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    Tim Vecere
    by Tim VecereLast updated: February 09, 2022
    Lovense Edge 2

    The Lovense Edge 2 is a prostate massager with two motors for the prostate and the perineum. It's made of smooth silicone that is waterproof and easy to clean. The vibrations can be powerful but you have the flexibility with the app to fine tune it to your liking. The app also allows you to hand over control to someone else. It can be used without the app, but you'll really be missing out on 80 percent of the fun this has to offer.

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    Ease of Use: 70
    Quality: 90

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with Lovense Edge 2

    Upon getting the Lovense Edge 2, I was super pumped to try this puppy out. After turning it on in my hand, my thoughts were that it was okay, but nothing really special. But then I tried to figure out how to work the app. It took only about 10 mins to download the app, make an account, and connect the Edge 2 to my phone. After that, my tune had changed to “wow, this thing is cool!”. I could set my own vibration patterns or download them from the community, as well set it to music (either downloaded or through Spotify) and even set an alarm! It felt amazing being able to control the vibrations and patterns myself, but now I wanted to know how it was with my partner taking control. She made an account and well… blew my mind. It felt super hot having someone else at the helm! For round 2, she used it while I was home and she was out 2 towns over, but it was like she was right there with me. It was even better not knowing when she would set it off or for how long – what a tease! The battery life lasted over 100 minutes which was great, and it charged quicker than I thought. I really liked how simply the design is and its flexibility too, which allowed it to hit just the right spot. Plus, I also love how easy it is to clean, which really does make it more fun to use, knowing that clean up will be a breeze.

    Tim Vecere

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    Tim Vecere

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    You should buy the Lovense Edge 2 if you...

    Travel and still want to fool around with your partner
    Like to give control to someone else
    Like strong vibrations
    Have some experience with anal play

    You should NOT buy the Lovense Edge 2 if you...

    Are a beginner or it's your first toy
    Are not tech-savvy (connecting to the app makes it so much better)
    Not used to anal toys
    If you plan on using it close to bystanders

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features Lovense Edge 2
    Vibration speeds3 (more in-app) 
    Vibration patterns4 (more in-app) 
    Length4.9 inches
    Insertable length3.6 inches
    Diameter1.4 inches
    Battery Life100 minutes
    Charging Time30-45 minutes
    Remote ControlsApp 
    Storage Bag IncludedYes 
    Magnetic charging
    Long-distance partner control
    Strong vibrations
    Easy to clean
    Can be loud
    For the full experience you need to be connected to the app
    Not for beginners

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    If you're not a beginner to anal play and are looking for something new to play with alone or with a partner, this is a must have in your toy collection. This has shot straight into my mine and my partner's top 3 toys to play with.

    How to use Lovense Edge 2

    Lovense Edge 2
    Turn It On
    Lovense Edge 2
    After it is charged, hold the button on the base until the LED light comes on and it vibrates. Use as much water-based lube as you like and insert it with the base facing forward.
    Cycle Through the Vibrations
    Lovense Edge 2
    Press the power button to cycle through the preprogrammed patterns.
    Lovense Edge 2
    Lovense Edge 2
    Use the App
    Lovense Edge 2
    Using your favorite smart device, open the Lovense app and connect the Edge 2. Once connected you can manually control it, use patterns, vibrate it to music, set an alarm, vibrate it to sounds, or give control to a partner.
    Once You're Done
    Lovense Edge 2
    When finished, take the Edge 2 out, long hold the power button till the LED turns off. Wash the toy with mild soap and warm water and dry. Store in the storage bag.
    Lovense Edge 2


    Where is the best place to use the Lovense Edge 2?
    In the shower – it's waterproof and as soon as you are done using it can be washed right away.
    How to charge the Lovense Edge 2 and how long does it last?
    Magnetic charging USB, lasts 100 mins.
    Is the Lovense app easy to use?
    Once fully connected, yes it's very user-friendly. It's just getting started that can be a pain.
    What lubes can be used with the Lovense Edge 2?
    Any silicone-safe lubes can be used, which are most often water-based.
    How can my partner use the controls?
    After making an account through Lovense, you can search there for their user name and chat, video, and share control over long distances. In person, they can do that or just press the button.

    Instructions - Manual

    The instructions come in the box along with a quick start manual. But can also be found online in a video guide

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