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Amanda Nilsen
by Amanda NilsenLast updated: August 17, 2022
Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game

Want to spice up your sex life, get better at communication and learn more about your partner? Perfect, then you need to play Monogamy erotic board game for adults. You will have three different levels to choose from and the game is made for you to step up the level as you go. Roll the dice, and see where you end up, either it's a dance, something edible, a touch ahead or, pick a card and read it out loud. And repeat, it's your partner's turn, it´s not harder than that.

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Quality: 90

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My Personal Experiences

My Personal Experiences with Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game

Boring, annoying, or fun?

I’m still not sure what my (our) final verdict off Monogamy Game: A Hot Affair for Couples Adult Board Game is, it keeps changing, from one moment to another. In one way we’ve enjoyed it and had lots of fun, and in one way I can only think of it being old-school, a bit too much effort and not what I excepted kind of erotic game. One thing I am sure about is that I don’t understand what the big fuss is about, I think it’s a bit hyped up. Why? First of all, it doesn’t feel like it’s the same game for women and men seen to that the cards had different challenges/questions depending on gender. It felt a bit old-school-normative. For women the questions were more about telling stories and explaining things, for the men, it was more about buying stuff, surprising and other things that require a lot more effort and money. I thought we were over the time where men always pay the bill, it’s always them who need a push in the back to do something romantic, women are always romantic and sensitive anyway. I think you see where I’m going… Second, it’s only made for heterosexual couples, there are “his” and “her”-cards. That feels a bit out of date, and something the creator could easily adapt or maybe create another version. I am at least not aware of another monogamy game. But hear me out, it was fun! We had a good laugh and it was the perfect thing to do on a rainy day. So if you know what to expect (as you will by the end of this review) it could be worth the money!  

Get the talk going

If there is something Monogamy Game: A Hot Affair for Couples Adult Board Game helps you with, it’s finding new things to talk about, discuss and explore. We are a communicative couple since before, and I think we’ve talked about a lot both when it comes to sex and our relationship. But still, monogamy helped us come across some new topics and different angles. It also did the opposite, it helped us to explore places we don’t want to go, and stuff neither of us find sexual pleasure in.  

For who is this suitable?

It’s a difficult question, the one thing I can say for sure is, the heterosexual couple. The questions and challenges are of a wide variety and therefore it’s suitable both for new lovers, the one night stand, the married couple, etc. I think it all depends on what kind of relationship and people you are since before. Do you find it easy to talk about sex, feelings, and desires, then Monogamy might feel too simple. The same if you and your partner have explored a lot before, then Monogamy might feel simple. But, if you’re a shy one or if you struggle with the imagination or just have a hard time suggesting new things it’s perfect!

Amanda Nilsen

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Amanda Nilsen

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You should buy the Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game if you...

Are looking for a couple´s game
Want to find the sparkle in your relationship
Enjoy challenging your partner
Want to become better at communication
Want to explore your sexual pleasure

You should NOT buy the Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game if you...

Want your sex life to be as it always been
Don´t have someone to play with
Don´t like board games
Are a homosexual couple

Specifications and features

Specifications and features Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game
Length7,8  inches
Width15,7 inches
Weight950g lbs
Vibration modes 
Easy to understand
Good way to find and try new things
Helps partners to communicate
A big variety in the cards
It´s made for heterosexual couples (can be adapted)
The challenges requires more of men than women
Would have been good if the cards where waterproof

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Once again, I truly have mixed feelings about this game. I like the variety of questions and challenges, I also like how it can inspire some conversations and introduce you to new kinds of sensations and sexual exploration. However, I don’t like that some challenges are not possible to do at once and some require a bit too much effort or even things you might not have at home. I wished that they’d written in the Monogamy board game’s instructions what to have when starting the game. If this suits you depends on what kind of person you are, for some, it might be very helpful for relationship communication and pleasure, and for some, it might just be boring. And of course, for some, it might even be awkward if you´re not used to communicating like this. If you´re one of them I definitely think you should buy it! It might be easier to have a game to help you talk rather than just communicating spontaneously.

How to use Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game

In total there will be six rounds, two on each level. For you to remember when you passed one round you will use one colored ring and every time you pass go, you need to pick up a fantasy card. In total there are 400 cards and you will find three different levels - intimate, passionate, and steamy.

Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game
Nr.1 Role the dice!
Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game
One of you starts rolling the dice and walks as many steps as the number shows. Classic board game style right?
Nr.2 Do what the board says!
Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game
Depending on what square you ended up on you need to either: Lips: A type of kiss; cheek, lips, or lips and tongue. Food: Some kind of edible, for either you or your partner. Massage Parlour: A bit of sensual touching. Erotic dancing: Show your sexy hips (different levels) Erogenous zone: Depending on which round, you get to choose between different kind of pleasurable touching from your partner. Treat: It's a challenge that happens further ahead. Shoe: Strip tease, take off one clothing Plain heart: It's fully up to your own imagination, everything from a sip of your glass to a quirky question. M: Pick a card Drink: Take a sip of your glass
Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game
Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game
Nr.3 Your partners turn
Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game
Take turns, one at a time. Also, first-round you move the pink, then purple, and last the red ones. These are there to help you remember which round you are because two first rounds you play the intimate, two-second rounds you play passionate and in the two last rounds you play steamy.
Nr.4 Whenever you pick a card...
Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game
Every time you end up on a heart with "M" inside you need to pick a card. As mentioned this depends on which round you are playing. For each fully completed round, you pick also get to pick a fantasy card.
Monogamy: A Hot Affair Couples' Board Game


What is monogamy game?
Monogamy Game: A Hot Affair for Couples Adult Board Game is an exciting game for heterosexual couples, partners, or lovers. It's a game that progressively gets more interesting, the conversations get deeper and the sensualness gets more intimate.
Can you give examples of questions asked when playing monogamy?
A few examples of questions involve; Talking about a favorite memory with your partner, first impression, what qualities you brag about your partner. A few examples of challenges involve: Lick your partner´s X, surprise your partner with dinner, or try X out.
What do you need when playing monogamy board game?
You need something edible, something to drink, massage oil, and lube. There might also be some other things you need but nothing we can tell you now.
How to play monogamy board game?
You and your partner will take turns rolling the dice, when moving around on the board you will pass different challenges/questions. The M-squares are the ones that you pick the cards in the middle for.
For who is monogamy suitable?
Monogamy is ultimately for the couple that wants to be better at communicating about sexual pleasure and deeper thoughts. It's for the ones that need a push to know how to talk about things like this.

Instructions - Manual

In the package, you will get proper instructions for how to play.

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