Hismith App-Controlled Sex Machine – Test and Review

    Tawney Seren
    by Tawney SerenLast updated: January 10, 2022
    Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine

    The Hismith App Controlled Sex Machine is one of the newer sex machine designs from Hismith, providing the user with a strong, stainless steel frame and three ways to control the thrusting speeds and thrust depth of the product! It also allows the user to download an App that can not only control the machine, but give access to someone else of their choosing through bluetooth connection for long-distance play. It weighs about 25 pounds total and is wonderful for those with accessibility challenges and is fully adjustable for a variety of different positions. It features everything you could possibly expect from a high-quality sex machine, leaving very little to be desired and much to rejoice! The Hismith App Controlled Sex Machine also comes with a nylon storage back, information packet, silicone dildo attachment, and wireless remote control.

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine

    At First Look

    I was a bit overwhelmed when I first took out the pieces. I am not someone that is easily able to put together furniture without having a complete meltdown and wondered just how I was going to operate this. That being said, I was excited to see it all easily nestled inside the nylon case and the extras that came along with it! Lo and behold, not even 5 minutes later I had fully assembled the sex machine with their guide, finding it not only easy to do so, but easy to adjust and mess around with the different heights, levels, and grip of the product. I could screw in the dildo without problem and was excited to see they had a great many different options for toys that could be assembled onto the machine, keeping up with the versatility I loved so much about it.

    The Adventure

    Sex machines can be intimidating for some and I certainly fell into that category. My mind reeled around the different accidents that could potentially take place if I misused the controls or needed to shut off the toy quickly. But Hismith seemed to take all of this into account when building this sex toy. Not only did the machine have an easy power button on both the wired remote and wireless remote, but you can adjust the settings to find the perfect speed and depth during play – it does not assume. Everything about this toy allowed me to comfortably find my own pleasure. I tried standing above it, on all fours, crouched, and the sex machine was happy to accommodate my needs. In the end, this toy provided me with the best orgasms a non-vibrating sex machine could possibly deliver. It hardly rocked during play as others had, weighted down by the powerful legs, and was much MUCH quieter than any of the other sex machines I had tried. Overall, I would highly recommend this sex machine to anyone looking for that realistic experience.

    Tawney Seren

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    Tawney Seren

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    10 Years
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    You should buy the Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine if you...

    Enjoy powerful thrusting and penetration
    Want a product that adjusts fully for different positions and angles
    Desire to connect via app with anyone around the world for borrowed control of the machine

    You should NOT buy the Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine if you...

    Need a low maintenance toy
    Desire stimulation from a toy other than penetration/thrusting
    Need something light and discreet

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine
    Thrust Modes0-240 RPM Fully Adjustable Thrust Settings 
    Insertable length1.2 to 6 inches
    MaterialsStainless Steel (Frame), ABS Plastic (Controller), Silicone (Dildo)  
    Remote ControlsWired, Wireless, and App-Enabled 
    Maximum Weight25 lbs
    RechargeableNo (Corded power) 
    Storage Bag IncludedYes 
    Travel LockNo 
    Powerful and Customizable Thrusting Settings
    App-Enabled Long Distance Options
    Great for Those with Accessibility Challenges
    Sturdy, Heavy Legs
    Quieter Than Most Sex Machines
    No Vibration
    Heavy and Large Design
    Difficult to Clean
    Only Hismith Attachment Dildos Fit

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    Hismith does not have a lot of different designs, but for the sex toys they do have, they put in the time. I was incredibly impressed with the versatility of this powerful sex toy, and would highly recommend this design to both beginners and intermediate players alike. It's perfect for both solo control and partnered play (whether long distance through the app, or in the same room) and excellent for those who require hands-free thrusting play and powerful penetration orgasms. The suction cup base of the toys provided also ensure it remains anal safe, keeping it an excellent choice no matter your gender or pleasure preferences. If you don't mind the weight of the machine and you have the space for it, Hismith absolutely has everything desired for those looking for a powerful sex machine.

    How to use Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine

    Not sure how to start your sex machine adventure? Here's my guide to get you going and enjoying!

    Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine
    Assemble the Motor Attachment and Legs
    Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine
    The Hismith Sex Machine comes with a step-by-step guide for putting together your machine. Slide and use the locking screws knob to put the main motor between the two stainless steel legs to find your perfect adjustment. Secure the locking screws to hold Hismith in place.
    Plug in Sex Machine and Choose Controller
    Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine
    The Hismith Sex Machine must be plugged into the wall. Then you can choose between the App, wireless remote control, or remote to begin. Be sure to turn on the machine using the power button found on the wired remote or wireless remote control.
    Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine
    Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine
    Adjust the Angle
    Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine
    Using the locking screws knob on the legs, adjust the angle of the penetration bar and depth to your preference before use. This can easily be adjusted at any time.
    Attach the Sex Toy
    Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine
    The silicone sex toy included can easily be screwed onto the end of the penetration bar for use and security. Hismith also offers different toys for your preference that can be attached the same way.
    Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine


    Why is the Hismith Sex Machine so Expensive?
    Sex machines are some of the more expensive sex toys on the market. For a good sex machine, it must be made with high-quality and heavy materials, must be body-safe, and must be versatile to truly mimic the sensations of sex.
    What Angle do I Use the Hismith Sex Machine In?
    This is completely up to you! This machine is entirely adjustable and provides you with countless speeds, power, and height settings. You are able to enjoy your favorite positions with this sex machine with ease.
    Where do I Buy the Hismith Sex Machine?
    There are many different people with fake sex machines that are similar. Be sure to purchase from their website directly!
    How do I Clean my Machine?
    Be sure to take the machine apart and do not submerge or put water on the main motor. The legs and the dildo can easily be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap or your favorite toy cleaner after use.

    Instructions - Manual

    Hismith provides a full app manual here!

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