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Rating: "The Flex" by Albion was rated 70 out of 100, which means it is designed very well.

What it is: The design rating takes into account the shape of the toy in both a visual and ergonomic perspective. We ask our reviewers to rate the overall feeling of the "The Flex" by Albion.

Ease of UseEase of Use

Rating: "The Flex" by Albion was rated 80 out of 100, which means it is very easy to figure out and use.

What it is: The Ease of Use rating is a score given on how easy the toy is to operate and use. Aspects that are considered is the suitability for different kinds of people, intuitiveness, and potential learning curve of using the product for pleasure (or pain).


Rating: "The Flex" by Albion was rated 80 out of 100, which means it is very good quality.

What it is: The Quality rating is a score that takes into account the quality of the materials used in the toy, how well it was manufactured, the safety, durability and overall quality feel of the toy.


Price ratingPrice ratingPrice ratingPrice ratingPrice rating

Rating: "The Flex" by Albion was rated 2 out of 5, which means it is moderately priced, neither expensive nor cheap.

What it is: The Price rating is indicated by 1-5 price icons. 1 indicate a very cheap product, while 5 indicate a very expensive product. The rating is a relative score compared to other similar toys.


Beginner: Suited for those new to the world of sex toys. These products are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, providing a gentle introduction to enhance your experiences. Whether you're exploring for the first time or looking for something straightforward, these items are a perfect starting point.


Intermediate: Tailored for individuals who have some familiarity with sex toys and are looking to explore further. These products offer a balance between comfort and new sensations, allowing you to expand your horizons and discover new pleasures. Ideal for those ready to take the next step in their journey.


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My Verdict

A pretty decent quality product, which, whilst being 3D printed, avoids the the seams of early plastic cages, meaning it should be far more durable and not split like some cages still do. It offers the opportunity for a range of configurations, but is probably a bit on the long side for most people to wear on a long-term basis. If you want a cage that offers multiple punishment opportunities during a session, or are hung more like a vacuum cleaner, this might well be the cage for you!

Buy, if you...

  1. want to experiment with chastity play.
  2. enjoy watching your sub squirm as you tease him.
  3. want to ensure discomfort if he tries pulling out of the device.
  4. need to avoid detection by metal detectors.
  5. have a schlong that's circa 5-6" flaccid.

Don't buy, if you...

  1. need something for long-term use and aren't huge.
  2. need to wear a PA ring.
  3. only have a tiny pecker.
  4. want something truly secure.
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About The "The Flex" by Albion

"The Flex" by Albion is a chastity device sold by Oxy-Shop.com. It is result of a design contest and manufactured by employing modern 3D printing technologies. As a result, the cage lacks the inherent weakness of many plastic cages, i.e. a seam where two halves are joined, either by glue or sonic welding. The cage's unique selling point is the inclusion of a set of inserts, held in place by a lockable bar, meaning that you can punish the wearer by inserting some quite vicious spikes, or reduce the amount of space they available to grow with a solid insert. It comes supplied in a nice pouch and has two sets of barrel locks, complete with two keys for each. However, there is only one base ring supplied, so be sure to know what size is required, otherwise you might get a ring that doesn't fit properly.


  • Lots of scope for flexibility in use
  • 'Fun' inserts that can be secured in place
  • Lightweight and unlikely to trigger alarms
  • Comfortable, assuming you're not struggling against the teeth


  • Probably a bit too long to be practical
  • Some pinching experience when fitting the cage
  • Locks that are not very secure

My experience

My Personal Experiences with "The Flex" by Albion

A flexible approach

The Flex by Albion is a 3D printed Nylon chastity cage that comes supplied with a selection of inserts that can be slotted into gaps along the circumference of the cage and held secure by a bar which locks into place. The cage comes with only one base ring, so it is important to know what size you need, so as to avoid ordering the wrong one.

Pleasant surprise

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the device, especially having never tried anything that had been 3D printed. My previous experiences of plastic cages have always ended in pain, as the cages split along the seam and pinched my skin, often causing bleeding. However, the beauty of this 3d printed cage is that there are no seams, so splitting is essentially impossible. Furthermore, I was surprised at how smooth the finish is on the outside at least; the inside has a slight texture, but nothing particularly noticeable. More approval goes to the ring, which has a very comfortable fit, thanks to its uniquely shaped design. I really did find it very comfortable when wearing it. The big USP for this device is the selection of inserts – 3 with rather ominous teeth and one that is solid. These go into slots along the length of the cage, and are then held securely in place by a bar that locks onto the cage. Thus, once installed, the inserts would be difficult to remove. The cage also has plenty of slots and holes, providing good ventilation.

