Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe Pro – Test & Review

Kate Breen
by Kate BreenLast updated: June 01, 2022
Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe

Bombex's Butterfly Desire Vibe Pro is an ultra-soft sleek dual vibrator and clit sucker. Containing two vibration motors (one in the tapered head and the other in the clit sucker), this toy is a force to be reckoned with. With 10 different vibration settings, it's all controlled by one single button! And, if you want to focus on pleasing other parts of your body (or let your partner take control), the remote control has a great wireless range to make any playtime the best ever!

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Ease of Use: 90
Quality: 100

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My Personal Experiences

My Personal Experiences with Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe

First Thoughts

So, when I first got this toy and opened the box I was slightly intimidated, I won’t lie. I’m not new to different sex toys but the Butterfly looked bigger than I thought. However, once I took it out of the box and inspected it, I became an excited girl. The silicone is the softest out of any of the toys I already have, and the full flexibility of the insertable shaft immediately eased my mind!

Using the Vibrator

My first affair with the Butterfly Desire Vibe Pro was with my partner and it created some incredible sex sessions! I won’t lie, there was a momentary pause as we figured out what he could do while the vibrations quickly flooded my body. We aren’t new to anal but it would usually require lots of warm-up and gentleness. But, oh my god, this toy helped make it the most amazing backdoor session we’ve ever had! Then came time to experiment with it just the vibe and I. Now, usually, during my solo plays, it takes upwards of 20 minutes to reach that amazing O. So, I was expecting something a little similar here. Oh no, not with the Butterfly Desire Vibe Pro. Within 5 minutes this vibe made me squirt hard (never happened during solo play). And, also kept me riding that pleasure train until I was spent.

My Cons

To be honest, the only major con I have is that there’s only one button to control the settings. A couple of times I’ve accidentally hit off the button, cycling away from my favorite pattern. Other than this, the only minor drawback is that it’s not very couple-friendly unless you and your partner like anal or mutual masturbation.

Bombex’s Philosophy

Bombex is a sex toy brand that believes in empowering women with better sexual experiences. It’s specifically tailored for women to enhance women’s sexual wellness and well-being. Their butterfly logo has a whole host of symbolism, too, representing freedom, transformation and rebirth. Bombex is a great supporter of  human rights, including women’s rights and gay and lesbian rights.

Kate Breen

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Kate Breen

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You should buy the Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe if you...

Crave intense, variable vibrations
Want an insertable clit toy
Need a silent but strong clit sucker
Are looking for a travel-safe toy
Need powerful vibrations to orgasm

You should NOT buy the Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe if you...

Prefer a girthier insertable toy
Don't like strong vibrations against your clit
Want more control of the vibration settings

Specifications and features

Specifications and features Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe
Vibration modes10 
Clitoral suction10 modes modes
Insertable length4 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Battery Life40-60 minutes
RechargeableYes, USB charging 
Charging Time150 minutes
Remote ControlsPhysical Remote 
Travel LockYes 
Storage Bag IncludedNo 
10 different vibration settings
Travel lock feature
Handsfree capabilities
Dual motors for maximum pleasure
One button controls everything
May not be girthy enough for experienced users
Awkward for couple play
Very strong vibrations

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Breaking it down a bit more, I rate it 5/5 as a solo toy and 4/5 as a couple's toy. The Butterfly Desire Vibe Pro is my all-time favorite solo session toy. It's all in one with its clitoral focus and penetrative abilities! But, when it comes to using this vibrator during couple sessions, it's a bit awkward to use.

How to use Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe

Want to get every drop of pleasure from your clit vibrator? I've got you covered!

Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe
Solo Suction
Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe
Although designed for vaginal insertion and clitoral suction, you can still experiment with different positions. How about caressing your body with the vibrating head? Or, why not angle the clit sucker against your backdoor for some sexy stimulation?
A Couple's Caress
Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe
Don't limit the pleasure potential the Butterfly Desire Vibe provides to just yourself! Introduce it to the bed and tease your partner's nipples, balls, penis, and ass! If you're anally adventurous, slide it in and let the clit sucker vibrations course through his penis. Or, why not experience pleasures untold by inserting this vibe into your partner's butt and aim the clit sucker at his perineum?
Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe
Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe
Trusted Traveler
Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe
Bringing sex toys on your vacation might fill you with images of a spontaneous vibrating bag. The Butterfly Desire Vibe Pro has you covered with its travel lock feature!


Do I need to have a clit to use Butterfly Desire Vibe Pro?
No, you don't need a clit to fully enjoy this toy! Include it during nipple play. Or, if you're a fan of anal, just slide this naughty devil in, angle it towards your perineum, and get lost in the rumbly vibrations!
What Lube can I use?
Butterfly Desire Vibe Pro is made from ultra-soft silicone so it's best to use a water-based lubricant to keep it soft and inviting!
Does Bombex Butterfly Desire VIbe Pro have a warranty?
Bombex includes a 2-year warranty with its Butterfly Desire Vibe Pro. And, offers a 60 days hassle-free return window.
Can I use it in the shower?
Yes! Bombex Butterfly Desire Vibe Pro is 100% waterproof. So, go ahead, and explore the pleasures of this clit vibrator in the tub or shower!

Instructions - Manual

To turn on the Butterfly Desire Vibe Pro, all you need to do is hold down the on/off button for 1 second. Then short press it to cycle through the settings. When turning off the vibe, hold down the on/off button for 3-5 seconds. As a side note, turning off the remote doesn’t turn off the vibe.

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