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Kevin Foley
by Kevin FoleyLast updated: August 28, 2022
Tantaly Britney

The "Britney" sex doll is a mid-size sex torso doll from Tantaly. Offered in "Fair" and "Wheat" skin tones, this doll has everything you need for a fun night alone. From her voluptuous breasts to her luscious curves, Britney's appearance is rivaled only by her performance in the bedroom! Her body jiggles as you pump away, making release inevitable. Whether you prefer missionary, doggy style, boobjobs, or something else, this mid-size sex doll can turn your sexual fantasies into reality!

Design: 87
Ease of Use: 83
Quality: 92

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My Personal Experiences

My Personal Experiences with Tantaly Britney

My Initial Impression

I’ve used a mini sex doll torso before, and—to be honest—it sucked. It weighed too much to use as a stroker and too little to actually plow into. This was the first thing I noticed about Britney: she doesn’t have this issue! The doll does have some weight to it, but it’s not so much that it makes her hard to use. Her weight actually holds her in place as you go about your business, which is nice. Britney’s body is made of TPE, which varies in firmness across her body. This results in some places (like her stomach) being firm and others—such as her breast and butt—being jiggly. The jiggle is great, not only for the visual aspects, but also because it makes the “sex” so much better. If you can time it right, you’ll pump, and she’ll pump back. However, this jiggle does have one downside: it makes her really awkward to carry!

The Highlights

Every part of Britney can be either used or admired. Her vagina and anus have unique tunnels that provide waves of pleasure once you insert yourself into them. Since her anus is a little bit tighter, it’s essential to make sure you’ve used a lot of lube before you try to insert your penis. If you haven’t, you’ll know soon enough! Her breasts are visually attractive but can also be used in other fulfilling ways. Her hips give you something to grab onto as you pump away, and the rest of her body just adds to the experience of being with a partner. Using Britney is a good time, but all good things must come to an end…

The Downfalls

After you’ve climaxed, it’s time to clean up. Well, unless you have a cleaning kit, this part sort of sucks. While it’s not hard to clean her, you want to ensure you’re very thorough. In theory, you should only need to clean the hole(s) you’ve used. However, in reality, you’ll end up cleaning both of them as—if nothing else—water will find its way into the other hole. Unless you’ve been on an immaculate surface, you’ll likely need to clean her entire body, as her skin seems to attract anything and everything imaginable.

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You should buy the Tantaly Britney if you...

Are ready to graduate from strokers
Enjoy breasts
Prefer petite partners
Can easily lift 30+ lbs.
Have plenty of storage space

You should NOT buy the Tantaly Britney if you...

Want a full-sized sex doll
Struggle to lift 30 lbs.
Don’t like routine cleaning
Have never tried a sex toy before
Need something silent and discreet

Specifications and features

Specifications and features Tantaly Britney
Weight28.6 lbs
Length19.09 inches
OpeningsVagina, Anus 
Insertable length(Vagina) 7 inches, (Anus) 6.22 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo (plastic bag included) 
Condom safeYes 
Realistic detailing
Jiggly breasts and buttocks
Can fit into regular clothing
Weighted but not “heavy”
Available in two skin tones
Somewhat pricey
Cleaning kit sold separately
Drying can pose a challenge
Not discreet

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The Tantaly "Britney" is a strong performing, beautifully designed sex doll torso. I wouldn't recommend it to complete beginners solely based on its price, but if you're willing to risk it, she's undoubtedly worth a try! For people who've already tried—and enjoyed—a few sex toys, however, I strongly recommend Britney. Although not a full-sized sex doll, she is large enough to feel realistic, light enough to move easily, and sure to last for a long time (with proper care)!

How to use Tantaly Britney

There are three main ways that you can enjoy your time with Britney. Choose your path, and then experiment from there!

Tantaly Britney
Tantaly Britney
Vaginal - Vaginal intercourse with Britney is easy: just add some lube and she’s good to go! If the positioning doesn’t feel quite right, you can adjust her back for the best penetration angles.
Tantaly Britney
Anal - For a bit more “grip”, anal is the way to go. Like with vaginal penetration, simply add lube, adjust her back, and enjoy!
Tantaly Britney
Tantaly Britney
Tantaly Britney
Boobjob - On smaller dolls, the breasts are essentially just for show. However, Britney’s boobs can be a source of pleasure if you use them right! Also, this method has the benefit of an easier clean-up process.


How should I store Britney?
You’ll want to keep Britney in the bag/box she came in or in a dedicated storage bag. Make sure to store her with her breasts facing upwards (or else they may deform over time).
What size of clothing does Britney wear?
Her bra size is 32B. For bottoms, you will need size XS or S (depending on the brand’s individual measurements).
Can I use silicone lubricant with Britney?
Tantaly does not recommend using silicone lubricant. We’d suggest water-based lubricants instead!
Should I buy the cleaning kit?
You don’t have to, but it will make your life much easier. At the very least, you should buy a nozzle so you can douche her orifices more efficiently!
Is Britney better than a Fleshlight?
“Better” is subjective. Britney provides a more realistic sexual experience, but—like having sex—she requires more effort than using your hand or a Fleshlight.

Instructions - Manual

The information for the Tantaly “Britney” (and other models) is available here.

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