Not entirely without issue

As with most things in life, The Flex is not without its issues. Probably, my biggest problem, no pun intended, was the shear size of the cage. It makes other cages look like they’ve shrivelled in the cold! From the ring to the tip of the cage, the devices measures a pretty impressive, and somewhat daunting 5 inches! Now, this might not sound like much, but according to statistics, and we know they never lie, the average male member is ‘only’ about 5.5 inches fully erect! When flaccid, most are more like 2-3 inches long. This means that, for most people, the cage will be far longer than their floppy sausage. So what? You might ask. It is generally suggested that chastity cages be on the snug side, to avoid problems caused by tumescence. Also, if you can’t reach the end of the cage, it make peeing very messy and awkward. This, in turn, means that unless you are going to spend a lot of time cleaning up after trips to the toilet, the cage really isn’t a good option for long-term wear, unless you happen to be fortunate enough to be hung like an elephant! Therefore, I feel that the cage lends itself more to use during ‘play’ sessions, where a partner wants to keep the cock locked, and possibly inflict some discomfort through the use of the inserts. From this perspective, it is a perfectly suitable device and I’d happily recommend it. Thinking about long-term use though, another issue, and one not unique to this product, is the use of cheap, generic barrel locks. These really don’t have any place on any serious chastity device, in my opinion, as they are massively unsecure, being opened without the key. Evidence of their lack of security is also seen through the fact that although two locks are supplied, along with a set of two keys for each lock, there is absolutely no need to be concerned about which keys you use in the locks, any key opens both locks. Another disadvantage for those of us that have a PA piercing, the cage isn’t really suitable for wearing a piercing. Granted, you could probably adapt the cage, through careful use of a drill, but as standard there isn’t a suitable way to thread a piercing ring, or bar, through the cage. Again, for those that are pierced, this limits its long-term use, as without jewellery in place, a PA will start to close quite quickly.

During a session

When used during a play session, the issues mentioned above largely become irrelevant. Once the cage is on (I recommend the stocking method for getting inside the cage) it is comfortable (ish). Now, I say ish because when just worn without its little extra surprises, it really is nice a comfy. No sharp edges, a comfortably contoured ring, etc.. Just be careful when joining the cage portion to the ring, as there are two small tabs that locate into two slots on the ring and they have a very nasty habit of grabbing either hair or bunched up skin and pinching. Great if that’s what your partners intends, not so great otherwise. Now, to the inserts. As mentioned, there are three with teeth and one that is like a solid blanking plate. The teeth really can deliver a bite! If you are unfortunate enough to lack control and start increasing in size, the teeth will soon remind you to behave. Likewise, they also make trying to pull out of the back of the cage an unpleasant, if still perfectly feasible, proposition. If your partners enjoys making you squirm, then these inserts are sure to be a favourite. The solid insert is for effectively giving your misbehaving todger less room in which to play. It also ensures that you can’t pee through the slit at the end of the cage, thus ensuring a rather humiliating experience, if that is what is desired. For those lacking sufficient length to fill the cage, the solid insert also serves to remind you of just how paltry your offering of meat really is. This really is a device with many cruel and humiliating options available at the whim of the person in control.  

What Stands Out about the Design

"The Flex" by Albion What Stands Out about the Design

The design of The Flex is quite unique. Whilst 3D printed chastity cages are becoming more widespread, having the facility to lock inserts along the length of the cage is something nobody else, that I'm aware of, offers. The printed cage and ring seem to be of decent quality, with no sharp edges or nasty rough bits. The contoured shape of the ring is a nice design feature and really helps it sit better upon the body. The only issues I had with the design are the length of the cage, the tabs that tend to pinch when joining the cage to the ring, and the poor quality locks. Due to its size, The Flex is not easy to hide completely under clothing. Again, this might well be amusing for a partner to see, especially if taken out in public! However, for those looking to buy a chastity device for more long-term use, this could be something of a problem, especially if being noticed could cause problems. I really do feel it's a bit of a shame that there isn't a shorter cage version of The Flex, as it has so much potential and scope to be a really fun way to play with chastity.

