Hot Octopuss KURVE – Test & Review

 By  Grace Selena
Last updated: Dec 17, 2021

Hot Octopuss KURVE – Test & Review<
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Grace Selena
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You should buy the if you...

  • Enjoy powerful vibrations
  • Want a 2-in-1 toy that can offer both internal & external stimulation
  • Need an accessible toy with extra large & prominent buttons for easy use

You should NOT buy the if you...

  • Want a vibrator to use anally
  • Need a low maintenance toy that’s easy to clean
  • Are sensitive to strong vibrations



Product description

The first vaginal toy from legendary UK brand Hot Octopuss, the KURVE is advertised as a customisable G-spot vibrator the likes of which the world has never seen before. Forgoing the usual expectation of having either a rumbly or buzzy motor, Hot Octopuss have geniusly decided to combine the two for the very first time, allowing you to enjoy them together or separately through their unique Treble & Bass Technology. Five vibration modes for each then allows you to find your perfect frequency, whilst another five pattern modes really take things up a notch. Plus, the KURVE also features everything you’d expect out of a luxury vibrator, being fully waterproof, USB rechargeable, and body-safe.

My Personal Experiences

Hot Octopuss KURVE - My Personal Experiences

First Impressions

Hot Octopuss are well known for their incredibly rumbly and powerful vibrators, and make some of my favourite toys. Still, I had no clue what to expect from their mashup of Treble & Bass (which, admittedly, sounds a lot better than Buzzy & Rumbly), as combining the two is something I’ve never even thought of before, let alone heard of. Turning on both motors, however, I was immediately impressed by their level of power. Separately, these are vibrations that I would be in awe of in any sex toy, so the fact that they are presented together in the KURVE just blew my mind, and still does.   

Trying It Out

Despite being a little on the large side for a vibrator, I find inserting the KURVE relatively easy, although using a small dildo first can make things even smoother. Once in, I then find it surprisingly sits perfectly over my G-Spot, which means I can start to stimulate it right from the get-go with only the smallest amount of movement. This already feels amazing, and I could easily just use the toy like this without even turning the vibrations on! But when I do? Oh my god. Individually the two motors provide some of the best G-Spot stimulation I’ve ever had, with the Bass being my favourite. But when I use them together… my soul might as well have left my body. It goes without saying that this is the best G-Spot vibrator I’ve ever used, and orgasms with it are sheer bliss.


Hot Octopuss KURVE - Design

Despite being anything but, the Hot Octopuss KURVE has the appearance of a classic G-Spot vibrator. A curved shaft ends in a small handle, with both elements using a beautiful shade of plum, which is the only colour option available. The appearance of Hot Octopuss’s crown logo at the very end then adds to the sense of luxury, however their full logo on the shaft has the opposite effect and is its biggest downside, ensuring the toy will be difficult to clean. In addition, please note that the lack of base on the KURVE means it cannot be used anally or with a harness.

Ease of Use

Hot Octopuss KURVE - Ease of Use

With a whopping six buttons to choose from, Hot Octopuss have provided a level of control that is far more comprehensive than the average sex toy, yet they’ve also somehow managed to keep it intuitive to use. The prominent buttons are easy to press, and their shapes combined with the writing near them signifies their functions. On the left-hand side, plus and minus buttons increase and decrease the Treble, whilst their counterparts on the right do the same for the Bass. Meanwhile, the lower round buttons are not as obvious, but no less important, with the right activating patterns and left providing a quick way to turn the toy off.


Hot Octopuss KURVE - Quality

The KURVE is made with the same exceptional quality I’ve come to expect from Hot Octopuss, from high quality materials to advanced controls. The only real flaws here are the variety of seams that run around its length, with the most problematic of these being where the silicone meets the plastic, as this will be a good hiding spot for bacteria and will require extra care.


Hot Octopuss KURVE - Price<

While the Hot Octopuss KURVE is expensive, I would say its price tag is appropriate for a toy of its kind. In fact, compared to other luxury G-Spot vibrators, the KURVE actually costs less, which is somewhat surprising considering it can do so much more. I expect money has been saved here by keeping packaging to a minimum, which, while a little less giftable, also allows it to be more environmentally friendly.


Hot Octopuss KURVE - Performance

A full charge of the KURVE will give you around two hours of use, which is excellent. It then performs well without any issues, although as you might have expected from its dual motors, it can be quite loud. Still, it is actually less noisy than I had expected, and this is again reduced whilst inserted. So while I would caution you if you do need to be discreet, I do think you’ll be alright behind closed doors.


Hot Octopuss KURVE - Packaging

Despite being a luxury brand, Hot Octopuss tend to keep their packaging quite simple, and that is the case for the KURVE as well. Arriving in a basic cardboard box that features some images of the toy and a few details about it, you’ll then find the product resting safely in a card cut-out upon opening it. In addition, you’ll also receive a charging cord, instruction manual, 1 year warranty guide, and drawstring storage bag.

