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    Jocelyn Padilla
    by Jocelyn PadillaLast updated: January 16, 2022

    Womanizer Classic 2 has ten deliciously intense levels of air pleasure that you can explore. This sleek toy has a soft-touch surface with medical-grade silicone buttons and silicone suction cups. This unique toy has a charge time of 180 Minutes and a battery life that matches. Completely waterproof, you have the option to enjoy your Womanizer Classic 2 while soaking in the tub or relaxing in a warm shower after a long day. Create a sensual mood in your room with aroma therapy and music and enjoy the heights of pleasures and send your body into waves of pleasure that you have never experienced before with other toys on the market.

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    My Personal Experiences

    In three minutes, I experienced the most powerful orgasm of my life. 

    The Womanizer Classic 2 sensual air pleasure toy holds a special place in my heart. If I could give this product a million-star review I would! At a time when my body, sexuality, and mind were disconnected due to high stress and life experiences (hello, we are still in a pandemic after all) I almost surrendered to the fact, I would never have an orgasm again. A womanizer came to save the day. No pun intended. Or maybe pun intended! The Womanizer Classic 2 takes their original toy up a notch with the addition of two more intensities (totaling 10 intensities). It is now fully waterproof for all your underwater adventures. They have added an afterglow feature (a feature that brings the intensity to the lowest setting to keep that orgasm lasting longer and bring it to a relaxing close) with the tap of the button. No matter how many other companies try to follow the trend of air pulse toys, nothing has ever lived up to the intensity and power of the Womanizer Classic 2. I have tried many air pulse toys from other companies. (There is nothing like the Womanizer Classic 2.  

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    Jocelyn Padilla

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    You should buy the Womanizer Classic 2 if you...

    Enjoy toys that can be used for solo-play.
    Want to add something new, unique and powerful to your toy collection.
    Love the idea of a fast and powerful orgasms in under a few minutes.
    Appreciate beautiful, high quality, luxury toys.
    Prefer indirect stimulation as opposed to direct stimulation.

    You should NOT buy the Womanizer Classic 2 if you...

    Prefer more powerful, direct clitoral stimulation like a wand style toy for example.
    Are looking for internal vaginal or anal stimulation.
    Searching for more budget friendly toys.
    Prefer a softer, squishier toy.
    Need a quiet, discreet toy.

    Specifications and features

    Womanizer Classic 2
    WaterproofWaterproof IPX7
    Clitoral suctionAir Pulse Technology
    RechargeableMagnetic Recharge
    Storage Bag IncludedBag Included
    Battery Life180
    Charging Time180
    MaterialsABS Plastic and Medical Grade Silicone
    Clitoral suction10 Air Pleasure Intensities


    Long battery life.
    Easy to clean.
    Easy to use Buttons.


    Magnetic Charge Port.
    Long charging time.
    On/Off button function.

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    Womanizer Classic 2 is my top choice for powerful and versatile toys. I love how it accommodates different clit sizes and can also be used for nipple play! Invest in your pleasure with this beautiful., sleek, and high-quality external pleasure toy. If you want a toy that brings you to a release in under five minutes, while also being easy to use and pretty to look at, this toy is for you.

    How to use Womanizer Classic 2

    Choose between the small or large suction head. Note: Larger suction cup is best for larger external bodies and to also lower intensity. The smaller suction cup is best for smaller external bodies and to increase intensity. 1. Place water based lubricant on the rim of the head piece. 2. Gently spread your labia to expose the clitoris. 3. Place the clitoral stimulation nozzle against the clitoral head and apply slight pressure. Simply place the stimulator head over the clitoris so that you feel it enveloping you from all sides. 4. As you experience the Womanizer Classic 2 pleasure, activate afterglow feature by gently tapping the power button to allow your orgasm to last a few more waves.

    Womanizer Classic 2
    Turn On and Usage
    Womanizer Classic 2
    Turn on the button by holding it down for a few seconds. Surround the suction head with water-based lubricant. Surround your clitoris or nipples with the stimulation head and begin!
    Change Intensity and Afterglow
    Womanizer Classic 2
    You can explore all ten intensities by pressing the + button. You can decrease the intensities by pressing the - button.
    Womanizer Classic 2
    Womanizer Classic 2
    Product Description
    Womanizer Classic 2
    Womanizer Classic 2 has a magnetic USB charge. For the on and off button press down for a few seconds. For the afterglow feature tap on the button briefly.


    What lubricant should I use with the Womanizer Classic 2?
    Any water-based lubricant or hybrid lubricant would feel great on the toy. Place a bit of lube around the rim of the toy to create the best seal and eliminate any unwanted friction.
    How long does the battery last with the Womanizer Classic 2?
    The battery life is 180 minutes worth of play time.
    What is the warranty for the Womanizer Classic 2?
    Womanizer Classic 2 has a five-year warranty.
    What is the afterglow feature on the Womanizer Classic 2?
    Womanizer Classic 2 Clitoral Stimulator’s Afterglow feature, you can push a button and the intensity level reduces to its lowest setting – so you can enjoy the gentle waves of pleasure without overwhelming your sensitive body.
    Is the Womanizer Classic 2 waterproof?
    Yes! Womanizer Classic 2 is fully waterproof. You can enjoy it in a shower or tub!

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    Bedbible.com is your one and only source on the journey to better sex. We’re 100% reader-supported, so when you buy products through links on our site, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

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