The Ease of use of the "The Flex" by Albion

"The Flex" by Albion The Ease of use of the "The Flex" by Albion

If you have ever worn a cock ring, or other ball trap chastity device, you shouldn't have any trouble getting the base ring on. Pop a plum through the ring, pull through the skin bag, pop the other plum through and then lastly shove the snake through the gap. Getting the cage part on is a little more difficult and I'd recommend the stocking method, or at least a large amount of lubricant to help things slide into place. Once inside the cage, you then need to join it to the ring. Be careful! This is an operation that can cause some painful pinching, caused by the tabs that need to fit inside slots on the ring. Top tip: ensure you pull everything down, away from the top of the ring, as this should help avoid pinching. The inserts are easy enough to install, though the solid one has a tab that locates into a small slot on the underside of the cage; this can be a little tricky to locate. Once in, the inserts are held secure by the bar, which is easy enough to install and lock in place.

Grading the Quality

"The Flex" by Albion Grading the Quality

The overall quality of The Flex was pretty impressive. As mentioned, I didn't experience any concerns about it breaking, or find any sharp or unfinished surfaces. Indeed, my experience of The Flex has made me curious about other 3D printed cages. It's just a shame that the locks seem such poor quality. Granted, this probably isn't an issue during a play session, especially under supervision, but for longer term use, I think they really need to be more secure.

Is the "The Flex" by Albion Worth the price?

"The Flex" by Albion Is the "The Flex" by Albion Worth the price?

For the price, I feel The Flex compares quite favourably to other chastity devices. Considering the unique design, the supplied inserts, and finish of the cage, it certainly doesn't seem expensive compared to other options. The supplied storage pouch is another nice touch that adds to the value proposition. With a total of four inserts, a cage, ring, p[ouch, two locks, and four keys, there really is quite a lot for your money, especially comparing it to basic cages that don't have any extra features.

The Performance of the "The Flex" by Albion

"The Flex" by Albion The Performance of the "The Flex" by Albion

I think that The Flex does generally perform as expected. It certain prevents the wearer from being able to use their tackle for penetration, although it is still possible to experience an orgasm whilst locked in chastity, which is something some people don't seem to realise! The inserts with teeth also perform well, giving a very noticeable reminder to not get too excited or try escaping, The locks, as mentioned before, don't really perform very well - they are easy to open by just using a pair of nail scissors or something similar. If you want a device to potentially make the wearer feel more submissive, or humiliated, again The Flex can deliver. Being so long, it will make any shorter inhabitants feel and look lost inside, a harsh reminder of that fact that there are bigger ones out in the world.

Breaking Down the Packaging of the "The Flex" by Albion

"The Flex" by Albion Breaking Down the Packaging of the "The Flex" by Albion

The supplied packaging is, effectively, the shipping box, but with the device packed inside plastic bags and supplied with a nice storage pouch. The box is a plain brown design on the outside, with the Oxy-Shop branding printed on the inside. It is very discrete, giving no information about its contents. Also included is an instruction booklet and a card with a code for a discount on a future purchase as seems common to purchases from Oxy-Shop.

Materials and care of the "The Flex" by Albion

"The Flex" by Albion Materials and care of the "The Flex" by Albion

The 3D printed Nylon material should be perfectly safe for wearing, and is deemed body safe by Oxy-Shop. The Nylon is non-porous and easy enough to wash clean, essential considering the difficulty peeing without making a mess. The cage is quite lightweight, especially compared to the variety of metal cages that are available. A further benefit of being nylon is that it shouldn't trigger metal detectors, even with the locks installed. To wash whilst wearing, the cage is cleaned most easily by either directing the spray from a showerhead inside it, or by using something like a squeezy bottle of soapy water. To dry, a hair dryer, on a cool setting, is the best option. When not being worn, the device can easily be cleaned with soap and water, under a running tap. The included instruction booklet also gives advice on hygiene.

