4.8 / 5.0 5.0 / 5.0 3.6 / 5.0 4.3 / 5.0
User rating4.7 / 5.0
from 89 users
4.9 / 5.0
from 10 users
4.8 / 5.0
from 5 users
4.8 / 5.0
from 25 users
4.4 / 5.0
from 14 users
4.5 / 5.0
from 2 users
PricePricey Affordable Premium Pricey Pricey Affordable
Design100 / 100 100 / 100 100 / 100 100 / 100 98 / 100 80 / 100
Ease of use95 / 100 50 / 100 90 / 100 90 / 100 65 / 100 100 / 100
Quality100 / 100 5 / 100 100 / 100 100 / 100 92 / 100 90 / 100
Length7.5 inches8 inches7.9 inches8 inchesPenis: 7.09, Leg: 3.94 inches8 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches7.5 inches-7 inchesAnus: 5.91 inches7 inches
Width1.6 inches1.7 inches----
WaterproofYes Submersible Yes Submersible Yes Yes
MaterialsPlatinum grade silicone -Stainless Steel Silicone TPE Silicone
Storage Bag IncludedNo -Yes -Yes -
Diameter--1.37-1.4 inches1.8 inches-1.59 inches
Weight-- 1.87 lbs-37.17 lbs-
Flexibility---Flexible --
Height----21.26 inches-
Diameter (internal)----Anus: 0.28 inches-
Condom safe----Yes -
Colors Available----Fair & Wheat -
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Does the VixSkin Mustang have a suction cup base?
Partly. Vixen Creations call it a non-slip base. They chose not to add a full suction cup base to make it more comfortable to wear in a harness. The Mustang has a semi-suction cup base, but I found it didn't hold particularly well.
Is the Mustang flexible?
Yes! The Mustang has a firm but flexible core that flexes to the shape of your body. It also has a soft outer layer that feels squishy.
Is the VixSkin Mustang supposed to feel tacky?
The Vixen creations website states that this is totally normal and it often disappears after washing, but it's nothing to worry about.
What lube can I use with the VixSkin Mustang?
You should only use a water-based lube with the Mustang as other lubes may damage the silicone.

Instructions - Manual

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