OhNut – Test and Review

 By  Mistress Kay
Last updated: Dec 20, 2021

OhNut – Test and Review<
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Mistress Kay
Age: 28
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You should buy the if you...

  • want to easily adjust penetration depth
  • want a toy that's easy to use and goes on in seconds
  • are completely new to sex toys; this one is easy to use!

You should NOT buy the if you...

  • don't usually have the time to add sex toys during intercourse
  • are trying to use the same set of OhNut with multiple partners; get separate sets!

Product description

Reduce painful sex with a set of OhNut. The OhNut is a simple and easy way to adjust the depth of penetration for the receiver - without sacrificing any pleasure for the giver. Each set of OhNut is made up of 4 interlocking rings - that can be added or removed to instantly adjust the depth of penetration. By sliding on the OhNut, both partners can relax into intercourse without worrying that one thrust will go "too deep".

My Personal Experiences

OhNut - My Personal Experiences

The OhNuts are straight-up game-changing. Gone are the days of too-deep penetration. Gone are the days of worrying about too-deep penetration – which interrupts your entire experience even if your partner never ends up going too deep. Instead, it’s as simple as slipping a few OhNuts onto the shaft. I love the fact that it doesn’t interrupt any pleasure for the wearer at all. The OhNuts will cover up some of the base of the shaft, but all of the most-sensitive areas – like the tip and the head of the penis – will still be able to receive all of the pleasure they normally enjoy. Essentially, the OhNuts manage to make intercourse even more pleasurable for the receiver – while keeping it just as pleasurable as always for the giver. It’s a win-win all around! I recommend two-handed use for adding/changing the OhNuts. They aren’t quite as jumpy as rubber bands, but anything with a “snap to attention” potential near the penis could really use all of your attention. Luckily, the OhNuts stretch out really easily, and they can easily slide up and down the shaft for minor adjustments with a little bit of lube. The two-handed approach just really helps you get them onto the shaft without needing to worry about any sliding.

Not Just for Penis-in-Vagina Sex

I want you to think outside of the box for the OhNuts – because while we have used them for penis-in-vagina sex, we primarily use them outside of that, actually. In some really fantastic, sex-changing ways:
  • Have a favorite dildo or sex toy that’s just a bit too long? Throw an OhNut on it. Now you can go to town without worries – or hand the toy off to a partner without worrying that they’ll get a bit too exuberant.
  • Enjoy pegging or strap-on sex? The OhNuts work great on those dildos too. Especially since a pegging giver can’t “feel” the dildo during intercourse, the OhNuts are one of the few ways out there to really ensure that penetration doesn’t go too deep for the receiver. We use the OhNuts for this constantly. As it can be hard to find the perfect dildo that’s the perfect length and width ratio for pegging, the OhNuts essentially take the “length” concern off the table. We find the perfect width, texture, and design for a pegging dildo – then pop the OhNuts on to where the length would be perfect!
  • The OhNuts are safe to use with anal sex too! Keep anal from getting too deep by simply adding OhNuts around the base of the penis.


OhNut - Design

While the product name, "OhNut", makes it sound like the OhNut is made up of a single item, each set of OhNut actually has multiple "OhNuts" inside of it. The standard set, for example, has 4 OhNuts. These four rings are designed to become a modular, cohesive set to let you DIY your own penetration buffer. Use one ring for a very light buffer, or add on more rings to increase the depth reduction. Each one of the OhNut rings is designed with a slim "lip" on one end. This little "lip" tucks underneath the OhNut next to it, and it essentially "links" the two OhNuts together. This allows the set of OhNuts to travel together as a cohesive unit - which can be really helpful when you're first putting them on or when you're making minor adjustments while the OhNuts are on the shaft. The OhNuts have a light texturing on the outside of them for visual interest, but it doesn't effect use at all. Each one of the OhNuts is pretty plushy (seeing the videos below will help!), so it's like pressing the body against a stack of pillows when you bottom out at the point of the OhNuts.

Ease of Use

OhNut - Ease of Use

The OhNut set is ridiculously easy to use. They're as simple to use as stretching them out - and placing them where you want them. Each one of the OhNut rings easily interlock with one another before (or after) placing them on the shaft to ensure each ring stays firmly in place during use. As the rings are extremely stretchy (stretchy enough to fit around my head, if I wanted!), this isn't a tight set-up to squeeze into. That being said, there is a bit of a learning curve as you figure out the perfect fit for you and your needs. You may need to move the OhNuts further up or down the shaft to figure out the perfect depth. You may need to add (or subtract) OhNuts to get that perfect depth. Putting the OhNuts on and taking them off, though, is easier than using most cock rings.