Materials and care

Hot Octopuss KURVE - Materials and care

The Hot Octopuss KURVE is made up of a buttery-smooth silicone over its insertable portion, before being completed by a glossy ABS plastic handle. Both of these materials are 100% body-safe and non-porous, and are completely firm apart from the squishy tip of the internal arm. Perhaps the biggest downside to the KURVE, however, is that despite being waterproof, its design does make it quite difficult to clean. With so many areas for bacteria to hide, particularly the main seam and the Hot Octopuss logo, I’d recommend scrubbing over these with a spare toothbrush before cleaning the toy with soap and water or a toy cleaner. In addition, make sure to not use any silicone-based lubricant with this toy, as it may affect the silicone it is made with.

Specifications and features

Vibration modes1 steady & 4 pattern modes
Vibration speeds5
Length194mm / 7.6 inches
Insertable length125mm / 4.9 inches
DiameterTip: 4.25cm / 1.67 inches | Shaft: 3.5cm / 1.37 inches
Weight189g / 0.4 lbs
MaterialsSilicone/ABS Plastic
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockNo
Remote ControlsNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Special Feature

Hot Octopuss KURVE - Special Feature

While the KURVE’s unique blend of vibrations is its most prominent special feature, it has another less obvious one that is just as important. In contrast to its firm shaft, the head of the KURVE features a wonderfully squishy gel-pad hidden under its silicone. This not only makes initial insertion easier, but it feels absolutely terrific on the G-Spot, much more so than it would have done if they had just kept the whole length firm like with other vibrators. Plus, it also helps to cushion the force of my thrusts, making going to town with it a whole lot easier.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Stylish design
  • Body-safe & high-quality
  • Powerful & customisable vibrations
  • Easy to use controls


  • Seams & logo make it difficult to clean
  • A bit noisy
  • Basic packaging despite the price
  • Not safe for anal play
  • No travel-lock


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Unlike most other brands, Hot Octopuss only releases a few select products each year, so you always know they’re going to be good. But they have really outdone themselves with the KURVE, which, for their very first attempt at a G-Spot vibrator, is now my new favourite. Not only brilliant in regards to both appearance and functionally, but the combination of the two motors is just a complete game changer, and I’m not sure I can ever be content with just one from now on! Plus, even without the motors turned on, that perfect curve paired with a thick shaft and gel head all make for an excellent product on their own. Truly the only downside to this toy is that it is a little annoying to clean, but considering the pleasure it gives, you won’t be hearing any complaints from me!

How to Use the Hot Octopuss KURVE

Not sure where to start? Here’s my tips for getting the most out of the Hot Octopuss KURVE…

Use Lube

Use Lube

Using lubricant is a must for internal vibrators such as the KURVE, especially as Hot Octopuss’s silicone is quite draggy. Lube will allow it to glide effectively, reducing friction and aiding insertion, which in turn will enhance pleasure. Just ensure you don’t use silicone-based types, which might compromise the toy’s material.

Find Your Frequency

Find Your Frequency

The KURVE’s tagline of the “world’s first customisable G-spot vibrator” refers to the fact that its dual motors can be controlled independently, allowing you to choose the perfect blend between rumbly and buzzy vibrations. Since this is so unique, it’d be a shame not to try it out and just stick to one motor (or both!) when the toy offers so much more, so make sure to explore.

Explore Different Areas

Explore Different Areas

Speaking of exploration, this toy can offer a lot more than just G-Spot vibes. Since the vibrations are so strong, the KURVE can easily double as an external vibrator for areas such as the clitoris or penis, making it the perfect two-in-one toy and also a great option for beginners who are looking to buy just one core product. Just remember though that the KURVE is not safe for anal play!

Get Wet

Get Wet

The KURVE is 100% waterproof, which is not only great for cleaning, but play too. So make sure to schedule in some time to try it out either in the shower or the bathtub, which will offer all new sensations. Plus, it’ll also help to drown out any noise that you might be worried about, making this the best place to use the toy if you need to be discreet.

Instructions - Manual

Hot Octopuss offer online instructions for the KURVE directly at their website here, although there are many more specifications on the actual product page. 


The Hot Octopuss KURVE is intended for people with a G-Spot. However, its strong motors really lends itself to all kinds of play, and can easily be used as an external vibrator on other erogenous zones. The only place the KURVE cannot go is the anus, as its lack of base makes it dangerous for this kind of play.

Being USB rechargeable, charging the KURVE is easy. Simply plug one end into a USB port (such as those on your laptop or the adapter you use with your phone), and the other end can then be plugged into the charging hole at the bottom of the toy’s handle (you may need to press firmly the first time to break the seal). When charging a LED light above the charging hole will light up red, and this will become green when fully charged. It should then take around two hours to charge, which will give you around two hours of playtime in return.

Treble & Bass are really just fancy names for buzzy and rumbly, which are the two types of vibrations often found in sex toys and part of the criteria by which we judge them here at Bedbible. Buzzy is often cheaper and features a higher frequency that just stimulates the surface area of the skin, whilst rumbly vibrations are low-frequency, allowing them to stimulate deeper into the tissue. People can enjoy either and it really comes down to preference, so including both types in one toy is very exciting.

Absolutely! The Hot Octpuss KURVE is intended to stimulate the G-Spot, and even if you do use it elsewhere it can only do one thing at a time. So since most people cannot orgasm from G-Spot or vaginal stimulation alone, you’ll want to pair it with a good clitoral vibrator, or alternatively a dildo if you want to use it externally.

Hot Octopuss KURVE

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