Special feature

"The Flex" by Albion Special feature

The Flex has the unique feature of coming with inserts that can be installed along the length of the cage and held securely by a curved bar that locks into place. These allow for tease and torture, as desired by whoever is in control. They can also help discourage the wearer from trying to pull out the back of the device.

Specifications and features

Length4.79 inches
Diameter (internal)1.4 inches
Storage Bag IncludedYes 
Materials3D printed Nylon 
Colors AvailableBlack or pink 

Comparing "The Flex" by Albion with alternatives

Compare "The Flex" by Albion"The Flex" by Albion
Overall score4.5 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0 5.0 / 5.0 4.2 / 5.0 4.7 / 5.0 4.7 / 5.0
Bedbible rating4.0 / 5.0 4.0 / 5.0 5.0 / 5.0 4.0 / 5.0 4.8 / 5.0 4.6 / 5.0
User rating4.9 / 5.0
from 18 users
5 / 5.0
from 2 users
5 / 5.0
from 1 users
4.4 / 5.0
from 179 users
4.5 / 5.0
from 472 users
4.8 / 5.0
from 5 users
PriceAffordable Moderate Pricey Affordable Moderate Moderate
Design70 / 100 100 / 100 90 / 100 75 / 100 95 / 100 90 / 100
Ease of use80 / 100 75 / 100 90 / 100 100 / 100 100 / 100 85 / 100
Quality80 / 100 85 / 100 50 / 100 75 / 100 100 / 100 90 / 100
Sound--20 / 100 ---
Power--100 / 100 ---
Buzzy/Rumbly--very rumbly ---
Length4.79 inches--Collar: 16-18.5 inches, Chains: 13 inches-Tassels: 15 inches
Diameter (internal)1.4 inches-----
Storage Bag IncludedYes Yes Yes No No -
WaterproofYes No No -Yes -
Materials3D printed Nylon ABS Plastic and Silicone Dildo: Dual density silicone, Frame: Metal Nylon Webbing, Metal, Rubber Nylon, ABS Plastic Faux Leather
Colors AvailableBlack or pink --Black Black -
Vibration modes-None ----
Thrust Modes-3 Modes and a Turbo Mode Stroke length: up to 6.6," Speed: up to 600/min ---
Insertable length-[Stroke Length] 1.18 inchesDildo: 5.5 inches---
Rechargeable-Yes No — mains powered ---
Remote Controls-App and Remote Control Wireless and app ---
Adjustable-Fully Adjustable Angles Yes — height and angle Yes Yes, both straps and cuffs -
Height--15.7 to 31.5 inches---
Weight--33-41 lbs---
Width---Clamps Opens to 0.75 inches--
Fastening---Velcro, Crocodile Clamps Plastic pull tabs -
Harness Size-----Min: 10.63 inches, Max: 16.14 inches inches
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Why would I use this?
Lots of people enjoy using male chastity devices, both on their own or as a way to add an interesting dynamic within a relationship.
Who is it suitable for?
Pretty much anyone that has a dangling trouser snake that needs to be controlled!
How long can I wear it?
The Flex probably isn't ideal for long-term wear, so it's best enjoyed over a shorter period of time, whilst someone gets to have fun.
Do I need a keyholder to use it?
Not really. Sure, chastity is more fun when there is someone that holds the key, but it is possible to use this on your own.
Do the teeth on the inserts hurt?
Not if you can control yourself. However, you will certainly feel them if you get too excited or try pulling yourself out of the back of the cage.
Can I wear it at the same time as my piercing jewellery?
Not unless you are willing to do a spot of DIY to adapt the cage to allow for your jewellery to fit.

Instructions - Manual

Instructions can be found here. There is also an instruction booklet supplied in the packaging.  

George Martin
George Martin

Qualified sports scientist and teacher, also worked as a photographer (published and exhibited) in a past life. Neuro-divergent – ASD and ADHD, both diagnosed late in life. Have been using various toys for about 30 years, including chastity, bondage, and e-stim for over 20 years. Love trying new toys and seeing what they can do. Have a wicked sense of humour, apparently, and enjoy nothing more than a good laugh, even if it does make me dizzy! I believe sex shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Have a laugh, have some fun, it’s good to play and tease someone!

Age: 52
Gender: M
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Sex toy experience: Lots of e-stim and chastity play, along with bondage and other toys.
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