OhNut - Quality

The OhNuts are made from fantastically high-quality polymer blend. This polymer blend is FDA approved as body and skin-safe. It's BPA, phthalate, and latex-free. While I generally recommend silicone as the go-to material for sex toys, OhNut made a conscious choice to stay away from silicone. In their words, "The original Ohnut was designed in silicone, which therefore made it incompatible with silicone lubrication. Silicone lubricants are generally recommended by the pelvic health / medical community for their long lasting quality (having to reapply water-based lubrication during a connected moment can be very disruptive). However, silicone lubrication will degrade silicone products, therefore we decided to adjust Ohnut's material to be easily integrated with any preferred lubrication." The polymer blend feels extremely sturdy - despite being so stretchy. If you get something sharp near it (like jewelry or talon-point fingernails), there's a potential to rip the OhNut set, but as long as you're being careful, regular use shouldn't easily rip the OhNuts.


OhNut - Price<

For what they are (a high-quality, sex-positive product made by a small business), the OhNuts are appropriately priced. You could even argue that they're underpriced, honestly. As quite a few retailers carry the OhNuts at this point, you can wait for a sale if the current price is a bit too steep for your budget.


OhNut - Performance

The OhNuts don't let you down when you're depending on them. There's no room for error on the product's side when using the OhNuts. If you find that penetration still feels uncomfortable for the receiver while wearing them, adjust where you're wearing the OhNuts to find the best spot that works for the two of you. Luckily, that's as simple as moving the OhNuts up and down the shaft - or adding or removing some of the rings. It's a few-second adjustment!


OhNut - Packaging

The OhNut set's packaging is fantastic. It's a small box that's perfected suited to the size of the OhNuts. This cardboard box is sturdy enough to become the long-term storage solution for your OhNuts. Inside the box, the OhNuts are kept within a made-for-them plastic tray to keep them perfectly round and unsquished during storage. In addition, the manufacturer includes quite a bit of information. This isn't a product that you'll be flying blind on. There's an illustrated, three-page fold-out brochure that walks you through how to use these rings, step-by-step. The OhNuts also come with a drawstring, white storage bag (a little on the low-quality side, if I'm being honest) and a conversation starter. The packaging clearly displays what the OhNuts are (a product used for sex), but it doesn't do so with any half-naked people.

Materials and care

OhNut - Materials and care

The OhNuts are made from an FDA-approved polymer. Everything about the OhNuts is made from the same material (no additional plastic features on this one!). To clean the OhNuts, hand wash them with mild soap and warm water after use. Allow them to fully air dry, and store them with the rings linked together to help preserve their round shape.

Specifications and features

Diameter (internal)Stretches to 8" inches
MaterialsFDA-Approved Polymer
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Condom safeYes

Special Feature

OhNut - Special Feature

While the discussion around the OhNuts has been plentiful, the OhNut set is still new enough that it isn’t be thrust (pun intended!) into the spotlight to be awarded the recognition it really deserves. However, the product did win the Drug Store News/ECRM Buyers’ Choice Award – which is definitely a testament to its approachable design that even feels at home on drug store shelves!


  • Easy to Use
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Super Stretchy
  • Solves a Need that's Usually Ignored


  • Not Designed to be Shared Between Different Sex Partners
  • Requires a Bit of Trial and Error to Find the Perfect Fit


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If you and your partner want to leave the days of painful, too-deep penetration behind, I can't think of a better toy than the OhNut. Care was put into every centimeter to solve this problem, and it shows. Even if this is your first sex toy, you'll have no problem using it - and it'll help solve painful penetration.

How to use

Curious about how to use the OhNut sex toy? This page helps a lot: https://ohnut.co/pages/how-it-works

Instructions - Manual

The manufacturer ensures you won’t be lost when trying to use the OhNut. Just check out their written explanation, video, and illustrated pictures! https://ohnut.co/pages/how-it-works


At this time, each OhNut set comes with at least four OhNut to personalize your depth. Some OhNut sets may up with six OhNuts. The set reviewed here at 4 OhNuts.

You don't have to use lube if you don't want to! A drop of lube on the inside of each of the OhNuts can help them slide really onto the shaft. If you prefer lubeless sex, however, by using both hands and being patient, the OhNuts can be slid on a shaft without lube.

No! You can use one, two, three, or four! If one happens to be the perfect level penetration buffering for you, go with that! If you need all four, use that. If you find that you need even more depth reduction, consider moving the OhNuts away from the base and closer to the tip of the shaft. This can help provide more depth reduction.

The "Classic" OhNuts are designed for the majority of users with biological penises. If you use standard condoms, the "Classic" OhNuts are the right fit. Wider: If you wear extra-large condoms - or want to use your OhNuts on dildo that's above-average in thickness, the Wider version is for you. It's 15% wider and stretches up to 50% more. Find either one a bit of a tight fit? Store the rings wrapped around a water bottle that's at least 3" in diameter. Leaving it that way for a few hours can temporarily stretch out the rings and make things feel a bit looser during use.


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